Acting Prime Minister

Acting Prime Minister Acting Prime Minister

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


When the Prime Minister of Valmeria is assassinated, the young and inexperienced Deputy Prime Minister Alina Loveless is sworn in to replace him. Can the first female Prime Minster live up to the expectations of her adoring public, or will she become the puppet of those who financed her rise to power and now threaten to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?


When the Prime Minister of Valmeria is assassinated, the young and inexperienced Deputy Prime Minister Alina Loveless is sworn in to replace him. Can the first female Prime Minster live up to the expectations of her adoring public, or will she become the puppet of those who financed her rise to power and now threaten to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



"I swear in exercising the powers of the Prime Minister of the Valmerian Republic, to respect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of every citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Republic, to protect the sovereignty, independence, security and integrity of the State, and to faithfully serve the Valmerian people."

A moment of silence stretched into eternity as Alina Loveless' words echoed from the marble buildings surrounding Belden Square, the heart of the Capitol District in the City of Casau. The first female Prime Minister of the Republic of Valmeria had just been sworn into office, and at only thirty-six years of age, the youngest Prime Minster as well. Despite the tragedy leading up to this moment, it was an historic occasion. A sea of onlookers mobbed the square, some leaned from balconies, stood on roofs of cars, and clung halfway up light posts, all to get a glimpse of the woman who would lead their country for the next three years. Alina stood motionless in her navy suit, one hand raised, one upon a bible held by Supreme Justice Phillip Sullivan. The podium was surrounded by the Republican Guard, who seemed especially on edge during this open air ceremony. Justice Sullivan nodded his affirmation and removed the bible. 

Alina took a deep breath and lowered her hands to her sides, then turned towards the crowd, her expression serious. The crowd erupted into a cacophony of applause, cheers, whistles, and indistinct shouting. It took effort to balance the elation of having been sworn in with the solemnity of the occasion. Add to that the fact that the ceremony took place mere hours after her predecessor, friend and mentor, Prime Minister Martin Tolliver, had been assassinated, and the emotional roller coaster ride was set in motion.

Alina put on a smile that expressed hope for the future but still managed to convey her deep sorrow at the passing of her predecessor. Years in front of the camera, from the beauty pageants of her youth to her meteoric rise in popularity hosting the highest rated news show on television, had given her ample opportunities to practice her expressions, and she knew she conveyed her intended message with each smile she flashed. She lifted one hand and waved, her expression still tightly controlled, letting the adulation of the crowd surround her, drinking in the approbation.

Several voices shouted, "We love you, Alina!" and a distinctly male baritone called, "Mary me, Alina!"

She waved to her adoring public. She loved the attention; she always had. Given her current ratings, she would be the most popular Prime Minister in all of Valmeria's history. The approval ratings for her ascendancy from Deputy Prime Minister to the highest post in the country were already through the roof, and she knew they would only climb higher. She had done it. At long last, she had become Prime Minster.


Hours later, in the Tronzal Palace, Alina sat in the high-backed, leather chair behind the immense oak desk in the sprawling Office of the Prime Minister. Twenty-seven Prime Ministers before her had sat in this very office. Before that, when it still served as a throne room, it had been occupied by three Generals, eight Emperors, and thirty-five Kings. This room and the palace containing it had been a seat of power for centuries, power always controlled by men, and now she sat here. To be the first woman in this position was an honor and responsibility she did not take lightly. The sense of history in just this one room was overwhelming in and of itself, and she took a moment to acquaint herself with the view from this vantage point.

Two rows of columns ran the length of the room from floor to vaulted ceiling, giving the colossal space a regal and stately look. The roof, some three stories up, was covered with a painting of the night sky by the father of modern Valmerian art, Chiemeka Silvanus, painstakingly restored three decades ago. The walls were hung with tapestries and banners from each of the major periods in Valmeria's history, and between these hangings, polished marble reflected back light from the massive, crystal chandelier which hung in the center of the room. Directly below the chandelier, the floor was inlaid with an intricate pattern of silver and gold tiles which formed the Great Crest of the Kings of Valmeria, the same crest later adopted as the Great Seal of The Valmerian Republic. Alcoves were recessed into both the left and right walls at periodic intervals containing statues and busts of previous rulers, from the old Kings to past Prime Ministers.

Directly behind Alina's desk, two-story high, arched windows looked out upon the famous Kongen Gardens, nearly two hundred acres of intricately laid out flowers and plants surrounding the twenty-acre wide Tahotuum Labyrith, the largest hedge maze in the world. The gardens were fed by the Eternal Spring, an underground spring which had originally provided water to the palace in the days before indoor plumbing. Alina turned her chair to gaze out the window and bask in the warm sunlight as it filtered in through bulletproof glass.

This was her office. This was her view. If it weren't for the death of her predecessor, this would have been the perfect moment.

Alina had allowed herself some time alone in her new office to take it all in, to enjoy the glow of success, but there was work to be done. She had to continue the work of her mentor, making the Republic of Valmeria a strong economic player on the international stage. She also needed to know who had killed him. The assassin was still at large, and Martin Tollivers' killer had to be brought to justice. Add to that the daily responsibilities of Prime Minister, and the weight of responsibility settled firmly upon her shoulders. She shook off her reverie and turned back to her desk, pressing a button on the console there.

"Raisa, please send in my cabinet."

The Ministers had been waiting in the hall, and her assistant Raisa and the Republican Guards outside her office would now allow them in. They entered much more calmly than she had expected given their written demands on her time. The Minsters of Defense, Commerce, and Finance entered first, followed by the Ministers of Labor and Education, and the Foreign Minister. As they began the long walk down the length of her office between high columns, Alina remained seated, watching their progress. She saw the Ministers of Immigration, Industry, Infrastructure, and Transportation enter. Behind them the Minister of Agriculture entered talking animatedly with the Ministers of Forestry, Culture, and Mining, followed by the Ministers of Science and Sports. She looked away, knowing there would be more, and waited for them to be seated in the two rows of chairs facing each other between the columns.

Once they were all seated and silent, she rose from her chair and nodded at the gathered men. "Gentlemen." She placed both palms on her desk, and leaned forward. "Our first order of business is to use every resource available to find Martin Tolliver's murderer and bring him to justice."

The cabinet members waited for her to continue.

"Second, we continue Martins' plans to bring Valmerian technology to the international market. We are poised to be a major player in the international community. Martin had a dream, one I share. I will seal the deals Martin started with our neighbors, and then with the major world powers. The world will look to Valmeria to fulfill its technology needs, and they will find us ready and willing to give them everything they want."

Alina outlined her plan to pick up Martin's tour of foreign capitols, insisting the Foreign Minister begin reworking the schedule immediately. Of immediate importance were visits to the Malovian Republic and Esterland, the two biggest countries bordering Valmeria. She continued with her plan, listening attentively to the advice of various Ministers and adjusting her expectations and plans accordingly. The meeting continued for hours before it seemed as if things were finally settled.

As the Ministers milled about her office or filed out, Raisa hurried in with briefing folders tucked under one arm, the clicking of her heels echoing loudly in the huge, marble room. Several of the Ministers eyed Raisa's long legs and ample bosom as she walked past and delivered the documents to Alina.

"Updated briefs from the Ministry of Homeland Security and Ministry of Defense, Miss Prime Minister." Raisa stood beside Alina's desk, her smile wide. She leaned closer and lowered her voice so only Alina could hear. "If I may say so, Ma'am, you've always been my number one pick for Prime Minister." She straightened and prepared to leave.

Alina placed one hand upon Raisa's arm. "Thank you, Raisa. And please, call me Alina."

Raisa's eyes widened. "Wouldn't be proper, Miss Prime Minister."

"Nevertheless, I insist." Alina smiled then, looking up at Raisa, a conspiratorial look in her eye. "At least when it's just us."

Raisa smiled. "As you say, Miss Pri..." She caught herself. "As you say."

Alina smiled again.

"Thank you, Ma'am." Raisa's cheeks reddened. "Alina." She both blushed and smiled harder, the embarrassed pride of someone who had been let in to the inner circle. "I'll bring fresh coffee."

With that, she turned and made her way back out of the office past the few remaining Ministers, high heels clicking on polished marble.

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