Storm: Entire Novel (so far!!)

Storm: Entire Novel (so far!!)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two people meet by chance during a snow storm... Where will this meeting take them? How far will they go?


Two people meet by chance during a snow storm... Where will this meeting take them? How far will they go?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Storm: Entire Novel (so far!!)

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Two people meet by chance during a snow storm... Where will this meeting take them? How far will they go?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 29, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 29, 2015




Chapter 1

It’s the end of another long day at work here in Seattle. Managing a car dealership is a lot of work when things are busy, but during the winter, things slow down to a crawl and as many people know; sometimes days are harder and longer when there’s not a lot to do.  All I want on this cold winter evening is to get home, put my feet up, maybe have a glass of wine, put on some music or possibly watch a movie.  I’d had a pretty brutal break up a couple of years ago, and have been alone ever since. Yes, there’s been the occasional date, but nothing lasting.  So it’s usually me, music, movies, and once in a while a marathon of a new TV show addiction. 

Its cold on this Saturday night and the clouds look like they’re ready to release a torrent of snow which is rare for this part of the country, and when it happens we’re usually caught off guard. I bundle up against the weather and head out to my car, a dark blue seven series BMW.  I start it and crank the seat heaters as high as they’ll go.  I sit for a few minutes while the car warms up and the windows defrost.  I pick a playlist off my iPod, something relaxing, which for me is acoustic rock.  This evening it’s some old live Springsteen will do nicely.

I live out in the country, about forty minutes out of town in an old farm house.  I bought it as a fixer upper, but the fixing up is going a little slower than I anticipated, mostly due to my exceptional ability to procrastinate.  Living out in the country has its advantages though; it’s quiet, secluded, I have a big yard and no close neighbors, plus, I love the drive, it allows me to unwind on the way home, but at this time of year it can be a little treacherous.  And made a little worse this evening by the fact that a snow storm was building. 

As I round a curve, about half way home, I veer to the right just a little too much and catch the right front tire on the mound of snow on the edge of the road.  The snow pulls my car into the ditch violently, getting me good and stuck.  I wasn’t driving fast, but the BMW is a heavy car, and it’s rear wheel drive; there’s no way I was getting out of this little pickle. Somehow, the car stalled during my little foray into the ditch, and doesn’t seem to want to start.  I immediately dial the towing company we usually use for our customers, and was immediately told that it would be at least two hours before a truck could reach me. I guess this storm has affected quite a few people.  So, I hunkered down, turned up the stereo and figure I’d just wait it out.  Besides not having a glass of wine, I was doing ok!  The situation could have been a lot worse.  But I was getting a little chilly.  I pull my jacket tight around me and rewrap my scarf to try to stay warm.  I’m starting to get a little worried about the next couple of hours.

After about half an hour I hear a honk behind me, I look in the mirror and see two headlights attached to a truck.  My tow had arrived. ‘That was quick’ I think.  I jump out of the car, trudge through the ever deepening snow towards the truck when I notice it’s not a tow truck.  I walk up to the window and as it rolls down I see that the driver is a woman.  She’s dressed for the elements, scarf, hat, parka, the whole deal.  But from what I can see, she has amazing blue eyes.  I’ve always loved blue eyes, and these ones are smiling at me. 

“Looks like you might have a problem here.” She says. 

“Yeah, looks like winter got the better of me, and the tow company says they’re going to be a while yet.” I respond.  “Any chance you’ve got a tow rope or chain to pull me out?” I ask. 

“No.” she says “but I live just down the road, hop in and wait for your tow there.” 

I didn’t really have much choice at that point; I might have taken a ride from Charles Manson given my situation.

As I hop in her truck, even in the dim light, I notice that, from what I can see, she’s quite pretty.  A cute nose with a small little upturn in it, and the nicest dimples when she smiles, which she seems to be doing all the time.

Turns out she lives not one kilometer from where I was stranded, which was a good thing considering I was hoping for a tow soon, although now that I’m in a truck with a beautiful woman, not too soon.  As we walk into her house, I notice how comfortable it looks and feels. A Big couch, nice fireplace, stunning kitchen with a massive island.  There’s wood everywhere, it feels almost like a ski chalet. Very inviting. I take off my boots and jacket, hang them by the door and slowly make my way into this stranger’s home.

As I make my way into the house as she gets out of her winter gear, I notice that she’s beautiful.  Not someone you’d see on the cover of a magazine or anything like that, but a cute sort of beauty with just enough sexy thrown in.  She has a nice shape too.  Not skinny, more like what the ideal of beauty in the 50’s was than today’s waifish standards.  I’m trying to look at her without being obvious, and this is what I notice at a glance.  She has great breasts too.  I’ve never been a boob man, but these are pretty nicely shaped.  Maybe a large B cup. 

I realize that the silence has gone on too long and that I haven’t actually introduced myself.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t strike me as odd that a woman has invited me into her home without even getting my name.  Now’s as good a time as any.

“By the way, my name is Derrick” I say. 

“Julie” she replies, “but my friends call me Jules.” 

“Hi Julie, nice to meet you.” I say with a chuckle. 

“Call me Jules.” She says. 

Hmmmm.  Looks like we’re friends. 

Jules steps into the kitchen, opens her fridge, pulls out a bottle of wine, and offers me a glass.  It’s as though she was reading my mind, or knew what I had planned for this Saturday night.  I take the opportunity while she’s pouring our wine to take a closer look at my savior. She has shoulder length dark hair, some streaks, beautiful blue eyes; I mean piercing, playful eyes, the kind that can say so many things just with a glance. Her skin is beautiful, with just a couple of freckles to give her a youthful look.  I decide that although she’s not what most people would consider to be a typical beauty, she’s incredibly beautiful in a very unique way.  Jules hands me my wine, and I think, ‘Perfect.’  This is just what I need to take my mind off the fact that I’m not going to get home any time soon and that I’m in a bit screwed.  It’s a good wine, a Pinot Grigio, not too sweet, just right.  And, on an empty stomach, I can feel it even after one glass, albeit a very large glass. 

Jules says I look like I’m still cold. 

“Yes, actually, I am.  Mind if I start the fire?”  I say nodding toward the fireplace.

“I’ll do that, why don’t you go have a hot shower.  That’s what I do when I’m cold.”  She says.

I have to confess, that was a brilliant idea.  Jules leads me to the master bedroom, and through to the ensuite bath, she grabs me a towel along the way, and says that everything I need is in the shower.  Then she pulls out an old sweater and a pair of track pants that look like they might fit.  “An old boyfriends” she explains.  Fine by me.






Chapter 2

After going to the washroom; that first glass of wine is racing through me, I take time to look around the bathroom.  It’s gorgeous with a huge soaker tub, more than full size shower that four people could fit in with shower heads all around, an amazing glass wall, a massive rain shower head up top. I notice it even has heated floors, and pot lights that are nicely dimmed.  No expense was spared in this room, that’s for sure. 

There’s also a mirror that covers an entire wall and this is where I take a closer look at myself for the first time in a while.  I’m fairly tall at 6’3”, have short hair that’s getting a touch of grey on the sides.  I have an average build, at one time I used to have a six pack, but that’s fading fast.  I don’t have the strongest shoulders in the world, that’s always been a bit of an insecurity of mine, but I’m told I have a great ass, and nice hands.  I guess I’m not bad looking, but certainly no movie star.  Just like everyone else, I have my insecurities. 

I fire up the shower, letting it get to just the right temperature before stripping down and climbing in.  It’s amazing.  Water is hitting my body from all sides and I instantly feel better.  The warmth is starting to come back to my very cold body.  As I stand there under the rain head for what feels like seconds, but in reality is minutes, I hear a knock at the bathroom door, followed by the door opening.  Now I know I’m not the world’s best looking guy, as a matter of fact, pretty average, and having a strange woman walk in the bathroom while I’m in the shower is a bit unnerving to say the least, and the glass door to the shower hides absolutely nothing.  She has a couple of glasses of wine in her hand, and says with a slightly mischievous grin.

“I thought you could use a refill.” 

Who am I to argue that?  Jules walks up to the shower, puts the glasses down on the sink, quickly peels off her clothes, grabs the wine, and proceeds to join me in the shower.  This is turning out to be the best, and least expected, rescue of my life.  She hands me my wine, which has to be the last half of the bottle because the glasses are so big, and we both take a big swallow.  She puts her glass on the shelf in the shower, and makes her way under the rain head.  This allows me time to appreciate just how attractive she is.  She’s not a skinny woman, but has curves in all the right places, and a set of breasts that any twenty something would die for.  Jules obviously takes care of herself, her skin is perfect, and she’s perfectly trimmed.  I’m speechless.  I’m also not sure how this all happened.  Not that I’m complaining. 

After a minute or two, Jules steps out of the water and reaches up, gets on her tip toes, grabs the back of my head and proceeds to kiss me very deeply.  I can feel her tongue working its way around my lips, and this is starting to get a rise out of me. 

She kisses me for a minute or so, and then pulls back and looks up at me and says “I’ve never done this before, but I’m at a place in my life where I’ve decided to seize the day.”

I’m listening to what she’s saying, but I don’t think much is registering; I’m still in shock from this very attractive woman seducing me. 

Then Jules says “I didn’t honestly intend for this to happen, but the thought of a naked man in my shower was too much to resist.” 

“I’m not complaining” I say.  “This is like some kind of fantasy come true. “ At which point I grab her and kiss her back.  I figure it’s my turn to take the lead here.  I start by slowly kissing her on the lips, but don’t linger there for too long.  I quickly turn her around, lift the hair off her neck and start kissing it just below the hairline.  I can feel her body tense up, and her getting up on her tip toes to get closer to my tongue and lips that are softly working the back and sides of her neck.  I feel myself getting hard at the thought of her arousal.  I reach around with my hands and run them up and down her body.  Her breasts feel firm to the touch, and her skin is soft and smooth.  My hands slowly make their way down her body to her pubic area.  I gently run my fingers along the V at the edge of her thighs in towards her lips and continue to circle the entire area, but not getting too close.  She seems to be enjoying this, and starts to spread her legs for me to give my fingers easier access.  Following her lead, I gently slide my fingers between her wet lips only to find it’s even wetter between them.

As I slide my fingers along the folds of her ever wetter pussy, she puts one leg up on the seat that’s in the shower, offering me better access to her.  I can feel her swelling up beneath my fingers, and to my amazement, she’s getting wetter by the second.  She reaches down with one hand, using the other hand to support herself, and spreads her lips even wider for me.  Apparently having her clit played with is working for her.  As I’m rubbing her and kissing her neck, I feel her pushing back into me.  It’s pretty obvious that I’m as excited as she is at this point, and she reaches around and starts stroking me.  Oddly enough, at this point there are two things on my mind; first, how did this happen to me? And second, how long is this hot water going to last??  I decide to get my head, or should I say “heads” back in the game. 

After some more rubbing and kissing, I can feel her legs start to tremble, and her thighs begin to clamp down on my hand, she stops and pulls away.  She turns around, kisses me deeply for a few seconds, leans back against the warm shower wall, grabs her wine glass and takes a long swallow.  Watching her standing there, soaking wet, slightly flushed, totally naked with that glass in her had is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.  I follow suit and do the same.  As I’m doing so, I can feel her staring at my erection, which right about now is pretty erect!  Jules puts her glass down, leans in and gently kisses my nipple, but with just a bit of teeth, it hurts a bit, but sort of feels good at the same time.  Slowly her lips and hands make their way down my body to my very stiff cock.  Cupping my balls, she begins to explore with her tongue.  While playing with my balls, she starts to rub my shaft with her other hand, and slowly circles the head of my cock with her tongue.  Meanwhile, I’m standing in the steamy hot shower, glass in hand, looking down at this spectacular view, and I can actually feel myself getting harder, which is pretty difficult to believe at this point. 

Jules releases starts to move her hands to my ass, squeezing and caressing it, while still teasing me, and then all of a sudden, she takes me into her mouth.  I resist the urge to push into her mouth further, for although I’m not hung like a porn star, I’m happy with what I have, and things could get uncomfortable for her, and I don’t want that!  Watching all this happen is something to behold.  Her lips surrounding my cock, moving back and forth, all the while doing something with her tongue that I can’t even describe.  All I know everything feels so good.  And the heat from the shower and the wine isn’t hurting matters at all.  By now I’ve all but forgotten the fact that there’s a raging snow storm and my car is stuck in a ditch.  To say nothing of the tow truck I’m waiting for. 

Jules is still working her magic on my cock, and then she pulls it out and slowly starts licking my balls, the water running down our bodies making everything look even more erotic than the scene already is.  This woman really knows her way around a man’s body.  Slowly, she makes her way back up to my chest, looks up and smiles at me with a sinister little grin and a gleam in her eye.  While still holding on to my erection, she smoothly reaches over, while maintaining eye contact the entire time, and grabs for her wine.  This is good.  Very good.  After she pulls back about half the glass, she returns it to its former resting place on the shelf, and then sits down on the bench.  She looks up at me, spreads her legs and then looks down at her smooth wet pussy.  I’m no dummy, I know what she’s getting at.  I turn around, take a quick swig of my ever dwindling glass of wine, get down on my knees under the stream of hot water, position myself between her legs and slowly start kissing the inside of her thighs.  As my tongue moves up towards her pussy I can feel her moving towards me and spreading even wider to accept my eager tongue.  I’m conscious of the fact that I can feel how wet she is even though there’s water running down her body.  I start at the bottom and slowly lick my way to the top, giving her swollen clit a flick along the way.  Jules shudders with excitement and anticipation.

No more time for games, I thrust my tongue deep into Jules’ pussy. It’s wet and inviting and she moans in delight.  As I pull my tongue out, I lick up her lips and put my lips around her clit, give it a little suck, then, while sucking on it, I flick the tip of my tongue back and forth across the swelled up little bundle of nerves.  I can feel she’s close so I back off and start working my way back down her wet and swollen pussy.  I make sure not to miss any spots, and spend a minute licking right at the bottom of her pussy which seems hyper sensitive.  Jules grabs my head and pulls me back up to her clit, which obviously needs more attention.  I’m more than willing to oblige.  As I caress it slowly with my lips, I slide a finger inside her.  I can feel her G-Spot, and it’s just as engorged as the rest of her pussy.  I rub my finger back and forth on it and look up to see she’s staring me right in the eyes.  She glances down and her pussy and I get back to it.  I continue to lick and finger her while she moans and squirms on the seat in the still very hot shower.  After not more than two minutes, Jules cums.  I can feel her pussy clenching my finger and her thighs clamp my head like a vice and she pulls away from me.  Her moans of delight barely disguised by the sound of falling water. 

After about thirty seconds, Jules stands shakily, grabs her now warm wine, and downs it in a couple of big swallows.  I do the same with what little I have left, and then she deftly turns off the shower, grabs my hand, leaving the glasses in the shower, and walks me out to the kitchen, grabbing our towels along the way. 





Chapter 3

It’s cooler in the house, but that’s the last thing on my mind, or hers for that matter.  She is patting herself dry as she makes her way through the house, and once in the kitchen, throws her towel on the island, hops up herself, and says quietly, pointing at my still hard cock, “That was amazing, but we aren’t done yet.”  Then she continues, “First, I’d like a glass of red.  Glasses are there,” pointing to a cupboard, “and the wine is over there, pick something good.”

I do as I’m asked, still naked as the day I was born, and still horny as I was five minutes ago.  I find a nice red, and, with Jules sitting on the counter, she spreads her legs, opens the drawer beneath her, reaches in without looking and passes me a corkscrew.  This is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.  It almost looks practiced!  I fumble with the corkscrew for a moment before finally relieving the bottle of its cork, and pour us another couple of glasses of wine.  Too much more of this and the tow truck will have to take me home, never mind my car.

As we stand there sipping our wine, I notice that Jules’ hand is making its way down between her legs.  We’re talking and she starts slowly rubbing herself.  I’m watching this happen while she’s idly chatting about the storm outside, and this brings me back to full attention.  I decide that this shouldn’t be a party for one, and lean down to try to kiss her thighs with full intention of going down on her again.  But before I get close enough to even touch her, she pushes my head away and tells me to stand back and enjoy the show.  Who am I to argue? I lean back against the counter opposite her and watch her pleasure herself.  She pulls both legs up on the island, and with one hand spreads her lips while the other is doing slow circles around her wet pussy.  She does this slow circle thing for a minute or two, who can tell how long, time is just a blur right now, then starts rubbing faster and harder.  Occasionally she would slip a finger inside herself and thrust a few times, arching her hips up to receive her fingers.  Unconsciously I start playing with myself, rubbing my very hard cock, when I notice she’s looking me right in the eyes.  We stare at each other, occasionally stealing glances down at one another’s pleasure parts.  I don’t know if I can keep going like this for very long.  Watching this beautiful woman play with herself is almost more than I can take.  I’m pretty sure I could cum without even touching myself!  After some time, with Jules staring me right in the eyes, she cums violently.  Her body shaking and her legs slam shut, and she lets out almost a yelp.  I stop rubbing my member because I’m so close to the edge and don’t want to stop just yet.  Jules is lying back on the island, her chest rising and falling, she looks completely satisfied and she’s flushed from head to toe.  Jules composes herself, casually sits up as though nothing just happened, and proceeds to sip on her wine.  I’m probably standing there with my mouth hanging open, I’m not sure really, but she starts laughing.  Not at me I don’t think, just at the situation. 

“I’ve never done that before.” She says. “But, boy was it good.”  “Come here.” She purrs. 

I move toward her, she takes the wine glass from my hand, places it on the counter, pulls me right close to her, and we kiss.  It’s a long, slow, deep kiss.  The passionate kind you have with a real lover, not the type you have with someone you just met.  It’s like we’ve been kissing forever.  While Jules and I are kissing, she reaches down and starts rubbing my still very erect and very sensitive cock.  Suddenly, she pulls back, looks at me and says “Wanna see something?”


Jules gently pushes me back, slides off the counter, where I notice there’s a pretty substantial wet spot, grabs her wine, I follow suit, and she proceeds to go down stairs.



Chapter 4

As I walk down the stairs behind Jules, she looks over her shoulder and gives me a wink.  I’m really not sure what to expect down here.  At first glance, it looks like any other basement, but as she leads me down a small hallway I begin to smell chlorine.  Jules opens a door to a smallish room that looks like it extends out from the house.  As I walk in I notice that there’s a glass ceiling and in the middle of the room is a hot tub.  It’s basically a big sun room, or, in this case, a snow room, with a hot tub.  She walks to the back of the room and hits a couple of buttons, all at once the hot tub fires up, and some music comes on.

“This is beautiful.” I comment. 

“The previous home owners built the room; I just added the hot tub. Glad you like it, hop on in.”  This is turning out to be the best rescue ever. 

I slowly slide into the hot tub, there are lights on under water, the music is on, something slow and jazzy I’ve never heard before, but very fitting of the mood, and I have a naked woman and a glass of wine.  Combine that with watching the snow fall, what else could a man asks for?  Well, I was about to find out.

Jules walks over to the steps leading into the tub and makes her way into the water.  She dunks her head under water, and for the second time tonight we’re both in water.  She comes up with her hair slicked back, comes toward me and plants another one of those amazing, deep kisses on me.  I’m just sitting back and she’s on her knees in front of me between my legs in the tub.  We kiss for quite a while, and once again, I’m as hard as a rock.  It seems to take nothing for this woman to get me going.  While we’re kissing I start playing with her nipples, every time I give them a light pinch she gives me an approving nibble on my lip. 

Jules pulls back and says “Hop on the edge of the tub.” 

Wordlessly I oblige, pretty sure I know what’s coming.  I shimmy up the edge of the tub and sit my ass there, she looks me right in the eye and without any hesitation takes my cock deep in her mouth.  I think my mouth is probably hanging open again.  “Keep it together, Derrick.” I think to myself.  Very slowly, I watch as this woman and her skilled mouth move up and down my cock.  It’s hard to keep my eyes off of this spectacle.  Jules occasionally glances up at me, and once she even winks.  This is more than I can handle.  I pull her head back, not a moment too soon, grab her, and slide down into the tub between her amazing legs.  She smiles that mischievous smile, and we resume kissing.  As we are she starts grinding her pussy against my already very hard shaft. 

Jules the reaches down and grabs my cock, lifts herself up a little and lets me slide slowly into her.  I can’t even describe the feeling.  Warm, wet, welcoming.  As she settles down onto me, Jules gets back to the business of kissing.  I reach around and cup her ass, feeling the flesh and muscle flexing and unflexing with every grind.  She moves slowly at first, softly cooing as she does so.  I can feel every part of her, and she does feel very good indeed.  My hands slowly massage the muscles of her ass, and I use them to move her at my rhythm, a bit faster, but still gentle.  Jules reaches around with a free hand and starts playing with my balls, and rubbing the part of my cock below my balls.  I’ve forgotten how good that feels.  She’s rubbing that part with two fingers, and I guess by my reaction, she can tell I’m enjoying that. 

“I read somewhere that men like that, looks like it’s true.”  Jules softly continues “Want to know something? Women like the same thing.”

Not one to disobey a thinly disguised order, I slowly reach deeper between her ass cheeks and find the same spot, right at the base of her pussy where my cock is currently residing,  and start doing a similar thing. 

“Yeah, that’s it…” Jules moans softly. 

We go on like this for quite some time, which is amazing for me as I thought I was going to cum the second I slid into her. 

I decide to take control for a while and grab Jules and pull her off me.  This seems to surprise her, and she shoots me a questioning look.  Wordlessly, I turn her around, and lean her over the edge of the tub.  I take my very hard, very horny cock and start sliding it up and down along her pussy and her ass, teasing her, feeling her wetness.  She moans softly as I do this, until I thrust deep into her.  Then it’s a full gasp that she releases.  She arches her back, grabs my ass and pulls me even deeper into her.  I’ve got a hold of her thighs, and taking a cue from her, I start thrusting faster and harder.  I spread her ass cheeks to allow even better access to her increasingly swollen parts. 

Her body suddenly jerks and shakes and Jules yells out “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop!!!”

I keep pounding her eager pussy from behind until her shaking and quivering stops, but it doesn’t seem she wants me to stop, she only wants more!!  But I’m not ready yet.

I know that she has more in her.  I can feel it. 

I pull out of her, noticing how wet I am as I slide out of her.  I leave her bent over doggy style, kneel down in the welcoming warm tub, and with both hands push her ass cheeks apart.  I start sliding my tongue up and down between the cheeks of her ass and down to her pussy.  Jules spreads her legs wider and lifts her ass up in the air giving me uninhibited access to all of her womanhood.  Her wet swollen pussy is staring me in the face invitingly.  I thrust my tongue forward and start to vigorously lick her from top to bottom, not spending too much time in any one place, but ensuring that I get all the right spots, including the piece of flesh right at the base of her pussy.  This seems to really be working for her.  I keep this up for a few minutes, tasting all her juices, licking up every drop.  I pull back and Jules starts to turn around, I stop her though.  She looks at me questioningly.  Then I begin to slide my fingers slowly up and down her pussy, gently caressing her ass as I go.  I slide my fingers along her pussy, and then plunge two of them deep inside her.  I begin to finger her from behind.  Watching as my digits are working on her, feeling her clenching herself against my fingers.  Every once in a while I would pull out and give her clit a little rub, her ass a little caress, and then I’d go straight back to fingering her wet hole.  A bit of downward pressure seems to be what she likes, so that’s what she gets.  Soon enough, Jules manages to cum yet again, this time collapsing onto the edge of the tub and almost falling over.  We both laugh about this a little as she composes herself and settles back into the tub.  We both sit there for a minute or two as she catches her breath and enjoy the heat and the wine.  Under water Jules is playing with my erection and balls while we’re talking as though it’s a perfectly natural thing.  And I’m very good with that.  It feels so good. 

“Derrick, I’m getting water logged.” Says Jules. “Let’s get out of here.  I think I’m wet enough.”  She continues with another one of her devious winks. 

“I know how you feel.” I say. 

Jules climbs out of the tub before I do, and watching her wet body get out of the tub is incredibly sexy.  I follow her out, and she grabs a towel from the cupboard by the stereo and tosses it my way.  I grab my towel and wrap it around her to warm her up.  Then I take my towel and dry myself off.  She pulls her towel off and gives her hair a quick dry and tosses the towel into the basket in the corner.  Standing there, hair a bit of a mess, totally nude, I can’t help myself.

I grab her by the shoulders and push her against the wall.  I grab her hands, hold them tight above her head and start to kiss her, hard.  My tongue moving around her lips and tongue, I can feel her trying to pull her hands free.  I don’t let her.  I’m quite a bit bigger than her, and although she’s strong, she’s not strong enough.  I feel one of her legs trying to wrap itself around me and pull me closer, but I resist that by spreading my legs and pinning her legs to the wall too.  She’s completely helpless, and I can do whatever I want at this point. 

I stop kissing her mouth and move to her neck.  Slowly running my tongue around her neck and ears, she’s writhing with delight.  Still trying to get free, I bend down and start gliding my tongue along the edge of her breasts and on to her very erect nipples.  I bite down a little, not too hard, just hard enough that I wouldn’t break the skin of a grape, but firm enough that she definitely knows it’s happening.

I let go of her arms and she immediately grabs my head and pulls me in to her amazing tits.  I nibble and tease for a few more seconds before running my tongue down her soft tummy, avoiding her belly button as I go, I’ve heard that women have very sensitive navels, and not in a good way.  I pass the top of her pubic mound with my lips, and I grab her hands again and move them to her pussy, which Jules is now thrusting towards me.  Jules is totally aware of what I want her to do, and with both hands she spreads her engorged lips for me yet again.  This girl could cum all night it seems.  This time, I get straight to business.  I’m holding her thighs against the wall, and my lips completely surround her clit, I suck on it again, squeezing it a little with my lips, and flick my tongue across it very quickly and rhythmically.  As I’m doing this, Jules is spreading herself even further for my mouth, when suddenly she slams her thighs together, and her knees give out a little.  I’m nowhere near strong enough to force her to stay where she is as she cums yet again.  I back away, stand up, grab Jules’ hand and our wine glasses, and pull her upstairs. 





Chapter 5

Half way up the stairs I hear my phone ringing, I contemplate letting it go to voice mail but before I make a decision, Jules races past me and answers my phone that’s on the kitchen island.  I hear her talking but can’t make out the words, and after a few moments and some exchanged pleasantries, she hangs up and winks at me. 

“I assume that was the towing company?” I ask. 

“Yes, it was.” Jules responds coyly.

“And, what did you tell them to do with my car?” “I gave them my address” She says with a devilish grin.  “They said that it could take a while to get the car here, and that this snow isn’t supposed to let up any time soon.”

“Are you saying that I’m hostage here?” I ask with a wink.

“Looks like it, unless you want to borrow my truck to go home….”

“No! I’m good!” I say maybe just a bit too eagerly to be cool. 

Jules laughs at this and says “Good, that’s what I was hoping you’d say.”

Jules heads to the fridge, opens the door and stands bathed in the light coming from within.  She looks amazing.

“Feel like something to eat?” She asks. I realize that I haven’t had dinner yet, and it’s coming up to eleven o’clock. 

“Sure, love something.” I respond. 

“Crackers and cheese ok with you?” Jules asks.

“That will hit the spot” I say.  I watch her as she pulls the food out of the fridge and the cupboards, both of us totally nude, then she quickly puts together a plate of cheeses and crackers with some meats mixed in (good thing, I love meat!).  We stand around the island with yet another goblet of wine to keep the overall glow going and make idle chit chat about movies, books, and anything else that comes up.  Conversation is very easy with her.  It all seems to flow nicely. 

Then, out of nowhere, she comes around the island and plants a big kiss on me.  A kind kiss. 

She looks up into my eyes and says “Thank you.”

“For what??” I reply. 

“For making me feel as good as I do right now” Jules says. 

“You’re doing the same for me, and probably then some, so thank you.”  I’m having one of the best nights of my life, all because I got stuck in a ditch.  I didn’t see this coming at all, but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise. 

We continue to nibble on food and chat in the kitchen for a bit longer while enjoying our wine and the fire burning in the background.  The house is warm and comfortable, and the company easy on the eyes.  And every other sense too. 

As we eat, talk, and drink, I begin to realize that this won’t be the last time I see Jules, but I’m going to enjoy tonight as though it is. 

During a lull in the conversation, I walk around back to Jules and put my arms around her.  I slowly, softly caress her ear with my tongue.  She arches her back in delight at this.  She begins to turn around at which point I grab her and pin her against the fridge and start kissing her all over again.  Her lips are inviting, almost hungry; her tongue is darting all over my mouth and tongue.  This might be our best kiss yet, and my newly developing erection is a sure sign of this. 

I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me and I carry her, kissing her the entire way, to the bedroom.  We both fall onto the king size bed.  Her hands are grabbing me all over; she’s running her fingers up and down my back and through my hair.  Jules lifts her legs up inviting me to enter her.  I resist the urge to slide in and instead grab her roaming hands and pin them above her head so she’s unable to move and start working on her sensitive neck again.  She’s squirming and trying to get free, but there’s too much of her to explore.  I suck on her nipples, again giving firm, but not painful bites.  Her legs are still up, and she’s trying to coax my cock into her once again wet pussy.  I have her hands pinned with one hand, and with my free hand I reach down to her soaking wet mound and quickly and smoothly slide two fingers into her.  I feel for her G-spot and start firmly massaging it.  Jules’ hips thrust up to meet my fingers, and she moans in ecstasy, trying to push harder against my fingers, and at the same time trying to free her arms. 

I let go of her hands, and one of them immediately makes its way down to where my fingers are sliding in and out of her.  At first she takes my hand and encourages me to go a little faster, then her fingers head straight to her swollen clit and start rubbing that profusely.  With her free hand Jules grabs my leg and pulls it up towards her head.  Understanding what she wants I gladly slide my mid section up to where she wants me.  Jules grabs my very erect cock and takes it in her mouth, massaging it with her lips and tongue.  I lean down, move her fingers away from her engorged clit and apply my tongue while still fingering her pussy.  We’re a tangle of arms and legs, and it all feels so good.  She stops sucking long enough to say “Harder, faster...lick it harder.....” Which I immediately do.  In seconds she’s cumming again.  This time not pulling away from me, but thrusting her wet pussy right at me, hungrily.  I keep licking her, sucking up every drop of her wet pussy, and she continues to cum, seemingly over and over.  During one of her orgasms, I separate us, and in one smooth motion turn her over, her ass in the air, and penetrate her from behind.  She yelps in pleasure, and rocks back and forth hard against me.  I can see that one of her hands is massaging her pussy as I fuck her.  Then she reaches down further and starts to massage my balls, this is more than I can handle and I tell her I’m about to cum.  “GO!” she says. “I’m protected.” Good timing because as she says this I have the best orgasm I can remember in my life.  It lasts for what feels like minutes, my body shaking, my head swimming.  It’s euphoric. 

We slow down and Jules falls forward onto the bed with me still inside her.  We lay together, me on her back for a few minutes before I slowly lift myself up and I slide beside her, putting one leg over her legs. 

Jules looks over at me, kisses me softly and says “Thank you.  I needed that.” 

“Me too.  That was totally unexpected and spectacular.” I respond.

Jules looks me in the eye and says “This isn’t over yet.  The night is still young, and, it doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere...”  To drive that point home she looks out the window where the snow is piling up by the minute.














Chapter 6

Jules moves up on the bead towards the pillows and pats the pillow besides her urging me to join her.  We move under the blankets and she turns her back to me, moving herself to fit into me.  I put one arm under her neck and wrap my other arm around her body.  I gently caress her body from her hips and legs up to her breasts.  She snuggles into me even closer somehow.  Wordlessly we both drift off into a deep sleep. 

I’m awoken by a whooshing crash outside.  It’s snow that’s sliding off the roof of the house.  I lean over the still sleeping Jules to see what time it is.  The blue glow of her alarm clock says its 2:12am.

I feel wide awake and refreshed, but parched.  I slowly and quietly slide my arm out from under her sleeping form and make my way to the kitchen.  On my way I feed the slowly dying fire with a log and stir it around a little to bring it back to life. 

I grab a glass from the same cupboard that the wine glasses were in get some ice from the ice maker and pour myself some water.  It’s nice and cool going down, and refreshing.  Rehydrated, I head back to the bedroom and into the bathroom.  There, on the back of the door I find a nice big robe.  For the first time in hours I’m covered up.  I go to the washroom, splash some water on my face, dry up and head back to the living room.  I grab my water from the kitchen and sit down in front of the fire.  As I sit on the sofa and watch the fire and snow, I replay the evening’s events in my mind.  The thoughts running through my mind have me stirring again. 

As I’m finishing my water, gently shaking the ice in my glass, Jules comes walking into the living room with a similar robe on.  By the light of the fire she looks simply stunning.  Her hair is a bit of a mess, her makeup is all washed off, and I think she looks better now than when we first arrived at her house.

“What are you drinking?” Jules asks.

“Water." I was parched.”

“Would you like a chaser for that?” She asks with a wink.

“What did you have in mind?”

“How about a glass of scotch?”

Well, I’m not much of a scotch drinker, but not wanting to look like a schmuck, I accept.  She goes into the kitchen, I hear clinking ice and glasses, and soon she is sitting beside me, legs up, on the couch.  We touch glasses and take a sip.  It’s warm going down, not really my thing, but she seems to be enjoying it. 

“It’s a single malt.” Jules explains.

“Oh? It’s good.” I lie.  It’s not terrible, but one glass of this is enough for me.

As we sit in front of the fire and talk about our lives, I find myself really enjoying myself here.  This is just too easy.  There has to be a catch.  I find myself questioning whether she’s the real deal or not.  But there are no red flags.  None.  I smile to myself, and Jules notices this.

“What’s with the smile?” She asks.

I tell her what I was thinking, and she admits that she was thinking the same thing.  We both laugh at this.  Sometimes, things just work out.

We continue talking and sipping our drinks, when Jules puts her drink down, opens her robe up, and straddles me on the sofa.  Her round breasts are right in front of me and I find myself look up into her eyes.  She leans in and starts kissing me again.  As she kisses me I notice my heart beating just a bit quicker and my blood feels like it’s flowing a little faster.  Mainly to my groin region where semi erect cock is springing back to life. 

As Jules kisses me, she reaches down and opens up my robe so that we’re sitting skin on skin.  She leans back on my legs and starts rubbing my crotch, bringing me back to full attention.  She’s rubbing my every stiffening cock slowly, gently, paying attention to every part of it.  It’s like she knows intuitively what feels good for me.  I lay my head back on the couch and let her do her magic.  I feel her climb off my lap and down in between my knees. 

Jules skillfully kisses my legs and lower stomach, working all around all the sensitive parts, but not really touching them.  Every time she gets close, I involuntarily push up towards her, trying to get myself closer to her very capable lips. 

She continues kissing me everywhere except where I really want her, but I know there’s an end in sight.  Her beautiful blue eyes look up at me, and she gives me a mischievous smile.  The, while looking me right in the eyes, she takes my very stiff cock into her mouth.  The feeling is so hard to describe.  After all her skillful teasing, it’s almost impossible to cum right then.  As her lips and tongue keep up their amazing work, her hands masterfully work at my balls.  She’s massaging them in a way that I never imagined.  I’ve almost had too much, so I reach down and grab her head.  I pull her up, and lean her over sideways on the chaise portion of her couch. 

She looks up at me questioningly, lying with her ass facing me, and then she gets it.  Jules reaches around and spreads her soaked pussy apart to accept me sideways and from behind.  I slide in easily.  Not that she isn't a great fit, she is, she’s just so wet that there’s no resistance whatsoever, just my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.  Looking down at her laying there, her hip up, seeing myself going in and out of her is an incredibly hot image.  I place my hand on her hip to hold her steady and start moving faster.  In and out, in and out, the harder I go, the louder she moans.  I can tell she’s enjoying this position, but probably not as much as I am.  I’m so close; I can feel it in my lower belly.  I’m about to cum and let her know it.

“I’m gonna cum...”

At this she pulls forward, sits up at the edge of the chaise and my very hard, very swollen cock pulls out of her, she grabs it with her hand and starts rubbing it hard and fast.  She’s watching it as I cum all over her hand and legs.  My knees buckle a little, and I let out a moan.

Jules giggles and says “I’m still up a few on you.”

“Yes, I think you might be.”

She slowly gets up and excuses herself to go to the washroom to clean up the load I just released. 

When she comes back a few minutes later, still smiling, she says that she’d like to go to bed. 

She grabs my hand and gently coaxes me in the direction of her bedroom. 

We lie down, she turns her back to me, I spoon into her, and in no time, I can hear her breathing change as she falls fast asleep.  I’m not too far behind her. 











Chapter 7

I awake to the smell of brewed coffee.  As I open my eyes and they adjust to the bright room, I turn to look out the window.  It’s still snowing, but not as heavily as last night.  With a bit of regret, I come to the sad conclusion that I’m going home today. 

I throw back the big duvet and climb out of bed.  I grab the robe I was wearing last night, which Jules has kindly put over the back of an easy chair in the bedroom.  I slip it on, head to the bathroom to get rid of a bit of the alcohol I consumed last night.  On the counter I find (thankfully) some mouthwash.  I swish the minty liquid around in my mouth, rinse, run some water over my face and through my hair, dry off, and make my way to the kitchen. 

Standing there at the island with her robe loosely done up, holding a cup of coffee is Jules.  She has no makeup, her hair is a bit tussled, and she has that now familiar mischievous grin on her face.  Jules looks beautiful.  Even more so than last night, and she really did look pretty good last night. 

“Coffee?” she asks.

“Love some.”

“How do you take it?”

“Cream and sugar, please.”

She turns around, grabs the sugar, drops a cube into my cup, looks to me for approval, I nod, then she turns to the big side by side stainless steel fridge and grabs the milk.  When she turns around her robe slips open to reveal a perfect breast and erect nipple.  I can’t believe it; this little sight alone makes my man bits swell again. 

“Oops.” She winks at me.

Funny thing, I’m the one who’s blushing! Go figure.  In my coolest, most casual voice, I try “A thing of beauty.” And I open my robe up to show my chest to, trying to be funny. 

“More.” Jules says as she raises an eyebrow.

I reach down and slip my belt apart letting her see all of me. 

She stirs my coffee, hands it to me, and opens her robe up too with a little chuckle. 

“Thank you.” I say. “For the coffee, I mean.”

“My pleasure.  And I don’t mean for the coffee either.”

We stand around the island sipping our coffees, looking out the window at the falling snow. 

“Looks like it’s letting up a little.” Jules comments.

“Yeah.” And a little more quietly, “sadly.”

“Don’t think I didn’t hear that. I wasn’t implying that you have to leave, just making a comment about the weather is all.”

“Well that’s good to know.  But I was thinking that if things clear up a little more we could head back to my place.”  I’m winging it now.  Where did that come from?? 

“Oh really? And what would we do there?” Jules asks.

“I’ll make us dinner.  Do you like steak?”

“Of course I like steak!”

“Good.  Dinner and maybe some wine it is.”

“After my coffee I’m going to hop in the shower and clean up. Then I’ll make us some breakfast.”

“You might be the best host ever.” I say. “I’m going to have a hard time matching last night’s hospitality.”

“I hope it’s hard.” She smirks.

With that, she places her cup in the sink and heads to the master bath.  I’m left in the kitchen holding my coffee with my junk hanging out wondering if I should follow her.  I decide to give her a little privacy instead and sit in the kitchen and enjoy my coffee. 

Not ten minutes later I can hear the sound of a blow dryer coming from the bathroom.  This woman is quick.  I finish my last sip of coffee and head to the bedroom to gather my clothes.  She’s standing there naked looking through her closet.  I can see her side profile in a full length mirror beside her and she looks better today than she did last night.  Her white skin accentuating her erect nipples, the soft round curve of her ass, the way her hair falls to her shoulders and the flex of her calves as she stands on her tip toes to reach for a sweater.  I can feel myself getting hard all over again.  I try to think of something different, like cooking a steak to take my mind off what’s happening so that I’m not walking around with a hard on again!

As I slip into last night’s clothes she says “I’ll be ready in five minutes.  Hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna pack an overnight bag just in case the storm winds up again.”

SCORE!!! “No, not at all, you never can be too prepared.” I try to say without too much excitement in my voice.

When we’re both dressed and standing at the front door Jules suggests that we take her truck.  “Good idea.”  My car wouldn’t make it anyway.

We put on our outerwear and head out into the foot or more of snow.  Everything is covered by a thick blanket of white.  It’s beautiful.  Jules knocks the snow off her truck door, gets in, fires it up, and reaches in the back for a snow brush which she promptly throws to me.  “Stupid thing is too big for me to brush off without a step ladder.”

“Why did you buy this?” I notice it’s an older Ford Bronco.  One of the big ones from the late eighties, early nineties and it’s in perfect condition. 

“Long story.” Jules sighs “It was left to me by a friend who passed away about a year ago.  She was an older lady who I took care of.  She had no family so I’d check in on her daily and help her with groceries.  This was her husband’s truck.  She couldn’t bear to give it up.”

“Wow that was kind of her”.

“You don’t know the half of it” Jules continues “Do you really think a nurse could afford a house like this? She left me everything.  I don’t actually have to work. It was like a small lottery win.  She was very kind and thoughtful, but I certainly didn’t expect this.”

“Looks like you have it made then.”

“Yup.  And last night was the first time it got christened; well, by me anyway” With this she lets out a good laugh.

I finally finish brushing the snow off her truck, we climb in, she puts it in gear and we make our way down the driveway.  I give her directions to my house, which is only about a mile down the road.










Chapter 8

We pull into my unshovelled drive, her truck making light work of the accumulated snow and she pulls into the car port as though she’s been here a hundred times. 

My house is a little bit newer than hers.  I’d only just finished renovating it in the fall.  Still a few little projects to do, but nothing pressing. 

It’s a Cape Cod style home with blue siding and white trim.  It’s neat and tidy, and in the summer I have a bit of a garden out front and a small patch of grass in the back that turns into forest at its fringe.  Right now though, it looks more like a blue gingerbread house with too much icing.

Inside is very warm and inviting.  I had put down reclaimed wood floors, built a free standing kitchen with some brand new appliances which I thought contrasted nicely; I too have a huge island with bar seating and those old style light bulbs hanging above it.  The kitchen leads to the living room and dining room.  A friend of mine built me a huge harvest table as a house warming present.  Good thing too, it would have cost thousands to buy.  Ten people could dance on it if they wanted to, it’s that strong. 

My living room has a burled redwood table that my parents gave me.  They’d had the thing for years and I always loved it.  It goes really well in here.  The couch is a big, deep, soft leather thing I picked up years ago and is sort of what I took inspiration from for the rest of the house.  It’s covered in distressed leather and looks like a thousand asses have been comfortable on it. 

Jules has taken off her boots and coat and hung them by the door.  She looks around and smiles. 

“What are you smiling about?”

“Your home.  It’s perfect.  So you.  I love it.”

“Thank you, I did it all myself.  Most of it anyway.”  I say with pride.

I’m not sure what’s happened to the time, but somehow it’s already 2:30 in the afternoon.  I ask Jules if I can get her anything, to which she replies “Do you have any juice?” 

“Apple and orange. Which do you prefer?”

“Surprise me.  I like them both.”

I grab the apple juice from the fridge, pour us both a tall glass, and tell her that it’s my turn for a shower. 

“Mind if I look around?” she asks.

“Make yourself at home.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Jules says with that sly grin of hers.

I chuckle and head for my bedroom.  I peel out of yesterday’s clothes, drop them on the back of the chair, grab some clothes from my closet and head to the ensuite bath.  I fire up my shower, turn on my heated floors (a luxury I’ve gotten spoiled by) and jump in the shower.  I wash quickly, enjoying the hot water as it warms me up again, get out and head to the sink to shave.  No woman wants to kiss two day stubble.  At least that’s what I’ve heard. 

When I finish I throw on some track pants and a T-shirt and head back towards the kitchen only to find Jules lying naked on my king size bed.  I feel foolish standing there fully dressed when she’s naked on my bed. 

“You really know how to make yourself at home, don’t you?” I ask with a laugh.

“I figure we have all day and night, might as well make the most of it.”

With that she slowly spreads her legs so she’s laying starfish on the bed.  With the curtains drawn it’s dim, but not anywhere close to dark in my room, and I can see every detail of her.  Her firm breasts are topped by once again erect nipples, and I can see a glisten of moisture between her legs.  I can feel my cock starting to swell in my track pants.  Looks like putting them on was a waste of time.

I slip out of them and pull off my T-shirt.  I grab her legs and pull her to the edge of my low bed.  I lift her legs up and get right to the business of going down on her.  As my tongue slides past her clit and along the folds of her pussy I can feel how incredibly wet she is.

This is a huge turn on for me.  I think it must be the same for women when they give a man a hard on.  I’m not sure though, I never have been able to figure women out.

I keep licking her pussy, feeling her get even wetter as I caress her clit and slide my tongue in and out of her.  Now she’s holding her legs up and apart to allow me better access to her swollen pussy. 

“Lick it harder.” She moans. “Lick my cunt.”

I do as asked.  My tongue working feverishly up and down her clit.  Sucking on the swollen little knob while flicking it up and down. 

“Put a finger in me.”

I take my middle finger and slowly slide it into her wet, warm hole.  I feel for her G-spot. I know I’ve found it by the bucking of her hips.  I apply some pressure to it, massaging it with my finger tip.  Doing this while sucking her seems to drive her wild.  I can feel her thighs shaking.

“Another one. Put in another one....”

I pull my middle finger out and slide in two.  Jules moans again, and my fingers make their way back to her G-spot. 

I’m hard as a rock, sitting on the ground in my bedroom, middle of the afternoon on a snowy Sunday while going down on a beautiful woman.  What else could a man ask for?

Jules reaches around the back of her ass and grabs my hand and starts pushing it in and out faster and harder.  I get the picture and take control of the situation and do what her body wants. 

Suddenly she pulls away from me, gets up and goes to her overnight bag that’s on my chair now.  She unzips a side pocket and pulls out a vibrator.  “This might be easier.” She purrs.

Jules hops back on the bed exactly where she was, spreads her legs, turns on the large purple rubber vibrator and slides it into herself.  I’ve got front row seats to a sex show.  This just keeps getting better.  And wetter.

When it’s fully inserted, she says “Now lick me.”

I take hold of the vibrator and start plunging it in and out of her very bald, very wet pussy.  Then I bring my tongue down to her clit and start licking.  She squeals with delight.  “Oh my god, yes, just like that.” She says.

“I’m gonna cum soon....don’t stop....keep going....lick it harder....oh fuck yes....”

As I do she bucks her hips up in the air, bumping her pubic bone into my nose.  She cums violently. Her legs trembling, moaning and shaking.  When her orgasm subsides a little, I slide the vibrator out of her, give her pussy one last lick for good measure, pick her up, turn her over and without hesitation slide my very hard cock inside her.  “Oh yeah, please fuck me hard.....” she moans.

I grab her hips and spread her ass; I can see my cock moving in and out of her.  It’s so wet and swollen.  I can feel every inch of my cock against her snug pussy walls.  This isn’t going to last long, that’s for sure.  “I’m gonna cum soon too....” I say.

Before I know what’s happening, she pulls away, turns ar

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