Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teachers Part 2

Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teachers Part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The Japanese girls now turn their attentions to the trussed American teacher. They are determined to get her to ask for permission to pleasure them. They have to use force before they get cooperation.


The Japanese girls now turn their attentions to the trussed American teacher. They are determined to get her to ask for permission to pleasure them. They have to use force before they get cooperation.


Submitted: December 15, 2013

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Submitted: December 15, 2013



Lesbian Japanese School Girls Force Gym Teacher To Submit To Their Kinky Desires.[Part 2]

Rowena had been tied to the vaulting horse for over an hour now .Upon hearing the mention of the word "foil" her heart had missed a beat.She prayed it did not refer to a fencing foil. For those of you who have never been whacked by the fencing sword, trust me it is a painful experience.Nanami was approaching the trussed American teacher with one in hand.The foil is a long piece of flexible metal with a four sided blade and it makes a swishing noise.Nanami walked up to Rowena and caressed her bottom,slipping her hands between the teacher's legs and giving her pussy a loving squeeze.

"You know what this is don't you miss?" she asked."Well Aoi here is going to give you a bit of a spanking.After that you are going to tell me how you intend to pleasure your students using that slutty tongue of yours.I want you to explain how you have been longing to tongue Momoka's ass and watch her writhe. Oh, and how you've always had the hots for your teaching partner."

Aoi delivered the first blow with a spine chilling hiss.Rowena thought she had caught fire. It was excruciating. She howled into the pantie gag. Five more switches followed in quick succession and Rowena was panicking. These girls were capable of anything.

"Well now,that bought the color to your cheeks,"the Japanese student ring leader said."I'm going to ungag you now." With that she undid the gag and removed thepanties from Rowena's mouth."Now, what was it you wanted to say."

"Im going to kill you when I get out of here and you are going to regret this day,"cried Rowena.

"Wrong answer you blond whore." said Nanami who was forcing the panties back down the throat of the irate American. Grabbing the scissors Nanami shoved them into the side of Rowena's gym shorts and cut away briskly. Moments later she pulled off the shorts leaving the young teacher in her white panties.Nanami slipped her fingers into the panties and forced two of them up Rowena's unwilling slit."Now listen to me bitch. I've got my fingers shoved up your pussy and it's telling me that you are not altogether objecting to their advances. Now do we have to give that cute ass of yours another ten stripes or are we going to have a little niceness?" Nanami made her point clear as she moved her fingers around deep inside the moistening vagina.She pulled Rowena panties down to her thigns,spread her ass cheeks and started to lick her asshole. She moved her tongue up and down and pushed her face in so she could tickle Rowena's pussy with her tongue. Rowena was responding to these administrations and Nanami was keen to keep this bitch writhing around on the top of the horse while all her class mates looked on.Nanami cut off the panties.Rowena still had her shirt and sports bra on.Nanami continued to lick Rowena's buttocks ,tracing her tongue along the livid scars made by the sword. She slipped her hand between Rowena's legs and toyed with her clit while licking around and in her ass. The American teacher was fast losing control. When Nanami felt the teacher was nearly at that crucial point she stopped her ticklings.

"Not so fast my pretty one."she said,patting Rowena's firm ass.She motioned to Aoi. The large Japanese girl laid another three strokes on Rowena's ass as the poor girl shrieked into her gag. Rowena was sure she was going to die of pain. She struggled wildly on the horse but she was going nowhere.She had no idea what was coming next.Nanami grabbed a bunch of her hair and yanked it cruelly upwards so she could look Rowena in the eye.

"Your teaching partner is hanging upsside down over there and the blood is running to her head. She looks like she wants a good sucking. Poor Momoka has an itchy pussy too which needs soothing, And you, you ungrateful bitch are just lying here being stubborn while we flay your cute white ass. How much longer is this going to go on." Nanami's classmates had to admire their leader.Misaki was still hanging from the ropes a few metres away,having been sexually tormented by the whole class.

"I'm going to take the panties out of your mouth again,to see if you have come to your senses. If you haven't, we will continue to thrash you and I shan't be responsible for what happens to you at the hands of my classmates,"Nanami threatened.

Nanami removed the gag and everyone gathered in closer to see what the American Gaijin had to say.Rowena spoke "What do you want me to do?"

" You are a simple,slow,dumb bitch aren't you.I want you to explain to your attentive class how you are going to pleasure them with your whore's tongue.You are going to explain to Momoka why you have neglected her cute pussy and ass for all these months and how you are going to make it up to her this afternoon. Finally, you will confess to having a crush on your teaching partner and tell us how you are going to make her come like the tramp she is while strung up over there." said Nanami " Well we are listening." she went on with her hands on her hips.

Rowena answered, " I would rather die than use my worst enemy's dick on you Asian trash. Misaki is a good professional and I don't have any lesbian tendencies towards her or any of you slant eyed savages.As for Momoka I pity the poor guy or girl who has to end up serving that putrid piece of ass. As for you Nanami when I get out of here I am going to get that Fencing foil and shove it up you, until even you feel it tickle inside that baron wasteland you call your c**t. " There was a deathly hush and all eyes were on Nanami who had an expression of what coud be taken as admiration.

"Bring her over to the weight training bench," was all Nanami had to .say.

The girls began to unfasten Rowena. They made sure they kept a careful eye on her in case she tried to do something rash.When Rowena's arms were loosened the young Japanese ladies tied them behind her back.Although Rowena gave a token struggle there were too many opponents and she found herself being marched over to the bench where they untied her hands and laid her on her back. They refastened her arms to a bar running along the middle,under the bench. The bench was about 5 feet long and 18 inches wide.It had four metal legs.Running up from the legs at one end were two perpendicular bars where you could place weights above your head [if you were lying on your back].Some of the girls added some heavy weights to the barbell already positioned above the bench. They moved Rowena up the bench so she was looking up at the bar running across the top.With some rope they fastened Rowena's neck to the bench.Rowena could only move her hips and legs.The girls then grabbed her ankles pulling them back hard so they were level to her head but higher. They fastened her ankles to each side where the bar held the weights. Her private parts were lewdly exposed to any formof attack and she was unable to move as her jacknifed body and tied neck held her firmly in place.

Rowena dreaded what might happen next.Nanami walked over and straddled the bench at the far end. She slid up the bench until her breasts were nearly touching Rowena's exposed pussy and ass. She placed her palms on Rowena's thighs and spread them even wider. She lowered her mouth onto the gaping pussy and began to lick and suck in earnest. When Rowena started to get worked up and her hips began to wiggle,Nanami lifted her head.

"Cut off her blouse and bra," she ordered Aoi ,who happily obliged. A minute later the large Asian was pulling off the shredded shirt and bra and Rowena lay pinned to the bench stark naked. " Rin,Momoka come over here and help yourselves to a nipple each and keeping sucking till I say."Nanami's orders were clear and the two young cuties were already sucking on Rowena's tits and sensitive nipples.Nanami put her lips back onto the American's pussy and started to ease her tongue in and out. She teased the poor girl's clit and sometimes licked around the asshole which was becoming wet from the juices spilling forth from Rowena's excited slit.Nanami lubricated her middle finger in Rowena's wet hole and proceeded to force it up Rowena's ass. Once she had her dainty finger buried up to the second knuckle,she started stimulating both holes at once. Rowena lost control and with a shudder had a forceful climax as Nanami continued licking around the sensitive areas till her pleasure had passed, Nanami raised her,now wet,face and smiled at Rowena who was trying to regain her breath. Nanami motioned to Rin and Momoka to stop.

"Oooh didn't we have fun you hot bitch. Everyone working hard to pleasure the miss and getting nothing in return. Well now, that doesn't seem to be fair,does it? I think Rin ,Momoka and the other ladies would like a little attention,but as I said before I want to hear you say what you are going to do. I'm going to take out the panties and expect some civility." Nanami began to remove the panties from her captive's mouth.

"Rot in hell you sick bitches." panted Rowena.

For the first time there was a look of menace on Nanami's face .

"Whip her again Aoi and let's hear this bitch scream," Nanami's voice was icy.Aoi delivered a stinging blow to Rowena's ass which a couple of minutes ago had been receiving a very different kind of attention. The second whack was harder and even more excruciating as Rowena's shrill screams filled the gym. The girls looked on ,a little worried at how long this all might go on for .Rowena ,herself knew that she could not bear the pain.

"Ok," she yelled,"I give up."

"Give her one more to remind her of what she has to say." said Nanami and Aoi landed another sickening thwack.Nanami made a gesture of folding her arms as if she was waitng for an apology.

"I would like to kiss Momoka's pussy and I have a crush on Misaki," Rowena said, close to tears of humiliation.Nanami looked as though she was thinking whether or not Rowena had said enough. "Ok then," she said."Momoka go over there and straddle over misses face and see if what she says is true."

Momoka didn't want to do this at all but Nanami's expression kept her moving in the direction of the tied up teacher. None of the girls were wearing anything but to be licked by her teacher in front of the whole class was a terrifying prospect but she had no choice to obey. She didn't want to be on the receiving end of anything Nanami was going to dish out.She went around to the top of the bench raised her slim leg over Rowena's face and lowered herself onto her face.The girls crowded around to observe this awesome sight and eagerto know if the American teacher was going to tongue the youngest and cutest girl in the class. Rowena had had no experience of leabianism but this wasn't the time to think about that. the last series of beatings had been more venemous and thesejapanese girls had gone so far,they were not going to backdown now. She stuck out her tongue and touched her first pussy. Momoka lowered herself onto Rowena's face with a sigh.Rowena started to lick the pussy in a way that she thought might give pleasure. She thought right. Momoka quickly started getting carried away. She had always had strong sexual urges ever since she could remember. She grinded her pussy into Rowena's face and moments later,much to the delight of class 6A ,gave a squeal and came all over the American in a torrent of love.

Momoka looked sheepishly around as the class applauded. Nanamiput a loving arm around Momoka and gave her breast an affectionate squeeze.She couldn't resist slipping a finger down to see how wet the little babe had got.

Nanami went over to Rowena and knelt down so she could put her face near to hers.She stuck her tongue in Rowena's ear and moved her hand down to cup the moist pussy of her teacher. "Can you do the same to me miss?" Nanami asked in a high pleading girlie voice.Rowena nodded,her defeat absolute. Nanami assumed the same position and Rowena proceeded to pleasure her rival in a similar way.Nanami was already highly aroused by all the goings on and Rowena was making a real effort to excite her with her tongue.Nanami came quickly grabbing Rowena's hair and sighing loudly as she climaxed.Nanami remainedseatedasshe recoveredher composure. Her orgasm had released alot of frustration.Rowena burst into tears, wailing like a small girl. The class were taken aback by this turn of events.

"Please Nanami,I promise to be good now. Please don't hurt me anymore. I'll do anything you want;"she cried.

Nanami leant over and kissed Rowena on the cheek.She squeezed a nipple and shoved two fingers up the the crying teacher's pussy, " Don't worry honey.You are going to be treated really nice. Now don't you think you should go over to your colleague and show us all what that slut will do when you start your magic on her." Nanami shoved her mouth over Rowena's and stuck her tongue down the girl's throat.Nanami stopped her kissand stood up preparing herself for the next exciting spectacle.

She was about to make her first mistake.

Please read Part 3 soon. Feel free to leave a comment if you like this kind of foolishness.

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