An educational afternoon

An educational afternoon An educational afternoon

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Lesbian teen gets her way ... painting, shortly after her eighteenth birthday.


Lesbian teen gets her way ... painting, shortly after her eighteenth birthday.


Submitted: September 04, 2013

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Submitted: September 04, 2013



Ten more minutes before the bell rings. Hell I’m already giving the thing mental-moral support, not so much because I look forward to the weekend, I mean who the hell wants to babysit her little sister while her parents are spending the weekend at a luxury spa. I just want to get the hell away from Mrs Sexy-Bitch of a biology teacher, she has been driving me crazy, FUCKING HORMONES.

She is sitting on the edge of a chair semi-stretched forward painting the cupboard beside her desk. Her hair is hanging over her shoulder allowing me to see her face; she looks so cute when she’s concentrating. And with her sitting like that I just couldn’t stop that I’M-A-IDIOT-IN-LOVE-grin on my face as my imagination starts running away with me. I imagine her hands on me exploring teasing, her lips on mine and….

God damn bell should come with a warning sign. Coming back from my fantasy I notice she is looking me dead in the eye, oh shit, she caught me staring at her, again. She tilts her head slightly to her right and very firmly says “Good-bye class, don’t forget your homework.” I realise I’m the only one that hadn’t packed up jet so I quickly shove my stuff in my bag and aim for the door, walking slower as I get closer to her. I am the last one in the class, ‘we are alone’ no no no.

 I shove the taught aside. Just walk away, walk away, walk away I repeat the mantra in my head. Despite my efforts I stop in front of the door about three feet away from her. Instead of walking away I reach for the door and close it slowly…silently and drop my bag beside it. And then turn in her direction, she is still painting, I take two steps and close the space between us.

I reach forward and tuck her hair behind her ear again so I can see her face, “need any help?” She looks up at me, considering the question and then says “Sure”. I sink down to the floor so I am sitting as close to her as possible, lightly and very deliberately I brush my shoulder against her calve as I reach for the other paintbrush on the other side of her chair, making sure to stretch far enough to go slightly off balance.

To my surprise she makes no attempt to move it closer and I have to wander if she is enjoying the view. So to ‘steady’ myself I put my free hand around her ankle. Sitting back up, not once letting go of her ankle, I start to paint with her. Her pants are loose around her legs and I decide to test her a little, so I move my hand up her leg and slightly twist my arm so my hand is between her knees. I risk a quick peek at her, she is pretending not to ‘notice’, but a smile is teasing at the corners of her lips.

Oh, she’s enjoying my little game. Slowly I move my hand back a few inches so it’s now resting on the inside of her thigh. I circle my finger and lightly graze her thigh with my nails a few times and then slowly bring my hand back to her ankle. She stops painting for all but two seconds and then goes on. I risk another quick peek at her, all I can see is the faint trace of ….disappointment. Well, let the games begin then……

Reaching over again I put the paintbrush on the plastic tray and stand up, I feel rather than see her eyes following my movements and before she can react I slip onto the chair behind her. I gently tuck her hair behind her ears again and whisper “keep painting” she immediately does as she is told. I slip my hands under her shirt and starting on her hips I explore her body… my hand slides over her soft skin… going up… up… and up.

I trace to bottom of her bra and feel the goose bumps spread under my hands. I plant a soft kiss in her neck and in one swift move tuck my fingers under the material and my hands slip into her bra. The tight material pushes my hands down on her breasts. I hear her take in a short, sharp breath and for a moment her hand freezes then she starts painting again.

“If you want me to stop, tell me.”

“If you stop now you’ll be failing Biology the rest of the year.”

“Can’t let that happen can we” I plant another kiss in her neck and feel her nipples go erect beneath my fingers “keep painting”. I slide my hands out of her bra and bring them down to her hips, I lift my palms so only my nails are on her skin and then trace them forward on the waistband of her pants, until they meet right above the button. With an elegance that amazed even me I undo the button and zipper. With my nails tracing the lace panties I notice her breath hitch and the previously straight stokes of the paintbrush getting more and more uneven. I lean in and whisper one last warning “last chance” her response is somewhat breathless “for what”

“To run”

“Never… please…. don’t… stop”

My left hand moves up to rest on her stomach while my right hand slips into her panties, her breath hitches again. As my fingers circle her clit, she grabs on to the top of the cupboard to keep herself up and we both know there is no going back now. My hand moves lover and I push a finger inside of her, her breathing becomes heavier, then a second finger goes in. A part of me wants to start laughing hysterically as I recall the jokes my friends make when we do biology ‘experimentation’ and now I actually am fingering the teacher.

 Thrusting my fingers in and out of her I can feel her getting close and pick up the pace, her hand that had previously held the paintbrush has joined the other one on the top of the cupboard desperately trying to keep herself up. “Have I ever told you that you have beautiful eyes” instead of words she responds screaming my name as she rides out the orgasm. Never in my life had my name sounded so sexy. I pull out my fingers and let her rest her head on my shoulder as she recovers, her arms now on her thighs paintbrush still in hand.

“How long?” she obviously saw the confusion and clarified the question “how long have you been dreaming of this moment?”. Sitting like that staring into her eyes I, as usual, can’t lie to her “since the first time I saw you”. She sits up and starts to paint again. I move my hands to her hips and slip out from behind her and take the brush after putting it down on the plastic tray I take her head between my hands and kiss her tenderly, she doesn’t object. It felt like hours we stayed in that position staring at each other.

This time she takes the lead as she reaches up to pull out my hair tie, I didn’t see what she did with it, her fingers entangled in my hair and we kissed again. This time it’s more passionate, her hands detangle from my hair moving down to my chest she undoes the zip on my jacket and pulls it off, my pullover and tie quickly join the jacket on the floor next to us. She reaches for the first button on my shirt and breaks free from the kiss and once again my hands slip in under her shirt to her back and undo the hook on her bra. She undoes the first tree buttons and gently rests her hand on my chest half asking permission, I lean forward and press myself into her touch.

Quickly the rest of the buttons come undone and she slides the shirt over my shoulders, she deliberately slide her fingers against my skin all the way from the centre of my chest over my collarbone and shoulders and down my arms sending shivers down my spine. Somehow kneeling between her legs half naked while she is fully clothed just didn’t feel right so I pulled her coat off and with the same deliberateness pull her t-shirt up making sure my hands move against her hips, breast and arms as I pull it over her head and drop it to the ground.

She pulls me forward and we hold each other enjoying the feel of skin on skin. We continue the fun by touching and teasing one another and soon our bras also join the rest of our clothes on the floor. The tension builds and soon becomes too much. I break loose from the embrace and sink to my knees, hooking my fingers into her pants and panties she lifts her hips so I can pull the off, she is now completely naked and at my mercy.

I part her legs and continue with the seduction, gliding my tongue over her stomach and then go south through her pubic hair straight to her clit, I feel her hands tangle in my hair again and circle her clit with my tongue. As I feel her getting closer I pull back, oh baby not jet, I slide my tongue lower and finally into her, I flick my tongue back and forth copying the fingering I gave her earlier , and just as she is about to cum I pull back again. I pull her head down and kiss her again, deeply, so she can taste herself. When we finally pull free she manages to say, breathlessly “You are such a tease”

“Gotta keep it exciting.”

She intently shakes her head and then pushes me to the ground. Pinning me down she whispers “In that case, I think I owe you an orgasm” she moves back on her hands and knees and frees me from my pants and underwear. Then she is between my legs copying the movements I made with her clit but instead of going lower as I did she inserts first one and then two fingers in me and starts to move inside of me. I can feel the sensations cruising through my body and building stronger and stronger until I can’t hold back any more and I explode into an abyss of ecstasy.

When I finally come to she is lying next to me our legs entwined and her head on my arm once again staring into one another’s eyes.  I bring my hand up to caress her face and tuck her hair behind her ear. There are no more words from either of us….

I decide to finish what I started with her and slip two fingers inside of her and slowly pull the out and the back in and out she starts to move her hips in rhythm to my hand and pushes into my touch forcing my fingers deeper. I pick up the pace and she comes all too soon. I kiss her again long and slow as passionately as my body allows. We lay like that for a while, wrapped in each other’s arms, with not a single worry in the world.



“Where have you been?” mom is standing in the kitchen finishing our dinner when I come in. Robin, my little sister, runs to me and jumps into my arms “I helped the biology teacher paint the class, sorry I kind of lost track of the time.” Without further due mom and dad left for their ‘romantic’ weekend and no one found out just how we painted the class.



I notice as I walk in the class on Monday that not only is the cupboard been finished off but also that the surrounding wooden floors are polished and can’t help the smile that plays on my lips when I greet my Sexy Bitch of a teacher.

She hands out the tests from the previous week and I automatically page through to laugh at my stupid mistakes but before I get the chance I find a note:


Friday was amazing.

I’m painting the shelves

 in the store room

afterschool today,

Want to help?



Let’s just say the whole class and store room was painted with three extra layers of paint by the end of that week, and now she helps me ‘study’ for the exams that start in about three months, if catch my drift ;)

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