Android Dancers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young man nearly 40 years of age gets a job working in an office for a record label. Or he only thinks it is a normal office job. But then, they introduce automation for their performers.
The band members and sexy female dancers are now androids.
The young man can't take his eyes off one of the sexy female dancers who is taking part in a pop video they are shooting.
How will it end? Well or badly? Read the story to find out.

"OK, I've gotten some feedback from the band about what they'd like for their next music video." 

The five middle-aged men in suits and one woman sat around in the record company's offices. They were older than some other employees of other record companies and acutely aware of it. All of them were around a table in a large room of about double height, a dark thin new carpet was on the floor and old platinum and gold albums were around the walls of their previous great artists. Each one of those around the central table was dressed in a business suit. All their suits were impeccably clean and they wore silk ties and silk shirts. The woman was also older and big busted and, as well, she wore a silk shirt like the others. 

The chairman, a man with a full head of black hair, a beard and the youngest of them at 45, spoke to the rest of the meeting. This was avoiding eye contact with any of them. It seemed something that had developed to keep these meetings going. This was with any other pointers that there might be. They could be a dozen if you listed them all. These other things also kept their meetings going. And there were other rules, tips and cultural ideas in other areas of the business. Otherwise, the whole company could descend into chaos, recriminations or people leaving. 

"First, does anyone want to be hipper than anyone else?" 

When nobody answered, the chairman looked around. 

Then, seeing everybody give a 'no', he continued. 

"The band say that they are exhausted after their tour and they are not really bothered what we do. The tour was quite successful..." 

After that, the chairman read out painstakingly slow almost figures from computer printouts in front of him about the success of the tour. 

Then, looking up, he said, "Has anyone got any suggestions...? I mean, for the future upcoming music video... And you're allowed to suggest creative ideas... In fact, for the first part of this meeting, I would like to hear some creative ideas from all of you... This is just for the video for this band and no other creative ideas at the moment...." 

The others did make some suggestions. And they did so without much more prompting. They had been doing their homework on musical tastes and tastes in videos. Alternatively, they must have been reading a novel and not just watching the political news. Or it was whatever they had been doing that they had some ideas now. 

"Just keep it simple! The band playing on stage..." 

"Has anyone else got any other ideas?" 

"Can we discuss my idea first? It is simple and direct and hasn't been done for a while by other bands." 

"Yes," said the chairman. "You're right about discussing your idea first. And it might fit in with the assets we have available for us for these videos and the talents they have. Possibly, we need to have a meeting with our automation partners after this meeting to discuss a video." 

"Shouldn't you call them 'pyrotechnics' or 'casting' or something like that? It would sound better." 

"Our partners won't really go with that. We are one of the first music companies to use automation on the stage but we are still only a small customer of their big automation company. So, for the sake of simplicity for when we have to communicate with them, we should use the main terms that they use as well." 

"This is ridiculous," said one of them at the table and threw down a paper. "I demand some action on this! Or I will leave!" 

In the smallest possible voice, the chairman said, "Please do leave. We don't really need you here. You can go. Just go!" 

It wasn't what the man expected his chairman to say. Really, he expected him to have a long plaintive argument as to why he couldn't do it and then possibly to offer him a pay rise. Instead, he had just fired him. Resignedly and very softly, the man got up to leave. It was over. He no longer worked here. 

The others in the room heaved a sigh of relief that he had left though beforehand they had wanted him to stay as being somebody you knew. Or even, they had once thought him invaluable to the company. 

"So!" said the chairman sounding a bit more upbeat than the others felt. "The band has said that they don't have to have themselves in the next video. That means we can use automation for the video. And probably get the film in the can in a day…. Also…, the tech company says to use the words 'androids' or ‘automation’. There is then that alternative for anyone who would like to use them to ‘assets’ I said earlier…. Any questions about the androids or the automation or the video?" 

"Yes, the video. We need to discuss it some more. Is it just going to be the band in it?" 

"We can have android dancers in it as well," said the chairman. "Jim here will fill you in more as he's been looking into it as part of his new role in automation." 

Jim was another suit but 30 years old with fair hair. They all discussed androids in a short time technically about them. This is with Jim being the master of brevity and language. It seemed OK.

One individual wanted sexily dressed provocatively posing female androids. They would appear with the band on stage. Jim said that he would butt out now. And they let him go as if younger and they had said something wrong. But only to the young and carefree. Or someone that had a real female girlfriend.

There was then a furious argument between those remaining around the table about using or not using real female performers. 

"Can these female androids interact with the male band members in some way that is sexy and seductive just as well or better than the human female to be a turn-on to viewers?" 

Someone said this who was undecided in the group. 

"You can't have anyone interfering with the band playing their instruments. So, it is not possible." 

Another person now said something a bit like it as well but moving instead the argument forward to having androids. 

"There must be some way they can be on stage. If not together, then on a separate stage. Or cut so it is like they are dancing on the same stage." 

"You might be able to cut it so that it looks like it. Yes, you're right! You could make it look good. I think it's been done before. I mean that edit for another video. But not for a while either if the film looked the same. So, we'll go with that." 

The matter really seemed unresolved in the end about having real performers or not. The band had already said they didn't want to do it and androids seemed a solution to that one. Yet, now they wanted to argue about the dancers. Really, they couldn't make up their minds. And nobody really liked just arguing over it in the end. This was as if for only one music video when the chairman didn't allow more general discussion about androids. He said that he had no more information on it to give them on it they hadn’t had already. And that was all. There were just a few more points to make about other things before the meeting broke up. 

The day of the video shoot came. Walking on to the set was more like a science fiction film than a music video. There were androids who were animated but without their skins on. And a very sexy girl was in stage costume. She was just so striking in her appearance that the director noticed her and looked around a bit anxiously. Some tech crew were pulling artificial skins onto the androids. After they had done that, the androids really did look very lifelike. 

Donald who had been one of the people around the table had been given the job of directing the video. He was not very experienced at music videos. Or anything. He allowed himself a wry smile. Others around the board table had been actors, singers and dancers with small parts in musicals years ago. Or been in bands that played to lots of people. This he knew from talking to them. Recently, they had done things like run theatre workshops. And lots of other bits and pieces at some time before joining the company. Donald himself was a boring suit. And he assumed that the others knew it. He had only ever studied business.

Now, on the eve of his first video, he wondered if she should tell the company this again. More than ever over just the last month, they had been asking him to make creative decisions. He didn’t like to say openly he only had business qualifications in a meeting for fear of being ridiculed. Yet, he assumed you needed a qualification in the arts for it. It is you do even if you hear lots of younger people are posting work online that are studying in all subjects at lots of schools and colleges. It was just as he had discussed at his job interview for the record label. And it was just all from a newspaper article he had read. They didn’t just have to be top students who had gone to top art or drama colleges to make videos he had said.

Many people posted work online now.

It was not today like lots of people in previous years. They had been students before the Internet but they still had dreams. After a long break, though, their work was poor. It could not be taken seriously musically or commercially. He had not said this at the interview. It was to be more upbeat about it but now it didn’t augur well. The interview felt a lie. 

Donald found the arts hard.

His job had because of it become too stressful.

Like him, these former students online were stressed-out poor-performing early adopters.

Yet, it was now the old horror story.

It was completely normal today for anyone to post work. And not a problem for anyone.

‘Just shut up about it then!’ 

At the board meeting, Donald’s ideas had not been received very well. And he had said least of all of the other people. But they had still given him this job of directing the video. 

As well as him, from the same label there would be a singing and dancing coach. She was to give advice on set during the making of the video. 

The shoot was ready to go so now he couldn’t just pull out. 

It was the next day. 

He looked around the studio where the video was being shot. There were unusually for any shoot androids' technicians from the automation company. After that, there were just the technicians, actors and other people you’d have normally. 

“Let’s have the band onstage,” Donald said. 

The androids playing the band members climbed a bit clumsily onto the stage. 

“Do a first take all the way through!” said Donald ignoring it and wanting to get on. 

The band mimed with their instruments.

And lip-synced to the track.

There was a portable stereo on the floor of the studio. 

The beat of the new song thumped out. 

It was OK. The band. And performances. 

"Cut! That was good enough. Now, can we have some of the dancers on stage." 

Pretty black-haired, blonde and brunette dancers in cutaway leotards came on. 

Instantly Donald had a good feeling. But he didn’t know exactly where it came from. And it was after some tiredness getting up this morning. Possibly, it was just a feeling of confidence that had come over him when the girls really did look the part. 

The music started again. And the performance looked ever better. 

No worry came for a few seconds to Donald, but then he felt a dread. 

After a half minute Donald called another cut.

Other people on the set groaned.

Donald said he was uneasy.

The band was not gelling.

People sighed. And went away. 

Donald remembered the heated discussion the previous day.

‘Androids or human?’.

He had been himself on the side of the human performers.

It seemed he and others that wanted human performers had won out at the time.

Yet, the chairman had refused to give a definitive answer. Not by the end of the meeting. It was even infuriatingly he had done it. But it was probably just to keep the peace. 

Donald had gotten an email from the chairman’s secretary before he left work on the same day. The e-mail said the video would have androids. And it gave him the job of directing it. The message also said that the chairman had listened to all everyone had said. 

Now, he wanted Donald to do a good job.

And to use the new tech on offer.

It was from now on after considering all the benefits. 

At the shoot, Donald asked for another take. 

The girls danced bending and flapping arms and knees at the front of the stage. 

Then, one dancer moved back to where the band was playing.

And she moved seductively still dancing down the lead singer’s side. 

Donald watched closely.

It didn't look quite right.

He couldn't make up his mind what was wrong with it.

Possibly, the girl had unusually small breasts.

Or the seductive dancing had gone on for a bit too long.

Also, the girl had a too thin waist. But big buttocks. And long legs.

She was a bit tall even for a dancer.

Yet, she did not look like she lacked experience.

Nor could you fault her technically on her dancing.

The dance had nothing really wrong with it. 

It should have been OK but it wasn't. 

Yet, what else could dancing girls do?

Even for 3 short minutes?

Really, they needed something like she had done. 

The singing coach was at Donald's side.

Donald decided to call ‘cut’ to see what she said.

She was an experienced singing and dancing coach.

And he wanted to see what she had to say. 

"Don't look at her! Look at the male performer. She was just about OK. That is, she was except I think a bit thin. He wasn't right. Really, he wasn't giving his full attention. Get him off the set! And get someone else in! The girl you can leave in for the time being. We'll give her another try." 

Donald wanted to speak to the lead singer about what had happened. He didn't, though, think he could just replace him. Really, he couldn't when the lead singer was an important member of the band and the band was important to the company.

Then, as they really were only androids, Donald knew he would have to see the tech crew for anything. He’d tell them though what his acting and singing coach had said. 

Donald couldn’t find the tech crew anywhere. Nor see any of the androids. 

Eventually, somebody came up to Donald.

And he asked him if he was lost.

It was one of the men from the automation company.

Donald thankfully recognised him from when he got there.

The man seemed to know his way around a studio well. 

"Yes, I'm looking for the lead singer,” Donald said now a bit shortly. “Or the girl who was on stage as well.” Donald added this last hesitatingly. “Have you seen him? Or, err… her?" 

The automation guy pointed at several android torsos, arms and heads that were hanging up on a rack. There were more on other racks. Some had clinging vests that were some tech material to make clothes look better on them and others were just grey plastic. 

“Did you like the girl? I’m really sorry! She’s an android. You’re out of luck!” 

It took a while for Donald to realise his mistake. The tech leader pointed it out to him completely well and in a pleasant way. Yet, his simple answer felt so incongruous compared to all the turmoil going around in Donald’s head.

"I forgot! She is… they are all androids. But where is the girl he was dancing with? I'd like to talk to her now." 

"It's the same thing I have to say again," said the man. "She is also an android." 

"Which one?" 

"Any of them. They all have interchangeable parts. Faces, torsos, arms, legs. Electronics, rods, pistons. They use oil and hydraulic fluid. Skirts, dresses, tops are from Wardrobe. Knickers if wearing a short skirt. Stockings, leggings. All of it. Then, cosmetics…. Face, hair. Neck. Arms. Hands. Nails. Legs. And everything else. 

"Do you actually know about these androids?" 

"I've worked on them for 10 years," said the man. "There's not much I don't know." 

Donald felt tremendously relieved to hear this. And he explained what the singing and dancing coach had said to him about the band android. He also talked about the female android. And he said more sharp-eyed viewers would be able to tell she was not perfect. 

"These androids have a normal program. It is what we have learnt that is what is programmed in. They are not automatous like other people’s androids. What you saw was an act. Somebody in a woolly jumper and a beard who was one of our programmers thought of it. Not her herself. And not a girl. But someone like you. Hairy, scratching his balls, the rest….” 

Seeing Donald was still unsure, he continued, “We learnt for both the male and female androids about human sexuality from books about it. The company purchased them and used them for a bit in their labs…. It is in much the same way as students in any subject today or in the past learn at colleges or do things in their jobs they do after it. This is if you assume their jobs use their qualifications…. People make notes, go on a computer for a bit, discuss it with the head of research and do a bit more. Then, they also take lunch and tea breaks, come back, and work on it a bit more again. They go home at the end of the day. And come back the next day. They do as they are paid. That is, until the project if over." 

The man paused to gauge Donald's reaction.

Donald had understood him or he had as far as the man could tell. 

Back at the canteen someone else on the crew spoke to the tech man. 

"What's up with him then?" 

The man answered a little uneasily again speaking about the video shoot. 

"He probably liked her! It was like a boy meets girl, boy doesn't like the girl but then, the boy does like the girl. Really, it's nothing more than that. I don't know why he is still upset. I mean, this is when he came to see me about it looking like he was a bit upset…. But why are you upset as well now?” 

"Really, I'm upset because you can't have that on stage. It's not part of what they are being asked to do for the video. So, they can't do it! They can't do it again. Do you understand me? Tell them that." 

"All right then! I will say it to whoever. I'll speak to the master controller on the wireless. But I don't know if it will stop immediately. And I’ll say they are too sexy if that’s your concern. This is even if I do tell him. They're not as clever androids as humans. And I’ve already told your record label they might have to pay for the thousands of lines of code necessary if they want to change anything on them. Nobody can promise instant results anyway. Still, I can try to help you now. Put the girls on with their curlers still in! Or have them made up and dressed like in a horror film and not for a pop video….”

He laughed heartily. But it was though he felt a little bit sick and needed more of the tea he was drinking.

“Once again… I say I can't promise anything. I'm saying it again now in case anyone is disappointed more later." 

"You'd better tell them all we said! Or it will be 'what else' I promise you." 

"Or 'what', are you saying?" 

The man was unused to bad tempers. This was for a while when he’d had this job. 

"Or you can go back to the drawing board," said the man 

It was confused a bit.

He had suddenly quieted down and also made another but possibly not so bad threat. Or it was to his mind not so bad. 

The tech man said nothing and then walked away. 

In another part of the studio, it was temporarily quiet. 

Donald felt that he’d made a hash of the whole day. 

And he picked up his few things and left silently.

The rest behind him was silent.

That is but for the hiss of air out of androids’ pistons.

Pressure letting out. 

Donald knew like previous times in his life as well as now that he’d had enough.

It was yet another adventure like he’d had before ever since he was a teenager.

At least, he’d had enough of it for the time being.

It had come to an end.

Donald really knew it to be a mistake to want to tell others what to do.

A mistake to rally as well against progress.

Today as he left, he knew he’d have to tell his next employer why he had left his job... 

Yet, it was only if he could get another job.

They might just say next time they had found someone else and he himself was past it.

Others could do it better if younger. Or they wanted someone more attractive.

They might also say not to bother applying again. Not for any job in the industry. And nor to do office work if over 40. 

That would be about it! 

Finally, without a job! 

No hope. 

A spitting against the wind. 

And a tightening of his belt. 

The End 

Submitted: November 26, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Earnest Long. All rights reserved.

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