Young and Juicy......Sucked Dry....

Young and Juicy......Sucked Dry....

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



I was such an innocent little lad when I was in High School and there was nothing but pain and stress when it came to the Girls and dating!! I was just terrible at small talk and making conversation, I never knew how to start or how to make progress once I got started with the conversation.  The Girls expected the guy to do all the work and I had No Clue what I was doing. 

I attended an all boys school ...and the Girls attended an all Girls Convent School, this made socialization very difficult when an opportunity arose. I was generally very quiet and not much of a talker so I began the task with a handicap since the Girls would Never have the courage to begin a conversation.

Bono... got me my first taste of the Pink and it happened after their concert in my little Irish town. 

The band was a bunch of Rockers from Dublin who went on to become ......U2  !! They began their amazing career as a very popular small band that traveled around Ireland in a Van !!!

 "Not a pot to piss in"  would describe the Band and the now famous Bono at that point in their career and they tested their newest material on us in our local Movie Theater .....this was where U2 played when they came to my town in the Wild West of Ireland. 

I was never much of a dancer and U2 had me out there on the floor , flailing about like someone with a weird disorder of the muscles....Saint Vitus's Dance comes to mind haha !! I NEVER did this but they had everyone Hoppin and Boppin out on the floor so we all made idiots of ourselves !! Even in the early days they were excellent as a Live Act , I knew they would be going very far in the world of Rock. 

My admirer made no secret of her desire to get next to me as I saw her slide across the dance floor towards me ; she kept her eyes locked on me as she made her way through the writhing mass of teenagers on the dance floor. She was not the most beautiful girl in the hall but she was very distinctive with an ass like I had never seen before  !! Even then I was an "Ass Man" !!  My shyness could be overcome if it meant getting my hot little hands on that lovely ass and she was heading my way in a very obvious straight line movement , occasionally making eye contact and smiling just slightly before looking away again. 

Tiny short skirts were DeRigeur for the more adventurous hot girls and panties were optional even with the lovely pink ass cheeks peeking out from under the  flimsy little skirts. Bending down was not an option for these horny little girls , even stooping would expose Kitty !! to prying eyes. 

As she approached through the throng she looked at me and dropped something to the floor. Still staring at me she sort of kneeled on one knee , keeping her other knee up off the ground , opening her legs just a little, just enough for her shaved pink treasure to make an appearance . Bald Pussy was quite unusual at the time and I was very impressed and equally delighted  with her courage and her very , very Naughty disposition. 

She spread her knees much wider just before she stood up again ....allowing me to glimpse her tight little slit as she began to stand up. Her tight little smile made it clear that her performance was just for me and me alone .

"This night could end very well..."  I said to myself quietly.

She never introduced herself or attempted small talk , just looked and kept on looking as she slowly gyrated to the music. Her breasts were quite impressive and almost tumbled from her top as she hopped about to  the sounds of Bono and the Crew.  The hall was tiny so it was packed wall to wall with sweating young bodies.

This Tease went on for another half hour while U2 played an Encore to finish the night of fun but just before the last number I lost sight of her in the crowd. 

"Shit !!! just when I thought I was getting lucky she got cold feet "  and disappeared so I resigned myself to a long silent lonely walk home about a mile away. 

My house was just past the main street and I had a half mile of empty road with empty fields on either side f the road, the Cows Mooring and rustling behind the grassy ditch on each side. The "Mooooo..." noises were a bit eery and creepy with no other sounds to be heard except for the Clicking of Bats as they swooped around catching the nighttime flying bugs.  

I was feeling pretty downhearted as I shuffled home alone humming the music I had been listening to all night. I had my MP3 plugged into one ear so that I could hear any approaching cars. and suddenly heard another sound , not the Cows and Not the music in my ear ? 

Finally I heard her calls to me and turned around to be faced with the very Girl I had encountered in the Hall . Taking out the earbud I waved and said Hi .

"Hi , would you mind if I walked with you, these dark road scare me at night , especially with all that noise from animals ."

"Hi there , they're only Cows ...totally harmless ...they will Not attack I promise you ; if they do I will defend you with my very life !!" I laughed as I recognized who was calling to me. 

"Of course they're only Cows but my Granny used to scare me Sooo badly with her terrifying Ghost stories !! The pitch dark is what scares me I suppose . I am Denise .....I think we almost met earlier ....was that you ??" She giggled shyly as she said this ....pretending that she was totally surprised at meeting up with me on the dark rod. She planned the whole thing and I knew it just as surely as she knew what she wanted....

"I thought I had lost you forever in the crowd name is Eadi ....nice to meet you."

We shook hands in the almost pitch black night . Our eyes had adjusted to the blackness and so we could see quite well as we were helped by a half-full Moon, well enough to see how much we both wanted to fuck like the Rabbits that inhabited the fields surrounding us. 

She snuggled into my shoulder as her arm entwined with mine and our steps echoed in unison , the noise bouncing off the "dry stone walls " on either side of the road. She knew me better than I had realized she later told me !! and so was quite comfortable with me walking in the dark like this. 

Suddenly with her cheek buried in my shoulder she blurted out . 

"You won't tell if I confide something...? will you ? "

"Of course not , I would never divulge a Lady's secrets !!! I am a Gentleman my Dear Lady ."

I chuckled as I looked down at her eyes. 

"Well..............I'm a Virgin and I am scared to have sex in case I get pregnant !!! but I sometimes feel that I'm missing out on a lot of fun in life." 

"The fact is ....Denise , there is more than one way to Skin a Cat ....a Kitty in this case."

I laughed and she joined in, giggling and slapping my ass with her open palm. 

"OOOhhhh.......are you a Naughty Girl underneath all that shy laughter ???"

"In my mind only....sorry to say ....I actually do have quite a Naughty mind really that I think of it. The other girls talk about Boys and most of them said that it is better to suck on a guys thing because a girl can't get pregnant that way . Do girls really do that ...?....has a girl ever put it in her mouth ?? I feel safe with you Eadi, I know your Sister and she said you are really OK and pretty nice so I'm not worried about you doing anything I wouldn't want to do.  I'm sure the girls are lying about having sucked a guys thing so I wanted to ask you if girls do that ???"

I stopped in my tracks at the mention of the word " Suck " in relation to my friend with the big spongy Helmet and he responded as expected !! We are such Horny Dogs haha....almost no offer would be turned down ....especially from a Cutie like Denise .

Up ahead there was a gate leading into the field and a hidden corner where we would not be seen by any approaching headlights.  As we got there I took her hand and led her off the main pathway and towards the hidden opening. I could see her smiling as we stopped and I looked into her eyes. 

"Do you want to touch me ???....down there...?"

Her answer came with the gentle touch of her inexperienced fingers brushing my swollen cock through my pants as she reached for my Zipper.

As her fingers found my stiff prick she quickly pulled the zipper down.and slipped her long warm fingers inside. 

She froze as her fingers actually touched my Actual Cock Real Life !!!  ...

This is what she thought .....

."An Actual Real Cock !!! MY Hand !! . I hope I do it right  !!"

"Are you sure you want to do this....whatever we are going to do sure ??"

"Of course !!!!   Now that I have a grip of it I'm not letting it go ."   She giggled out loud and her sweet high pitched squeal seemed to bounce and roll off the blackness that surrounded us out there in the open fields....the Cows "Mooooed " in response and seemed to  celebrate and  even revel  in the joy of her newest discovery.....Hot Hard Cock !!! the Flesh for the first time !! 

I left her to it as she pulled my briefs aside and got her fist gripped around my big spongy head...squeezing and releasing it slowly.

She whispered   to me .............." I want to suck it....can I suck it....?....when does your stuff come out , will you tell me first....can I swallow it.....or should I spit it out or let it go first ??? I have so many questions ."

I put my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes."

Calm down Denise, I told her,For having this particular kind of fun sweetie there is only one rule that you can Never Break...Never I laughed...NO Teeth , No Biting .....Scraping his flesh with your teeth is perfect will figure it out as you go . 

I grabbed her hair in both fists and guided her head down to my waist as her fingers opened my belt and dropped my pants and briefs to the ground.

One warm hand cupped my smoothly shaved balls as her warm breath blew gently  in erotic little Puffs of air , one warm stream of air from each nostril blowing down the length of my cock, spreading her hot breath all over my cock and balls, sending little goose bumps rising on my flesh.

My whole body froze as her Virgin lips touched the little lips on the head of my rock hard cock. . 

"Slowly and gently Sweetie ....nice and with my slit , use your tongue."

Her lips closed tightly over my Slit and sucked .....very slowly sucked my spongy head between her closed jaws.....squeezing my cock head as if I was  ripping into her pussy. My cock head seemed to fill her mouth as she licked and sucked my hole ,trying to suck my cum right out of my balls. 

Slowly her tight lips slipped down my hard, Sinewy , ribbed  shaft as her long her fingers stroked my length until her fingers stroked my naked sweaty balls and her tongue licked my sweaty sex from my flesh. As I pulled her hair and brought her lips further down my twitching cock shaft my Big Meaty Head was beginning to fill her tight throat , making her gag and forcing saliva out the corners of her cock stuffed mouth . Her "slobbering" noises as she licked  got me even harder if that was possible . I could feel her teeth gently raking over the thick veins and hard flesh of my cock shaft as I sunk my meat deeper into her accepting throat....she coughed and sputtered as she took my head deeper and deeper until my sticky balls slapped her dripping chin. . 

As I got Balls deep in her neck I began to stroke into her mouth , same as fucking a tight wet , hairless Cunt and just as tight and cum sucking as a pulsating , pink  pussyhole. NOT cumming was my job and it was getting harder by the second. Luckily I can hold out for quite a while and her jaws would be hurting for a week by the time I blew my load down her open throat.  

I stroked slowly deep into her neck and then pulled out so that the thick rim , lip of my "helmet"  was resting between her lovely lips and allowed her to lick the Foreskin that still partially covered my swollen head. As her hot tongue played with my Foreskin she giggled with her mouthful of pulsating Meat trying to bust from her lips. The tip of her tongue slipped inside my little cum hole and played with it as her lips gripped and pushed my tight Foreskin down and over my big spongy head. 

Damn !!! she was good for a Blow Job Virgin and I was loving every minute of it. 

The Cows rustled in the bushes and Bats swooped all around , Clicking their Echolocation tools  and attacking their flying prey , Moths . I thought the Bats would scare my newest friend but she was oblivious , all she heard was her own sucking sounds as she tried to get my cum to bust from my tightening balls and fill her mouth and her throat. . 

Suddenly I heard footsteps ....I thought  ..?  "Clip...Clop reverberated off the stone walls in the cooling night air but she did not hear , she was too deep in concentration to notice anything else other than the head of my cock massaging the back of her throat. I kept on stroking into her mouth as my fingers tangled up in her hair. 

The sounds stopped and a head appeared around the corner of the stone wall which shielded our activities. The face was unidentifiable as ours would be in this poor light. The Moon was now bright enough to see more of our activity than before.

The face was a woman , I could see her long hair , she must be a straggler from the concert , drank too much and sat for a while after the show ??  I guessed ? ...She stopped , turned to get a better look as I saw the little glint in her eye....I heard her quick, gasping breaths as she took in the scene before her. I made more noise to cover her gasping noises. I wanted her to watch as I blew my big load. As I got older the amount of cum my cock delivers is not as great .....maybe.....three big spurts instead of five or six long streams of milky juice.

I was a teenager and literally Full of Spunk for my Girl .  Jerking off showed me just how much creamy Cum I was spurting every time and I loved to watch the white creamy streams flying from my pulsating head in the shower and splashing into the opposite wall ....four, five....even six thick white loads . I wanted to spurt my cream into her throat and onto her lips but I craved cumming on her big Tits. I had seen that in the rare...very rare porn video I had seen .  The guy pulled his cock out ( she had a huge bush of untrimmed pussy hair....YUCK !!  lol  )  of her hairy cunt and spewed a huge load of cum all over her big tits and her nipples. 

I told her that I wanted to cum in her mouth and also onto her lovely Tits. She glanced up , her mouth stuffed with my dripping Meat and unbuttoned her blouse and quickly pulled her tits out from the confinement of her bra. 

I heard a deep low sigh from our observer and masked the noise with some loud groans and moans of my own. 

I looked at her and smiled , I wanted her to see my face as clearly as possible....I wanted her to see who was delivering such a nice big load.....she might want a lick herself lick or to be Licked ....possibly ?  I did hear a new rustling sound as the Voyeur slipped her fingers between her legs and moaned a little louder as she stroked her hot , dripping cunt. 

Denise sucked harder and stroked my cock even deeper into her  throat as she poked her own pussy with her left hand as she gripped the base of my cock with her right hand ....pulling hard to make me deliver my cum for her lips and into her throat. 

Her big Tits were exposed to the night air and she leaned back a little to let me see how hard her big nipples were , little pink and red bullets is what they looked like, standing at attention on top of her young perky breasts . There was eating and drinking in those lovely Tits and I would be back for more. 

A big warm raindrop splashed on my head ....then another ....and pretty soon there was a light rain falling , what we call in Ireland ..." A sort of a Soft Rain..."  Soon her hair was dripping and she was laughing with my cock still filling her bulging cheeks ...she giggled. Then the Stranger giggled and Denise turned .

"Who the Fuck is She !!!!??"  

"Continue .....finish me ...let her watch ...see how excited she is , she can't see your face sop don't worry Sweetie ...go for it....!!"

Denise shrugged and looked back at my one-eyed Monster and made him disappear down her throat again. 

The Stranger cam closer to watch my Orgasm as it happened. She opened the buttons of her blouse and  pulled out Her Tits , then stooped to get a better view . As the rain ran down her  now exposed Tits and dripped from her nipples she did not shiver from the cool rain  ....she quivered and shivered from her own arousal as her fingers poked her wet cunt. 

Her fingers joined Denise in stroking my balls and squeezing the base of my swollen cock as her mouth swallowed and released my thick shaft. I slammed into her face now , ramming my cock with the final few deep strokes between her lips and making her gag and choke as My cock bottomed out against her chin. Our new friend was squealing into the night air like a Coyote howling at the moon and pumping her wet cunt passionately and aggressively ....deep between her dripping legs.

"I'm going to cun for you Baby....I have a big load for your mouth and your want my cream on your lovely Tits....?

Denise slowed down and slipped my pulsating swollen cock out from between her red lips and glanced at our Voyeur....she stared back....licking her pink lips and they looked at each other.

"Wanna share ....??"   She laughed and then they both giggled. 

Suddenly two pairs of hands , all slippery and were from the rain, her saliva ; from my precum dripping from my Cock head , not forgetting all that sweet sticky lady-cum from two lovely wet Cunts . 

They both leaned back to allow long steady strokes of my cock . They both wanted my load on their Tits , they both wanted a taste of my cream . The closer I got the more my pelvis shook and quivered . As all those fingers stroked and pulled at my cock I could hold on no longer.

"Ready for my load Ladies...I'm gonna drop a load for you .....where to lol !! "

Four big Tits , two open , begging mouths , like little birds waiting for their nourishment to be delivered....four hands stroking and pulling at my cock as it just got harder and I could feel my heartbeat in my big spongy head . 

As they leaned back I gripped my thick shaft for the Grand Finale of the performance and leaned back myself, pointing my busting cock head towards the dripping Tits before me . As the drizzly rain soaked their lovely breasts the glistened  and sparkled under the little moonlight that was available.  

My thick white stream splashed on Denise's rain soaked breasts , the creamy white load landed above her big nipple and mixing with the rain it made a little white thick stream that flowed over her breast and dripped off her thick nipple. The strangers mouth was suddenly under Denise's nipple ....sucking my cum between her lips as she drew the big lump of hot flesh into her mouth.  

My next white stream of protein filled goodness hit out Voyeur's nose and lips , dripping down onto her own Tits.. Denise quickly leaned into our Friend and kissed her  cum-covered chin, licking my cream hungrily.  

Before the next load could be delivered the stranger's lips swallowed my head and sucked the cum right out of my cock , savoring every thrust of my hips.  Her face was soon pushed aside and Denise buried my stiff prick deep in her throat for the final few heaving thrust of my shaft as our Voyeur sucked the rain soaked cum from Denise's big youthful Tits. 

As I felt the final heaves from my balls and lower belly I slammed into her face and spewed the last spurts of cum deep into her throat as she choked and gagged on my swollen head which was now jammed in her neck and stopping the flow of air to her lungs. Her fingernails dug furrows in my ass cheeks as my fists gripped her hair and could not let go. I screamed into the dark night as my balls shrunk back into my belly after the last of my cream had been delivered down her neck and she swallowed every drop that I gave her to drink. 

They both continued stroking as four hands squeezed the last of the cum from my shrinking cock and licked up every drop. Their clothes were soaking wet ( as was I ) and their four big Tits just sat there and seemed to stare back at me as I couldn't take my eyes off their wet, dripping nipples. All four breasts matched closely in size and I was just totally Mesmerized by the vision of raindrops mixed with my own cum dripping off each nipple as the drizzly rain continued to fall. 

We had not even noticed the chill in the air although it was an unusually warm rain or maybe we were just burning up after out delicious , sweaty activities. 

We were all fairly close to home so the wet clothes could be discarded pretty quickly. 

The Stranger whispered ...." Thank you for the lovely evening, both of you  !!"....and giggled into her wet sleeve as she pulled her blouse together and covered up her wet , cum covered Tits.  I would know her in the future...if she was a local ?? 

I would definitely see Denise again . We lived on the same country lane but we had never spoken until tonight .....actually we didn't do a whole lot of talking haha . I helped Denise with her blouse and her jacket , closed up my wet pants....soaked by rain and walked her home.

We didn't speak much on the short walk to her house but as we parted she grinned with the "Cheshire Cat " grin ...... the " I have a secret"  Grin. Our secret would be kept for many years. We both matured , sexually , that night and we both spread our wings following that experience , our mutual shyness having been almost eliminated.  Our sense of adventure has been growing since that night.


That was the last time that Bono and the lads from U2  came to play in our little Irish town. Hollywood and the Big Time called and they answered .....good for them . They've come a long way from the  shitty van they were driving around in  from Gig to Gig   By the way Bono couldn't sing worth a shit at first haha ....he is much better today.. Their music was groundbreaking in it's new approach to Rock and I always knew they would hit the big time. I think their music was the catalyst for the lovely activities that followed their concert that night, it put us all in the mood for Love !!??

Denise was a welcome addition tyo my previously Celibate life as a teenager . He soft lips supplied the  constant care and attention that the swollen, exploding head of my young teenage cock required and desired . We became ....Not FuckBuddies ......we became "Suck Buddies "  haha...made teenage life somewhat tolerable at a time when even Playboy was not allowed into the country ( until the early Nineties !! ).




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