Making you sorry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After a night of being away, I come home to you passed out drunk, and the house trashed... But there are always consequences.

You walk into the kitchen after sleeping till 12, having your friends over always turns into a drunken night. I came home around 9 last night from my friends baby shower, to you passed out on the couch and the house a mess.

Feeling you stare at my nipples through my thin crop top, I walk around picking up random rubber bands and Nerf gun bullets, some of them wet.

"Baby, I think you need to stop inviting people over, or you're gonna make me upset. This is the first and last time I'm bringing it up, cause I don't like nagging," I look over to see you yawn the nod, beginning to help my pick up trash and drinking water.

"I know you feel bad, but I remember saying you need to take the cigar smoking outside. I doesn't make me upset that you have your friends over, but I don't want to let the girls come over because they're always here." Bending over, on all fours, I scrub the kitchen floor where one of your friends left muddy shoe prints. "I don't wanna stress you out, but I would just like it if you would control your party animal friends." No answer.

I look over my shoulder to see you leaning against the wall with your arms crossed watching my ass, "I can make it up to you." You make your way to me and grab my hand after I take off my cleaning gloves. Walking me to the couch, you lift up the thin shirt, over my head and toss it on the floor. Pushing me onto the couch, you pull down my yoga pants, leaving on only the thong I had just bought the night before. "These are new," you notice turning me around to admire my ass.

"Mhmm..." I mutter slowly moving my hips, playing with my bare nipples, and slightly biting my finger. Lying back onto the couch, I wiggle out of my thong leaving them around my ankles. Then I begin playing with myself, giggling at you as you watch, and the look you're giving me. You walk to me pulling them over my feet, then get onto your knees sticking one of your fingers into my mouth. I suck on it slow, then taking the next finger and lick it over. You take the fingers away, spitting on my pussy then licking my clit, pushing both wet fingers in.

Moaning, I continued playing with my nipples and began pulling your hair, " I love it when you show me how sorry you are." My legs begin to shake as I watch your eyes as you lick my clit over and over. Shaking your head side to side quickly, sending vibrations to my very core, my body begins to finally let go and release, sending a small squirt across you face.

I begin smiling as you begin to unbuckle your belt and unbutton your jeans. I slowly sink off the couch, onto the floor and wrap my hands around your length as you pull your cock out. Playing with nothing but the tip, I keep eye contact, letting you watch me play with your full hardness. I giggle at you, loving how your eyes roll back when I finally put you in my mouth fully. Still never breaking eye contact, "I love your faces, they're so sexy when I touch you." Continuing to tease you, I notice you thrusting forward to my mouth and slowly let you fuck my throat. "You eat my pussy so good, I love how you look with my cum on your face," you watch me lick your balls and slap your cock against my tongue lightly.

Standing my up, you lift me and lay me down over the arm of the couch, with my ass over it lifting my pussy to your waist height. Playing with my tits, I feel your cock slowly slide into me, hearing you quietly release a sigh.

Putting your leg up as you  begin thrusting deeper, I go from moaning to yelling, and grabbing at the sofa. I cum as you reach and play with my nipples, causing my back to arch. My legs rise your shoulders and you pull them closed over to your left. Feeling you sliding back in I see you smile, one of those mischievous ones you give me when you know I wont say no. The sexiest smile that plays on your lips when you want something... "Do you forgive me?"

Quick contemplation; I say yes and you let yourself cum deep inside my pussy, watching it leak out slowly or I say no and you eventually go all day fucking me till i make you beg to cum.

"Hell no, just because you can make me cum with your fat cock a couple times, I should be okay with our house a mess?!" First you squint your eyes confused at me, then I begin pushing away at you. You grab ahold of my arms holding them to your chest and leaning forward onto me. I hear you grunting, I know you want to cum, making my wet is your weakness and you feel my pussy slowly tightening with your every thrust. As I cum I tend to say the dirtiest, sexiest things, "you make my pussy so fucking wet." or "I love the way your cock feels when you're fucking me," and finally, "don't fucking stop, oh god your cock feels so fucking good, you're so sexy when you fuck me."

All I hear from you is a growl,"turn around," you grab my hair, pulling me to a kiss on the forehead then in the floor with my ass in the air. I some how am able to hold myself up after turning around, keeping my knees together and holding my left cheek up with my hand. Pulling my hair back, as I'm turned to the side, you begin slow, watching my face and listening to the dirty things I say after every thrust.  Eventually after I call you a tease and start scratching at your chest, you grab my arm for more stability, pulling my back wards as you begin thrusting faster into me. Immediately I cant take it and cum on you, but you never slow.

You spank my ass, grabbing at it and going back to holding my hips. I stop you by moving away as you thrust away, making you visibly angry. I knew you were about to cum, because you begin to talk really dirty and say sexy things about my body in French. I push you back lightly, watching you lie back upset and lock eyes with me, giving me the 'fuck you' look.  I strattle you, with my hands in my hair and my hips moving, causing my pussy to slowly touch you back and forth. "How bad did you want to cum?"

No answer.

Nodding, I grin as I sit lower, just on the tip of your cock, moving my hips up and down causing you to reach for my hips. I push them away, sitting lower then coming back up to the top. Watching your eyes roll, I lean forward putting my hand lightly around your neck, whispering into your ear, "beg me". I begin kissing your neck then move over, hovering over your lips, moving to the other side of your neck, still holding you down. You sigh and nod, making me bite my lip as I move down to start nibbling your ear.
"Stop being stubborn and let me have your cum," I rub your cock with my empty hands, reaching between my legs. I sit down on the tip and again, feeling you thrust up and I get up, letting go of you and walking to the bedroom. Eventually I come back with lube. Putting some on your cock, you start to clench your jaw and close your eyes. "I love your cock in my tight little ass," i reverse cowgirl and slowly move onto your cock, inch by inch. "I love making you sorry-"

"Please let me cum in your wet pussy, Ill finish your ass later but please," I'm flipped onto my back with my legs together pushed to the right. "You're so sexy when you're on top, but I need to see all of your faces," you begin slow then speeding up. Next thing I know, you're squatting over me thrusting deep, bent over nibbling on my lip and hand around my throat. Your cum feels warm leaking out of me as you pull out slowly, fingering me then letting me taste you. 

"I really am sorry," you kiss my forehead as your arms wrap around my sweaty body, still catching my breath. 

"I know,"I snuggled close into you.

Submitted: February 21, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Elizabeth Henry. All rights reserved.

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Enjoyable read... Very fun!

Sun, March 29th, 2015 9:38am


Thank you

Tue, March 31st, 2015 2:12pm

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