To My Nighttime visitor.....with Love and Thanks.......

To My Nighttime visitor.....with Love and Thanks.......

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


My Previous pic was Deemed a bit too much and sent a wrong message ....Happy to comply with the rules . Hope you Ladies liked it while it was there ...XO Eadigoo The NEW Title pic is Newgrange Passage Tomb in Meat , Ireland....a really Magical place...about 7,000 years old. WAY older than the Pyramids !!( 2,000 yrs older) . { Look up will Not be Disappointed...especially if you love Folklore or Pre-Historic Mysteries. As she got back I sat on the edge of the bed one leg on the floor and one knee resting on the bed. My semi hard cock was hanging between my legs , cradled between my hairy thighs my thick swollen shaft was lying on the bed, stretched out and waiting for some attention from my lovely Nurse. She stood and looked down at my resting Beast and a huge grin crossed her cute she licked her lips slowly. Turning her back again she slowly raised the hem of her Nurse uniform. The fabric slipped up over her smooth brown thighs as I stared with my mouth open, almost drooling !! Beyond the range of my overhead lamp the room was dark, pitch black except for the circle of light around my upper body. The circle of light illuminated my chest and my face, blinding my vision to anything beyond. She put her hot lips to my ear and said . ----------------------------------


My Previous pic was Deemed a bit too much and sent a wrong message ....Happy to comply with the rules . Hope you Ladies liked it while it was there ...XO Eadigoo The NEW Title pic is Newgrange Passage Tomb in Meat , Ireland....a really Magical place...about 7,000 years old. WAY older than the Pyramids !!( 2,000 yrs older) . { Look up will Not be Disappointed...especially if you love Folklore or Pre-Historic Mysteries.

As she got back I sat on the edge of the bed one leg on the floor and one knee resting on the bed. My semi hard cock was hanging between my legs , cradled between my hairy thighs my thick swollen shaft was lying on the bed, stretched out and waiting for some attention from my lovely Nurse.

She stood and looked down at my resting Beast and a huge grin crossed her cute she licked her lips slowly. Turning her back again she slowly raised the hem of her Nurse uniform. The fabric slipped up over her smooth brown thighs as I stared with my mouth open, almost drooling !! Beyond the range of my overhead lamp the room was dark, pitch black except for the circle of light around my upper body. The circle of light illuminated my chest and my face, blinding my vision to anything beyond. She put her hot lips to my ear and said .


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I knew I would never sleep but I hate taking meds and I thought that sleep would eventually overtake my fears ........but no . I just tossed and turned until about three AM. In hospital this is the "Witching Hour " ......but not in a bad way !! 

3AM is so peaceful , everything just stops, except for the fear. Nurses quietly go about their tasks on silent soft shoes, sliding around as if on wheels , going from room to room and never speaking above a very low whisper. Even with all the stress and fear I was quite relaxed .....considering what I was facing in a few hours. 

I was way too young for Prostate problems ....or so I thought until I was up trying to  piss half the night and pumping a "Dry Hole" as one might say lol !! I finally had to have a checkup and got the bad news....could be Very Bad news  !!! My Prostate was swollen and they wanted get in there with a fucking scalpel and poke around inside my fucking Balls with a fucking tube stuck up my poor cock !!! 

She, the surgeon, admitted that if they found something bad then things could get much worse for my poor cock.  I had a long conversation with a very pretty young Nurse and she was very comforting and reassuring but admitted the danger of the surgery.  A permanently limp dick would be my fate if the worst happened. She had actually done my intake and saw mw as I changed into my hospital gown. I must explain .......when I get really nervous I sometimes get a semi-stiff dick , it's like nervous energy I guess. Anyway while I changed my cock was hanging pretty low , not hard , just stretched long and swingin there as she opened the curtain. His big head was looking pretty good with my Foreskin rolled halfway over his head and swinging left and right as I put on the tight socks . The socks were just too tight so I needed her help to force them on. Without any embarrassment she  bent down to help after I covered up my balls with my cupped hands lol !! 

 "I know it's not very professional but I have to your Nurse of course .....and in a medical context.....Your ahhh....the .....the fine specimen you're holding in your hands there is quite impressive I must a medical Professional of is a fine example of the ideal Penis .....for me ....myself  ...that is ...she said very nervously."

"What if he's Gay !!?? what if he's married and complains about my personal comments about his cock , I could get fired ...or worse !!!! ".....she said to herself.

"I apologize, I'm getting a bit personal. but.......It would be such an absolute crime if anything happened to your 'Friend' she said pointing to my crotch . You've probably not even had too many opportunities to use it .....being so young ?? Guys your age Never have this problem but there are exceptions, unfortunately. The Doc is Brilliant so try not to worry too much. She says it's always been there but now that your "equipment" is fully grown it's taking up more space inside and a minor adjustment should have you " Up " and running in no time." she giggled just a little to lighten the mood. . 

I told her that it was running just fine and staying Up just fine and I just hoped He would stay that way !!! 

"I'll be back to kiss him goodnight later......"  

"I will be back at break time, around 3 AM to check on you..  Your roommate is out for the night, his meds will have him sleeping until noon. "She said this so quietly that her words didn't even register until she was gone from the room  but if I had heard her words correctly I might have an interesting night. 

I was tossing and turning all night. Maybe the words she had used earlier had me up all night ....and I mean UP !!! I couldn't stop thinking about the gorgeous Nurse and her delicious Mocha skin. My imagination was working overtime and keeping me awake. 

I couldn't wait any longer and pushed the button. It was just coming up on break time and I hoped my delicious dark lady would be the one answering my bell. 

All the lights were off except for the little reading light over the bed. When I pushed the button a little red light turned on over the door, giving the room an eerie red glow. 

The red light went out and I knew she would be coming soon.  My neighbor was snoring up a storm. I was only hoping for a sleeping pill to knock my ass out cold for the rest of the night. I would be unconscious for most of the next day but I still needed sleep until they came for me. 

In total silence the door opened, she slipped over the smooth shiny floor as if she glided on silent wheels, like a well oiled machine. It was 'My' Nurse and I smiled.

The mood in a hospital room like this at the most silent, peaceful time of night can only be understood by someone who has experienced it, the fear , the peace and silence is deafening. All the people whose lives will be changed forever when they leave here......IF they leave there. The Fearful often horrible dramas that play out in these rooms are very scary to even think of. 

She leaned over my face and I could feel her hot breath on my cheeks, little hot puffs of breath flowed over my face as she spoke, her breath was minty with a hint of coffee and Listerine....lunch was finished she leaned in the top of her uniform was open and her flesh had that lovely feminine , perfumed , "Body Shop" aroma....that smell always made my cock hard. I could not walk into one of those stores if I was going commando cock would always end up looking up at me trying to escape !!! 

:How are we doing Luv , you're quite restless I imagine but you should not be scared...really , your surgeon is a Genius and never fucks up......OOPS  !! did I say that out loud !!??  ...he NEVER  messes up and that pretty Beast between your legs will work just fine ......I must say ...He is quite impressive as an example of the male ....appendage ...."

She laughed at the archaic language she used.

"How big does your Friend get ..?....Just curious from a medical point of view you understand. Looks pretty thick and I would imagine about 7 inches...." 

"Eight inches last GF was always making fun....sort of passive aggressive....never knew if she was kidding of insulting me....I kicked her to the curb , no respect !!   Anyway just to prove it I got him nice and big myself if you know what I mean lol.  and measured him. Turned out to be a full 8 inches ..."

"You must be terrified about tomorrow which is understandable given the nice prize you have down there. That is a tasty morsel and I think he needs some attention to relieve some of the stress....OK ??"

As she said this I felt movement of the bed sheets and a cool finger touched my bare leg. Then two fingertips stroked the hair on my leg.

She smiled with a huge grin.

"I knew that I had to do something when I saw how worried you are. As I said you have a lot to lose and in the Very, Very unlikely event that something might go wrong I could only come to one conclusion have to have .....actually I Have to have at least one more shot at it...just in case of course. How many times has that thing been dipped in Honey ....Honey....yea...that Honey, honey lol ...Have you been inside a woman .....inside a woman's mouth....not a Girls mouth but a Woman's mouth, an experienced woman who can give you a real introduction to what is in your future. "

She put her hot lips to my ear and said .

"I LOVE to suck cock...!!  Are you going to turn me in for saying that ?? Words like that could get me in deep shit Mister so I hope you appreciate how difficult this is for a compassionate woman like me. I want to give you a want it ...??"

My hand slipped under the sheets and grabbed her fingers, pulling her hand between my legs as I opened my thighs wide. Her hand tried to cup my sticky balls but the hot flesh overflowed her fist.....she squeezed...I moaned and opened even wider . Her arm lay between my legs with her elbow at me knee and her fingers massaging my balls, she was almost lying on top of me as she stroked. 

The neighbor was snoring like a train with no chance of him waking up. 

"I am alone in this section and my beeper will sound if anyone needs me. Everyone is out for the count so they will not wake up. Don't worry about interruption."

She pulled back the sheets and exposed my body...............

"Oooohhhh....even more tasty than it looked earlier  Mister ....right up to your Bellybutton  and so lumpy and ribbed with all those muscles and veins....such Sweet  treat for wet lips, lovely big balls think they will fit...?  haha my mouth you bad want your balls sucked ...."  She whispered into my ear giggling quietly as her fingers tried to strangle my stiff prick in her hot fist. She opened another button and her lovely thick nipple made an appearance , her succulent lump of brown flesh sat atop a big golden colored areola which was immediately engulfed by my lips and tongue, as her tightening fingers engulfed my cock and balls.

"The anatomy of the engorged cock is so fascinating...I try to study the real thing as often as possible to add to my Academic knowledge. I hope we can meet up after your recovery , I would Love to give you some lessons on the mechanics of the   Stiff Prick !!! is such a Magical piece of human anatomy....just like my own dripping little Kitty....I am SOOO  fucking Wet right now Mister ....are you going to do something about that !!??  ."

Her fingers gripped my stiff prick and stroked as her face, her lips descended between my legs.  Her wet lips locked onto my cock head and kept the Foreskin rolled over my big head , slipping her tongue into my tiny slit and playing with the spongy purple flesh.  As I watched closely  my Foreskin rolled halfway over my head exposing the tight , shiny purple flesh of my swollen head.  She dipped her fingers between her legs and stroked for just a few seconds , giggling all the time. Her wet, sticky fingers touched her lips and then touched Cock twitched and swelled even more with this taste of her sex on my lips, so salty, so anomaly of the human body. The wetness on her fingers lubricated my Foreskin as it rolled back all the way and rolled up neatly like a window blind under the Lip of His "Helmet".  Her juices coated my rubbery head and  the flesh of his  glistened as she stroked. Suddenly her head delved deeper into my crotch as my two feet hung off the side of the bed. He big lovely tits were stuffed between my knees and stroked both thighs as her mouth engulfed and swallowed my steel pole of a cock.....she gulped and gasped as I pushed her head deeper into my balls and pushed my hips upwards to get even deeper ....fucking her open wet mouth until my balls slapped her chin. 

"Damn woman !!!...that is some fucking throat you have there my lovely Nurse. She giggled and tried to say something but just gave up. 

"You know it's rude to talk with your Mouth Full Nursey ....just plain Rude ...haha "

She nodded in response and laughed out loud, blowing her hot sticky saliva all over my balls and my belly. We both cracked up and both said at the same time.


She continued to deep throat my cock in a long slow stroking motion , slowly pushing her head into my cock as I pushed and pumped my engorged 8 inches into her mouth and deep down her wet neck as she gagged and swallowed every inch. The massaging of her big tits on my hairy thighs was driving me fucking nuts !!! I had to fuck her Pussy. 

I leaned into the back of her head as it slowly bobbed up and down , sucking and stroking my entire length. 

"I want to fuck your wet Pussy sweetie...will you fuck me...could be my last time sweetie.......Fucking you in the ass would be the icing on the cake but most women don't like that.....or so I hear ?? that true ?? If I'm going to lose my stiff Prick I would love to feel a tight asshole strangling my  cock head ....just once ....just one time to know  what it feels like to be balls deep in a woman's belly smacking her ass cheeks as I stroke into her . I wonder if it feels as good as I imagine it. I don't expect it feel so good , your sweet lips , your tight wet throat massaging my cock feels so damn good....that should be enough for me in this situation. 

She sunk my cock deep in her neck and as she withdrew my shaft from her throat she looked into my eyes , saliva mixed with my pre-cum dripping from her wet lips 

"You ARE a nasty Little Boy....!!! I am so disappointed.......that I never met you before haha !!!.....but Sooo afraid that this will be the last time I swallow this lovely Monster !!! We have forty five minutes from ....Now !! four O'clock is our alarm ....Maybe we have time to try something Big Boy....My little dark hole has not had a good fucking for quite a while but that thing might be a bit big...the head especially....that is quite a big knob you have on top of that's not going to hurt me if I let it ram my asshole it ?? "

"I've come close to everything .....lips, pussy, ass.....but have never been inside ....I'm soooo damn embarrassed but I thought you should know."

"Oooohhhh yes , I feel so lucky have the privilege . A pretty cock like this need to be taken care of properly, needs all the tender loving care that a first timer deserves.

She stood up and turned her back to me . She checked the door and peeked outside . closing the door again she put a chair in the way so that it would make noise if someone entered. Then she completely surrounded the bed with the large heavy curtain that hung from a rail and it encircled the bed. 

As she got back I sat on the edge of the bed one leg on the floor and one knee resting on the bed. My semi hard cock was hanging between my legs , cradled between my hairy thighs  my thick swollen shaft was lying on the bed, stretched out and waiting for  some attention from my lovely Nurse.

She stood and looked down at my resting Beast and a huge grin crossed her cute she licked her lips slowly. Turning her back again she slowly raised the hem of her Nurse uniform.  The fabric slipped up over her  smooth brown thighs as I stared with my mouth open, almost drooling !! 

As the hem of the fabric got higher the V between her legs got smaller ....until the first glimpse of her white ...very tiny panties came into view....the fabric , wet and dark was stuck right up in her tight crack. She opened her thighs and the wet dark V  became obvious. Her ass was big, round and Mocha colored, so beautiful and so smooth ....deliciously perky and bouncy as she displayed for me.  I reached out and slipped my fingers under the waistband and began sliding the fabric over her thighs and down her legs. As the wet panties slapped to the floor she bent lower and her ass cracked open to let me see her dark little hole ....buried deep between her cheeks.  I wanted to dive grab her ass and open her up ...wide ..wet ...slippery bury my big cock between those ass cheeks and fuck that little dark hole. She turned her head and grinned as she backed up to the bed , backed up to where my cock grew again for her , grew to his full 8 inches as he lay between my sweating thighs. He was stiff as a fucking fireplace poker , steel hard as I watched her ass cheeks spread for me . I reached around and grabbed her tits , pinching her big brown nipples as I pulled her back to me. 

"I think you need the full treatment Mister. You are my patient and my treatment regimen for you would entail lots of Pussy , a little Ass Fucking ...just for the novelty....and all the Cock-Sucking that I....You.... can your Personal Nurse that is. Stroking your own cock is mandatory ....the more you stroke the more your cock muscles grow , the stronger they get. The compartments inside your cock need stretching and Jerking  Off is the perfect treatment....keep it UP...literally after you leave here.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,In the meantime need this. "  She laughed and winked over her shoulder as she backed up to the bed....bending down and spreading her cheeks as she sat her ass on the bed right in front of my rock hard cock. As her asscheeks hit the bed my stiff prick was sandwiched between her big Mocha Cheeks . She began sliding over the length of my cock and as I leaned back on my elbows she reached around and grabbed my cock. My swollen head was dripping with precum as she gripped my head. She deftly lifted her ass and when she planted her body back down again my cock head was poking the entrance to her wet hole. 

Her fist tightened it's grip around my cock after rolling my Foreskin back down over my big knobby head  as her other hand was being coated in her sticky pussy cum to lubricate her tight asshole for me.   Her wet fingers joined her other hand between my legs and using both fists she began stuffing my engorged , squishy head into her sticky hole .

"Oooohhh Fuck Me...!!! that is one tight hole you've got there my lovely nurse. I didn't think your pussyhole would be so tight feels so fucking GOOD  !!! "

Her pussy juice coated my entire cock as my big head slipped into her body...very slowly...very gently....and Oooohhhh so fucking tight.  She began rising and then slipping back down slowly again .....pumping my steel fucking pole deep into her body as she moaned and grunted with every push downwards, impaling herself on my fleshy Spear."

I leaned back on my elbows as I watched her ass cheeks open and close with every heave I made up and into her wet hole and with every push she made back into and down on my stiff prick. I was sliding  smoothly now ...until my head was at her opening which point her body gripped me so tightly that I couldn't get in or out of her !!!  Suddenly she began pumping my cock faster , up and slamming back down she leaned forward to feel me filling her up to capacity.  Now she stroked right back into me as my feet became planted solidly on the floor. My hands didn't touch her , it took both hands to hold my body steady as she fucked me . It was so delicious to watch her ass cheeks opening and closing as she took my full eight thick inches deep into her. 
 I grabbed her hair tightly and pulled her head back to my lips, I whispered into her ear.....

"I have never felt such a tight fucking pussy you sexy fucking little cunt ....that cock chopping cunt of your is almost snapping my cock in half ...what the fuck kind of exercises do you do to get muscles like THAT !!! ???"

She grinned over her shoulder as she continued to ram her ass cheeks into my aching cock at a faster and faster pace. 

"That my Lovely Patient is because you are not fucking my slippery little pussy !!! haha "....She giggled so much I thought she was going to wake our neighbor. 

"That big fucking tree stump is jammed up my tight asshole ..Mister !!! like ?? "

My whole body quivered and shook as I realized why this little cunt was so tight .....her ass muscles clamped my cock tight and she laughed and continued to stroke back into me. 

Then I knew that I had to take control make this experience MINE make her hot fucking body  MINE...To make her tight fucking asshole my own use her tight hole and abuse it , slam into her under my own steam .  I pulled out of her asshole  before she could tighten her clamping muscles any more. I ordered her up onto the bed ...on her hands and knees in front of me. 

"Put you face flat on the bed you dirty little fucking whore little ass-whore want to feel what it's like when I'm all the way in there feel your ass walls want your asshole stretched well I'm just the man for that ...." 

I had to do the "Macho" thing's just what Men Do ..!! She Loved the filthy language and told me so. She whispered that I should talk dirty , using as filthy language  as I could muster. 

"You are such a dirty little Bitch, you are a cum-whore live for my cock and for my creamy cum, you want to feel it spraying on your body, on your whore Tits  , on your wet dripping pussy. You want my cum in your mouth , on your lips...don't you. "

She was almost flat on the bed before me , her face flat on the sheets , her ass up in the air and now I was controlling the game , her big round ass cheeks were in my hands and I slapped her hard, on each cheek.. ....which made our neighbor rustle and move in his bed, as I peeked through a gap in the curtain I could see his head, buried in a pillow....sleeping...? hopefully ??

My hard thrusts into her asshole was getting us both closer to a conclusion and I slowed , telling her to do the same. My strokes became very slow and very deep and she even protested a little as my cock bottomed out and my wet balls slapped her ass . 

"OOOhhhh holy FUCK....I can't stand much more of this Mister ....I've  Cum twice already you nasty fuck  !!!  You know it's Not nice to force a girl to take that big fucking Pole up her tight little asshole ...?? you dirty fucker're probably going to just stick that fucker between my lips and down my neck again without even wiping it are a filthy little fuck !!! fuck my face and my filthy whore throat.....I am soooo fucking turned on right now .............!!!!"

Out neighbor stirred again and I thought I saw one open eye glinting in the dim light. He was looking , peeking out from the sheet.  I ignored him and just kept on pumping as the bed creaked and even tried to roll a bit on it's wheels.  The creaking noise had woken him. 

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled tight, like pulling on the reins of a Horse with my other arm encircling her skinny waist, pulling her back into my cock for the grand finale , which was rapidly approaching. 

"I'm going to cum soon Baby...I am sooo fucking close...where would you like my load Nurse Rachet haha....where do you want my cream delivery want to suck it down your throat...right want my filthy load of cum spilled down your filthy whore throat....don't nasty little cunt....!!"

"Please let me have your lovely filthy load of cum down my neck....into my slippery throat , I want you to fuck my face and fill my whore mouth with your lovely cum .....Master !!! "

" ' Master ' ......Mmmmm...I like the sound of that.....We need to exchange Skype info Sweetcheeks....we have a lot more work to do if I'm going to be recover from this traumatic experience  !! ....the trauma of fucking that tight asshole will take some recovery time too haha....I really am feeling much better haha !! I giggled into her ear up close and personal as my teeth gripped her delicate soft earlobe. We definitely have a lot of work to do . "

My stroking thrusts into her asshole became faster and she mirrored my movements as she made her own  forceful thrusts back into my cock, slapping my belly with her big soft ass cheeks with every thrust.  I liked again and I could see that my neighbor was now looking with both eyes open....wide open !!! ...his cock must ne twitching now that he knew what was happening and realizing that he was not dreaming !!! He was now actively looking and listening , thinking that his pretense was working...haha I knew better and wanted him to have a good luck at the consummation of this hot encounter.

I slammed into her ass with a few more hard forceful thrusts and then pulled out with that familiar wet Plop.  She knew what to do and turned to face me , kissing me deeply on the lips, forcing her long sensuous wet tongue  deep into my mouth before she whispered. 

"No offense Baby but I am a NURSE so I have to do this ....."

She had a wet wipe in her hand and carefully stroked the damp clean smelling fabric over the length of my cock, carefully wiping my Foreskin and the big spongy head before stroking my entire length. 

She pushed me back , leaning against the headboard with my hands flat on the bed. She was on her knees between my wide open thighs. I lifted my ass to meet her open mouth as her head filled the space between my legs, my long hard cock sinking deeper into her open mouth. 

I was close to the point of no return and I could feel all those tingles in my Nuts and in my lower belly . As my muscles began to contract deep in my belly the inevitable was about to happen . I could feel the muscles contracting inside my pelvis as they got ready to squeeze the vessels that  store my load.

As I felt the thick load building in my balls I pulled my cock from her throat and pointed my cock head at her lips .

"Ya Wanna load of my meaty , protein filled goodness Ms Nurse ....Ya Wanna..." I laughed as I saw the glint in my neighbors eye. He now looked straight at us, actually at her back  and the sheets were moving in front of him (....the reader can take a guess...? )haha . "

I got up on my knees as both her fist and my own gripped the shaft of my cock and stroked furiously her lips sucking my little slit and kissing it at every opportunity . My neighbor's sheets began moving much faster...and his eyes stared at her ass as she leaned forward into my steel hard cock. . He must have had a perfect view of her wide open wet pussy as she spread her legs and rubbed her sticky pussy along my hairy leg. The faster we stroked my cock the faster her open wet pussy was sliding along my leg, stroking forcefully down onto the length of my soaked in her sweet smelling pussy juice. I lifted my leg a little to accommodate her personal jerk off session as one of my hands pinched and squeezed her big nipple between my fingers . Her cum was dripping off the underside of my leg and giving my roommate a view and an experience that he would never have again !!! This was a once in a lifetime show for the poor guy ...he was very sick and this might be our  "going away" present to him, hoping of course for a miracle.  This would be his night , might even get his fucked immune system working again .

The first thick spurt of my cream went straight down her throat as she open her mouth wide and swallowed my head.....pulling out I maintained my thrusts and kept stroking as she presented her bug luscious tits to be sprayed with my sticky juice.

"Cum on my big fucking tits you nasty fuck.....spray you cream  on my cum whore tits , get them all sticky and nasty so I can smell you on me when I get home , I want the raw, animal smell of your sex on me when I get to my bed and continue stroking the Naughty little Kitty that lives between my legs.  My wet , horny little Cunt needs a lot more work .....her switch has been turned on  and I don't  know where the Off Switch is,  She can be a real Bitch sometimes but I do Love Her haha ."

Another thick white stream spurted onto her begging tits  as her hand rubbed my cum on her nipples,  then another  white spurt busted from my cock head and hit her lips dead center. She smiled and opened her mouth as she licked her red lips......catching my next creamy stream right between her open lips , gulping it down and licking her lips again. 

The Neighbor would have a fucking Stroke if we kept this up and Not The Good kind of Stroke !!! He was bouncing just a little as he really began doing "The Nasty"  under the sheets ....I could see his arm stroking up and down as he stared at her wide open ass cheeks, I knew that he could see her pussy now as her creamy cum juice coated her lips and dripped onto the bed sheet.  He made no secret of his humping motion. I would time my own grunts and groans to protect him from discovery. I just didn't want him to see her face ...had to keep her anonymous for her own protection.  I slowed my stroking as she licked my head and sucked the last of my cum up my twitching cock shaft but there were a couple more thick spurts left in she found out to her delight. My whole body felt like I was having a mad seizure as I rammed my cock deep into her throat one more time, causing her to gag and choke on my thick head. 

Just as she was pulling her mouth away from my still hard cock I let loose another final couple of thick spurts , both landing on her big sweaty tits...much to her delight . She dipped her finger into my cream which dripped from her swollen nipple and licked before dipping one more time and thrusting her fingers between my lips . 

"You taste like the Ocean Mr Patient !!"

She slipped her other hand between her open thighs and dipped her finger into her sticky , salty cum.....treating me to the salty taste on my own tongue she thrust her finger between my lips. 

"You taste like Sushi Ms Nurse....fresh Sushi with salty fresh seaweed covered Pink Salmon, I LOVE fresh Pink Salmon....I like to eat my Salmon just like I eat Pussy .....Raw and juicy."

As I said this I think our neighbor heard because he jerked forward as he strained to get a better view of her open asshole and Pussy lips , then heaved upwards in his bed  a little  , thrusting his hips up ( into his tightly closed fist I assume ??!!  haha !!)  . I could not let her know that this was going on in the other bed !!! but I had to keep her secret. 

She again engulfed my shrinking cock head and licked the last of my cum , sucking on my little cock-hole and grinning with every lick and every tight little suck of her lips. 

As Voyeur Guy grunted out his cum spewing jerk off session and groaned as his cock and balls were drained of his cum I mimicked his grunts simultaneously and groaned just as he grunted out what surely must be his last spurt of cum . He would be embarrassed when he asked the nurse to change his sheets in the morning ....maybe his hospital gown took the whole load of his cream but the room would smell like a fucking whorehouse by the morning haha !! I laughed to myself. 

As she lay in my lap she was exhausted after her vigorous workout Her soaking wet pussy was still open and wet , her pussy lips draped over my hairy thigh and splayed  wide open to the extent that those tight lips would open. My leg was dripping with her sweet juice .

I got a wink from the Wanker in the other bed haha . Unsmiling I looked at him and pointed to my eyes and my lips and then shook my finger ....drawing it over my throat to warn him that this was our little secret and he should get his whole head back under the sheets and disappear until my Nurse had left the room. 

I stroked her hair and gently nudged her up to plant a soft kiss on her lips. 

"Thank you sweetie.....I feel so much better now about tomorrow...I mean Today !!!  Even if my cock suffers the worst I will go on remembering this night . If that is to be my Last Time Ever ....then I will go into that sad future  knowing that I had a world class cock sucker to finish me off  and send me to ecstasy deep in your throat Baby , I kissed her again.  I never expected to lose my Ass-Fucking Virginity tonight ....or ever for that matter !!! What a nice surprise !!  You are one tight assed cocksucker Ms Nurse and I will never, ever forget you. "

"OK ...I'll say it . If  that big Beast can still get hard after your procedure  then he belongs to me !!!!  I own your cock any time I want it, If I say  CUM say "Where and when  ?   If I take out handcuffs and my little buggy whip , just a soft one by the way lol,  you know what you have to do . I didn't say before but I Love getting Ass- fucked and having my tight hole stretched and reamed out by a nice thick cock,  especially  one with a huge fucking knob like your Beast.  If your lovely cock survives then I will be His best friend whenever he wants one just as he and You will be available whenever my ass Itch needs to be scratched.  Next time you can fuck my tight little cunt and my slippery pussy is just as tight as my asshole  Baby so you are in for a treat.....all you gotta do is get through your procedure. 

 I have your info so if you hear from me it will be good news all round. Even if that Beast stopped working I can do amazing things with a Didlo ...I could make you cum with a Dildo up your ass don't have to be rock hard in order to cum !!! I've made several guys cum for me  who couldn't get a hard cock....haven't you ever cum too soon ....before you dick even got hard....disappointing the recipient of your favors.  Even a Limp Dick can cum for me and give you all that pleasure, the same pleasure. I have great technique and can even make a limp dick spurt for me.  I would do that for you ...just because you are such a nice and cool guy.  When I need a good stuffing I have another even bigger DonkeytDick on speed dial ....No silly...Not an actual Donkey haha.......just a cock long enough and thick enough to reach that Itchy Spot deep in my Cunt , even if  you have a problem. 

"Why  ??.....why me and why promise those favors, you don't even know me ."

"I know you now and that's enough for me. You are a sweetie and my job is to make my patients feel better , to lift them out of a dark mood is just as important as medicine. In my humble opinion the absolute Best medicine for a guy in your position is a good hard , deep blow job, getting a nice deep ass fuck was just icing on the cake for Lucky Dog hahaha . 

"OK time's up , my lunch break is over soon and I gotta get my shit together. Nurses smell absolutely Everything and I cant walk aroundsmelling like your lovely Cum my Dear ...even if I do Love it so much . I would be in deep shit if this little adventure became common knowledge.  ' Loose lips sink ships '  so you know what to do. If you ramble while you're sedated they will just think you're dreaming ??!! no worries there. 

He was still peeking when she stood up on the bed. Bare assed and dripping pussy juice from her slippery cunt  she stood, wobbling, looking down at my deflated cock  she smiled. 

"That was my good deed for today. Now let me find another worthy beneficiary for my juicy favors....Not tonight . !! I'm not a total slut !!! you Nasty Boy . Just going to do my homework and see who needs a psychological boost in the coming nights ...haha I really want my most needy patients to have Cumming Nights over the Coming nights haha !"

"Don't you feel better already about your up coming ordeal , a bit more relaxed even ???

"So much so ...that I don't give a fuck right now haha !!  My balls are still twitching and my poor Beast wouldneed days to recover after getting  him rammed and jammedup your tight , sweet asshole Baby haha !!"

She hopped off the bed and stood at the open curtain with her white uniform hiked up to her waist. The poor fucker in the other bed thought that all his Birthdays were cumming at once !!! as he stared at her big round mocha colored ass topped by the tiniest waist I had ever seen , a true Hourglass Figure !! When I looked across the room all I saw was two huge white eyeballs staring into her ass with his mouth open , totally engrossed by and taken with the gorgeous sight in front of him . He was shaking his head as if he didn't believe what was in front of his eyes. 

My expression told him to stop looking and get back where he belonged...under the covers !!! He complied just as Ms Nurse turned to look for her sticky panties. As she stooped without bending her knees , legs apart ...on purpose , a total tease.....her lovely ass was again presented for me to admire.  

"Ahaaa..there they are she said , standing up , her wet panties hanging from her little finger.  She held her finger and her panties under my nose......"Smell that Mr Patient that aroma getting your spent cock hard again it is ."  

She laughed and pushed the damp fabric in my face ....the smell of raw, dirty filthy sex was all over my face for the sake of sex , for fun and my cock was hard again, harder than ever ...He reached his peak  and his one eye was staring back at her as she giggled. 

"Incorrigible....!!  but you've had your fill for one night ."  She mumbled as she looked at my cock staring back at her. 

She flipped her damp panties onto the head of my stiff prick as a concession prize.

"Put these in your little bathroom bag sweetie , when you wake up they will remind you that tonight wasn't just a dream.  When you feel lonely just have a sniff and close your eyes. 

She laughed as she pulled down her uniform which barely slipped over her lovely big ass cheeks. Before she buttoned up her top she used a wet wipe to disguise the unmistakable smell of sex that clung to her lovely breasts.  She used another as she spread her legs wide and wiped my sticky cum from her pussy lips. 

Neighbor patient kept his head down and kept the unspoken deal we had made with our eyes. 

Ms Nurse finished adjusting her clothes and got her hair straightened out and my Roommate kept his head down. 

Just as her lunch break was over she was ready for primetime  having been filled with both food and a good big cock, she was going back to work satisfied . 

"I will see you when I start my shift at 10 PM ....your dick will be hurting so no thoughts of tight pussy or  of my sweetest little tight hole have to be disciplined until the Beast is back in shape. "

She kissed me on the forehead and walked out the door....blowing a kiss as she left.

She blew the kiss towards my roommate and winked in his direction.  She had bent down to get her panties after she had seen the glint in his half-covered eyes,  giving him a perfect view of her big beautiful brown tits.He just had to look and she knew it so she gave him a perfect view. Then turned to present her sweet ass for a quick look !!

She was a born tease and loved to allow brief glimpses of her Assets when people least expected it.  

My cock survived his ordeal and continued to drool for my lovely Nurse until I finally felt able to make that call for some more of her specialized treatment at home.

All hospitals should have a resident cocksucker on the payroll,  the recovery rates would would improve dramatically ....IMHO...haha . 

The room still reeked of sex but the new nurse would blame my roommatte who had spewed his load of cum all over his gown and sheets . I would roll my eyes when the new Nurse would look disapprovingly at him and shake her head . When she arrived in the room and showed that exact reaction he just looked over at me ..."poker faced" at first  until a huge grin appeared on his face and he just smiled , saying nothing. 

Any comments on my Self Portrait in the title pic would be welcome and appreciated. I guess that's how I feel most comfortable ...balls naked and reveling in  the utter freedom,,,whatever you want to call it. It just feels reallt good to be naked, especially when swimming. 

Thanks for getting this far XO


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