Snow Day Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Stuck inside with you.

"So what's for dinner?" I walk around the living room picking up Nerf foam bullets and putting them in a bucket. "Im kinda hungry," It's about 6 pm and we're waiting on the finally notification for a snow day. Looking around the room I can't find you, even though you were JUST standing in the dining room. "Fuck," I whisper.

 Next thing I know, I feel a small poke at my butt, and I roll my eyes and turn to see you laughing evily putting away the Nerf gun. "Really? Dammit! Really?"

"I had to, its just so amazing and damn!" I put down the nerf bucket and sit down after I pull off the velcro bullet from my comfy sweat pants. I throw it at you but since its too light it doesnt make it half way across the room.
"Are you hungry or not? Cuz once I cook Im not doing anythng else," you make your way towards me and sit on the couch.
"Anything you want and of course I am," You start cuddling me and I lay on you. As my phone vibrates on the coffee table I check it and see a text from someone I work with.
'Due to the weather only essential personnel are needed...'
"Well I dont have to work tomorrow, find out if you do so we can play a game and drink tonight." Looking at me with raised eyebrows and a slight smirk you nod and dig your phone from your pants. 
"I got the same message," since we already had duty last week week we get a 3 day weekend.
"Yay!" I get up and walk to the kitchen and start cooking, some shrimp pasta Ive been wanting to try for a while. Opening a bottle of wine, I begin to pour some in a glass.
Finishing cooking I hand you a plate and we eat as I lay my legs across yours. Watching Trigun as you try to catch me up on it. I watch your butt as you take the plates to the kitchen after we finish. You come back and set up a game for us to play.
2 hours later we're drunk wrestling and you keep letting me when so that I end up on top. "Thats not fair! Come at me bro!" I lightly punch and try to be tough, but you continuously shake your head.
"Im not gonna hurt you," you say softly as you look up at me.
Pouting I try to look sad and scoot away, "but I can take you," you hold onto my leg so I cant move it away. "No mine," I try to reclaim my leg. I get really physical when drunk but you find it entertaining and handle it well. Bleh. 
"You should be glad youre cute, especialy drunk, but Im getting restless," you let my leg go and get up pulling me up with you. Standing up slowly I pout and slowly walk to our room, "where are you going?"
"Bed time?" I slowly walk backwards into the hallway and lift my shirt over my head. "Im kinda sleepy." As I continue  to walk I drag my feet across the soft rug and drop my shirt, playing with my belly button ring.
Turning off the game and tv you shake your head, "I thought we were gonna fight..." You get up and I turn around to run into the room and when you finally make your way into the room, Im under the covers. You step on my sweats and pick them up, putting them into the clothes hamper. "You are the messiest when youre drunk," pulling back the covers to to find me smiling hard and giggling.
"You should be nice to me," I bat my eyes at you and watch you take off your clothes still keeping your eyes on me. You smile and hold out your hand, I take your hand and watch as you put it to your lips.
"Im always nice to you, arent I?" I nod and sit up. "Good," you get on the bed rolling me onto you. "You look good up there," we start making out as you squeeze my ass and start pulling on my bra. Giggling as you nibble and kiss on my neck, you finally take of my black and nude colored laced bra. I moan lightly as you begin to kiss my boobs even as your hands feel around. Some how, they make their way between my legs and slowly massage my clit. Your arms pull me to your face and i crawl and sit on you. Immediatly, Im shaking, and moaning, leaning over the headboard.
Next thing I know, your  hand grabs my waist and pulls me down rolling me under you. My legs by my head, you bury your face back down. " I cant take anymore, please," even I was asstonished. You stop and start kissing my thighs bringing my legs down and flipping me onto my stomach, grabbing my arms and lying ontop of me lightly. You didnt put your whole body wieghonto me, but it was enough to remind me of why I thought youd make a prefect teddy bear and what happens when you go to the gym a lot.
You held my arms above me, as you slowly made your way in. Starting slow, you kissed my face and nibbled around as my moaning gradually grew loudy and deeper. As you felt me cumming you stopped and moved me onto my side, "Im sorry but if I didnt stop, I wouldve been done, and I cant have that."
Holding my legs over to the side, I pouted and whimpered, "I liked it a lot tho..." before I finished, a decently hardsmack landed on my left cheek.
"I'm cumming until you do again, youre still wide awake," holding im a moan, you thrust into me making me growl. Your hand touchs my face and gently feels my lip and I open my mouth. Lightly biting your finger, your eyes roll back and you stop in mid stroke. You grab my face and slowly let go. "You," pulling out slowly, you walk away bringing back a small bottle.
Pulling me onto my knees, and spreading my legs apart, I look to see you pouring lube on your hand. "Fuck," I definitally fucked up, Id started something I cant actually handle.
"Mhm, I tried to be nice," I felt a light push and a huge pain. I groaned a little, and by the time I feel you inside fully I begin to moan. With your fingers playing with my cllit I begin to shake, grabbing at you hand. "Take it, please take it, wait," you stop and lift me up, pulling out and carry me to the huge mirror on my dresser. You move aside my makeup and perfume. 
Turning on the light, you slide back in my ass, taking out my hair, from the neat little bun Ive had all day. My hair falling in a billion curls, you grab a handful and slowly begin again. I try not to watch you, 1 knowing how sexy you are and wanting you to fuck me forever and 2, Id cum instantly. "Watch me while I fuck you, please see how gorgeous you are," pulling my hair a little more, I look at you watching me and the faces I make.
The release was too much, my legs too shaky I couldnt stand. You left the light on the dresser and carried me back to the bed laying me on the bed, "Give me your face." I turn around and lay with my head hanging off the bed, watching you rub your hard cock vigerously as you begin to shake and release hot cum into my warm mouth spilling some onto my face. Swallowing and cleaning of the rest you climb into bed grabbing me and pushing back the curls, kissing my forehead, pulling the covers over our naked bodies.
"Now you may sleep."

Submitted: February 18, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Elizabeth Henry. All rights reserved.

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A few simple spelling concerns, but a very exhilarating ride none-the-less...

Sun, March 29th, 2015 9:21am


Thank you.

Tue, March 31st, 2015 2:10pm


Brilliant and oh so erotic! i loved the way you describe things! I am a fan!

Sat, March 12th, 2016 2:17pm

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