Uncovering my uncovered wife of 25 years

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I found out that my wife had been chatting to a man online during a period of a couple of months whilst I was away. My half hearted attempts to uncover the truth began to gain momentum as I found out more than I had bargained for.

My marriage has been better than most. I married my sweetheart and have remained in love with her throughout. Last year I was away on business more than usual and this had led to friction and arguing between us. I returned home on December 15 and we continued to argue about how little time we had spent together recently. We sat down and formulated a plan on how we could improve matters and I think we were both happier with our new strategy. My wife mentioned she had joined a penpal club and had been corresponding with a couple of guys, exchanging greetings and casually chatting about everyday things. Always believing that my beloved was the most perfect human being God ever created, I assumed that there was no more to add. 

Last week my wife was seeing some friemds in town and I dropped her off and returned home. She would get a taxi back later. I was halfway home when I realised she had left her phone on the seat of the car. I messaged her friend to tell her that I had the phone and tell my wife not to worry. I don't normally check my wife's phone. She had never gave me cause to. However, by some cruel twist of fate I decided to have a look and see what I could find. Her yahoo email account  was as I had expected, with loads of rubbish junk mails and the odd important thing. She said she didn't have a gmail account so, when I clicked on the gmail icon, I was surprised to see an account in the name of a girl with a first name very similar to my wife's and a family name the same as her mum's maiden name.This was more than interesting, as anything which is kepy secret is. I opened the account, only to find it full of yet more rubbish, including junk horoscopes and fortune tellers and so on. I went to the deleted mails , only to find more of the same. All except one mail from a guy, Carl. I opened the mail and it was a friendly message wishing my wife well and hoping she was ok. I had already been home for a few months and there was obviously no ongoing communication.

I decided to write to the guy to return his greetings. I moved her gmail account to my phone, changing the password and linking it to my yahoo account. She wouldn't notice for a while and I intended to be quick. This is what transpired....

He answered  my email quickly. ( Carl is now C and me Edward is now E. my thoughts are in brackets)

C. Hello!

So nice to see a message from you. I miss talking, hearing about what you are doing, and of course having fun messages.
( Fun messages?)
E. I missed our chats too.

C.  I hope you still like my photo.

I am glad you finally replied to my message. I had sent a few others along the way hoping you would. We’re you fearful of replying for some reason?If I remember, you are often left alone while your husband travels. Are you alone now?
( Well, well. Exchanging photos. OK)
E.  Yes, But I thought it best to delete all your photos when my husband was due to return.
( have to keep cool here , my heart is starting to race)
C.Here is one that will hopefully remind you.
( and am now the proud owner of a picture of a  guy wearing a vest. In good shape 50s). 
E. Yes it does, thanks. I missed our chats too.
C. How are things with your husband? Same or has it gotten better?
( Oh dear. the unhappy wife}
E. I'm afraid not much has improved. Very difficult really.
C. Just wanted you to know that I have missed our chats and am around if you ever wanted to message. Also interested to hear what you are doing .
(Mmm .Ok)
E. What do you miss most about our chats?
C. I miss knowing you are on the other end of the message. I miss seeing your replies when it is getting so hot, I miss knowing you were fully immersed in our chats, I miss the intensity they brought.
( Oh no, what the fuck am I about to uncover here?)
E. I'm getting old now
C. I think you are most likely in hyour prime, you just need someone to unlock all your gifts.
( And that'll be you, I suppose, you egoistic prick)
C. It has been so long. I would so much like to kiss you tenderly. My hands holding your face, our lips touching gently, half open mouth kisses with tongues softly touching.
( Ok. )
E. I was planning to send you a new picture but I can't remember what I sent you already.
( Very clumsy but my emotions are in control here)

C. And so you can see, this photo has kept me company many times. Spurring my imagination, seeing you crawling across the bed, straddling me, leaning in to kiss me, your hot skin on my body.

( Before my very eyes, a photo attached,  I see my wife in a crawling pose on the bed wearing bra and panties. I was stunned).
E. Interesting idea.
( Do you know how hard it was for me to write that?)
C. More than interesting.
E. I can see why you like this. Anything more teasing?
( no reply. Damn. I've blown it)
( Two days went by . I decided to give it another shot)

E. Good day there

I deleted all our fun chats when my husband came back. Before I would read them at night. did you delete them too?
C. I did not delete all of them. I saved quite a few so I could look at the photos.
( Bingo)

E. Can i see them too. I miss my enthusiasm. 

C. Why don’t we just make some new ones?

You can be enthusiastic with new messages.
( Oh yea but not quite the enthusiasm you are hoping for)
(He went on)
After all, I have been thinking about you lately and how nice it would be to feel your lips pressed against mine.
How nice it would feel to have your hands running along my arms gripping me tightly as my tongue moved along your neck, down to your throat, my lips sucking your skin.
E. Nice
( Its not that easy finding words for him but his ego was in full swing, so I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.)
C.Moving down, my tongue on your chest, hands moving to your breasts, squeezing gently, tongue moving between them. My hands lifting your shirt so my tongue can find more of you, sucking gently on your soft warm skin.
My lips and tongue moving to your hardening nipples, gently nibbling over your bra, your hands running through my hair. You reach back and unclip your bra, your tender breasts exposed to me, my lips find your had nipples, sucking gently, then harder. I can feel them growing against my tongue, your chest pushing out as you breath deeply. Turned on by my tongue.
E. Turned on. Yes 
( ?)

C.I pull from you and take off my shirt, you look up and smile as your hands move along my chest. My lips find your neck, my tongue dances on your skin, moving down, between your breasts, down, on your stomach, down past your bellybutton. Your hips

Lifting slightly from the bed inviting me to move down farther. I grab your pants and pull them down, your underwear with them, your legs opening, tempting me.
My lips sick your skin, moving to your left thigh, down to the inside of your thigh, your legs spreading wider anticipating my next move.
E. Oooh
C. My lips and tongue moving closer, you can feel my hot breath on your womanhood, your body wriggling as my tongue finally touches you. Gliding along your womanhood, downward, slowly, my lips sucking and kissing gently. Moving upward, my tongue moving between your womanly lips, slowing to circle your tight hole. I can taste your sweetness, hear your soft moans. I love higher, closer to your clit. You thrust upward with your hips as my lips and tongue finally find you, sucking gently, tongue flickering, your hands gripping me tightly as I turn you on with my mouth.
E. Getting wetter
( I was reading the sports)
C. Mmmmm.....I can taste your wetness. Tell me, have you started to touch yourself, imagining it was my tongue?
( Prick)
E. yes

C.I wish I could taste you.....

My tongue circles your clit slowly, feeling it quiver as I suck it. My hands moving along your sides, across your breasts, squeezing gently as I continue licking you. Your hands gripping my forearms as my fingers twist your nipples. Your hips lifting to match the rhythm of my mouth and tongue. 
Tell me, do you want me to make you climax with my tongue?
E. Not yet
C.Yes B*****h, I want to hear you moaning as my tongue glides down your womanhood, circling your tight hole once again. Gently probing you, pushing into your sweet, hot, hole. Moving down lower to the base of your womanhood, my lips sucking gently, moving up again, circling, probing, finding your clit once again to hear you moan louder as I suck you hard.
E. Oooh
( Not easy for me as my life, as I know it, is slipping away)
C.My manhood is throbbing for you.
( Makes sense, My wife doesn't like vulgarity)
E. I can feel it

C. I pull from you, strip down my pants, and love to you. I stay on my knees and grab your legs with my strong grip and pull you to me. Your legs wrap around my waste, my hardness pressing against you. I grip my hardness and slide it up and down your wet womanhood until we can’t take it any longer. 

I push in gently, slowly, you gasp as my thick manhood presses into you, spreading you, the ridges making you tingle as I push deeper inside of you.
E. And then?

C. My hips hit you gently, my hard cock deep inside you. I move my hips in circles as my hands move along your body. Your hips moving up and down, our bodies moving in unison as we tingle in pleasure.

My hands move down to your hips. I grip them and pull you into me as I thrust, pulling back farther each time, the full length of my manhood gliding in and out, hips crashing into you with each thrust. Controlled slow powerful thrusts.
E.  Tingle and some.
C.Are you wet B*****. Feeling me inside you?
E. Yes I feel it.

C.You feel good. I’ve been rubbing myself thinking of you.

My pace quickens, your boobs shaking as my hips hit you, your moans getting louder as my thrusts get faster. My hands pulling you into me.
As you begin to moan louder I lean into you, my lips finding your neck, sucking your skin. Your hands moving to grip my back as my hip thrusts curl upwards, deep inside of you.
E . Finish me off. Please.
( Had enough of this shit)
C. Oh Yes baby . Are you close?
( You're lucky I'm not)
E. Very

C.We gradually slow, lips and tongues finding one another, slowly twirling, tenderly kissing. Our hearts racing, my manhood still inside of you moving slowly, making you tingle as you continue to quiver.

Your hands moving on my back slowly, our eyes meeting, deeply looking at each other, excited to be together, satisfied yet excited for our next passionate time.
E. I'm well finished
C.Was it a good orgasm. Was it how you remembered it?
E. Very nice yes. Thank you. And you?

C.I had a very nice release. 

I will say, when we messaged before you were much more enthusiastic. It was hard to get a read from you this time.
( Well there's a reason for that}
E.Show me what I said before
C. I will forward a message from 12/12 that was pretty hot
( So he has my wife in an archive. Must be others)

C.I can't forward the entire message. It is like 100 messages long.

I can copy and paste a few things for you.
From you, Mmmmmmm I'm dripping wet Carl ..pls faster so hot now.mmmmm
Yeah cum inside me Carl I'm getting so hot hot  feeng you so hard inside of me
Mmmmmmmmm mm your so hard for me Carl and explode that's amazing.....I was wet and wet dripping so excited for you so hard and so nice 
It was very different, you were totally into it, which made me climax so hard for you. 
( My wife said that?) ( My god)
E. Show me your sexiest pic of me , I will try to better it.
( Masterful. He was excited)

C. This will be hard to beat. This was one of the last pictures you sent me and it really turned me on. I look at it and imagine you climbing on top of me and slowly grinding me, your hands out thighs, your hips moving forward, you controlling me.

You don’t have to do that by the way. Unless you want me to get excited again and want to take you another time tonight.
( And attached. There it was. A picture of my wife naked. Tits and pussy in a full frontal.
My heart was pumping so hard. But as that normalised I was left to reflect on the sadness.)
Thanks for reading. So sorry if anything like this happened to you. It wasnt nice.
My biggest dilemma now is, what do with these findings? 

Submitted: July 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Edwardkel. All rights reserved.

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A very hard thing for a husband to find... Did you ever find out if there was actually anything “Physical” that actually happened?

Sat, July 11th, 2020 12:06am


I don't think so. They were on different continents.

Sat, July 11th, 2020 9:26am

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