My First Time With Leizl

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Having sex with a girl from a dating app and being pleasantly surprised

I had joined a dating app in the Far East in September and was busy chatting to a number of girls. I was in my late fifties and I was looking to make some friends to pass the time with, during a fairly uneventful 5 month stay. One of the girls I was chatting to was called Leizl. She was 33 years old and had a couple of daughters aged 13 and 6. They were being looked after by her mother in the province and she was working in the city at a call centre. Wherever possible, I preferred girls who were working because they were usually just looking for to escape for a weekend or a few hours as opposed to something more serious. Anyway, one could fathom these things out fairly quickly once you started talking. 

Leizl seemed nice and was busy at work for most of the day and was tired at night having to commute for over an hour each way. She had declined a meeting saying that she wanted to wait till she had a 4 day holiday at the end of October. Initially I had agreed to this because I was chatting and meeting with other girls but as time wore on I wanted to meet her more and more. She flatly refused and told me that I should respect her wishes. After a few weeks I pressurised her into meeting me by saying that she was probably not that serious about our relationship if she couldn't even meet  me for a couple of hours on her day off. And it was better if we just called it quits. I don't think she wanted to waste all that time she had been talking to me and start all over again looking for someone else, so she agreed to meet. [Of course it was possible that she had a whole string of boys on the go but I didn't think so , due to her time constraints].

So, the big day arrived and we had decided to meet in an overpriced coffee shop in a mall. She was late but had communicated that she was on her way and of course these days you can send photos to prove as such. She was as she looked in her photos and was bubbly and friendly. We hadn't really got intimate in our chatting but it was a kind of unwritten agreement that we would probably end up in bed for the afternoon. She claimed she hadn't had sex for 18 months and being a man I was happy to believe that. We chatted in the coffee place for half an hour and then took a taxi to a short time motel. So far so good.

My primary objective of this first sexual encounter was to not make a hash of it. So, I decided to try and do a little bit of everything and make sure she had a happy ending. Men are generally very poor lovers, so, I wanted to play by the book and everyone would go home happy and then, if another meeting was arranged ,good,if not, nevermind.

We  got on the bed fully clothed and started kissing and fondling. She was nice and slim and sexy and kissed nicely even if a little detached. She was wearing a dress, bra , panties and sandles. Almost a kit designed to get in and out of with the minimum of fuss. We soon had our clothes off and I was hard. [I made sure of that] . She had small tits which had been used a lot for weaning kids and they didn't look too exciting but I kissed and sucked on them lovingly. There was little reaction when I did that but Oh well. Her pussy  was neatly trimmed and I started kissing her there and slipping my tongue between her wet lips. I rolled her over and kissed her ass and started to lick her asshole, flicking my tongue over her puckered hole. As I said, going through the motions but enjoying it. 

Next up was penetration. I lay on my back and she readily obliged by sitting astride me and my cock slipped into her accomodating mummy's pussy. I pulled her down close to me , kissing her whilst cupping her ass and started to thrust into her with long slow strokes. To my amazement she came almost straight away with an intensity that took me completely by surprise. She groaned loudly and ground herself down on my cock and her juices flowed freely as she collapsed on my chest, well spent.

Now what ? I gave her a minute or so. I was still nicely inbedded in her and still rock hard. I started moving again and she started to grind herself again and came violently once more , much in the same manner. I carried this routine for maybe six more times, all with the same result. I tried different positions but they didn't seem as effective and she wasn't saying anything.So, I moved her back to where she was. She was just groaning and coming over and over again.

Ironically I didn't think we were well enough acquainted for me to ask what I should be doing next [ the world is a very back to front place these days] so I just kept going letting her come in mini sessions. Since I was so fascinated by her abandonement I had complete control over my feeling of sexiness but eventually I thought I had better come and we could all go home. So, I speeded up and shot deep inside her and she gave up her umpteenth moan. The showering and dressing was uneventful. She remained totally detached but friendly enough. However, there was no adulation or declaration of having had the time of her life. The whole thing intrigued me as to why she was effectively single and had she behaved like this with other sex partners before?

We parted ways and continued to chat ,although there was no reference to the day's activities. Over the next few weeks we met another 5 times [ easy to remember the numbers when it is interesting] and things continued as before with a full on ecstatic performance. I left the country in December and I considered that we never really got that close but I am hoping our paths cross again.

Why are some girls like this and some not ?


Submitted: April 28, 2021

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Maybe it is because they are looking for the same thing a lot of men are..
No strings attached sex without commitment.

Thu, April 29th, 2021 4:16am

E.M. Ockleshaw

Who knows, I allowed to say this these days? - too late...especially women, they all have their own foibles.

Wed, May 12th, 2021 4:43am


Agreed, Sex is sex, making love is for couples.

Sat, June 12th, 2021 10:33am

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