Virgin Stepbrother (Book 1)

Virgin Stepbrother (Book 1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hot Stepbrother Taboo: Panty-wetting Story for Tonight... Katie spent the summer abroad, studying art in Europe while her mother Maria and younger husband Joel enjoyed whatever it was they did together. Katie was sent off to a girl's school when she was younger, and her mother Maria went through husbands like they were chewing gum. The current husband, Joel, was younger, only 27, muscular, sexy, and someone Katie would date, not her surgically altered mother who refused to accept she was pushing 40. The last time she seen Joel, she was only 15, and he was 23. Now that she's 19, all grown up, when she comes home from her trip abroad, things are bound to heat up between them. What's going to happen? LOOK INSIDE to find out now! This collection is only suitable for readers of age 18 or above.


Hot Stepbrother Taboo: Panty-wetting Story for Tonight...

Katie spent the summer abroad, studying art in Europe while her mother Maria and younger husband Joel enjoyed whatever it was they did together.

Katie was sent off to a girl's school when she was younger, and her mother Maria went through husbands like they were chewing gum.

The current husband, Joel, was younger, only 27, muscular, sexy, and someone Katie would date, not her surgically altered mother who refused to accept she was pushing 40.

The last time she seen Joel, she was only 15, and he was 23. Now that she's 19, all grown up, when she comes home from her trip abroad, things are bound to heat up between them.

What's going to happen?

LOOK INSIDE to find out now!

This collection is only suitable for readers of age 18 or above.


Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Virgin Stepbrother
by Ella Gottfried

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Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

This book is a work of fiction.  Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.
This story has erotic themes and is suitable for adults, 18+ only.



Table of Contents
Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four




Chapter One

The restaurant was crowded and Mandi Thomas was not used to waiting for anything. She was the popular girl in school, and the head cheerleader for the high school football team. Why was she in this crappy Chinese restaurant anyway?

Her mother, Karen, was hanging on Tom’s arm. She was acting like a freak with her clingy behavior, embarrassing Mandi to death. Why did she like this man so much? He was tall, lanky, balding already in his 40’s, and his sense of humor was dry and boring. And the worst part about the man was his son, Todd, who was probably the weirdest kid in school.

This was her 18th birthday, her 18th! So, why did her mom insist on bringing them to this place, and why on earth did she invite Tom and his weird son Todd?

Tom smiled at her with his awkward grin. She knew he was nervous, he always was around her, but tonight… there was something else going on.

Todd stared at his feet. His black combat boots with his tight skinny jeans tucked into them looked ridiculous. It was 80 degrees outside, but he still insisted on wearing that horrific black beanie on his head with ‘Metallica’ written on it. ‘Yeah, we get it Todd, you’re a heavy metal freak!’

He glanced up, catching Mandi staring him down and quickly froze at her contact. She smiled at him with a bitchy little smile, the one she usually reserved for the girls in school that she didn’t like.

“Our table’s ready,” her mom announced.

Mandi watched her almost drag Tom though the restaurant towards the back. The small Asian woman motioned for them to take a seat in a bright red booth. Mandi cringed as she watched her mom and Tom squeeze into one side, leaving her and Todd to share the remaining seat. “You first,” she said.

Todd sat down and scooted to the edge of the seat as far as he could. Mandi sat down beside him, leaving as much space between them as possible. He smelled of pot and something musty. Why his dad? Why did her mom have to fall for his dad?

 “So, we have some news,” her mother’s voice was perky as she spoke. Too perky.

Mandi stared at her mother as if to control her thoughts. She already knew what her mother was going to say, and every ounce of her being wanted to shut her up before it was too late to take back.

“Tom and I are getting married…” she said.

Fuck, she said it….now its official!

Tom put his arm around her mother, squeezing her close. They both had smiles that were sickening, and Mandi truly felt sick.

She had no words for her mother. Her pop arrived in front of her and she quietly sipped on the straw as she stared angrily at the woman who just ruined her life.

“That’s great guys,” Todd said.

His voice was too deep for his lanky frame. When he spoke, Mandi just wanted to punch him in the throat. His dark hair was pushing out from underneath his beanie and his bangs almost covered his eyes. The large Army jacket he wore smelled and the weather offered no dictation as to why he wore it, especially inside. Just shut up Todd!

“Mandi, I bought you a cake for later at home, and Tom and I have a surprise for you at home,” her mother said.

A surprise? They weren’t getting married, this was all a joke?

“I have plans with my friends,” Mandi said.

“And Steven?” her mother asked.

“Yes,” she responded.

Why her mother disliked Steven was beyond her. He was the quarterback on their high school football team and had just graduated with honors. He was headed to Harvard where he planned to continue his football career while studying to be a lawyer. He was a pompous ass at times, sure, but it was only because he expected only the best from the people in his life.

“Don’t stay out too late, I would like to talk to you, alone…” her mother said.

 “I’m 18 now mom,” Mandi’s tone was a little catty.

“I would just like to talk to you Mandi, that’s all. I’m asking if you can make some time for your mother later, is that ok?” her mother snapped.

“Sure,” she replied.

She felt bad for her attitude, it wasn’t her mother’s fault Tom had a tool for a son, but it was hers for dating him in the first place. If she wanted to be alone, why didn’t she have her 18th birthday somewhere for just the two of them? Really? Why invite these two losers, and then announce she is marrying one of them? That couldn’t have waited until after her birthday?

Mandi didn’t think that dinner would ever end. Todd ate so damn slow she wanted to shovel the food into his mouth just so they could get out of there. She knew she should have driven separately…

Finally, the check!

Tom gripped the check and handed the server his credit card. He had a weird look of pride on his face that Mandi didn’t quite understand. It was a mediocre at best restaurant, so what was the bill… $50, maybe?

In the car on the way home, Mandi got to spend a few minutes alone with her mother. Tom was following behind them in his car with Todd, and she knew they would be invading her home within seconds of her pulling into the drive.

“Are you sure about this?”

Her mother smiled wide and turned to her daughter. She looked happy, Mandi just couldn’t figure out why.

“What do you even like about Tom?” Mandi asked.

“Mandi, he is a wonderful man, give him a chance. He’s kind, very attentive, funny, and I happen to think he’s quite sexy,” her mother responded.

It had been rough after the divorce, and Mandi did hate seeing her mother alone. Tom was there for her lately, always making her smile and laugh. Maybe he was an ok guy, but he still had that horrible son.

“When is this happening?” Mandi asked.

“Monday morning. We decided since we both have been married already that we would go to the justice of the peace and then take a honeymoon later,” she said.

Next week? Mandi’s head was spinning. This was happening way too fast.

“And you’ll live with him?” Mandi asked.

Of course it was a stupid question, Mandi knew that, but it was one she needed answered.

“He and Todd are moving into our house this weekend,” she said.

What the fuck? Mandi was not ready for that answer. That was not the answer she wanted.

Her lips tightened and she got out of the car as soon as her mother pulled into the driveway. She reached in her purse for her keys and opened the door to her red Mustang. She refused to look at anyone, her mother, Tom, and especially Todd as she pulled out and towards the party at the water tower with her friends and Steven.



Chapter Two


The yell comes in unison as Tina and Jessica run towards her car.

Booze soaked the air as they leaned into her window to say hello. They started the party without her…typical.

Tina started rambling about Steven, and how he was getting irritated that Mandi hadn’t arrived yet. Jessica was already drunk, not that it took much for her 85 pound body to become inebriated, but it was only nine o’ clock.

A tall boy was leaned against the tree in front of her car. He wore a varsity jacket and chugged a beer before turning towards her. Steven, he was so beautiful, so popular, and sometimes, so annoying.

“It’s about time,” he said.

His breath smelled of alcohol even worse than Jessica’s. His blue eyes were piercing through her as he pulled her in towards him.

“I told you I had dinner,” Mandi said.

The irritation was thick on her tone as he pulled her towards the others. A group of kids were all partying next to the water tower where they built a fire. Lawn chairs lined the metal ring of fire, but Steven pulled her to a large flannel blanket on the ground behind everyone. Mandi would have found it romantic if Steven planned to snuggle with her on that blanket, but she knew he would disappear to socialize with his buddies, leaving her to entertain Tina and Jessica.

Cheap beer drifted from his lips as he pushed them against her. She felt his hands lift under her ass cheeks as he pulled her to her tippy toes. His kiss was always sloppy, too aggressive, and lacked any real romance. Tina and Jessica smiled at her as he walked away. “You’re so lucky!” Jessica squealed.

“So, have you heard from UCLA yet?” Tina asked.

“Yes, I’m in!” Mandi exclaimed.

The girls hugged, bouncing as they all let out high-pitched squeals. She knew she was going to be far away from Steven, but the main goal was to get as far away from Todd as possible.

Mandi knew her and Steven’s relationship was over once summer ended and they went their separate ways to college. Sure, they would see each other on holidays and would probably even hook up, but date, no. Mandi planned to have a good time in college, and she was sure Steven felt the same way.

Tina was dating Kevin, the kicker on the team, and they both decided to go to Brown together. Jessica was not planning on going to college, and neither was her boyfriend Greg, but it was doubtful they would stay together. Mandi knew by the end of the night they would be fighting so hard, one would throw a punch, and one would be in tears…there was never a guarantee on which one did what.

“So, my mom dropped the bomb on me tonight. She and Tom are getting married. And, he and his weird ass son will soon be moving into MY house this weekend.’ Mandi said.

“Ewe, Todd’s going to be your stepbrother?” Tina asked.

Mandi felt her eyes roll. She couldn’t believe this was happening, especially on her birthday.

“That’s just fucked up…you know he has a crush on you,” Jessica said.

Mandi fell back onto the blanket and stared up at the stars. The sky was bright and the moon shone onto the water tower displaying all the graffiti they plastered on it over the years. She was going to miss high school, her friends, and as she looked over at Steven, she felt like she would even miss him.

This was her last summer to enjoy her freedom, and it was going to be spent with Todd.

Yes, Todd did look at her funny, he always had. But, he looked at a lot of girls that way. He was awkward and had no game, and since he failed a year and was older than the other girls, he just felt like a creeper.

“Let’s go!” Greg yelled.

Jessica could hardly move. The alcohol was kicking in hard and she looked close to passing out. Greg scooped her up and carried her to his truck. Mandi and Tina just looked at one another. They knew as long as Jessica remained passed out, they could avoid the drama of her and Greg’s passionate fights.

Kevin came over and wrapped his arms around Tina, kissing her softly on the neck. She giggled and turned towards him, pressing her lips on his cheek. Mandi watched as her friend smiled at her before disappearing into the woods with him.

The path through the woods led to a secluded area by the lake. Many of the kids would disappear back there during parties to make out. It was where she lost her virginity to Steven just a year ago.

As everyone started to couple up, Steven made his way back over to Mandi. It was obvious he had drank too much, and this is when she found him to be more annoying than charming, although, he felt the more he drank, the more charming he became.

“I heard you’re getting a new stepbrother,” he said.  

“That little dweeb so much as looks at you I’ll fuck him up,” he added.

“He’s harmless,” Mandi said.

“Oh, maybe you like him looking at ya?” he said with a strange laugh.

Mandi knew he was trying to tease her, and she usually enjoyed his sarcasm, but tonight he just seemed annoying.

“I’ll drive you home,” Mandi said.



Chapter Three

The headlights of Mandi’s Mustang shone down the empty lane. Everyone had either gone home already or had found a spot in the dark to spend some time alone.

Steven was handsome, even when he was drinking. The moonlight made his blonde hair glisten and when he smiled his teeth were surprisingly white in the darkened car.

“Go to our spot,” he said.

His words no longer sounded slurred, but instead, dripped like honey from his lips. Mandi knew exactly where their spot was, she had been there many times with Steven.

She pulled the car down the lane, turning towards the lake instead of the main road. Her car sat nicely between two trees, giving them a beautiful view of the lake as she turned the ignition off. The moon left a large streak across the water and its light spilled into the car onto Steven.

His smile was beautifully intoxicating. She watched him get out of the car and then climb into the backseat. His confidence, although irritating at times, was somehow foreplay at that moment.

“Come back here and snuggle with me,” he said.

Snuggle, yeah, Mandi knew what that meant. She had ‘snuggled’ with him more times than she cared to count.

She wasn’t sure why he had so much pull over her. His behavior throughout the night didn’t deserve the reward he was asking for, but saying no to Steven was never her strong point.

In the backseat, Steven was already pulling his jeans down to his ankles. He never took his shoes off, so his jeans were never completely removed. She hated that. It just didn’t feel very romantic to her, but she had little to compare it to, other than sappy movies she watched alone in her room. Steven was nothing like the men in those movies.

He held his half-limp dick in his hand and smiled up at her. “Suck it,” he whispered.

Mandi leaned towards him, working saliva in her mouth as she took his cock in her hand. It was small, not impressive, but the fact it belonged to Steven McGuire, quarterback, made it worthy of her attention. She knew there was a ton of girls in line, just waiting for her to walk away so they could give it this same attention.

His hand rested on the back of her head, gently guiding her up and down on his cock until it hardened in her mouth. He pushed her hand between his legs to his balls. She gripped them in her palm and let her fingers massage the sack while she sucked on his cock.

“Take off those pants,” he whispered.

Mandi rose up, releasing his cock from her mouth. Steven’s hand pulled hers to his cock, guiding her to stroke him as she worked to remove her pants with the other.

Her pants finally removed, the cool air of the night brushed against her soft, sensitive skin. His eyes stared into her pussy, pushing her legs further apart. His fingers slid across her opening, and then flicked against her swollen clit.

Steven pushed himself against her, his mouth pressed hard against hers. His tongue pushed into her mouth, stroking her tongue with an erratic and strange rhythm. She smelled the alcohol on him as he smashed against her, leaving her back against the cold leather car seat.

As Steven worked to grip his cock and guide it into her pussy, Mandi thought of the romantic movies she had watched. The backseat was cramped, and Steven’s hand was on her hair as he finally entered her, causing her to let out a small squeal from not just his cock, but from the pulling sensation.

Once she found a position comfortable enough to enjoy what was happening, her one leg down, bracing herself with the floorboard, the friction started to work.

His cock was fast and furious to make up for his lack of girth and length. Her clit was being rubbed vigorously against the material of his shirt as his body slid back and forth against hers.

His mouth explored her neck, her earlobes, and then her breasts over the material of her shirt. She yearned for him to touch her bare skin, but knew if she moved from her position, they would both lose their rhythm.

“Oh baby,” he moaned.

Mandi opened her legs a little wider, allowing more friction against her clit. She knew his moans were an indication that the love making session was coming to a close, and being left sexually frustrated in the woods, again, was not her goal.

Her hips slid back and forth against him, pushing his cock deeper into her as she grinded her body into him.

The sweet release of her orgasm was close, and she could almost taste the satisfaction on her lips.

Steven let out another moan and then pushed hard against her. Her body was held tightly in place, unable to do much other than wiggle her hips as he came inside of her.

Her clit was throbbing as he pushed off of her and sat up in the seat next to her. She felt her hand slide down her belly and between her legs. She had never touched herself in front of Steven, or anyone for that matter, but she couldn’t stop herself. The intensity of her orgasm lingering so closely was more than she could deny.

Steven’s eyes were wide and curious as he stared at her fingers. Mandi pushed against her clit with her palm, letting her fingers playfully tease the opening of her pussy.

His cum was oozing out from between her legs, leaving her pussy lips sticky as the juices fell between her ass cheeks to the leather seat beneath her.

Something about Steven’s eyes on her made her hot, hotter than she was already. Her legs opened wider to give him a good view, and she began massaging her pussy with a smooth and distinct rhythm, nothing like what he done just moments ago.

Her body tightened and she felt her orgasm coming. She closed her eyes tightly and pretended Steven wasn’t there as she let her body react to her touch. Her clit throbbed hard and her pussy pulsated in waves as her juices pushed past his and flowed out between her legs. Her moans were loud, louder than they ever were with Steven inside of her. Her orgasm was stronger than any she had ever experienced. She suddenly liked that Steven wasn’t an attentive lover, finishing herself off while he watched was much better than she ever expected.



Chapter Four

Mandi climbed into her bed. All she could think about was Steven’s face after her orgasm. She knew his ego was a little bruised from the events of the night, but she also knew there was a part of him that was just as excited as she was.

He quickly dressed, not saying much to her, and even on the ride home, he was pretty silent. When she pulled up to his house he leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t his usual tongue down the throat attack to say goodbye.

The smell of alcohol that oozed from his skin while he pushed his cock into her, and the cum that still oozed from her body lingered on her as she pulled the soft down comforter up to her neck. She knew she should take a shower, but all she wanted to do was sleep.

Mandi woke up to strange noises in the house. As she tiptoed to her door, she opened it just enough to peek outside. Todd was standing in her hallway holding a box. He smiled at her, almost as if they were friends. Mandi’s stomach turned upside down. She couldn’t believe they were seriously moving in here. Why couldn’t this all be a bad dream?

The next couple days were hell for Mandi. Todd moved all of his stuff into his new room, the one directly across the hall from hers.

Every time she walked out of her room she had to be face to face with the boy she hated.

“Mom, are you sure you want to go through with this, I mean it’s not too late to back out,” Mandi said.

She had a sly little smirk on her face, the one she knew her mother loved so much. She had said once it reminded her of her when she was a girl. Mandi could see that. Her mother was blonde, tan, thin, and very beautiful. She had heard stories about how she was a high school cheerleader, and how her father, the high school quarterback was the most popular boy in school. It was no wonder that Mandi turned out the way she had.

Mandi’s mother had told her about how her father knocked her up her senior year of high school, and how they married instead of going to college. She always felt as though her mother resented her somehow for being born, so maybe this was punishment for that… moving this dreadful boy into her home.

The one thing Mandi knew for certain was she would not end up like her mother. The thought of the drunken sex in the back of her Mustang without a condom lingered in her mind. No, she would not end up pregnant by Steven and grow to resent her child after giving up college.

“Mandi, I love him, and he loves me. What do you care, you are going off to college in a couple of months, so you won’t even be here,” her mother said.

Mandi’s mouth curled into a smile. She was ready for college and new experiences. And, now that Todd Chandler was living across the hall from her, she was more ready than ever.

Todd had been staring at her across the table when they ate dinner, she caught him looking into her room when she left the door cracked open, and when her and Steven tried to find a private moment by the pool, he almost tripped over his tongue at the sight of her in the tiny yellow bikini she wore.

He was always around. Always lingering, staring, and making her stomach turn at the thought of his disgusting desires for her.

Todd was sitting on the couch, spread out like he owned it in the family room. His chip bag was beside him and Mandi could see the crumbs he left not only on his lap, but on the couch cushions next to him.

“You’re a pig,” she said.

Todd sat up straight, brushed the crumbs from his lap and tried to smile at her. She was in no mood for him today. Her mother and his father were downtown getting married. Today, he officially became her stepbrother.

“I was just watching TV,” Todd said.

Mandi rolled her eyes. She could see what he was doing, she didn’t need a commentary. His dark hair flowed to his shoulders and ended with perfect curls. His legs were hairy, much hairier than Steven’s. There was something about him that told her he could be really cute… if he wasn’t so fucking weird.

“Steven’s coming over to watch a movie, so you need to clear out,” she snapped.

Todd didn’t flinch. It was as if her hatefulness had no impact on him whatsoever. He just smiled and handed her the remote as he walked past her.

His cologne was strong, too strong. There was something intoxicating about it even so.

His smile was sarcastic, but his eyes were kind. She gripped the remote and pulled it from his hand. He didn’t let go right away, and instead he made her tug to get it from his clenches. She wasn’t in the mood for his games, not today. She didn’t even want to think about today.

When Steven arrived he went directly to the fridge. He grabbed a beer and then offered her one like it was his house, his fridge, and his beer.

“This your stepdaddy’s?” he asked.

His laugh went right through Mandi. That was the first time anyone had called him that, and it been true.

“Yes,” she said. “I don’t want one, thanks.”

Steven gripped her around the waist and pulled her towards the stairs. They found a cozy spot on the couch and turned on the movie Steven brought. ‘Fast and Furious’, one of them. Mandi didn’t care. She wasn’t a fan of the movie, or any action movie for that matter. When they watched movies together, Steven always chose what they watched. He just liked her large screen TV and fridge stocked with beer that no one ever kept track of.

“Is your stepbrother going to stare at us all night?” he asked.

Mandi looked through the spindles to the kitchen where Todd was sitting at the table. He peeled an apple with his pocket knife and ate pieces directly off the blade.

“He’s not staring at us…” Mandi said.

“You’re right, he’s just staring at you,” Steven teased.

“Hey loser, why don’t ya take you’re apple somewhere else,” Steven called out.

Mandi was embarrassed by his behavior, but was grateful that Todd obliged and got up from the table, disappearing to another room.

Steven forgot about the movie fairly quickly. His hands were all over her, first her neck, then breasts, then ass. He had no clue how to seduce a woman. Mandi wished he would agree to watch one of her romantic movies so he could learn a thing or two about pleasing a woman.

Before she could protest his hand was in her pants, his fingers pushing inside of her pussy like they were on a mission.

Her thoughts drifted to the night in her backseat. Steven wasn’t exactly a Casanova that night, but having him watch her fuck herself made her cum harder than she ever had. Her pussy started to become juicy and wet as his fingers slid more easily in and out.

“Oh, you want it,” Steven whispered.

Mandi pulled herself up from the couch, causing his fingers to slide out of between her legs.

“Did you bring a condom?” she asked.

She had never pushed for one before, so the look of aggravation on Steven’s face was expected.

“What the fuck Mandi?” he asked.

“We are getting ready to leave for college, the last thing either of us needs is a pregnancy,” she said.

Steven didn’t look to be as concerned as she was. She knew he was selfish enough to leave her with the situation to deal with alone. He wasn’t going to give up his scholarship, or his chance at greatness. But her, he would let her give up everything.

“You’re a real buzz kill,” he said.

Mandi fastened her pants and stood up. She was ready for Steven to leave, but he didn’t look so ready.

“Blow me at least,” he said.

“You need to leave,” she said.

Steven whined a little and tried to use his charm to get her mouth around his cock. When he realized she wasn’t going to budge, he finally got up and left. He was angry, she knew that. But, she didn’t care. It was their first real fight. It felt good to stand up to Steven for a change.

Once he left, her body was still aching from the fingering and the thoughts of her last orgasm. She tiptoed up to her room, opening her door and shutting it gently enough not to alert Todd of her presence.

She fell onto the bed and let her hands drift down her belly and into her pants. She imagined Steven’s eyes on her as her fingers pushed past her wet plump pussy lips and into her body.

The allure of the night was more exciting than the memory of it. She felt her body yearning for more than just her fingers and her thoughts. She slid her pants down, letting her legs fall to the side she watched herself in the dresser mirror.

Todd’s bedroom door opened and she felt the familiar rush of excitement flow through her body as it began to throb. Her orgasm was swift and fierce as it blasted through her in short waves. It was stronger than the night before with Steven.

The feeling left her confused. Did she just cum that hard at the thought of Todd catching her fuck herself?



The End of Book 1 of 5





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