Waves of Ecstasy

Waves of Ecstasy

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Avery goes away with her girlfriends on a surf camp getaway, but is she really able to get away from the heartbreak she leaves behind when she meets a hunky local man?



Avery goes away with her girlfriends on a surf camp getaway, but is she really able to get away from the heartbreak she leaves behind when she meets a hunky local man?

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



Chapter 1

“Keep your eyes closed…. Seriously don’t peek or you’ll ruin the big surprise” with both hands gently cupping the side of Avery’s arms she was guided through her kitchen as her boyfriend Brody’s necktie was tied snugly over her eyes obstructing her view. Fresh out of the shower, Avery had barely had a chance to put on a robe when he had barged in all business. Ignoring her bewildered expression he had whisked her from her upstairs bathroom before blindfolding her and carrying her down the stairs.

“Babe, if this is all a big set-up to let me know you did the dishes, then you win I’m officially smitten,” Avery joked.

“Smartass,” he whispered teasingly. She felt his breath as he lowered his head, his lips grazed her ear sending a shiver through her body.

Giggling she was propelled forward as her fingers grazed the edges of the archway in her living room entrance. Once through she felt a slight pressure change on her arms as she was pulled up close to the hard body behind her, two large hands moved from her arms and wrapped loosely around her waist pulling her to a stop.  

Those hands, both simultaneously strong and gentle were one of the things she missed most when he was away.  It was hard to believe they had been doing the long distance dance for so long, it would be one year in May. Brody’s job as the on-site business psychologist for JP Oil kept him constantly on the move transferring monthly from one international offshore refinery to the next; his job was helping the men and women stationed in cramped quarters at sea stay healthy. Three weeks away one week in town, repeated over and over each passing month. Most wouldn’t do it, couldn’t do it but somehow Avery and Brody had found their rhythm in the chaotic schedule.  Somehow all the yearning and nights anticipating the next visit just made what they had all the more sweeter, more special.  

“Okay, sweetie, I know I had to cancel camping last weekend, but I think I figured out a way to make it up to you,” Brody stated proudly as he untied the necktie from her eyes.

Eyes adjusting, Avery gazed around in disbelief. Her living room had been transformed into a camping oasis. A small tent was erected where the couch normally sat, piled inside were blankets and pillows.  A picnic basket was laid out on a blanket beside the tent with a French baguette peeking out, next to it an ice-filled silver bucket chilled two bottles of Avery’s favorite pinot.  A fire roared in the fireplace as the rain pattered softly against the patio windows the sound adding to the cozy atmosphere. Taking it in, Avery’s heart melted. Leave it to Brody to take their disappointment of a ruined camping weekend and spin it into romantic gold.

“Oh babe” Avery exclaimed, turning facing Brody full on. “You’re the best, you know that? You are so unbelievably amazing. I just can’t… I just can’t believe you did this for me.”

Pointing her chin upward with the tip of his fingers, Brody’s grey eyes met Avery’s green “for you… anything,” he whispered lowering his head to her full waiting lips.  As the kiss strengthened, growing hungry, Avery felt Brody’s body, the hard lines of his chest and arms wrap tighter around her.  She felt the familiar wanting pressure build in his lower frame as their bodies pressed closer, seeking each other out.  A slight guttural groan escaped from Brody as he adjusted his footing slightly. Pulling his t-shirt off from over his head and letting it drop to the floor in the next instant she felt him lift her effortlessly up into his toned, olive-skinned arms as she entwined her legs around his waist. Without breaking the kiss Brody carried her forward into the living room, kneeling down he lowered her onto the waiting picnic blanket, cradling her body as he laid her gently out beneath him. Stretching out on top of her, Avery felt the weighted pressure of his body as his hungry mouth continued its pursuit, moving from her lips to the sweet spot on her neck that made her arch towards him.  Immersed in the moment, Avery murmured her love for him as his lips continued their downward travel. Pausing at her collarbone his free hand delicately and languidly began to undo the knot of her robe tie as the other hand roamed, warming her entire body to his touch. As the robe gave way and slid open, Avery lay fully exposed, her delicate creamy skin bathed in the glow of the room’s soft light. Watching his eyes cloud with deepened desire at the sight of her, Avery felt her own body alight strongly as Brody began to explore first one breast and then the other; his tongue teasing each to full attention. As her body began to writhe in delight under him, Brody altered the heat of his tongue with a cool whistle of air between closed lips. A light breeze playing over her exposed heated skin intensified the sensitivity. Moaning, Avery attempted to settle her feverish mind and to savor each crescendo as Brody had taught her to do.  This was worth all the long distance, all the waiting for him to come home, to come back to her. Brody is worth all of it she dreamily thought as her head lulled to the side and her eyes settled on the licks of fire dancing in the fireplace beyond them, as his hungry mouth continued its lurid pursuit down her body, Avery shut her eyes as his lead lowered past her belly his tongue searching, exploring every inch of flesh and then just when she thought she couldn’t take the teasing Brody’s tongue settled in its intended destination. Lifting her head she propped herself up on her elbows and treated herself to the full expanse of him laid out before her, the muscles in his back taught, his hands gripping her upper thighs fully focused on his goal. Climbing higher Avery was overcome with each lick and caress as an almost animal sense of want and need overtook her, closing her eyes she dropped her head back and fully surrendered to the moment. As the waves of her body began to crest Avery opened her mouth, her body’s manifestation of desire began to crash around her, taking her.  From the back of her throat she began to cry out....  

“Ladies and Gentleman this is your Captain speaking.  We are beginning our descent. Skies are clear and the weather is sunny and a balmy 25 degrees Celsius. I hope you have enjoyed flying with us and I ask that you keep all chairs upright and seatbelts fastened as we continue our descent into Nanaimo, on the beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you and happy travels.”  

Eyes fluttered open and adjust, and in an instant Avery was reacquainted with her reality. Flanked on her side in the plane was her best friend Charlotte who was putting her work tablet away in preparation for landing, and a few seats back her cousin Violet sat staring out the cabin window absorbed in the changing scenery.

“Honey, that was some dream, wasn’t it?” Charlotte joked as she looked over at Avery stretching herself awake.

Avery’s sense of waking disorientation moved to one of mortification and she shrunk down in her seat. “Char, was I talking, saying anything?” she asked urgently looking around to see if the other flyers were paying special attention to her after her erotic dream.  

“Not really… at one point you muttered something about dishes, but you had this half smile on your face the whole time. Like I said, some dream, am I right?”

“Just reliving a Brody moment,” Avery sighed, and watched as Charlotte’s face moved from one of playful curiosity to a set line of anger at the mention of Brody’s name.  

“I know, I know,” Avery reassured before Charlotte had the chance to say anything. “I know that he’s not what this week is about.”  

Charlotte furrowed brow, softened.  Avery’s good friend loved like a pitbull, if you were in her pack it was full and large and fierce, but if you crossed her or the people she loved there was no sympathy and no returning to what was.

Charlotte patted her friend’s arm, “Ave, this is going to be a good week for you, for all of us. You’re going to love it here. Trust me.”

And Avery did trust Charlotte.

For twenty plus years now Charlotte and her cousin Violet had been her constants.  The three ladies knew everything about each other and these days she valued that more than she let them know.  As cousins, Violet and Avery had always been close. Neither had siblings and each adopted each other since infancy as each other’s person.  The twosome had happily existed as a unit until Charlotte, the self described ‘navy brat,’ transferred to Ballard High School in her junior year after her family settled in Seattle.  Charlotte met both Avery and Violet on the school’s cross country running team. Charlotte was a natural runner with her long strong legs and natural high energy, her only real competition on the team was Violet who although shorter in stature edged her out with her quiet and fierce competitive spirit.  Avery was on the opposite end of the athletic spectrum, comically uncoordinated she had only joined cross country at Violet’s insistence that she break out of her comfort zone as a bona fide arts kid.

Her petite shortness and total lack of stamina had kept Avery firmly at the back of the pack, so far back that when she fell and twisted an ankle on a practice run through the trails at pumpkin hill she was totally on her own. Luckily for Avery she was so far behind the group that Charlotte had enough time to finish her own run and double back on an intuitive hunch to check and make sure everyone was doing okay.  When she found Avery, Charlotte had helped her limp back to the cars all the while joking around and asking questions about music, her art and the boys they thought were cute just to keep her distracted from the pain. Never one to open up easy, Avery found that almost in spite of herself to Charlotte she became an open book helped along by the emergent need to distract herself from the pain in her ankle.  

The two were met back at the start point by an anxious Violet, who took in the sight of Avery and Charlotte limping towards her. The three teens cemented their friendship that day waiting at the hospital.  

Cue to twenty years later and here they all still were, friends.  As she felt the plane begin to descend  down, Avery shifted her gaze to the window and looked out at the scenery willing herself to be optimistic about the trip, or at the very least fake it so her friends wouldn’t strangler her in frustration.

She was not disappointed by the view.  Vancouver Island was awash of green and blues from the surrounding ocean, large expanses of thick trunked trees were visible as were the mountains in the distance.  Similar to their home in Seattle, Avery knew that the Island could be prone to rainy periods and clouds but today the sun shone fully almost creating a jeweled effect on the water and land below.  

When Charlotte first suggested a female only surf camp, Avery thought she was a little nuts.  Avery, who struggled with staying upright on flat surfaces instinctively turned her down suggesting a nice pampering weekend at a spa instead.  But Charlotte persisted.  Never one to bow to a fight, she bombarded Avery’s inbox daily with pictures from Tofino the small town on Vancouver Island that was home to a well-known and well regarded surf camp.

 And then a month ago Charlotte pulled out the big guns.  When Avery’s cell rang she saw the image of her cousin Violet smiling and surrounded by her five year old triplets, 2 boys Evan and Max and their sister Jane. Guessing where this was headed she sighed and answered the phone, hearing little voices screeching in the background on the other end.  Busy mother Violet didn’t have the luxury of time to waste launched and launched right into it.

“Here’s the deal, Ave. I know you know why I’m calling and so I’m going to cut to the chase. You need this trip. You walk around like a ghost half the time, Brody comes up in every conversation we have with you these days.  The last five times I’ve seen you, you‘ve been in the exact same sweater.  Last week when you came for a visit even little Max asked if you were okay. Avery, you know something has got to change when my kid, who willingly ate a full crayon yesterday because he wanted to know what blue tasted like, is worried about you. Charlotte feels like you need an experience that will restart your engine and I’m inclined to agree.” 

“But…” Avery tried to intervene but was cut off.  

To the rest of the world Violet was often quiet and to some who didn’t know her well Avery knew she could come across as aloof. But those who were loved by her knew different. When she was a young girl Violet had lost her mother suddenly to a heart attack.  Out of necessity Violet had learned early the art of caregiving for her younger siblings.  To keep it all together she strategically spent her vast reserves of energy by keeping busy on the things and people that she loved and worried about keeping her marriage to high school sweetheart Charlie, their kids and all the rest of her roles in an efficient harmony of never ending to-do lists and carpools. Quietly competent was how Violet was described in her work as a radiation therapist at the local hospital and despite all her obligations she somehow still found time to sit on the PTA. When Avery had last visited for supper, apparently wearing her favorite sweater, she was sent home with homemade jam from Violet’s own raspberry bush.  Yep, Violet was a mother of three who had time to make jam, her cousin was a determined force when she needed to be, and she was Avery’s weak spot.  

“No buts, no excuses. Charlotte has worked her magic and found us an amazing resort by the beach. She has even talked me into surf lessons too. I have arranged for Charlie’s mother to come stay with him and help with the kids and I have already cleared it at work.  There are no excuses, if I can find a way to untangle myself from three triplets for a week than we are going.  Plus it will be just like old times.”

And with that it was decided, Avery was out-ruled by her two forceful loving friends. Quite frankly she didn’t have any fight left in her anyway.  Maybe she did need a break, plus what was her excuse?  After Brody, she had opted out of teaching summer session.  Normally she loved her work as a community college art Instructor and all the various personalities she got to meet in her classes but life had been so grey lately that she couldn’t even muster up the required energy to mentor her students.  

After the plane landed, the three women deplaned, found their luggage and cleared customs. They made their way through the glass-walled airport, stopped at the rent-a-car kiosk and headed outside. Charlotte left to bring around the car and left Violet and Avery with the bags near the airport exi

Waiting, Avery felt a small sigh escape her lips as the thought she had been pushing aside since landing made its way to the front of her mind.

‘Brody would have loved this.’

A fresh wave of sadness broke into the beauty and clean air of the island that surrounded her.  Avery’s head lowered as she once again flashed to the fateful night, the night where everything with Brody tipped off its axis and went spinning into oblivion.  Before she could be pulled too deep into the memory Avery felt an arm reach around her and a petite hand squeeze her shoulder.  Violet, always the caretaker, had sensed the shift in Avery’s mood when she had thought of Brody.

“Give it a chance Ave” was all Violet said.  

Violet was absolutely right, she owed it not only to herself but to Violet and Charlotte to give this a chance.  Avery forced a small smile at Violet.  Her all-knowing cousin had left three triplets, a husband and a life behind to save Avery from her sadness; she needed to shake this.  

She was not going to mope around the island thinking of Brody and waste this experience.

“Thanks Vi.  I will, I promise.  I still get blindsided by it all sometimes” Avery offered by way of explanation. Forcing herself to change her mood she elbowed Vi softly and put a wider smile on her face “I still can’t believe you got to walk away from triplets for a week… don’t you dare make this all about me this is your break too” she said in earnest.

“Are you kidding! I know I’ve I needed this too. My shirt hasn’t stayed this clean this long into the day for five years” Violet joked.  

The two women watched as a gleaming red SUV pulled around the corner and came to a stop at the curb.

Parking Charlotte jumped out of the driver’s side and came around to meet the women.“Well ladies are we ready to start our week of debauchery?” she asked with enthusiasm lowering her aviator style sunglasses so they could all see the glint in her seafoam green eyes.  

“I love you guys” Avery blurted out in response to Charlotte as both women turned to her in surprise. “I do. You are both truly the best.  You only live once and I’m going to remember that this week no more moping I promise” Avery finished startling even herself with her impromptu declaration.

“Well Ms. Positive stop standing on the curb and get your bags in the car… we’ve got a vacation to start” Charlotte teased pulling her in for a quick hug. Violet joined in on the embrace and the women held each other giggling and began hopping up and down like they did when they were teens.  

The drive cemented the beauty of the Island.  The ocean hugged the land, glinting in the day’s setting sun.  The women drove down the winding pacific highway marked for Tofino that led them through dense redwood trees and out into winding open spaces where rocks and ocean could be seen with a smattering of treed islands off in the distance beyond the shore.

At the end of their journey through the Island, the ladies arrived at the Resort and realized quickly that it was everything that Charlotte had promised the five star establishment would be.  The exterior used the magnificent view of the private beach and ocean waves to maximum effect; with windows and a wrap around deck encasing the entire main floor of the structure every angle promised a spectacular view.  As the women walked up the lamp lit pathway to the entry they passed inside and found themselves in a large open lobby with vaulted wood ceilings and exposed beams.  White plush half moon sofas were placed to the left of the entry and circled a round stone fireplace with a soft fire glowing in the center.  The white check-in desk was situated to the right and the chandelier overhead was a converted canoe frame with woodwork polished to a shine that matched the ceiling. Beyond the lobby the space opened up to an open space restaurant and lounge area where the full view of the ocean could be witnessed, waves became whitewash and crashed against rocks near the shore as the setting sun was now a full red and pink and violet spectacle as it sunk lower to meet the horizon. Skylights in the ceiling created the illusion that you were still very much outside in nature as they revealed a view of tree tops that dotted the rock face the resort was built into. As the women walked towards the front desk a hotel clerk dressed in white approached with a tray of pink lemonades in champagne flutes.  

“Welcome to Village Sands Resort” she stated warmly as each woman accepted a glass and continued their inspection of the breathtaking space.

“Oh honey we are home” Charlotte said to no one in particular.  Always one to take charge she approached the front desk to check-in with Violet moving up beside her to help out.

Avery hung back and walked towards the fireplace running her hand softly along the sofa back’s fabric as she paused to look at the soft flames. Sipping on her lemonade she thought again of her promise to her friends not to squander this trip with the depression that had been gripping her the last three months.  Avery thought back to two months before the trip when she had sat in a park near her house marking student papers on a sunday afternoon. As she sat on her blanket she had watched a couple with two children walk by completely immersed in their day together. The father was holding the little boys hand as the mother strolled beside with a baby in a stroller.  As the little boy broke free and ran ahead Avery watched with almost hypnotic intensity as the father laughed good naturedly leaned in and whispered something in his wife’s ear.  Whatever he said brought a laugh and a huge smile to her face before he bounded towards the swings to join their son.  It was such a non moment but to Avery it was everything. All alone on her blanket, Avery realized with a sinking sense of loss that she truly might never have that story. On that beautiful Sunday, no one even knew where she was, no one was waiting for her at home. She was completely free and untethered and in that instant she felt consumed by the emptiness of it all.  The family, the husband whispering in her ear, the baby in a stroller Avery finally let herself fully acknowledge that  maybe it was not her path.  Avery felt herself detach and break away from a dream that only a few months prior had felt so close, so tangible.  She had realized then that Brody was truly gone and that their future had left with it. Maybe it was self preservation but a numbness set in that day and it hadn’t really gone away since.  It wasn’t soon after that afternoon, that Violet and Charlotte had cooked up the plan for their trip.  

Avery sighed deep in thought.  

Well, if she was to have a good life even if it would never be a great life she had to start living more in the moment.  If the future was so uncertain the least she could do is enjoy the present.  Avery took in a slow deliberate breath and looked around her, the beauty of the resort her two amazing friends settling up the check-in at the desk.  Hard times can make you bitter or they can make you better she reminded herself, a saying that her and Violet’s grandma had told them years ago that had stuck. Turning back towards the flames of the lobby fireplace, she let her breath out.  It was decided. For one week she would let herself experience whatever this trip had to offer, and if that meant a good book and wine with her friends on the beach than that would be enough.  

“Choose better” Avery said softly to herself.  

“What’s that hun?” Charlotte asked coming up behind her.

“Nothing Char, just daydreaming” Avery replied brightly turning toward her friend and snapping back to the present.

“Well I don’t know about you but I think we should get settled and showered and then put on something fabulous for dinner” Charlotte, ever the social planner, advised.

“Sounds perfect” Avery said brightly, she straightened her back and turned toward her friends and the waiting elevator.


“Woohoohoo” Avery whistled as Charlotte came out of her bedroom and into the main shared space of their private chalet suite. Charlotte, as always was stunning.  She had gone with a body hugging strapless black dress that hugged her in all the right places and accentuated her long legs and showcased her enviable designer stiletto heels.  She had put on red lipstick to maximize the impact.  Avery had gone for bohemian sophisticated. Keeping her hair loose and wavy and make-up minimal she settled on an eggplant colored strapless maxi dress and paired it with a simple rose gold locket that had been her grans.

“Well look at you two” Violet said joining them from her own room. Violet had opted for a white crisp button up that she belted and paired with black skinny jeans and heels.  She had pulled her dark hair into a loose bun and smokey eye makeup. In short she was a knock-out.

As the women applied finishing touches and took a selfie to commemorate their first night, Avery felt a renewed sense of excitement for the trip and for their island adventure.

“Okay ladies… we are done. Let’s go find a glass of wine” Avery encouraged as she opened the suite door the smile on her face, for the first time in a long time, completely genuine.

The resort’s main lounge and restaurant did not disappoint.  From their table the women took in the waves crashing against rock just beyond the large deck space that encircled the front face of the hotel and connected restaurant and lounge. Day had officially turned to night and darkness surrounded the ocean beyond the shore, in the distance a light house cast a light glow.  Each table was adorned with lilac centerpieces and the lighting had been turned to a comfortable low for the evening ahead.

Avery realized that the the travel had made her hungry and happily dug into a meal of fresh caught salmon, a mushroom risotto and a peach salad. Charlotte had ordered champagne for the table and the three old friends spent their time catching up but mostly reminiscing and sharing private inside jokes that made absolutely no sense.  Their server gave them a flight of Okanagan region wines to sample with each successive course and suggested they share a sea salt brulee. A little bit tipsy the three women basked in each other’s company and in the shared excitement of the week of surfing and lounging and exploring ahead. The three friends had nowhere else to be and for the first time in a long time lingered at the table, no one was checking watches or incoming texts or worrying about getting home to the babysitter. With the sounds of waves crashing in the distance around them and with each passing laugh and shared story Avery felt herself relax truly amongst the women who loved her, and acknowledged a building excitement for the week ahead.

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