Computer and Work Jokes 

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Some people can make jokes about anything. Here are some good jokes about computers and work.

Table of Contents

Successful English Person Joke

When do you know if you're an English person that you're truly a success? You know when other people in the room that you rely on to ... Read Chapter

Coal Merchant Millionaire

Two boys are walking past their school going in for the last lessons before leaving for good. One turns to the other and says, "What ... Read Chapter

Successful Publisher Jokes

A successful online publisher is asked when he first knew he would become a success. "2008," he says sardonically. Another succes... Read Chapter

Make a Million Joke

but the worker only in return got a token to get himself a sandwich and coffee. This was from a coffee shop near the factory. Event... Read Chapter

Computer Jokes

How do you know when your computer is not working? When you can't turn it on. How do you know when your computer is working? ... Read Chapter