Stormy in California Part III

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Part 3-of stormy in California

The Storm Succumbs to Day

I stretch, sit up and blink at the sunlight currently invading my room. I guess I never pulled the drapes closed last night. For a moment, I remember our game last night. Our game that is so bad but that we play oh so well. I do not intend to wait until dark for a rematch; I check out in 2 hours to work for 4 and then fly home.

I pull the sheet around me and creep into the courtyard to find my clothes from last night. No luck, maybe our audience took them as a memento. This thought tickles me.

I shower quickly and dress for work. Well, a lacy camisole, miniskirt and knee high leather boots that lace up the back. I throw on a blazer too. Brushing my teeth, I pack my bags, brush my hair and head down to the lobby.

Most of the project team members are already in the lobby or eating breakfast. I do not see you so the game cannot begin or at the very least, I don't get the first move.

"Beautiful day after such a powerful storm," I hear you say to someone. Involuntarily, I smile; the same damn smile that I know would give my feelings away if anyone ever saw it. I do not turn around as I must seem disinterested.

"Good morning, Elaina. Were you able to stay dry during the storm last night?"

"I managed. You?"

"Eh. Hard to say."

The TV interrupts by letting us know it is going to be sunny with a high in the 90's.

"Hot and sunny in California, who would've thought?" I say smiling, "The weather here really does improve your mood."

"You don't say, Elaina. You don't say."

Everyone starts heading out and getting into the 1/2 dozen rental cars. It is only a short trip from Huntington Beach to the office in Westminster.

Once at the office, I start towards the call center and catch a glimpse of you getting into the elevator. You are wearing those damn linen pants that make everything about you that much hotter. In order to bridge my state of mind to my job, I say to myself, "all play and no work makes Elaina unemployed."

After 4 1/2 hours of teaching reps how to use a new system, these damn 4" heeled boots seem foolish. I am so ready for a late lunch and drinks at the airport bar.

Only 6 of us are flying home this weekend. 2 weeks in California, 1 week home...lather, rinse, repeat.

Two cars head to the airport, inadvertently sorted by gender. Well, maybe. I am in the back seat and my phone rings with your name and Facebook photo popping up on the screen. I remove the phone carefully so the other passengers cannot see who it is.

"Hello, lover." I say boldly as I wink at the other ladies when they look at me with raised eyebrows.

"I just wanted you to know that I am hungry...Wait. What did you just call me?" You ask anxiously.

"So you are hungry? Me too, lover. We are all planning on eating at the airport."

"Does anyone know anything they shouldn't?"

"No, babe. I am just better at the game when it is sunny out."

"Oh, I see. I will use better strategy for my next turn."

I can imagine that tell-tale smile of yours along with your annoyance that I got to you. I anxiously await the next move as I intend to keep you from passing go.

We all decide on sushi for lunch probably because of the large bar in the center. Nothing helps you tolerate your co-workers better than a few drinks. Much to my disappointment, this late lunch serves no game play.

Everyone is on the 6pm flight except you and I; we have our standard 7:40pm departure out of terminal B. I am worried that it might be a terribly long time to stare at each other holding out to win the game.

I walk through the central hub pulling my suitcase behind me and my laptop bag hanging over my shoulder. I am hating these boots right now but knowing you are walking somewhere behind me and how much you like a woman in boots makes each stride a worthy sacrifice. As I walk, I am trying to think of my next move.

I notice a section blocked off and a sign reads, "Gates 13-26 closed. Please pardon our mess. "Mess." I need no further convincing and make my next decision. I turn and lift the chain. I duck underneath and keep going as if I were supposed to. Confidence does a lot to convince people that what you are doing is acceptable. I do not look to see if you have followed me.

I stop at a fountain to get a sip of water. It tastes so good that I pause to drink a little more. I feel breath on the back of my knees; I don't dare turn around as stepping on you would not be sexy at all.

With your hands on my thighs, you push my skirt up as you kiss from the back of my knee to the curve of my ass and back down the other leg.

"That's new," I shudder.

You pull my panties down over my boots and lift each foot to remove them completely and toss them away. Pulling my legs apart, you lie on your back and position yourself staring up at my slit.


"Yes, lover?"

"Touch yourself."

"As you wish."

I slide my hand down to my swollen clit and tap it vigorously for a few seconds. Then I slide my middle finger inside only once so it is slick. I use my other hand and pull the hood back so that my button is completely exposed and easier to abuse. Pushing firmly and moving in steady circles until the tingle starts and my body aches, preparing for climax.

Warm juices begin to run down my thigh. I am getting a bit noisy with my moaning and breathing. You move up and lick from the first drop, up my thigh and plunge your tongue deep inside me forcing me to cum hard, rising on my tiptoes and unable to stop the quivering pulses within the walls of my pussy.

You stand and grab my hips as I almost fall, briefly weak. You grab my hair, pull my head back and bite my neck.

"Damnit, I will fall if you get me off again while I am standing."

"So be it.", you say flatly. "I think your orgasms are a beautiful thing; you let them consume you." You smile and pause, "and me as well."

"Well then, I am happy to consume you and be consumed."

"Where the hell did you throw my panties?"

"Oh, I'm not finished with you yet, Miss Mackensie."

"Maybe I am finished with you."

You grab my shoulders, spin me around and pull me back against you. I can feel your erection against my ass and my addiction for it takes over. I pull up my skirt and lean slightly forward enough that my ass pushes against your cock making it clear what I want.

"You are so easy, Elaina.", you say laughing.

"If I am so easy, get on with it already."

You pick me up so my feet are slightly off the ground which I hate.

"Put me down, damn you!", I order while kicking my feet.

"Just relax...I have plans"

You start walking until we come to an expanse of windows that overlook the planes and the tarmac. The people scurrying about outside are oblivious to our activities. I turn to face you and as I start to fuss, you grab my face and kiss me with fervor. All my ire turns to yearning.

I drop to my knees, letting my blazer slide down my arms to the floor. I proceed to unbuckle your belt, unbutton your slacks and pull the zipper down with my teeth. This must have made you realize this was going to the next level as you step out of your shoes and let your pants fall. I reach around you and use my fingernails to pull your boxers down, allowing my nails to lightly scratch all the way down to your ankles while I suck on your balls.

I bite the inside of your thigh. You yank my hair back and the sound of my surprise and arousal is much louder than usual. I am almost embarrassed at myself.

"That's my girl."

You rub your spitting phallus across my lips. I slide my tongue across the tip to taste what is now my privilege. You push me slightly and the lift me to my feet.

"No control for you today. It's the last move in this game and I am taking it."

"Really now?", I say challenging you.

"I am certain you won't stop me."

You lift my camisole over my head and toss it away just like my panties.

"I hope you know you have to find all my clothes."

"I hope you know you didn't wear a bra today."

"Very funny. Take your move, player."

With that said, you pull me to you and when I seek out your lips for a kiss, you slap my ass with both hands, grab it firmly and lift me onto the ledge.

The window is cold but when I arch my back, you grab my breasts and push me back against the window. You pinch and twist my nipples between your thumb and forefinger. Again, I cannot control my volume and decide to just give in to it.

" I can't be quiet, damnit."

"Don't then. I like your "I am losing" noises.

"You are such an arrogant ass. Shut up and fuck me."

This command didn't seem to be a problem as you bite my neck down to my erect nipples and bite them hard. I arch my back again and almost come off the ledge. You push me back with both hands on my hips.

Without further play, you take your throbbing cock and abuse my cunt like never before. Small, fast thrusts that continuously force me into the window. It feels being surrounded with pressure.

"Please, don't stop."

You pull out and slap my pussy hard multiple times and then resume the abuse. At this point, I have already tightened around you several times and called out your name. The orgasms are starting to last longer and longer with the tiny muscles spasms inside my cunt forcing my entire body to shiver.

"I cannot take another. Please cum."

"Beg for it, Elaina. Mean it, too."

"Please, I beg you to stop."

"One more and you will declare me the winner."

"More? Please don't."

Without even acknowledging my pleas, your impale me. This time with long thrusts that you force hard inside me; pulling out to the tip and then brushing my clit when you slide the dark, engorged head back inside me. This makes orgasm fast and I grab your back and try my best not to dig my fingernails into your back. For at least 2 minutes, my body clinches and shivers. It hurts and I am exhausted but I cannot stop it. Hell, I cannot even control it.

"Baby, please. Enough already."

You suddenly let go and I slide from the ledge to the floor and you let your cum spill upon my face and into my mouth. It was almost as if it was the liquid I needed to refresh and sustain myself. Though I shivered with aftershocks for several minutes. I licked all the remains from your shaft and stood up.

One deep kiss and you walk away.

"You are forgetting to help me find my clothes."

"Not forgetting. Letting you deal with your loss."

"As always, fuck you and thanks too."

Submitted: March 03, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Elaina Mackensie. All rights reserved.

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Very well done I liked it :D good work.

Fri, March 3rd, 2017 1:15pm

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