Meeting with Him

Meeting with Him Meeting with Him

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Hi guys this is my first erotic so I do welcome Feedback. He is waiting for you to arrive for your first session. Will you go mess up and be punished or will you writhe in pleasure.



Hi guys this is my first erotic so I do welcome Feedback.

He is waiting for you to arrive for your first session. Will you go mess up and be punished or will you writhe in pleasure.


Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



I knocked on His door, waiting for a reply. I stood there silently with my eyes lowered, ready to serve Him. I heard the door unlock and footsteps receding from the door. My heart quickens in anticipation my hand on the door handle ready to push it open. I had my instructions from Him for when I arrived. My instructions as follows;

When you arrive, you will knock at the door and wait. I will unlock the door and step away. Once you do not hear my footsteps you may enter. Once you have entered close and lock the door. When the door is secured take your clothes off and fold them neatly by the door on your bag. Leave your heels on. When you have taken your clothes off immediately go to position 1and hold your collar on your palms, ready for my return.

I turn around and lock the door the click a resonating sound confirming my acceptance and willingness to be there. I turn around and take my dress, bra and panties off, folding them neatly and setting them beside my bag. I step forward and fall to my knees, quietly arranging myself into position 1. My knees stay pressed together creating a flat sloping platform for my hands to rest on. I pick up the collar I brought with me and straighten by back, jutting my breasts out. My arms rest limp against my body and thighs, palms up with the collar resting on my palms. I raise my head so it is straight and lower my eyes to the floor. I must not look at Him unless He says I can. I shift slightly nervous for His arrival. I have followed His orders but I am wracking my brain to make sure I did not miss anything out for that would incur a punishment. 

I hear footsteps after what seemed like hours but really only about 10minutes. He was coming. I felt my heart quicken in anticipation, as his footsteps got louder and louder I snuck a glance and just as he rounded the corner of the corridor our eyes connected. I gasped and quickly adverted my eyes back down, my cheeks flaming at being caught doing something I shouldn't have. My palms get a little sweaty but I don't move an inch I don't want to make another mistake. I see his shoes and pants come into my view before he stops in front of me. I keep my eyes riveted to the floor as he stands there in silence. 

'Present to me your collar.' 

Without raising my eyes, I lift my arms up high presenting the collar in my palms. I wait silently for Him to take it from me. He takes it from my hands and I lower them back down. I watch as he moves away out of my view and I can feel his presence behind me. He bends down and the collar falls into my line of vision before disappearing under my head to clasp around my neck. He tightens it so I know He has control over me but not too tight it would cause major discomfort. I wait for him to speak but he doesn't say another word to me. I hear a swish and something dark comes over my line of vision blocking my vision. He tightens the blindfold around my head, the darkness swallowing me up. My other senses heighten with the loose of my vision. He steps in front of me and speaks, 

'Stand with your legs spread and your hands held out to me.' I stand shakily in my heels stumbling slightly. After regaining my footing; I spread my legs out shoulder length and raise my arms out straight in front of me. I don't feel him as I straighten them out but I know He is watching. I extend my hands with my palms facing upwards; ready for his next orders. He stands there silently watching and waiting to see if I will make another mistake. He takes the cuffs from the side table in the hallway. He takes my left hand gently and fits the cuff around my wrist, locking it in place with a small padlock. He repeats the process for my other hand and ankles, each with a little lock. Finally; he goes behind me and whispers in my ear while fiddling with my collar. 

'Now you are mine!' I hear the click of the lock and it sends a shiver through me. I was His now, I was adorned with His cuffs and collar and I could not take them off without a key. The key which He has with him. He attaches my wrists together and leads me down the hall to His domain. I follow silently, walking carefully so I do not trip with my heels on. 

As we walk all I can hear is my heels clicking on the hard floor, He was silent but his presence demanded total attention. He gently led me to a room where he left me in the middle of the room. All alone and not sure what to do. I left my arms in front of me hang, my ears twitching to catch any sound from Him. 

'Bend forward and hold onto the bar in front you. Spread your legs wide and no sounds. You have 2 punishments that you will accept. The first one, you were 15 minutes late, no message to say you were going to be late. I do not accept tardiness so you will do better next time. Second one you raised your eyes to look at me without my permission. You thought I might not notice but I notice everything. We will start with 10 strikes on your ass with my hands then we will see how well you take. Don't forget to thank me.'

I bend down slowly reaching out to find the bar. I find it and grip it with my legs spread. My cheeks burn in shame for letting Him down. I nod, letting him know I accept the punishment. I cannot make a sound until I thank Him so I do not want to get another punishment. 

I wait for him to start, tensing slightly but he waits until I am completely caught unawares. He lands the first one hard on my ass causing me to cry out in surprise. I almost forget to thank him but at the last moment I say Thank you, Sir. He growls softly; 

'that was close little one.' He starts in quick succession, each smack hard and stinging. I cry out each time and thank him for his punishment. He smiles when he sees my ass, His hand print is on both ass cheeks standing there proud. I stay bent forward my hands holding the bar tightly my chest rising and falling quickly. It hurt but I was getting damp and He knew I would. I listen out for him wondering what he would do next. Then I feel his hands caressing my red ass, it stings slightly but he doesn't care. He runs his hands down the backs of my thighs and down my calves to my ankles. He fiddles with the cuff on my left leg then I feel him attach something to the cuff. He moves my other leg a little bit and I am glad I was still holding onto the bar. He spreads them further out to the point just before it gets uncomfortable and then attaches something else to that cuff. He moves away and I move slightly. O oh my legs couldn't close. He has used a spreader on me. I was in trouble. He chuckled as I moved, testing the spreader bar and seeing how far I can move my legs. He liked what he saw. I shifted waiting for his next move, unsure what he had planned for me. 

'Stand up straight girl, and shift backwards 3 steps.' I straighten slowly and with slightly unsteady steps I shift backwards. I went slowly as shifting in a spreader bar in heels is very tricky but he liked to see the struggle. I waited for his next order but it never came. All I heard was the swish of the Suede flogger, a feather touch on my back. I wriggle not sure what he was doing but I didn't say a word. I wasn't allowed to. He slowly warmed my back up with the soft kisses of the flogger until my back was a rosy red colour. Once I had warmed up to the flogger he stopped briefly giving me a small break. But that was short lived. He came around and without speaking he took my cuffed hands and connected them to a chain connected to a ring on the roof. He pulled it taught so I was just slightly unbalanced on my heels. I tottered slightly to the left before regaining my footing, disorientated now that I couldn't move my head to see where He was. 

He liked to see me disorientated, it made him excited. He liked it when His subs could not anticipate what was going to happen next. I tested the chain and it was tight, I wasn't going anywhere. I strained to hear what he was doing but there was no noise; only silence. After a few minutes, I heard something soft playing. He had put on music on! I felt the music go through my body, soon I was consumed by it, I could hear nor feel anything else. That's what he wanted, He wanted me to be consumed by the music before he continued with the flogger. He started with light strokes on my back, being careful where He hit. I moaned as the endorphins started rushing through my body. I squirmed, I was getting wet and quickly too. Suddenly all to quickly it stopped. I cried out in disappointment but that was a mistake. Suddenly out of nowhere His hand landed on my ass hard. I got jolted forward from the force, my ass on fire. I had made a mistake. He was angry. 

'What did I say about speaking. 5 lashes for your disobedience. This time you better remember what I said. Don't forget to Count and thank me each time. Each time you don't we start again.' 

'Yes Sir.' I said quietly. He moved and turned the music off, silence flooding the room. I waited as He moved around. He picked up a different flogger. I wouldn't have known which one it was but it was the punishment flogger. He only ever used this on naughty subs who made too many mistakes in one session. It was the Rubber Flogger. IT made the sub realise how much trouble she was in as there was a very intense sting. He stood back and waited for me to relax a little, I was too tense and he wanted to catch me unawares. I strained my ears backward trying to hear him but there was no sound except for my loud breathing. He let the flogger slide down my back briefly causing goose-bumps to rise and a shiver down my back. He waited for a brief moment to get into position then he raised the flogger. He let it crack on my back and I couldn't help but cry out as the sharp sting radiated through me. A moment after I call out, 

'One, thank you Sir.' He smiled, I remembered what he said, a little bit inside of him wished I hadn't but he was ultimately glad she was learning to listen properly and to obey Him. He sent the next one flying onto my back causing me to stumble forward, I was glad he had me chained as I would have fallen to the ground. My back was on fire, my breath shuddering through my body. 

'Two, thank you Sir.' He continued, I was glad he had only ordered 5 lashes as it was intense. He didn't let me take a break instead continuing to carry out my punishment. He meant for me to feel the sting, he wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget it anytime soon. I managed to count and to thank Him for everyone. By the 5th one I gasped out,

'Five... Thank you, Sir...' He dropped the flogger to the ground and came to my front. He took the blindfold off and looked at me as I breathed heavily.

'Look at me little one.' I looked at him and waited. He smiled at me, 

'You did well little one, don't forget to listen to my instructions.' With that he reached up and uncuffed me, taking me to the bed that was in the room. He laid me down onto my belly and looked at my back. There were marks but he wanted them there, they would be a reminder of her mistakes. He went over to a draw and pulled out some cream. This would soothe her back so they may continue their session. I whimpered as the cold cream was gently smoothed over my back, cooling the fire burning there. I sighed in relief as the burning left my body entirely. He put the cream away and cleaned his hands, watching me relax. He stepped to the bed and grabbed the ankle spreader and pulled me down to him. I yelped in surprised and twisted to see him. Once my feet were on the floor he helped me up and turned me around. 

'Now little one, please me.' I smiled keeping my eyes downcast. I lifted my hands to his shirt front and let them travel down to down to his pants. I undid his button and unzipped him, letting his cock spring free. I knelt down and stared at his wondrous cock, but before I started to worship his cock I spoke softly.

'Please Sir, may I suck your cock?' He smiled at me and said yes. I took his cock gently in my mouth, moaning as I tasted him. I started to suck him gently, moaning in pleasure at finally being able to please him. As pleasured him, he got harder and harder telling me how well I was doing. I moved my head back and forth going deeper every time until I started gagging. I immediately pulled back and started shallow again but he wasn't having any of that. I felt his hands land on the back of my head, curling in my hair and preventing me from pulling back completely. I went a little deeper again and tried to please him by staying there but my reflex kicked in and I pulled back again but this time nothing happened. He kept my head there forcing me to swallow and to accept his cock down there. He moved his hips forward pushing it deeper. He kept doing that working with me and forcing me to relax until finally my nose rested against his skin. He moaned as my throat contracted around his cock, massaging it. He relaxed his hands and allowed me to pull back and off. I took a deep breath, breathing heavily before taking his cock in my mouth again and this time I took him all without hesitation. I wanted to please him and nothing would stop me now. After a while he spoke, 

'Stop little one, I won't be cumming in your mouth tonight. Tonight, it is your ass.' I gasped in pleasure, my pussy dripping down my thighs. My ass was my favourite place for His cock and he knew that. He wouldn't have fucked my ass if He thought I hadn't learnt my lesson and pleased him.

I stood up upon his command and turned around to the bed where I knelt down and laid my head down onto the cool surface. 

'place your hands underneath you next to the spreader. I shifted getting moving my hands with a little difficulty setting my hands near the spreader holding my legs wide open. He grabs them and connects them both to the spreader effectively making me immobile. He knew all I wanted to do was to play with my clit while He was in my ass but not tonight. Tonight He wanted me to be frustrated if He took his time savouring the feeling of being in my tight ass. He slapped it lightly before standing behind me stroking his cock.

'You have a delicious ass little one, I cannot wait to be in you.' With that he put his cock in front of my entrance letting it rest there, waiting for me to try to move. And move I did, I tried to push against It but he slapped my ass hard.

'Don't try me little one, you won't like what you will get.' I went still hearing the warning in his voice. He waited for one moment before he started pushing in, all the lube he needed was from my mouth. I gasped and moaned as he pushed in slowly. It was an agonizingly wait as he slowly pushed in, savouring the feel of my tight ass enveloping his cock. I was an anal slut and he knew it. It took but only a few minutes before his pelvis met my ass, skin on skin and he groaned with me. I was so full and I was loving every minute of it. He started moving slowly back and forward telling me how much he loved being in my ass. I moaned and tried to move my hands to my clit. I was trapped I couldn't touch it, I was getting frustrated. My pussy juices were dripping onto the bed below me making a mess but we didn't care. He started moving faster and harder, pushing me into the bed with each thrust. I came to the point where I didn't care if I got punished, I told him how much I loved it, begging him to let me cum, to release my hands but he didn't stop and he didn't release my hands.

He growled at me telling me to cum. With one last thrust He exploded inside of me, feeling me shake and shudder cumming hard with him. I couldn't make sense of anything, all I could understand He was inside of me and he had allowed me the ultimate gift. He came inside of me, letting me release my own pleasure. 



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