Just a normal girl

Just a normal girl Just a normal girl

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


This is my first attempt at writing and I've decided to upload the first few chapters to see what you guys think? I appreciate all feedback, and if you are enjoying where the story is going and if I should carry on...Thanks :) Oh and I'm not the best at grammar and spelling so apologies for any mistakes!


This is my first attempt at writing and I've decided to upload the first few chapters to see what you guys think? I appreciate all feedback, and if you are enjoying where the story is going and if I should carry on...Thanks :) Oh and I'm not the best at grammar and spelling so apologies for any mistakes!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Just a normal girl

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This is my first attempt at writing and I've decided to upload the first few chapters to see what you guys think? I appreciate all feedback, and if you are enjoying where the story is going and if I should carry on...Thanks :) Oh and I'm not the best at grammar and spelling so apologies for any mistakes!

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Chapter One.


Suzanne is a normal young lady, with long golden waves, flowing half way down her back with deep blue eyes that any man can get lost in and has an infectious, innocent yet slightly cheeky smile. 

Many people describe her as lucky, and she knows that she is.  At just 23 years old having a toe one the property ladder, with a stable job that pays decently and owns her car, outright.  She has a number of friends to go out with to the local clubs and pubs as well as a loving family, small as it is, that she knows she can rely on when the shit hits the fan.

Perfect set up right?  Then why is she sat at home sobbing uncontrollably?  What could this lucky girl possibly have to be upset about?  If her friends and family could see her their hearts would break, her beautiful eyes swollen and puffy, her slim body curled up into a tiny ball in the corner of the dark room on her chocolate corner sofa, which is no-where near the comfiest as it is second hand and the previous owners must have had children jumping around on it or pets or both, but it was only £100 so she was more than happy with it.

The truth is, she doesn't know why she is crying.  All she knows is that she has to let the darkness out, somehow.  Cry to the point where she can't breathe, and thinks that her heart will stop.  With what feels like a thousand thoughts flying through her mind, which won’t slow down, she can't catch them so she can logically think about the problem and resolve it as she does in every other problem that she is faced with.  That's the proper thing to do, isn't it?

After about an hour of this unstoppable, monster that is ripping her apart from the inside out, she calms, absolutely exhausted, eyes burning and utter emptiness inside, she steps outside to light up a cigarette.  As she takes a deep breath, fills her lungs with the poison, that we all know is in cigarettes, she fights the monster - she will not let anyone see her like this.  Not a neighbour, anyone walking home from the pub, not anyone.  This is probably the only thing that gets her up in the morning, the shame that she refuses to face, when the monster takes over her and her actions.  She takes her last puff of the evening, holds it in for five seconds, slowly blows it out missing it already as it leaves her body and after she stubs her cigarette out in the overflowing ashtray she comes in from the cold, gets a glass of water and climbs into bed, without even turning on the light or getting into her pyjamas - just taking off her jeans.  She lies there awake, still with the thoughts running through her mind almost mocking her.  Still unable to catch them, can't ignore them, they are just taunting her.  About 3 hours later she eventually falls sleep from pure exhaustion.

06.30 her alarm firsts goes off, only 2 and a half hours after the thoughts left her.  Her eyes still burning, bright red, swollen to twice the size.  Great.  Just what she needs, more questions for the nosey old dragons at work.  She could turn up wearing sunglasses, but that would be maybe a little too obvious.  She could call in sick and not go in at all, no that's not her style - plus she wouldn't get paid! She'll just have to try and pile on the foundation and try and hide it.  Or she could say she's got a cold? Been up all night with it? But she'll have to look rough tomorrow as well...If anyone asks she can just say she had a heavy night again and is suffering ever so slightly?  They all think that she is going out a lot and having a lot of heavy nights now, unlike before. 

07.30 time to leave.  Face full of make-up hair falls perfectly, without her even trying.  She lights up in the car on the way to pick up her co-workers, Jane and Billy.  They have been in a relationship for nearly a year, lived together and were going to get married by the end of the year.  They seemed like an odd couple to Suzy.  Jane was rather plain, Suzy liked to describe Jane as Emo-esk.  She had an amazing figure, no more than a size 8, but with curves, she was a little younger and a little shorter then Suzy, maybe an inch or two, with jet black hair.  She never wore heels, and was covered in tattoos, which Suzy was convinced that she would regret with time. 

Billy on the other hand was a short young man, a little old than Suzanne, maybe a year or so.  Billy was definitely a personality clash for Suzy.  He like all the attention on him, which suited her when they were in bigger crowds at work but it seemed to get very tiring very quickly to her when he spoke to her on a one to one basis.  She didn't like the way he spoke to, well anyone but especially Jane.  He reminded her of her ex when he spoke down to her infront of others, and the way he bossed her around and demanded her to get him a coffee or a chocolate bar or something.  However Suzanne took comfort in the fact that they made each other 'happy' so she kept her nose out and did not voice her opinion about the relationship - as she normally did with most of her opinions.

07.45 Suzy is waiting outside their house, as usual.  07.55 she's still waiting and lights up another cigarette.  Just as she does, she sees them heading towards her, both looking half asleep but making it very clear that they have had yet another argument, again as usual.  They were probably up until 4am playing on their Playstaition 3, then argued about who drank the last of the milk - or something just as pathetic.

"Morning" Suzy said as they both climbed in the car, trying not to sound too perky as she's either 'hanging' or she's 'poorly' with a cold.  However her efforts gone to waste as she was only grunted at from Jane, who is clearly not a morning person and didn't care who knew.  Billy started babbling on about something or other that didn't interest Suzanne at all, when she decided to go with the hung-over story, seemed more likely...well in the dragons eyes.  She soon realised that Billy had stopped talking and seemed to be waiting for a reply.  She smiled sweetly at him, which seemed to say "That's really interesting!" she was after all, a master at this smile.

08.12 they arrived in the building, with their shift starting at 08.15 without any room for flexibility.  Suzy wasn't use to cutting things this close, she was always early, always.  She hated not being able to control Jane and Billy's time keeping.  If Suzy was in a car share, she would always be waiting outside in a convenient spot for her driver to pick her up.  As she entered the building that seemed to take most of her time, she jogged up the stairs, to the 2nd floor office where she would spend the next 9 hours, except for her cigarette breaks obviously.

The office was a long room with desks either side with the some people already working, she can hear them "Good Morning you’re speaking to..." "I'm sorry, but that is the terms and conditions..."  "I am sorry you feel that way...".  All the common phrases that she will say over, and over again all day. 

08.15 she just signs in on-time to take her first call.  Please don't be a shouter.  Please don’t be a shouter.  Thankfully it was a nice older lady, who was placing an order for some baby stuff as she just found out she is going to be a great-grandmother soon.  Suzanne sounds excited and sells her some unisex hooded towels for the new arrival for but always hates placing orders for baby stuff.  It always makes her wonder if she will ever get to be excited about this stuff for her own flesh and blood.  As time goes on, she doubts it more and more.  But that's ridiculous, she's ONLY 23.

"Are you coming outside Suze?" asked Claire, who was Suzy's smoking buddy.  Claire was an almost stocky woman, who had what Suzy's dad would describe as a 'lesbian hair cut', even though they all knew she was certainly not a lesbian.  You could tell from the look of her that Claire had smoked alot for many, many years.  At 34 still getting spots weekly, her pores are big and full of dirt, missing some, okay most of her teeth and quite frankly looked like she belonged on the Jermery Kyle show.  She had a heart of gold, and to be honest Suzy did enjoy her company especially when she talked about past relationships as Claire had been through - it seems almost everything.

"Yeah, sure." she replied, knowing that Claire would do most of the talking outside in the smoking shelter, and Suzy would just have to sit there nod in the right places.  On their return they grabbed a coffee and Claire was still talking about a customer she had spoken to who had been rude to her about something or other.  Suzannes wasn't really listening - as much as she was trying to, she just could not concentrate on what was being said to her.

12.45 was lunch time for the team, all 9 of them got up from their desks at the same time and proceeded in their divided groups to the canteen.  The Dragons were behind Suzy, walking out the office, 'Do I dart into the loos? Or carry on downstairs? Where are the dragons going? Toilets? Stairs?'  She darted into the toilets just as one of the dragons tried to start a conversation with her.  Luckily they did not follow her. 

She went into the cubical, her heart racing.  Pounding in the back of her neck.  Breathe in 2 3 4...and out...2 3 4.  Breathe in 2 3 4...and out...2 3 4.  She heard someone come in and wash their hands, she waited for the hand dryer start count to five and then flush.  She had, over the years been able to time this perfectly so as they were leaving she'd appear from the cubical so not to seem like she was hiding, or in there too long but also didn't want to have to interact with these people.  As she washed her hands and looked in mirror at her still puffy bloodshot eyes, she could feel the darkness in her stomach, laughing at her, hiding for later. 

Just then the door swung open, startled Suzy to physically jump.  It was Pam the cleaner, again what Suzy thought as another Jermery Kyle reject, but was a lovely older lady.  She was around 55 years old.  Short Grey hair, with a wrinkled face.  "Alright?" she said as she took the mop out of the storage cupboard.  "Yes thanks Pam." Suzy said out of politeness as she was leaving and flashed her that famous smile of hers.

Suzy then went downstairs to the canteen.  It was really busy.  In the call centre there was around 500 employees.  She briefly looked at the prepacked sandwiches but knew that there was nothing she would want, she didn't want to eat in here there were too many people, looking at her, watching her, waiting for her to fall over flat on her face.

"Heya, are you alright?" said Jane as she picked up a cheese salad sandwich.  She was closely followed by Billy, "Hi Suze! You've been too quiet today, are you okay?"  "Hi guys!  Sorry I'm a little sensitive today, again." as she glanced that smile at both of them.  Billy leans in to find a sandwich he wants from the limited selection and then snatches Jane's literally from her hand.  "I don't think I can stomach food right now, so I'll go for my ciggy." Suzanne says as she begins to walk outside, knowing that they hadn't really noticed as they were bickering about the sandwich.  Once again Jane would have to forfeit her needs, wants and desires for his selfish needs.

As Suzanne walks in to the building, after her release, up the mountain of stairs she finds the dragons.  "What's wrong with your eyes Suzanne?" As the first dragons voice cuts through her.  The first dragon was a weight obsessed woman who, if you didn't agree with her opinion, you were wrong.  She could say the sky is pink and be right about it!  Sometimes Suzanne liked to challenge this with this dragon, she found it fun to rumble her.  When she was stronger, but not today.  Today she didn't want to see anyone.  "Just a late night." Suzy replies and flashes that Kodak smile at her.  "Where did you go?" asks the second dragon who was a massive lady, at least 18 stone.  Again weight obsessed but obviously dragon number two has difficulty controlling  portion sizes.  Suzy often wondered how many calories the second dragon must consume a day?  "No where special." She says trying to act casual as she can without inviting anymore questions, but there is no fear of that as dragon number two had started on about her...something or other.  Suzanne was more concerned about the fact that the dragons had noticed her red swollen eyes.  Suzy flashed the smile and nodded in the right places without even thinking about it.  She walked back to her desk with them.

When she returned to her desk, she noticed Jane was in tears, again.  Probably because the arsehole had stolen her sandwich.  Suzy really didn't have the energy for this today.  How can she be a supportive friend?  Suzanne felt bad to ignore Jane and pretend that she was late back on the phone, but she just couldn't deal with it.  Great.  Her heart began to pound again, deep breaths, discretely of course. 

Finally it was the end of the day for the team.  Suzanne made it.  Nobody had asked any serious questions, not really.  They were all wrapped up in their own little lives.  All she had to do was drop Billy and Jane home, then it didn't matter if the darkness comes out.  She could drop her guard, finally relax.  But then "Suze, do you want to come in for a coffee?" Billy offered - probably to irritate Jane.  "Yeah, sure." She replied without even thinking.

Their home made Suzanne feel very uncomfortable.  It was obvious that it was not hygienically clean, but as she could see dirt in the bathroom, mould growing around the taps.  They had dirty mugs everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  Dead flowers in an empty vase, the black petals surrounded the base.  The smell of their hamster was overwhelming, piss and sawdust.  That brought back some very bad memories for Suzanne.  She hated that smell.  However when somebody invites you in to their home, you accept.  It is, after all, the polite thing to do.

An hour and a half later, from awkward silences, to awkward jokes at Billy's expense, which had more than a little truth in them, she was on the straight and narrow, just 15 short minutes from home.  Where she can lock her door, lock out the world and nobody can see her.  Nobody can see her, in her safe home.  Finally she was walking up the stairs to her flat, unlocking her door and she was in.

She sits down, on the uncomfortable sofa and puts some mindless dribble on the television.  She should eat, when was the last time she'd eaten anything?  Two days ago?  She looks in the fridge - nothing but larger and a lump of cheese.  In the freezer she finds some chicken, microwave meals but just looking at the packaging of anything in there makes her feel sick.  She can't stomach anything. 

Just then her phone starts vibrating in her pocket, there's only one person who'd be calling her, her mother.  Great.  Deep breath before she answers and she puts the mask back on as she slides her finger across the screen. 

"Hi mum."

"Hi Suze, how was work?  You will not believe how your grandmother acted today!"

Great, half an hour of moaning about her grandmother.  Smile.  "Oh dear, what happened?" Suzy always did her best to protect her mother from the darkness, she didn't want to hurt her, she was, unstable at times and didn't cope with stress very well.  Well not after Suzy's grandfather had passed away a couple of years ago, this tore her family apart.  She's use to playing the game with the family, mostly second nature to her now. 

"...and then she pretended to stumble when she was getting in the car..."  They all understood that Suzy's grandmother was ill, but she was a bitch who played on it as often as she could.  She definitely got her kicks from messing with everyone's emotions, trying to turn them all against each other.  Now Suzy was older she could see that she's been like this all her life.  Suzy had little patience with the old bat, but felt obliged to ease some of the stress for her own mother who couldn't cope alone.

The conversation ended, finally.  Suzy could light up another smoke and try and relax, starting to get dark now, wouldn't be long until she was consumed again.  Her eyes still sore from the previous night.  She knew this wouldn't go away anytime soon.  As she came back inside, her thoughts were already going crazy.  She couldn't catch them.  She just let it absorb her.  She went to her bed - not even bothering to take her jeans off tonight and sobbed into her pillow.




Chapter Two.

Saturday, her first day off in six days.  She can stay inside the flat all day, not go anywhere, not see anyone just use the energy should would usually have used holding the mask in place all day to keep the darkness away.  Today she would let herself get lost in a book, or a film.  She could feel that the darkness was lifting from the moment she'd woken up.

She was almost feeling happy.  She had managed to heat up some tinned soup and finish the whole bowl, this has been a first since the darkness had set in.  She was winning the fight.

As she was half way through watching Happy Feet, her phone blinged at her.  Text message, from Jane?  Jane never got in touch outside of work.  It read:

'Hey, few of us are goin out 2 town 2nite if u wanna come? xxx'

A night out, if this is a good night, it will banish the darkness for best part of a week.  If it's not a good night, it could show it's face and ruin everything.  Another bling:


Shit.  Stupid iMessager, lets them know that the message has been read.  Say yes, then if you change your mind you can back out later.

'Hi, sorry just checking what I'm doing later, but yeah I'm up for it :D sounds like fun! Whos goin? Ohh I can make some jelly voddy shots as predrinkage x'

So now Suzy had volunteered to make pre-vomit-guaranteed-drinks?  At least it will keep her busy, keep the darkness away.  Jane had been nice enough to invite her with her friends so she had to put the mask on and just enjoy herself.  Bling:

'Sounds fab!! :D will be me, Billy, Ad&Jen and Lil&Pete! Shall I get Bill to pick u up about 8? x'

All couples.  Why didn't she see this coming?  Fabulous!  She just had to keep her mind busy, and if she felt like sex, she could always pick up some guy in town, but that's not what good friends do.  But it does happen and Jane wouldn't hold it against her.  Billy might though, and he'd tell everyone at work that Suzy is an easy ride, this was the truth - but she was very good at not letting people see the truth in her.

Just a few hours later as the jelly is setting in the fridge, with half a bottle of vodka and half a bottle of peach schnapps in the mix, just for good measure, she stepped out of the shower she was on her back in the bath tub looking up at the ceiling, one leg hung over the side panel before she could even understand what had happened.  That damn knee had given way again.  She got to the bedroom to dry herself off and inspect the damage, because if she did faint, she didn't want it to happen in the bathroom!  Nice red mark on her right knee.  Great.  As she put pressure on it to judge how black it was going to be soon, she cringed.  Very black then, no short skirt tonight!

She dug out a pair of skinny jeans - which in all honesty she had forgotten she even had, and a longline cowl neck black top.  Perfect.  Or as close as she was going to get, the soup had swollen her empty stomach and she felt massively bloated.  Is it too late to cancel?  Bling:

'Can Bill pick u up about 7 instead? I'm really excited!what are you going to wear?? xxx'

Yes too late to cancel.  And she only has an hour for hair and make-up.  Possible.  The darkness is creeping up on her again, "Screw it!" she mutters to herself, pouring a very generous JD and coke.  Suzy's back up plan, as always is to get pissed.  The good times are sure to follow, aren't they?

"Hi Suze, you okay?" Bill asks, in a rather sensitive tone as she gets in the car.  Makes her feel suspicious.

"Yeah, I'm good thanks.  You?" She asks flashing that smile in Billy's direction, and clicking her seatbelt into place.

"Yeah, not too bad thanks Hun."  Hun?  Since when did he call her 'Hun'? "You had a good day off?"

Still confused by the little pet name, "Yeah been a tad lazy, just chilled how about you and Jane?" she asks with the emphasis on Jane's name.

"Been okay thanks, went to her dads and just chilled out.  You look really nice by the way."  There was a strange smile lingering on his face, illuminated by the passing cars.  Maybe it was the three JD and cokes she'd had within the last 90 minutes messing with her mind?  Yes that had to be it. 

"Thanks.  So what are these friends like we are going out with?"  Trying to keep calm.  They could be anyone.  Her heart starts trying to pound its way through her chest, breathe.

"Jane's friends, they are okay but don't really get on with them to be honest, at least there will be one person there I like."  That smile is there again, creeping along his slightly chubby face, but then it disappears.  "Are you sure you are alright?  You haven't been yourself for a couple of weeks.  If you want to talk, you know I'm here for you.  Don't you Suze?"

Couple of weeks?  Has the darkness really been spilling out for two weeks?  As it dawned on her that this was just pity.  Billy and Jane pitied her.  Despite her best efforts, the darkness had oozed it's way from her and people were noticing.  Shit.  "I'm fine, just not been sleeping well" this wasn't a lie as such, just a half truth. 

When they arrived at Billy and Janes, Suzy stayed outside to have a smoke before she went in.  She needed to give herself a minute before she had the energy to go into the living room where she knew these three couples were waiting, to judge her.  As she entered the room she saw them, as she'd expected.  Jen was on the sofa, extremely slender with chestnut hair almost down to her arse.  Unfortunately, it seemed she hadn't had time to wash it, as it seemed almost stuck to her forehead with grease.  This turned Suzy's stomach a little.  Her eyes were dark brown and her face had slight roundness to it.  Next she saw the other girl, Lilly.  She was a bigger girl, with a very round face, her eyes look almost black.  Her hair was cropped into a bob just below her chin and was dyed jet black with fat red streaks through it.  At least she's washed for the night out.  Lilly immediately started touching a man's shoulder as soon as she eyed Suzy come in.  She had the evil glare down to an art form, she must do this alot.  The man she was touching had to be Pete.  He was blond with his hair short and spiked with gel.  He had emerald eyes but they were a little glazed.  Suzy wondered if they had smoked weed before she arrived, but remembered Jane saying once before about her whole group of friends being completely against all drugs.  Pete must have been about 5ft 7" quite slim and Suzy could see why Lilly was insecure, she thought as probably lots of people did, that they didn't suit as a couple.

Introductions complete, with the mask in place when a tall man walked through the door.  He was at least 6ft with curly chocolate rich brown hair, which contained a couple of silver hairs, and was nearly to his earlobes.  He was rather pale, obvious they he didn't go outside in the sun much, his body shape confirmed this as it was slim but had a slight podge from not doing any exercise, and probably being sat at a computer for too many hours of the day, most likely playing some online game like World of Warcraft.  Behind his black heavy framed glasses were big bright green eyes.  For a split second Suzy thought she recognised something in his eyes, lust.  But his gaze quickly moved from her to Billy who was passing out the vodka jelly shots.

"You know Suze, Lilly is from Pantoville too."  Jane said trying to make conversation easy for Suzanne.  Unfortunately this statement only brought Suzy panic.  Pantoville is a small town roughly eight miles from the city.  Suzy had lived there nearly all of her 23 years, and with every small town - everybody knows everyone and likes to talk about everyone.  This is what Suzy hated, people knowing - or thinking they know you when they have only heard gossip.  Suzy quickly, almost without thinking, went in to her line of questions to find out if someone knew who Suzy was.  She'd start with old school friends, then old boyfriends, finally, if they seemed to not know the old faces Suzy had mentioned - ask them directly "Do you know my brother? Edward? Edward Knight?"  At this point her heart is always pounding so hard, she is convinced anyone in a ten mile radius can hear it.  Just smile and breathe, smile and breathe.  It always seems like the longest few seconds of the conversation, waiting for the answer to this question.

"No, I don't think I do."  Lily said looking innocent, which made Suzy suspicious, but the taxi would be there in 10 minutes so Suzy decided to let herself outside for a ciggy before it turned up.  She felt somebody behind her.  Approaching her, nervously and there was a hand on the small of her back, she turned and saw Billy, with big clear, honest eyes.  "Are you sure you’re okay Suze?" He asked in a quiet but clear voice, but before she had time to reassure him that she was 'just fine' they heard the others approaching.  Billy moved his hand at lightning speed, knowing that Jane would possibly self-combust at the sight of Billy touching another person.  As she didn't have chance to answer him, Suzy just smiled that perfect smile, but he held her gaze for longer then she usually felt comfortable with.  Oh shit, the mask must be slipping.  The drinks must be taking an effect on her.

When they got into the club she soon had another double vodka and Redbull in her hand, and was sat easily mixing with the girls.  Gossiping about passing girls wearing dresses to tight and too short, stumbling around.  Suzy played this character will, the bitchy girl.  She had lots of practice being this person, and was pretty good at it.  She looked at the guys sat discussing some new computer game or something, all but Billy, who looked utterly bored.  Suzy excused herself from the girls by simply holding up her cigarette packet.  She caught Billy's eye as she walked passed, and as she had predicted he was only two steps behind her.  By the time they had got outside, he was blabbering about something or other but Suzy felt good for giving him an escape route.  She could feel the warm alcohol running through her veins, her vision started to blur around the edges.  She needed to go to the bathroom to empty her stomach, stumbling her way, she found herself at the end of a giant line of girls all waiting to use the revolting facilities.  After 15 minutes Suzy was near the front of the line when a cubical door opened.  She could never understand why three girls would all use the same cubical at the same time?  Surely that's a little too close for friends?  Finally it was her turn, she was in the cubical, just needed to wait for the other loo to flush and she could retch her stomach empty. 

On her way back to find Jane and the others, she saw him.  How long had he been watching her?  His eyes made it clear he wanted her.  His dark eyes smouldered at her body, she could feel them undressing her.  She made her way to the bar, passing by him, leaning over the bar sticking her arse out and flicking her hair over her shoulder and glancing seductively at her admirer.  It always made Suzy feel better when a man looked at her like that, practically made the darkness disappear when a man wanted her.  He moved towards her, slowly sliding between the people pairing up.  His sandy golden, shaggy, but not long, was pulled behind his ear, his olive skin intensified his eyes.  She couldn't not look into those eyes and he knew it.

As she was walking down the hallway with her drink in hand to find Jane and Co, he was close behind her, he pulled her to face him by the elbow.  Those eyes seemed like they already knew her.  Silently he put her drink on the nearest table and pushed her against the wall behind her.  He was so forceful she couldn't resist his wish.  Still keeping her gaze and without saying anything, he moved his hips into her, his nose millimetres away from hers getting closer.  His hands magically around her waist, pulling her into him.  He was kissing her, hands everywhere in her hair.  She could feel his cock hardening, the heat pressing against her lower stomach through his jeans.  He was kissing, nibbling her neck she could feel her body giving into the urges.  She needed a moment to clear her head, did she want to do this?  Would this keep the darkness away, or just piss it off for it to come back worse then before.  She saw Jane over the shoulder of the man who had pinned her against the wall, he wasn't giving her an easy escape route.  She put her hands on his face to meet his smouldering eyes, and she saw it, those eyes weren't holding lust for her, they were dark.  It became very apparent to her that she did not have a choice of if this man was going to screw her or not, he was on a mission and would not stop until he had completed it.  She had seen this only too many times before. 

It didn't bother her that he would soon be pounding her, whatever way he decided to do it.  Whatever way he wanted because she was not going to argue with those eyes.  Eyes that dark and intense would always win against her.  She just needed to tell Jane, so she wouldn't worry - or think she was a bitch for leaving with a random guy.  She looked into those deep eyes and whispered into his ear "Give me one sec to tell my friend that I'm ok?" she ran her tongue over his earlobe and slightly sucked it, which was a good move as she felt his hard cock start throbbing against her through his jeans.  She's be lying if she wasn't a little impressed with that length.  She took the opportunity to duck under his arm, pick up her drink casually and make her way to Jane.  Prefect.  When she looked back he wasn't angry, this had worked out just right, well apart from her night being cut short by the obligation she felt towards this randomer.

"Hey Suzy!  Where have you been?" Jane asked aggressively.  She was already pissed off. 

"Sorry I went for a smoke" She would need another smoke now "and on my way back from the loo I bumped into an old friend."She glanced back to the guy, leaning where she was held captive only 2 minutes ago.  He was glaring at her, picturing what he was going to get her to do later she concluded.  She made sure the mask was in place strong as she turned back to Jane taking a large gulp of her drink.

"Yeah, Lilly and Jen saw you making out with him.  You know him from before tonight?"  Her eyes wide with curiosity. 

Suzy nodded and gave her that smile.  "You guys won't miss me will they?"  Suzy added, it was going perfectly until her admirer was making his way towards them.  No.  He couldn't want too.  Damn.  What was Suzy going to do to make sure she left with this guy alone?  She needed to distract Jane and then slip away, but it was too late.  He placed himself between the two girls sliding an arm around each of them.  Her heart pounding in her throat, Suzy took another large gulp and finished her drink.  She had it "I'm going to go for a ciggy, but we'll probably head off soon, James is going to give me a lift back to Pantoville."  Flashing that smile, but before she could move 'James' away from Jane, Billy stormed towards Jane pulled her by the elbow and started waving his arms in the air, gesturing towards Suzy and 'James' - his head was bright red and almost steaming.  Suzy couldn't hear what he was so angry about and wanted to avoid this conflict.  Almost if he'd heard her thoughts he's stormed off.  Of course he would want Jane following him begging him for some forgiveness for whatever his imagination had fabricated.  Jane didn't even look back at Suzy as she ran after Billy grabbing the attention of Jen and Lilly as she went passed, who soon darted up behind her.  Her real friends.  Only one of the group looked back at Suzy, that was Adam, and he looked disappointed in her.  He must have just thought that she was a dirty whore jumping on any guy who looked her way twice.  But he didn't know, he didn't know the fact that she had no choice in letting this stranger do what he wanted to her, she knew it was much better then pissing those evil eyes off. 

As she was having a smoke outside of the club, she felt really, really pissed.  It wasn't possible, she had thrown up most of her drinks.  Her legs weren't working. She couldn't quite understand how she was still standing upright but she knew if she moved she was going to be on her arse, or why she couldn't focus her sight on anything.  He didn't need to drug her, she was scared enough from what might be behind his eyes to do whatever he wanted to her.  She guessed she didn't have long left while she still had a sense of reality, when her plan was interrupted by 'James' with a horrified look on his face, "Errrm, babe? You don't look very well, at all.  Do you need to go home? I'll ring a taxi for you." She couldn't move her mouth.  Wait, 'ring a taxi for you.'  Shit, it wasn't this guy, someone else had done this to her.  His eyes weren't dark and cold now, they were warm, he was genuinely concerned about her.  Before she could speak - she threw up, on his shoes.  Brilliant.  This guy was not going to make sure she got home okay.  He just sighed and pushed her to one side, muttering under his breath about 'drunken slags' and having 'no respect' as he pushed his way to the men's room.  His eyes were black again, but she didn't care, she would only piss him off more if she passed out, as she knew she was inevitable to do very shortly.  She had to try and get home, sleep whatever was circling her system off and do it quickly.

She staggered through the wide door marked 'EXIT'.  Okay she was outside, just had to get to the taxi rank.  One step at a time, that's all just one step at a time.  Unfortunately, she didn't have time.  When she focused on which direction she wanted to go, she could see it.  But getting there was another matter completely.  Her ankles weren't supporting her as they should; her knees were buckling beneath her.  She felt herself falling in slow motion, but was unable to stop herself.  She didn't know if she was bleeding, she didn't care; she just needed to get home.  She mustered all her strength to look composed as she approached a taxi's window.  "Hooow much to gett me to.....North Street in Pantoville?" Her speech, even though she was expecting it to be slurred, still frustrated her.

"For you, Sweetness, a tenner."  The driver said, adding a wink.  He was roughly 40 years old, was bold, and had a very prominent beer belly that was wedged against his steering wheel.  His eyes, were honest though, even though he was gazing down her top, which she hadn't noticed was exposing most of her bra, the black plunge bra with red lace roses covering the cups.  She didn't mind the driver looking, because his eyes were innocent - he would get her home in one piece.  Even if she offered  it to him on a plate, she doubted he is the type of man who could fuck her in the 'drunken state'.  So why not let the guy store the memory of her tits in his wankbank? 

"Thanks."  She said and gave him the closest thing to her seductive smile she could master at this time, and bit her lip before she staggered to the back door of the car and got in. 

They entered her road and she let herself feel relief.  She gave the driver her £10 note and got out of the taxi.  She got through the lobby and to her front door.  More relief swelled through her body.  She was in and the front door was locked and bolted.  Breathe 2..3...4.  She was safe, at last.  She collapsed on her bed, couldn't keep her eyes open any longer, within seconds she was gone. 

He just stood still at the foot of her bed, waiting and watching for her to let go of consciousness.  His eyes were glowing at her through the dark.


Chapter Three

He had been waiting in her small flat for hours for her to return.  All the times he had been in her flat, he had never noticed, well anything before, when she was in a room he didn't see anything but her.  Obviously he'd only actually been invited there once before.

He was noticing for the first time that she wears her expensive jewellery, the real stuff, daily but takes it off to put cheap plastic-looking jewellery on for a night out on the town?  Surely that wasn't normal.  He ran his fingers across her chest of draws and saw how she had left the lid off the heat protection spray, which was left by her hair dryer and hair straighteners.  This room, her bedroom smelled of her perfume.  That smell alone could make him hard and it was in the air, more then normal, she must have piled it on as she was going out, dancing with other men.  She must be horny then right?  She obviously wants it and he was the one to give it to her tonight.

He sat on the bed, careful not to move anything, not that she would notice if he did, but just incase as he had waited for this opportunity for way too long.  As he sat there already aroused by the perfume in air he saw it, her washing basket.  Before he knew what he was doing, it was open with his hands rifling through her dirty clothes.  Jeans, vest tops and those tight tee-shirts she always wore.  These all smelt more like the dirty little minx he knew from his night with Suzanne Knight.  Who'd have ever thought he would fuck Suzanne Knight.  They mixed in completely different social circles throughout school, none of his friends would believe it.  He was going to get proof this time.

He found what he was looking for, a pair of black lace french knickers.  These weren't just a little bit of lace but just lace.  He remembered watching her sleep in them not two nights ago.  He would be forever greatful that she only slept in her knickers from that day, all he had to do was peel the duvet back over her to see that amazing body.  He held her black lacy frenchies in his hands, and he could see a faint white like where the material sits between her thighs, against her hot tight pussy.  As he rubbed his thumb over the white line he felt himself get harder than he has been for weeks.  He wasn't even this hard when she had her perfectly dainty fingers curled around his length. 

He could feel his heart pounding into the pit of his stomach, this was nearly unbearable for him.  Then he saw the little g-string.  When did she wear this?  It had much more white residue, she must have been very, very turned on when she was wearing this.  His length was throbbing thinking about her perfect arse in this g-string.  He hoped she was wearing something similar tonight, so he could remove it with his teeth, before slowly running his tongue over her lips, and letting it find her clitoris, she'd like that.  I wondered if she'd be conscious enough to stay on her hands and knees, if he held her steady at the hips, long enough for him to really give it to her.  He could even slip it into that perfectly round arse of hers.  The thought of this made him throb more, he couldn't take it anymore.

He lay back on her bed, the black lacy french knickers in his left hand and the g-string in his right.  He had pulled his jeans and boxers to his ankles, he could smell her scent so much stronger here, lying on the bed.  He was practically coming from just being on her bed with the thought of fucking her again.  He kept the g-string in his favoured hand as he began stroking himself, slowly at first as she had that glorious night, his left hand with the frenchies was soon on his face.  He inhaled deeply, it was better then he'd remembered.  He started moving his hand faster and tighter around his length.  He could picture her tits as they bounced freely with every thrust he put into her. Without thinking he slowly licked the white line, faintly the taste brought back that amazing night clearer than before.  Even though he thought about it regularly, everything was intensified in his memory, he could practically feel her wetness around his dick, pulsing.  The way her eyes were scrunched tight, biting her bottom lip so hard, he thought she was going to bite right through it and he came, hard.  This was the best feeling he'd had in a long time.  The mess.  He briefly thought about wiping it with her pillow, just so a little bit of him would be close to her every night, well until she washed the sheets, but she was guaranteed to notice that so he went against his instincts and wiped it and flushed it.

02:45 She would be home soon.  He was a little surprised she wasn't back already,  maybe he didn't put enough roofies in the coke?  Maybe she didn't have a JD and coke when she was getting ready?  Oh shit, what if she comes back sober?  She wouldn't.  She's a typical girl that needs to get pissed to have a good time.  Head lights flashed through the window.  He hid in the airing cupboard.  He could hear a womans voice below, very muffled, but the taxi driver's was louder and clearer.  "Are your sure you'll be okay, my love?  You seem to have had alot to drink?" He couldn't help but start grinning to himself in the cupboard.  The keys rattled against the door.  Sounds like she dropped them, but slowly the door opened and she practically fell through it.  She didn't turn any lights on, just went straight to the bedroom and fell on the bed. 

For a moment he just stood there, watching her breathe, in and out.  He was hard again just watching her.  How did she have such a hold over him?  If only he had a pound for ever hard-on she'd given him.  She lay very still tonight, her eyes were flicking behind her lids though.  He was on his knees with his face only centimetres from her face, he could taste her breath, this is what he'd been so patient for.  He pulled her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.  If only she'd let him love her like she deserved.  He moved his hand down her hair, to her breast.  He cupped it firmly, slowly moving his fingers under her top, under her bra where he felt her nipple harden at his touch, his cock felt like it was going to explode again.

He pulled her top off her, but left the bra on - for now.  He undid the button on her jeans.  Why did women wear jeans so bloody tight?  With more effort than he thought it should take to remove a pair of skinny jeans, one leg was free.  As he looked up at her limp body he couldn't move his eyes from one thing, the white lacey g-string.  He came right there and then in his boxers, that was the better then he'd imagined.  He was still hard.  He moved the ankle of her free leg up the bed.  He began by running his tongue up the inside of her thigh - he was growing more impatient with every second.  His cock needed to be inside her.  His tongue reached her outer lip, only covered by a piece of string.  He moved it out the way of her opening.  He pulled his knees further on the bed, positioning himself perfectly above her.  His tongue traced where the g-string had been sat, slowly forcing it into her, she seemed to like this as she opened her legs wider.  He continued to lick inside her, flicking his tongue out and tracing her clit.  She was getting wetter, she must have been enjoying it, right?  He looked up at her, that beautiful face was peaceful.  He slipped a finger into her tight pussy, warm wetness surrounded his finger, and this made him start throbbing again.  He refused to have another mess in his boxers, he pulled them down to unleash his cock.  He began to run his tongue up her stomach, kissing her, licking her, moving up to her bra.  He moved the straps off her shoulders, and pulled it down towards her belly button with one sharp yank, freeing her full, juicy tits. 

Her nipples seemed like they were begging him to lick them.  He buried his face between them, his one hand found its way to prize a second finger inside her, while his other was holding her tit, running his finger over the nipple while his tongue found the other.  Both nipples became hard.  His kisses were leading up to her neck, when he saw it, a slag tag right there on her neck, at least 3cm-4cm already bruised.  She was just a dirty little whore like everyone said she was, wasn't she?  He was in disbelief that he had actually believed there was something more to her.  He was furious with her, how could she do this?  Let some other guy suck on her beautiful neck until it bruised.  Disgusting.  Before he realised he had given her a hard slap across the face, she didn't seem to react well, apart from her cunt shrinking around his fingers which he's momentarily forgotten were inside her.  Surely she deserved as much pain as he was going through?  So he found room for a third finger inside her.

The problem was she was dry as a bone now.  He needed some lubricant.  Aha!  He'd spotted a cream of some sort on the bedside table.  The label read 'Night Cream'.  Fuck it, he muttered to himself, once his cock was in, it would be fine.  With the cream in place, he took another look at the bruise on her neck, and pushed himself inside her.  It was very tight for him.  Her expression changed, eyes still closed, not peaceful.  He didn't care she deserved pain, with another thrust, harder and deeper than before he felt her nipples harden again against his chest.  Surely she was enjoying it?  He didn't want her to enjoy it, he wanted to make her suffer, he started thrusting harder and deeper.

Her eyes opened into slits, glazed over and rolled back in her head.  He knew if she could focus on him, she'd think it was a dream.  He pulled her legs up towards her chest for deeper penetration.  She was so tight around his hard throbbing cock, even if she wasn't in pain, he was enjoying himself too much to care now.  With her knees nearly touching her shoulders he managed to get his whole cock inside her, and with every thrust he felt like he was getting deeper and deeper.

When he was nearly shooting his load, for the third time he pulled out and flipped her over.  This is how he wanted the little bitch, on all fours like the dog she was.  His hands pulled her waist to position and entered her again.  With this thrust her body jolted forward, he pulled her back.  His hands tightening around her hips moving her how he wanted her to move.  He finally came inside her moist cunt.  He was spent.

He collapsed on top of her back, with her hair under his face.  He thought about getting up and dressed and leaving, completely undetected, but he couldn't.  He just wanted to be near her, taking in her breaths, the smelling of her hair, caressing her satin soft skin.  He checked the time on his phone.  03:30.  He still had another go in him and he had plenty of time.  He just enjoyed lying with her for half an hour, until he went hard again. 

As soon as he was hard again, he reached straight for the substituted lube and covered his cock, and with some on his finger he pressed it into her arse.  This was even tighter then her pussy.  His length was throbbing for what felt like the millionth time in one evening.  His hands were on her hips again, pulling her backside into the air, just inches from the pulsing hot cock and he plunged in.  Her eyes were open wide, but still rolling in the back of her head, she mumbled something but he didn't hear it.  With another plunge her eyes were tightly shut, just like they were on that magical night, but it almost seemed like a tear was making its way down her cheek, but that couldn't be possible could it?  He continued thrusting until shortly he let himself come.

He knew he had to leave now, couldn't risk falling asleep with her in case she woke up before him.  No matter how much he wanted to hold her until morning.  He pulled her bra up to cover her, as well as her jeans back up to her waist but he didn't do them up - he didn't want her to be uncomfortable.  He made sure he had everything, unbolted the door and let himself out.  As he walked out of the building he wore a massive grin as a medal as he kept her black lacy frenchies in his hand, like if he let go of them they'd disappear, he then lit up a well-deserved cigarette, walking through town home.


Chapter four.

She woke up with a throbbing in her head, sickening feeling in her stomach and felt like she had been chewing on cotton wool all night.  What had happened last night?

She staggered out of bed to the bathroom, and saw the toilet seat up.  Why was the toilet seat up?  She didn't remember being sick at home last night, maybe she woke up in the night to throw up?  That must be it.  As she pulled down her jeans and g-sting she saw the blood.  She wasn't due on her period, why was there blood?  Why did it hurt to pee?  Or to move at all?  Something wasn't right. 

She made her way to the kitchen, pulled the kettle on for a coffee and found out the ibuprofen.  What happened?

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