The Proposition

The Proposition

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


With just over a week before nineteen year old Jen leaves everything she knows and heads to her new life, 200 miles away, she decides now is the time to get rid of some unwanted baggage. Asking her casual, older boyfriend for his help before they go their separate ways was never going to be as simple as she hoped it would be. But little did she know how the week that followed would turn out.


With just over a week before nineteen year old Jen leaves everything she knows and heads to her new life, 200 miles away, she decides now is the time to get rid of some unwanted baggage. Asking her casual, older boyfriend for his help before they go their separate ways was never going to be as simple as she hoped it would be. But little did she know how the week that followed would turn out.

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With little more than a week before nineteen year old Jen started her new life 200 miles away, she needed her boyfriend to help her get rid of some unwanted baggage. But at nine years her senior will he see her simply request isn't as simply after all?

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I glanced again at my reflection, my knee length navy dress had been a good choice. Despite having the exact same dress in red, and preferring the red dress I had opted for the blue one tonight. I was hoping for demure and mature. 

At just turned nineteen I had never felt the need to try to be anything other than myself, and in the six weeks I'd been casually dating John I'd never tried to act older - until tonight.

I still wasn't sure about leaving my hair down, I wouldn't describe myself as a tomboy but I was never a girlie girl. I had always gone for comfort over glamour, I'd opt for jeans and flats over anything else given the choice. I always wore my hair up, it was just far more practical and so much easier. I neither had the time nor the inclination to fuss about with curlers or straighteners, I am what I am was my general attitude to my life. Unfortunately my usual ponytail probably wouldn't cut it tonight, I was hoping to at least look my age not younger and with my hair up I often passed for fifteen, no that simply wouldn't be good enough tonight.

I checked my watch 6:45 I still had fifteen minutes before he'd be here. I'd been out with John every Friday for the last five weeks. We'd been the cinema twice, to a gig of one of his favourite bands, to a restaurant once and to a pub quiz with his best friend and wife. Tonight was going to be our last date, I had nine days and counting before I packed up my belongings are headed 200 miles down the motorway to university. We had both known the timescale we had and for that reason neither of us had wanted to get serious, after all what was the point?

I applied my lipstick one more time and opened the top button of my dress, nothing shouts sophistication more than a flash of cleavage I castigated myself and fastened it back up.

At seven on the dot John pulled up, I was ready with my coat on to go.

"Right that's me, I'm off out. I'm not sure what time I'll be in but I've got my keys and I might end up staying at Clare's so don't wait up" I called out to my parents as I rushed through the door. With little more than a week before I flew the nest my parents knew they had no chance of enforcing a curfew on me, and as long at they knew where I was they were ok with it - which, in this case they sort of did, so everyone was happy.

"Hiya" I said brightly as I jumped in the passenger seat of his car. "I could have walked round." I offered as he smiled back at me.

"No, don't be silly, besides you'd need to walk through the park and it's rough in there of an evening." He wasn't wrong, during the day it was filled with young families and dog walkers, a perfect spot for a Summers day picnic. However, once evening came and the good people of the neighbourhood went home all the local teenagers congregated there. To be honest it'd only been a couple of years ago that I'd been one of those teenagers so it didn't bother me walking through. Christ I knew most of them, no scratch that I was friends with most of them.

As he concentrated on the road I looked at him from the corner of my eye. My friends couldn't see it, but to me he was so, so handsome. They criticised his curly dirty blonde hair asking why I hadn't made him get it cut. I always just shrugged it off, I thought it suited him and besides its his hair he could do what he wanted with it. Their only concession was they assured me he had a good physique, I had taken their word for it, as our relationship hadn't involved me witnessing any parts of his body that weren't on show to everyone. 

"You look different." He noted as he glanced in my direction before pulling away from the lights. I shrugged my shoulder as nonchalantly as possible. "Oh well, you look lovely though" he added smiling at the road. "I didn't see you in the pub on Tuesday, were you off sick?" He enquired still keeping his focus firmly on the road.

"No, it was my birthday so I went out with my friends." I said again casting a cursive glance over his profile, he looked young for his age and I was glad. Yes he was older than I was but he didn't look that much older that it looked weird us being together. But he was old enough for it to be noticeable but I didn't care. 

I had decided I liked him, he had probably thought of me as a kid and at twenty eight compared to him I pretty much was. But it didn't matter to me, I liked him. I had done all the running, subtly at first; smiling at him, making sure when he came to the bar, I was the one who served him, I remember I stared at him a lot for weeks until one day one of my friends had had enough. He never told me exactly what he said to John but by the end of the night he had asked me out for a drink the following Friday.

"Sorry, I didn't know, you should have said." He apologised awkwardly, running his hand through his hair. 

"Don't be silly, it wasn't a big deal." I added shaking my head, and to be honest it wasn't. Last year I'd had the big bash at the end of a fortnight of non-stop partying. No this year was completely different, my parents and family had given me money to take with me to university and my friends had taking me into town for a night out.

"If I'd known I'd have gotten you something." He excused as he continued to look uncomfortable.

"I only mentioned it because you asked, besides you are making me dinner so that'll do." I grinned at him as he again glanced at me very briefly, as he continued to drive.

"So how old were you?" He asked as we pulled into his driveway. 

"Nineteen" I replied.

"Are you still a teenager?" He again looked uncomfortable as if until now he never realised how young I was.

"Yeah, it's my last year though I suppose I'd better make the most of it." I added as I removed my seatbelt and got out the car. By the time I had opened my door he had made his way round to help me out, it always made my smile how polite and old fashioned he was.

As he opened the front door I could just smell the beginning of our meal.

"Hmmm, smells nice, so what we having chef?" I teased as I followed him into the house.

"Cottage pie, is that ok?" He asked, again looking awkward.

"Yes that'll be lovely" I smiled, to be honest I'd have eaten anything he'd made me, I was far too well mannered to say no.

"Would you like a drink?" He asked taking my coat and hanging it up under the stairs.

"Yes please." I replied as I took my first proper look around his living room.

"What would you like?" He called as he made his way towards what I presume is the kitchen.

"I'll have whatever you're having." I answered following him through.

"I was going to have a beer, but you can have wine or a soft drink." He offered again looking a little awkward.

"No, a beers fine." I said sitting myself at the small breakfast bar. He quickly pulled two bottles out of the fridge and opened them, handing one to me. 

"Could I have a glass please?" I asked shyly. I had worked in the local pub for two years and one of the first things I'd had to do was sit through a video about health and safety, the only thing I remember from the video was the clip they showed us of rats urinating on the bottles in the storerooms before they got delivered to the pubs. I hadn't drunk from a bottle or can ever since.

"Oh yeah sorry" he said jumping up to get me a glass.

I watched as he passed me the glass I again thought how much I liked him. Compared to my previous boyfriends he wasn't as obviously good looking but he was handsome, he had a kind face that was always smiling but his best feature was definitely his eyes. Every time he looked at me with his powder blue eyes I was transfixed. I enjoyed his company and despite the differences in our ages we got along well.

"Well dinner will be about 45 minutes so whilst we wait for that would you like a tour of the house." I nodded enthusiastically. 

For the last three months he'd been working on his house every opportunity he got. Whenever we ran out of things to say to each other I would ask him about what he'd done this week and he'd talk for hours about the walls he'd had knocked down or the spot lights he'd had fitted in the kitchen, he loved it and with each word I could hear his pride and satisfaction.

"Let's go then." He said putting his drink down and taking my hand. I followed suit and left my glass on the table. As he ushered me back in the direction I had come only minutes earlier I felt the warmth in his hand. He didn't hold my hand often, in fact he didn't touch me often, but I knew I liked it when he did. I felt safe with him, cared for.

"So, as you can see this is the living room." He held his hand out like a game show hostess modelling a prize. Within a second he was pulling me towards the walk through dining room.

"Slow down" I said laughing. "Tell me what you've done in here, what changes you've made." Although I could tell him every single thing he'd done to the house I knew he'd take great delight in recounting his work.

"I've already told you, several times" he said with a suspicious look in his eyes. "Weren't you listening?" He asked in mock disgust.

"Yes I was listening" I said petulantly "But tell me again, as now I'm here I can actually see what you've done." He was almost overjoyed at my request and beamed as he described each renovation.

To be fair he'd done a really good job, I could see why it had taken him so long, he's knocked down the dividing wall between the living room and dining room and fitted french doors from the dining room which led to the garden. By removing the wall he'd opened the whole space up, I tried to picture it before but I couldn't quite get it in my mind's eye. We spent the next fifteen minutes moving about the downstairs as he waxed lyrical about his renovations. From what I could gather the only thing he had left to do downstairs was the back garden; he had big plans with a conservatory on the horizon is the next year or so. 

Next he led me up the stairs, describing the stair spindles in great detail, and there was I, just thinking it was wood, I'm such an ignoramus. At the top of the stairs was an ultra modern bathroom, it gleamed like a shiny showroom model, not a watermark in sight. I fought the urge to ask if he'd ever used it as I didn't think discussing his toilet habits before dinner was really very appropriate. Next he gave me a quick look at the guest room, this was very basic, just a bed and bit of furniture, definitely an after thought. Last he showed me into his bedroom. It was very calming, all muted grey tones with blue highlights. Again very minimal with no kind of personal items at all. 

"Have you moved in yet?" I asked as I wondered why there weren't any signs of him here.

"Yes, I moved in last weekend." He said edging slightly closer to be. "Why do you ask?"

"It looks very new, the sheets are all crisp and still full of starch." I noted as way of explanation.

"Oh" he said what a hint of a laugh in his tone. "My mum comes round twice a week and potters around making sure the place is spick and span." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

"You are kidding me?" I asked feigning horror at his revelation. "How old are you? Surely you're big enough to look after yourself, Shame on you." I teased.

"I'm her baby, she's not happy that I don't let her put my dinner on every night." He shrugged as if that was explanation.

"Oh I see" I said raising my eyebrow showing my disappointment. "So do I have your mum to thank for my tea tonight?" I grinned at him.

"No!" He protested "I've slaved over this myself, I'll have you know." He sulked.

"Slaved?" I questioned "Really?" I pressed.

"Really!" He pouted "I'm quite offended now." He moaned miserably.

"Please accept my humble apology." I offered, smiling brightly at him, laughing at his sulky face.

"No I don't accept your apology, I'm deeply hurt." He continued "You'll have to make it up to me now." He suggested closing the gap between us. 

In one smooth movement he'd wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me flush against him. Leaning down he kissed my gently, it wasn't an overwhelming kiss and certainly not with the same ardour he'd kissed me with in the past. I kissed him back and pressed myself closer into him. I felt his body react to mine as he deepened our kiss and let has hands roam from my waist, down to my bottom and then back up towards my breasts. Following his lead I let my hands move slowly down so they rested on the back pockets of his jeans and I pulled him closer yet to me, in the back of his throat I heard a slow moan then suddenly he pulled away from me.

I was still a little breathless and bewildered as to why he had stopped. Resting his forehead on mine he closed his eyes and sighed, we stood there for just a second before he changed the subject "Come on dinner will be done in a second." And again taking my hand he led me down the stairs.

I continued watching him as he drained the vegetables and put them into various bowls and finally took the cottage pie out the over. Before settling down he handed me another beer.

"Are you not having one?" I asked as he finally joined me at the table.

"No, I'll be driving you home later, I've had one." He explained as he started scooping the potato and mash combination onto my plate.

"That's plenty" I said after he'd heaps two huge spoonful into it. "Have a drink, I'll get a taxi back." I replied.

"No, really it's fine." As he continued to busy himself with serving up.

"I insist" I pushed as I again stopped him from piling a mountain of food onto my plate.

"Jen, I'll take you home." He said with an air of finality.

"John, I'll get a taxi" I said with an equally determined tone. "If you are that bothered you can walk me round, it's only a ten minute walk, I'll protect you from the kids in the park." I added, and much to my relief he smiled, nodded his head and went for another bottle for himself.

My meal was surprisingly nice, I ate in-between our conversation about my imminent departure, his holiday at the end of October with his mates to Vietnam. I politely asked him questions about what there was to do there but to me that was no holiday resort. I was more of a week in the sun girl, days on the beach and nights in the bars - woohoo I'm so classy I thought to myself.

"So" he began a little awkwardly, again rubbing his hand against the back of his head. "I think once you leave next week we should leave it there." He focused on the bottle in front of him and drank the remaining contents in one gulp, I could see him eying my around it to see my reaction.

"I mean it'd still be nice to catch up when you get back, providing of course neither of us have met someone." With a now empty bottle I could see him looking for something to occupy his attention so he wouldn't need to look straight at me. After a couple of seconds the lack of distraction got too much for him and he grabbed two more bottles from the fridge.

"I mean this is a new start in your life" he continued to fill the silence as I patiently waited for him to talk himself out. "I wouldn't want you missing out because you think we've got something more than we have, back here." Again he drank most of the contents of his bottle in one swig. 

I smiled to myself wondering if he'd expected me to break down into a heartbroken mess and how he'd expected to only need one drink for that. When I finally looked up he had finished the bottle and was again fidgeting.

"Ok" I said smiling and I handed him my untouched bottle, he immediately took a calming mouthful.

As we continued eating our reactions were polar opposites. He relaxed immediately, whereas I had lost my appetite and wondered if I should cut my loses and call it an early night.

"You haven't eaten much." He noticed about ten minutes later as I continued to play with my food. To be honest I was too lost in my own thoughts to think about food.

"Ive had enough, thank you." I said half smiling at him. 

The evening had lost its warmth, since his little announcement neither of us had much left to say.

"Did I upset you before?" He asked as he returned to the table after clearing the plates.

"No, not at all, I actually agree with you." I said, now it was my turn to hide behind my glass.

"What is it then?" He asked as he returned to his chair next to me.

"Nothing" I lied, shaking my head.

"Jen, tell me what you are thinking." He pushed reaching out to touch my hand. "Please."

"I was going to speak to you about something, but it doesn't matter now, it doesn't really seem appropriate." I said with an uncomfortable scrunch to my nose. I wasn't stupid, I knew he'd push me to tell him, so after he asked again I took another mouthful of beer, to steady my nerves and looked him straight in the eye and made my request.

"John" I faltered for just a second "I wanted to ask, if you'd sleep with me."


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