Green Eyed Lady

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Late Summer 1970, Havana, Cuba..


We met in the lobby of the Hotel Riviera, then an excellent fashion spot in Havana.

This time, she came with her cousin "chaperone" and things were more difficult but it had to go and ..happened.

Her lovely green eyes and smile were simply a gift. I remember that night at the “Maxim Club” in Vedado neighborhood, close to the Hotel. 

There was no live music but a guy with cassettes helped to the fun with the best of the “W’s” (Pop music Radio Stations from Miami caught on the Malecon.( WQAM-560,WGBS-710)

She liked to dance and laugh, although all women know how to dance she smiles looking at my behave, doing the effort to be in the "wave" but a fool because of my crossed feet for dancing. Carole King's sings “It’s too late” in the speakers.

She laughed and asked me;  -You know how to dance, “El Tanguito”?  I had not any idea what she was talking about. And smiling, she tried to teach me; that style of dance was like;  very open hands and tight bodies I did not know anything about that, but I catch that she was having fun not allowing embrace her.  Although bodies so close and very tighten, meanwhile “flying” kisses.

So we were some time dancing and talking but frustrated because her cousin was no chance at all. I noticed that she did not drink anything from liquor, soft drinks only.. There were several weekends like in that game. It was a real involvement in a romance!


At that time,  I  used to work at the Front Office of the Hotel Havana-Riviera and this is the means of this story I have to tell it....Now.

On a beautiful early September night.

That Sunday, I had to work the shift of 4PM-12M duty,  then, the miracle dream happened. 

She comes in front of my desk; What a surprise!, I called her; Hi! Cinderella!! because of time,  wearing one of those hippie broomstick skirts. Out of my shift, together, we went to the “Copa”, the cabaret of the Hotel at the main entrance and got a seat in a ”Pullman", those cushioned round seats.There was a  show of local Rock music and it started at the time already. There were performing, Los Bucaneros and Los Dada at the moment, most pop groups of ‘rock music” then at Havana. So, we enjoyed this show at late, and the affair happened as a lighting; her cousin found her ideal partner and stayed until the end of the show. We went to the Malecon to enjoy the moon shining brightly, and played runaway from the "spray" of the waves that were crashing against the wall on the shore. There began the first kisses and close to the intensity, her lips were so salty, (Can you imagine what astonishing pleasure?) I think it was the key that opened a piece of a living heaven.

About like an hour in that game, we returned to the hotel and all the crowded hype was over. By myself, very excited; (a baseball shining maple bat, but smaller is, what…..Well, you imagine) When we arrive at the Copa, everybody's gone and so,  I managed to go down to the interior hall to the Copa again.  As well we were light drunk (Russian vodka & Sweet grapefruit juice) 

 I said;!Let's go to the empty stage and show me that strange dance!   There, began a wonderful event difficult to forget; In this dance, with no music, only she singing that song…”stumble" and both hit it off on the floor’s stage. My kisses against her soft breath and the ruffling of her skin indicated and sensitized me to come to the inevitable outcome. No words, just animal instinct. When my fingers discreetly reach down, she was so wet that the journey to the penetration, smooth and easy. The extraordinary coming off my life! What I felt was the epitome of pleasure, natural, without struggles, mutual understanding. ! That moment of my life’s so beautiful,! Just unbelievable. Suddenly, all the lights lit the Copa, while we lie on the floor at the center of the stage. We wonder frightened; -Someone be seeing?

It was only my old good “Wensy”, the man responsible for everything of the stage. He always goes on to review the tables, looking forgotten stuff from users, and very calm told us: -Go to sleep boys! That floor is very hard !! 

Still, exhausted we have time to return to the Pullmans.

This happy relationship lasted for few months, all good things must end, such a beautiful woman belongs to the world. I had it for my glory for a while couple of seasons. It was enough.

And still almost half a century……

I do not remember her name but she seemed so much like Elizabeth Hurley younger, this story is titled because her eyes,  so .. when I hear that 2 songs;

“It’s too Late” by Carole King and ”Green-Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf.

She’s back on my mind.

 January 2016

Submitted: January 28, 2016

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