Leather and Lace

Leather and Lace

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Paige awakens one morning she is astounded at what her boyfriend wants to do to her, she willingly opens herself to a sexual journey of discovery, sensations bring her to submitting will and learns that submission is not only about giving in to Robert, but also about receiving the pleasure and takes her beyond the points of her endurance, Robert is Strong dark and sexy with a rough edge that lies beneath, promises no mercy, Robert is not only bent on romancing her he also wants to educate her on the art of physical pleasure, incessantly she plays along with his bondage fantasy


Paige awakens one morning she is astounded at what her boyfriend wants to do to her, she willingly opens herself to a sexual journey of discovery, sensations bring her to submitting will and learns that submission is not only about giving in to Robert, but also about receiving the pleasure and takes her beyond the points of her endurance, Robert is Strong dark and sexy with a rough edge that lies beneath, promises no mercy, Robert is not only bent on romancing her he also wants to educate her on the art of physical pleasure, incessantly she plays along with his bondage fantasy


Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012





(Awakening series)

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This story is based on a Diary I kept during my teen years. I have changed names and details to protect the privacy of those involved. Some of this account has been reconstructed from memory, but most of it was from my diary.


When Paige awakens one morning she is astounded at what her boyfriend wants to do to her, she willingly opens herself to a sexual journey of discovery, sensations bring her to submitting will and learns that submission is not only about giving in to Robert, but also about receiving the pleasure and takes her beyond the points of her endurance, Robert is Strong dark and sexy with a rough edge that lies beneath, promises no mercy, Robert is not only bent on romancing her he also wants to educate her on the art of physical pleasure, incessantly she plays along with his bondage fantasy,


It was a hot day in Maine and I awakened hot and sweaty, my nightgown was wet throughout and was bunched up around my waist, Robert my boyfriend at the time was watching me as I slept.

“Its so hot just like Florida” I whispered to Robert.

“Come on, we can cool off In the shower”

Robert followed me into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror watching Roberts face as I pulled my nightgown over my head, The fresh cool breeze wrapping around my body caused my nipples to harden, I could see Robert's erection forming in the mirror behind me, he so gently wrapped his arms around me cupping my breasts, I was so loving the soft touch of his hands caressing my breasts, his palms brushed over my hard nipples, as he trapped my nipples between his fingers it caused a tightening within my stomach. I stretched my arms above my head and arched my back as I felt his hands run down over my stomach to my ever wettening cunt, one of his fingers slipped between the slick lips of my cunt, he grasped hard with the rest of his hand and pulled me back to his body, I could feel his hard cock pressing against the crack of my ass, Expecting his hard cock inside me and wondering how he was going to manage the insertion with one finger already inside me and the rest of his hand clasped firmly over my cunt.

To my surprise he lifted me off the bathroom floor and into the shower, the sudden shock of the water cascading over my face and running down over my body made every sensuous nerves produce goose bumps, I stood there feeling the sensuous water cascade over my body, he moved me back so the water jets stream from the shower head was directed on my nipples sending a delicious tingling feeling through my body, I raised my arms over my head and arched my back again from the sensation of the bounding water on my body, Robert then started to massage shampoo into my long hair and swirled it into a bun on top of my head, the soapy lather trailed down over my breasts parting as it reached my erect nipples before continuing enveloping my whole body, The combination of soapy lather and the soft sensations of Robert's hands caressing me and the teasing jets of water forcing the lathery soap to flow over my open slit was overpowering my senses, My whole body had turned to jello, helplessly trying not to slide down the shower stall walls as Robert continued lathering every inch of my body, helplessly gasping for breath as sexual sensations had taken over my body, I was there for him to do whatever will him to, I had slid down the soapy walls my ass resting on the shower stall floor with legs in the air, my jellied body waiting for the next course of events, My eyes closed I felt him touch my pussy and circle lathering in the soap, feeling an object touch my pubic mound I opened my eyes, Robert was shaving my pubic hair, short precise strokes, my body quivered with excitement each time the razor touched my pussy, I could not see what he was doing there was so much lather, just the razor touching and dragging over my skin as suddenly as he started he stopped, brought down the shower head and washed all the lather away, I never had a shaved pussy before so I had no idea what I was about to see, to my surprise he had left a small triangle of hair, the shape of an arrowhead pointing towards my naked slit, Robert pored what looked like oil in his hands, and with both hand he started rubbing on my naked mound, on my vagina's lips and down between my legs, my clit began to tingle like it was on fire.

“A constant reminder you have a naked mound,” Robert said still checking for any stray hairs left by the razor, Pushing me back underneath the refreshing spray he began to soap up my pussy again, running his fingers around its lips, with the occasional tweak of my clit that sent my body into shivers of excitement.

“Fuck me Robert!!!!,” I asked, my wet cunt wanted his hard cock inside me, He pushed his finger inside my wet cunt while rubbing my clit with his thumb, then with both thumbs he parted my vagina's lips wide and inserted his wanting cock slowly into me, once his cock was fully inserted in me he grabbed hold of each of my legs and lifted me deeper on to his cock, He began to fuck me slowly, allowing me to steady myself against the shower stall walls, his thrusts become ever stronger as his grip around my waist became tighter, I could feel the tension building within his body with every deep thrust of his cock, my body was building to full orgasm in twitches and spasms they came one after the other.

“Cum, Robert, CUM!!!!!!!,” I screamed as my orgasm flooded his cock with my orgasmic juices.

“Yesssssss,Honeeeeeeeey'” He yelled as his cock exploded inside me, Afterwards he lay on top of me, with his throbbing cock inside me, letting the water jets clean us both off.

“Come let's get some breakfast by the ocean” he said while gently drying me of with a plush towel, After being wonderfully towel dried, I put on some clothes, a short breezy low cut sundress before we jumped into Robert's car and drove into town, with full conditioner on for the 30 minute drive,We bought drinks and doughnuts in town, then drove to the pubic beach which was nearly deserted this early in the morning, I laid a towel on the beach and we ate our breakfast, Robert was right it was cooler by the ocean, By noon it was getting a little crowded on the beach, Wednesday was shopping day, so we drove back to Arpafeelie and did some grocery shopping at the small village supermarket, fish market and the deli, for sandwiches for lunch, then headed back.

"Would you like to go back to the beach? Robert ask

"You're frightfully pale, you need more sunshine”

“why don't we spend the day in the garden,” I said with a smirky grin “Its more secluded.”

Robert understood what I was thinking by laughing, he then pulled me close and gave me a loving kiss.

“I'll get some suntan lotion and meet you out side,” he said while kissing the tip of my nose.

I found us a pair of garden chairs that were leaning against the house, and set them up in a sunny spot, with a tremendous view of the ocean, Robert join me a few minutes later with the suntan lotion and towels draped over his shoulder.

Now shielded from prying eyes I undressed, removing my dress and panties and started to apply the lotion, while I watched him undress.

“ let me do that for you !!,” he said, so I handed him the bottle of lotion and laid down on my belly as he began to rub the creamy lotion into my skin.

Straddling my bottom I could feel his hard cock press against my cheeks, it was hot and stiff as it ran between my cheeks as he worked in the lotion down my back, His hands lingered on my ass as he parted my cheeks, his slick fingers dripped between my cheeks, teasing me, my ass and the back of my thighs.

"Roll over on your back," he said. I turned over on to my back and waited for him to begin, and began he did by working his way up, starting at my feet, up my shins and thighs, covering my shaved mound and briefly teasing my cunt, before covering my belly and my breasts, making my nipples stand at attention like two pink sentries.

"you missed a spot," I said, getting a puzzled expression in return, until I spread my legs and looked down.

“yeah Such a tender spot deserves that extra attention," he said, as he is squeezing some more lotion on to his fingers and started rubbing it into my labia.

“ you have such long exciting fingers,” I said as his fingers gracefully danced over my vagina, he began to rubbing my clit and probing deep inside my slit.

The garden chair started to squeaked in tune as I rocked my hips, pressing my slit against his fingers, seeking my release.

My mind wandered to when I watched porn movies with my stepbrothers, In the porn movies we used to watch, Their body's shone with all the oil and everyone had tanned bodies, girls sat around a pool with hot guys pleasuring themselves, Offering their bodies to huge erect cocks.

I use to sit between my stepbrothers, Paco was pleasuring me with a vibrator, Del was also masturbating himself, I arched my back and cupped my breasts as I was about to attain my climax, when the movie seemed like it finished quickly.

None of us had come by the time Del rolled over to fall asleep with his cock in his hand. I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and started to head over to my bed when Del grabbed my arm.

"You wanna?" he asked. I was still horny, I was going to finish myself with the vibrator in bed.

"Yeah, okay," I said, after a moment of hesitation. I could see Paco's eyes widen as he realized what was going to happen.

We pulled the blanket off our beds and spread them on the floor; our bedsprings would have made too much noise. I made a nest of pillows and Del settled into them. Paco sat on the floor and watched as I curled up between Del's legs and began to suck his cock. My heart pounded with the excitement of what we were about to do.

In the porn movies, the girl always gave a blow job, so I grabbed a firm hold of Paco's cock, he was the youngest of the brothers his cock was only the size of a small wiener, I took its whole length into my mouth, just like they do in the porn movies, t sounded like they sucked and pushed the cock in and out of their mouths, so I copied them as best I thought.

It was not long before Del's cock was hard enough, I pulled him from my mouth and took his place on the pillows, just as the girl had done in the porn movie minutes earlier.

Del knelt between my legs and I guided his glistening hard cock into my slit. Unlike the slim plastic vibrator, his cock felt warm and alive.

I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, he leaned down and kissed me, Paco was now awake and knelt next to us and watched while he stroked his stiff cock.

Slowly, Del began to thrust his cock inside me, I rocked my bottom the way the girl in the porn movie did, trying to meet his strokes.

The feeling of his cock filling me, and the pleasure it produced, made me wonder why we did not do this earlier. Del's brow began to sheen with perspiration as his brother fucked me on the bedroom floor.

"You like that, Paige?" he whispered.

"Yes, Del," I said. It took me a second to realize that he called me by my name instead of "chica".

"Tell me," he said, "Tell me how much you like it." This was something they said in the porn movie when they fucked.

"Yess I like it. Fuck me harder," I said, echoing the girl in the porn movie.

Del hooked his arms behind my knees and lifted my legs in the air, making his cock feels like it was going deeper than before.

I could not push back into him, but that did not matter. It felt amazing, better than my finger, better than a vibrator, even better than when my friend Lucy tongued me.

I felt a twinge of regret that she could not be here to watch, maybe even do it with Del. I was trying to picture them doing it, Del's bronzed body on top of her, his glistening cock pumping her puffy slit, when I started to cum.

Unlike those times when I used the vibrator or Lucy was licking me, this was not one big wave of pleasure, Instead it was a lot of little wavelets, each one better than the last, building up in time with Del's thrusts.

I started to cry out but Del clamped his mouth on mine and started kissing me. Even so, I almost bit his tongue when I cum.

My legs shook, my toes curled, and I dug my fingers into Del's ass so hard that I left red marks in his skin.

"Cum for me, Del," I said, my voice a hoarse whisper, It was something they said in the porn movie when she was coming before he did, Del lay down on top of me and buried his face in my neck as I ran my hands over his strong back. I felt his cock twitch inside me twice before he began to slow down. Finally he stopped and looked me in the eyes before gently kissing me on the lips.

"Was it good?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. We kissed again and then he pulled out of me. I felt tired, sore, and empty.

"Can I try?" Paco asked, his cock red from all his rubbing.

"She's not a bicycle, Paco," Del said, swatting his brother's naked butt.

I was so sore down there that I could not have fucked Paco if I wanted to, but I had another idea. I got up from the floor and fetched the bottle of lotion I kept next to my bed for the times I have to masturbate.

Kneeling next to Paco, I poured some on the tip of his stiff cock and watched it trickle down his shaft, smearing it around his cock. I then lay down on my belly on the pile of pillows on the floor with my but in the air. I stuck my finger that was covered in lotion in my bottom, Just like I was doing myself with the vibrator, while watching the porn movie, Paco's penis was not much bigger than that. Besides we had seen them doing in the porn movie and she seemed to like it, Paco understood I wanted him to fuck my ass. I felt him kneeling behind me and place his cock between my cheeks. He pushed hard trying to get his cock into my ass, it was tight, I never had anything that big in my ass before, for all his thrusting it slipped down my crack. The third time he grabbed me around my shoulders and managed to force his cock into my ass, but he did it with so much force and too fast and the pain made me pull away.

"OUCH!!!,Slow. Do it slow," I said.


Paco had widened my ass enough this time and it was a little easier. The first inches it hurt like hell, I tried to stick a finger in my pussy, but then the pain started to fade. It was not as good as having my cunt fucked, but Paco seemed to like it, He was smiling when I turned around to look at him. Paco started thrusting his cock in and out of my ass just like they did in the porn movie, humping my ass with his hands around my waist. He slipped out a couple of times, but I stuffed it back in my ass without him missing a beat. It did not take long for him to cum, a deep thrust followed by a single, long twitch and he filled my ass with his cum. He kissed me again between my shoulder blades before he fell on top of me, I could feel his cock still throbbing against my sore ass.

Del, who was half-hard again, helped me up off the floor. We put the pillows back on our beds, mine had a huge wet spot on one side where the juices dribbled out of me, He kissed again before going to bed. I listened to both of them fall asleep, hearing their breathing getting slower, before I fell asleep myself.

“Oh yesssss!!!,” as my orgasm brought me out of my daydream, with the sight of cum all over his hand from Robert's busy finger, His fingers were wet with my juices and I could not resist bringing them to my mouth and sucking them clean. He smiled and handed me the bottle of suntan lotion, laying down on the other lounger. Just as he had done, I straddled his bottom, squirting some lotion on my fingers, and starting at his shoulders. The sun had left his upper back sunburned, I could not help but lean over and kiss him.as I worked the lotion into Robert's back, I closed my eyes and tried to commit every curve and hollow to memory, My fingers found the two dimples on his lower back that my eyes had not noticed, I felt compelled to lean in and kiss those as well. My hands sculpted the swell of his hips, the curves of his bottom, the depth of his ass, Robert spread his legs slightly as I massaged his thighs, exposing his balls and his firm anus. Another compulsion gripped me: I kissed him on his well oiled cheeks and buried my face between his cheeks, my tongue probing his balls.

"Oooh...yes...," he gasped as I tongued his ass hole, I was an expression of my love for him with my tongue, I was expecting it to taste nasty, in fact it tasted salty, residue of perspiration.

"Kiss me," Robert said, rolling over on the lounger. I lay on top of him, pressing my pussy against his erect cock as we kissed. "I liked that," he said.

"I was enjoying it too," I said, straddling him once again and squeezing more lotion on my fingers. I started at his shoulders again, caressing the lotion into his chest, again closing my eyes as I memorized each con tour of his body, counting each ribs with my fingers, the hollow of his waist, well formed hips. I intentionally avoided his cock as I worked the lotion into his inner thighs and legs, raising the level of anticipation, He looked at me through hooded eyes as I worked my way up with my mouth, leaving a trail of kisses on the inside of his thighs until my lips were only inches from his cock.

“Paige” he gasped as my tongue barely brush against the tip of his cock. I controlled his excitement by teasing him, kissing down his shaft, the sexual deviance produced drops of pre-cum which appeared on the tip of his cock, I worked my tongue around the tip of his cock before taking its whole length into my mouth.

“Oh yes Paige” was his reaction as he through his head back with the pleasure as the sensations of warmth and wetness ran through his body, Withdrawing his cock from my mouth, I grasped his shaft firmly around his balls his cock stiffened even more, I took it into my mouth again and again sucking him to heights of pleasure, The sunlight basked on his body as I paused for a moment, before I lowered myself on to his hard member.

“Oh Yessssss Page” he gasped as each inch of my wet cunt enveloped his cock, I began to rock and squeezed my hips around his cock as his cock slid within me, the garden chair creaked from my movements like a squeaky old bed, mimicking his moans, my body began to shake convulsing with ecstasy, I could feel his uncontrollable urges building within him, I clamped hard around his cock as he ejaculated.

“Ho fuck !!!!!!” as his cum filled me with a flood of warm juices.

I leaned over him and he pulled me so I was laying on top of him he gently caressed my head meeting our lips meeting in passionate kiss, Laying on top of him our lotions slick skin was slippery as our bodies caressed one another, warm in the sun and from the passion we had showed with our unbreakable kissing, the garden lounger creaked and sagged but never broke.

“Glad we did not stay at the beach” he said laughing.

“I am sure we could have found a private part of the beach,” I said as I pushed him back on the lounger and kissed him again, we lay there for a while letting the sun bronze our bodies, The sun was now high in the sky and it was getting hot, so I went inside and brought out some sandwiches and drinks, we found some shade for cool to eat our lunch, after we ate we returned to the sun to finish off our tan, It was late afternoon and the clouds had rolled in blocking the sun's rays, so we headed inside and showered off our greasy lotion-ed bodies and lay down in bed together for a nap, and not to soon, the skies had blackened and the rain was falling, the summer shower had broken the summer heat and it was much cooler.

I had woke first we had slept for a couple of hours, Robert was up not long after me, I was busy preparing a rich coq au vin dinner, Robert offed to helped me.

“I am OK, you set out the table,”

“OK be heavy on the vin Page” Robert said as he was setting the table.

Robert had set out the table for a romantic meal, with a pair of lighted candles.

“This is so romantic, Robert”

I placed our meals on the table, Robert all taken the liberty to pour us a glass of wine and we had our quiet romantic dinner, Afterwards I changed into my sheer pink baby doll nighty and lounged on the couch, I started to read a book while Robert washed the dishes.

I was absolutely engrossed in the book by the time Robert had finished the dishes.

“Hey are you ready for that Page” he said as he handed me another glass of wine.

“What the wine”

“No, the book”

“Why what's wrong with the book”

“You might think its a romantic tale, its erotic, and brutal, at times” punctuating each word with a kiss.

“Come on I think we can do better than the book, Paige”

“What do you mean” I asked with a queering eye”

“The book is more about slavery than Love, slavery, coercion, a lack of consent, torture and pain”

“And some people find pain to be pleasure”

I thought about that for a while. There was times when sex had hurt, like the first time I ripped my cherry with Lucy's vibrator, and when Ramon and Paco was taking turns fucking my bottom, but that was only temporary, something to get past when seeking pleasure.

"There are different types of love, Paige. I am sure you know that. In this case her in the book, she expressed her love by surrendering herself to them, submitting to their will. And in return their love was one of possession, one of dominion.

" Robert gently kissed my hair,"Have you ever used this stuff?" I asked Robert.

Robert turned and look me in the eyes, his face was an expressionless mask.

“Well..!!!” He began to say and then stopped himself.

“Come with me” as he grabbed me by the hand, pulling me up off the couch, and lead me by the hand down some stairs to a basement, It was cold and dark, he turned on the light, the single bare light bulb it did not show much for illumination, I felt a chill run through my nighty in the eerie damp basement, There was and old trunk next to a stack of boxes in the far corner.

“Grab the other handle Page,” Robert said, as we both took hold of a handle on the trunk, we wrestled it back up the stairs, out of the basement and up another fight of stairs to his bedroom.

"Go get the bottle of wine and the glasses," he said, holding the trunk's lock in his hand, staring at it, as if trying to remember the combination. When I had returned, he had the trunk open and was rummaging through the contents.

"There was a time during my parents marriage when sex became somewhat passionless, a routine. They began to 'experiment'. my involvement with my parents and their parties was one aspect of this. This was another," he said, holding up a whip and a leather collar with a chain attached to it. I handed Robert a glass of wine and sat next to him on the bedroom floor as he pulled items out of the trunk. There was tight leather corsets, collars and cuffs, shoes with absurdly high heels, even a chastity belt, As we sat next to the trunk and sipped our wine, Robert described the things His parents had done together, his Father's dominance, his mothers submission. And Roberts participation of watching them, It was just like the book, except not nearly as cruel, All that much pain to make sex pleasurable, I got the impression that this was a private matter between two lovers and son, and the emphasis was not so much on pain but on a pleasure deferred, controlled, As Robert described how they would leave each other on the edge of orgasm for hours, I felt my desire growing stronger and my arousal mounting, I held a leather corset in my lap, fingering the laces.

"Robert? Would you help me with this?"

"Oh, Paige. You are so...you're to,To young?"

Robert reached out for my hand, "You're too sweet for this. I could not hurt you. I just couldn't, I do not want to be hurt," He said.

"I just want to feel what it's like, the restraints, being tied up." I told him about the dream I had when I was in Boston, laying in bed after a sex party, about the silk sashes around my wrists and ankles, the line of men waiting to use me for their pleasure. I could see Robert's face begin to flush, as my nipples slowly appearing through the bodice of my babydoll nightgown.

"Oh wow," he said, taking a big sip of wine, "That was quite a dream."

"Will you...?" I took a leather collar from the trunk, wrapping it around my neck. The scent of leather was still quite strong, reminding me of a new baseball glove. Robert looked at me for a moment, sitting on the floor next to him in a black leather collar and my pretty pink babydoll nightie. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

“Yes, okay, ” Robert said “ I do not want to hurt you, please let me know if it hurts you Okay?”

“ I will.” I said seeing the worried look On his face.

Robert helped me remove my babydoll nighty and panties, then he fished out a few interesting items from the trunk, measuring each of them against my naked body, He finely selected a black leather corset and wrapped it around my naked torso, then he began to lace it tightly, The black leather corset did not stretch at all and I was finding it hard to breathe, yet I liked the way bodice felt, the constraining way it hugged my body, it did not cover my breasts, instead it pushed my breasts up from underneath, so when Robert looked down he had a full view of my erect nipples as I reached up cupping my breast, he could not resist sucking my erect sensitive nipples.

“The corset it has not aged to well, he said as he caressed the tight leather, “I am sure your body heat will make it as supple as when it was new.”

“Look what I found Paige?”, as Robert reached into the trunk and brought out a leather garter belt with black leather garters hanging from the open bottom.

He crouched down eye level to my cunt and I steadied myself with my hands on his shoulders and I stepped in to them, looking eye level he lace them up tight.

“ Ho lovely that frames you cunt,” he said as he turned me around to get a good look.

“ These feel so weird,” I said.

The girdle was extremely tight and hot and making me perspire and was seeping out the bottom of the girdle, I could feel it tricking down over my pussy, and down the inside of my legs.

“Try these on Paige?,” Robert said dangling a pair of black fishnet stockings in front of my face.

I rolled them over my legs, I thought about the sex club my aunt Julia took me to in Boston, most of the people who attended was in their late twenties early thirties, there was one girl about my age, she wore leather garments and fishnet stockings like these with nothing to hide her breasts and pussy, she was small petite, yet nothing to look at, it attracted many men all the same, and I always wondered what it would be like to ware them.

“Here put these on,” Robert said handing me a pair of black leather stilettos, I slipped them on they was a size to big, but I tried walking in them all the same, my ankle twisted and I was about to fall on my tits, but for Robert to catch me and helped me back on to the bed, I sat there as he rummaged through the trunk, as each item came out I imagined each one he held in his hand its story that could be told.

“Try these on,” Robert handed me a tiny g-string that had a small triangle of leather at the front that tapered to a thin strap that he ran between my legs and up to a silver chain that served as a waistband, that was also tight as it slipped between my pussy lips.

“And not forgetting these Paige?,” as he was putting on me a pair of black satin gloves that went up to my elbows, I got myself up off the bed, still unsteady on my stilettos Robert help me across the bedroom to a full length mirror, we gazed at my refection.

“I have always loved a woman in leather clothes,” He said gazing at my refection in the mirror.

“It feels like Armour,” the leather corset was so stiff I could hardly bend over.

“That's the way It should be,” he remarked as he softly brushed my hair that was covering my neck.

“You look lovely wearing leather Paige,” he said just before he kissed me on the neck, while his fingers tweaked my nipples, instantly making them stand proud, my areola's crinkled like prunes.

I turned around to face him. “thank you,” and kissed him a longing kiss, I could feel his erection pressing against my wet mound.

“Come Paige its time,” as he helped me wobble back to the bed on them stilettos, I tried to walk on my tip toes, it seemed to help, He laid me down on my back on the bed and started to rummage through the trunk, and pulled out two pairs of leather handcuffs and some silver chains, he wrapped the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, and attached the chains with clips to both the cuffs and bed posts, and adjusted the chains to take up the slack, I was spread eagled, restrained, I gave them a tug to test them, they held fast.

“ Do not worry Paige I am not going to gag you,” He said while sitting on the edge of the bed leaning over me, sucking on my erect nipples.

“Just say when I've surpassed your boundaries, a word other than no or stop,”

I had to think searching for a word. All I could bring to mind is what we had for dinner, coq au vin, “wine,” was the first thing out of my mouth.

“wine that will does just fine,” he said while squeezing my breasts.

Robert's demeanor had changed as he sipped his glass of wine, there was a coldness look in his eye's, a different look than when he said he was not going to hurt me, I lay there confined by my restraints wondering if this was still true.

“Lift your head for me Paige,” he asked, slipping on a blindfold covering my eyes.

It felt like soft black satin, with an edge that I assumed was lace, a wide band of elastic held it in place, The blindfold had completely blocked all my vision, my heart began to pound with excitement and anticipation as I felt his lips gently brush mine, there was a little fear, I really had not known Robert all that long, Could I trust him?.

I tried to figure out what he was doing by the sounds he was making as he walked around the bedroom, there was sounds of wine glasses clicking together, the sounds of him rummaging through the trunk and scratching sound as if he was dragging the trunk across the wooden floor, then the sound of his footsteps getting closer to the bed where I was restrained and blindfolded, I sighed heavily as I felt something touch my inner thigh, my exposed flesh quivered with excitement, I reflexively tried to scratch my thigh as he continued to excite my inner thigh, moving upward, tracing circles around my labia, I was squirming within the confines of my bonds, excruciating tension was building within my body, swirling feeling in the pit of my stomach, Robert withdrew the feather from my excited thigh, there was a moment of pause before he lay down on top of me, I could feel his erect cock brush against my already excited labia, as he began to tease my breasts and nipples with the feather. My chest began to heave, and suddenly the corset felt ever so tight, and an edge dug into me, the more I squirmed the more the leather began to creak, the corset got ever tighter against my body, all the time Robert was following my movements with the feather on my nipples,Then suddenly he stopped, a pause as I felt his hard erect cock slide into my aroused wet cunt, just then his phone rang.

“Hello,” the caller was obviously a friend of his they chatted away as he was slowly fucking me, a tingle of satisfaction went throughout my body with each thrust of his cock.

“Yes I did,” he said smugly on the phone.

“Right hear,” he said patting me on the belly.

“thanks for letting me borrow them,” I was caught between excitement and shame, as he explained it was his mother on the phone.

“You think I should do what,” ”no I cannot do that,” he said to his mother on the phone,He never missed a stroke fucking me.

“Do what?, what are you going to do to me Robert”.

“No I cant,” he said to her again over the phone, this time he could not stop himself giggling.

“Alright it was just a bit of fun Paige,” he said.

I gave out a small grunt are you go to fuck me Robert,”.

There was another short pause, and then he carried on fucking me, the thrusts was deeper and more powerful now he had full concentration, I could feel the lust through his body movements, the rough way he was exciting my breasts as his fucking got harder, I was finely getting the fucking I craved for a two hours ago. The power of his thrusting cock was ratting the chains that were keeping me restrained , the excitement was building within my body, as spasms and shivers ran through it, my orgasms started one after another, he could feel my orgasms and hear my screams, it only spurred him on to achieve his ejaculation.

“Yesssss!!!,” he yelled as he ejaculated his sperm into me, it felt so warm running down between my legs, and I gave out a sigh as Robert lay on top of me, his chest heaving heavily against mine, His cock Still pulsating inside me, he lifted himself up off my chest and kissed me on the lips.

“You're so sexy in those leathers, and so hot,” Robert said between gasps of breath.

“Kiss me, kiss me again please,” I asked.

“Certainly Paige,” “you earned it you was wonderful letting me full fill my fantasy,”.

I heard the sound of a wine glass being lifted from the bedside table and then replaced, as his mouth touched mine I could taste the wine that lingered on his lips, He kisses me hard, aggressively, with his tongue lashing against mine, and his hands squeezing my sore breasts and nipples, His cock slipped out of my cunt as he worked his tongue down over between my breasts, as he squeezed them together.

“mmmmmmm Hot sweaty leather,” as he sniff and snuffled the corset.

The tip of his tongue brushed against my wet cunt, and began to lick the juices from around my cunt, I winced with delight as he teased my clit with his tongue, Encased in a stiff leather corset, bound hand and foot, I was helpless, at the mercy of Robert, I squirmed at every touch of his tongue on my clit, I was finding it hard to catch my breath with the restraints of the corset, as my body spammed again to another orgasm.

“Cum for me baby,” he demanded.

“Oooh fuck,” I yelled as my juices flowed.

When it hit me I screamed. Not a shriek, not a cry, but a full-out bloody murder scream. I convulsed beneath Robert's body, he was gripping my leather corset tight as my climax washed over my body, robbing me of every shred of control I had worked to attain. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and running down my cheeks, and then it hit me again, a second orgasm more intense than anything I'd ever felt, pulses of ecstasy and pleasure that radiated from between my legs and spread outward, making my toes curl and my fingers clenched tight as I tugged on my restraints. Just like the night we first had sex in the hotel, my vision faded to a dark red field punctuated by sparkling silver dots, twinkling like stars in the night sky except this time I had past out cold.

As I came to Robert was busy squeezing my orgasmic juices from my cunt, rhythmically massaging my mound with his fingers.

“Yes I know you had another orgasm in you,”.

I lay there my whole body heaving, I realized it was not just about control, but about him mastering my body, and about me mastering my body, controlling my own responses, mastering my pleasure, keeping it within myself and nurturing it rather than letting go and allowing it to control me, His knees straggling my torso, his bare ass against my breasts, his warm cock touched my lips.

“Suck me,” he commanded.

I parted my lips and he pushed his cock into my mouth, pushing it in and out, fucking my mouth as I suck on each stroke, I was almost choking on his huge cock, as his balls was slapping against my face, he slowed down a little as he felt my tongue wrap around his cock, I sucked hard sucking its whole lengthy cock into my mouth, he began to thrash harder making the bed creak and the chains rattle against his thrusts, He removed my blindfold just in time for me to see his ejaculation all over my face .

“You did good,” he said as his cock pumped it's last drops of cum on to my face, he then unshackled my wrists to stop me choking on his cum, and wiped my face with a cloth he had handy, I was comming to my senses when i realized that he had taken off my corset, and unshackled my legs and the leather collar.

“Robert I never, I never,” I was having trouble describing to him what it felt like.

“Yes I know, Paige, Come I shall draw you a bath,” he said brushing the grit like substance from my breasts, The old leather corset combined with my perspiration form a coarse grit that left little red marks on my skin. Between that and the sweat that covered the rest of me, I felt like a mess. Taking a bath sounded like a good idea the only problem was I could not walk, My legs were like jelly, I felt as weak as a kitten, I stood up off the bed, the room was spinning, and my vision dimmed to a blur, I felt like I was going to pass out again, Robert put his arms around my waist supporting me, I was a rag doll in his arms as he steered me to the bathroom, The water was still running as he got me to the edge of the bath, It was nearly full when we got there, He lifted one of my legs in to the bath, and I held on to his shoulders as he lifted my other leg into the bath, he then held me around my waist and lowered me into the soothing warm water, He gently kissed me on the forehead and poured some bath oil into the water, I reached out trying to grab a hold of a facecloth, but I was still to weak.

“Relax, honey, let me do that,” he said reaching for the facecloth.

He wetted the facecloth underneath the faucet, and washed away the dried tear stains off my cheeks, He was still naked as he leaned over me washing my shoulders with the facecloth, he started to wash down my back, his body touched mine, I wanted to wrap my arms around him as he was scrubbing my back, it was then I realized how sore I was, my breasts was sore as his body pressed against mine, the warm water was bring feeling back into my pussy, and it started to tingle, there was red marks on my ankles and wrists where the restraints had being, alone with welts on my belly and under my breasts from ware the corset sat.

“They will be long gone by morning,” Robert said realizing I was examining the marks on my body, “I shall have to get some fur-lined restraints for the next time we full fill my fantasies.

“Furrr,” was all I could manage to say in my drowsiness, I was still feeling light-headed almost a drunk feeling.

“Water...,” I croaked, my mouth was dry, my throat was parched, from all the cum I had swallowed.

“Thirsty honey?, I will get you a drink,” he said wringing out the facecloth and hanging it over the edge of the tub.

He returned a few moments later, with a bottle of wine and a glass, he filled a glass full, and handed it to me, he knelled down beside the tub, and watched me down the glass of wine in one gulp, I held out the glass, for him to refill it , my shaky hand could hardly hold the glass, as Robert refilled it, I sipped the next glass of wine more slowly, as Robert scrubbed my legs with the facecloth.

"Thank you Robert,” I said as I put the empty glass down on the edge of the tub.

“Feeling any better, Paige?”

“Yes Thank you,” I was still weak but I did not want to show it to Robert.

“Your face still looks pale, I should call...”

“No I am fine honest, It's just I never cum so many times, ever.”

“You had me worried, I thought you was going to have a heart attack......” Robert stopped himself in mid sentence.

It was a heart attack that took his farther, I looked up at him, his face was pale, the blood had drained away from his face and tears was forming on his cheeks.

“Oh Robert...” I reached out and run my hand down the back of his head and wiped the tears away from Robert's cheeks, I looked him in his glistening teary eyes and gently pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips.

“I am sorry Paige, I never.....”

“Shhhh, I know Robert. I know.” I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight feeling his warm skin against mine, At that moment that what we had between us went way beyond sex and way beyond love, We had both suffered the pain of loosing someone we loved so much, Tonight we both knew the bond had been cemented forever between us.

“Sit back down in the tub, let me finish you Paige, It is getting late”.

Robert gently scrubbed my belly and breasts with facecloth. My stomach began to tighten with excitement and anticipation, from his caressing touch and I could feel the strength begin to return to my limbs.

“The colour as returned to your face,” Robert said while stroking my hair.

“Come I will dry you off”.

He helped me out of the tub and wrapped me in a big plush towel, I stood in the middle of the bathroom, while Robert toweled me dry, I was steady on my feet now and could have done it myself, I was enjoying being pampered by Robert, I walked back into the bedroom where we had romped earlier, I was under my own power, but Robert stayed close by, In case I was to pass out again, He watched as I climbed into bed and he pulled the bedclothes over me, climbed in beside me and turned out the light, Robert then rolled over we kissed and he wrapped his arms around me, bid me good night and I drifted off to sleep, listening to his breath and feeling his warm body against mine.

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