Finish Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Image by Brigitte is always pleased to get a coffee from Pixabay

How many women do you have that come to you virtually?
I know it’s dozen’s. And I’m lucky enough to be one of them.
A lonely neglected wanton lusty empty cunt.
She has been lonely for too long. But no more.

She needs.
She wants.
She lusts.
She satisfies.

Together in her mind (and his) they travel in ecstasy.
Not only in mind, but physically, erotically and unwantonly.
Both sexting online virtually in sync with one another.
Him rubbing his cock, her fingering her tight wet pussy.

In sync we gyrate upon wanton lust, hot and horny for each other.
I ask to see more of him. 
He is firm and erect, standing straight out, ready for sex.
I want to slide him into my love canal and juice him dearly.

He wants to go down on me and lick my twat.
Maneuvering himself into position he first teases me with his tongue.
I rise up to meet him and hold his manhood in my hand.
I rub his dick gently, but firmly.

He becomes wantonly erect and ready to pounce.
I spread my legs wide and guide him deeply inside my wet little pussy.
I accept him ravishingly with firm thumps against his belly.
He penetrates me with all he is as I tell him I desire him indulgently.

Fuck me ‘til you pump every last drop of your cum into me.
Fill me with your last passionate seed. 
I want to satisfy you until I am to weak to participate anymore.
Finish me with a crescendo of cum filling me uncontrollably as I go limp in your masculine arms. 

Submitted: February 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Elenore B Rigby. All rights reserved.

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This is about as hot and horny as it gets.
easy to read and well written
Great piece of writing

Tue, February 16th, 2021 3:43am


Thank you for your feedback.

Tue, February 16th, 2021 4:20am


As with spice you do entice, read responses come be nice, see what joys follow my dice!!!

Sun, February 28th, 2021 7:50am


What joys?

Sun, February 28th, 2021 12:50am

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