The Seduction.....Mocha With Cream on a Train--Please .PART 0

The Seduction.....Mocha With  Cream on a Train--Please .PART  0

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


THANK YOU DeeAnna for the inspiring and educational Email Chat- You are quite a woman :) Prequel to Seduction : How Jimmy Met his Diva. . She will have the Cream in her Mocha and He is so easy.This is her opportunity to get out of NY and start fresh in San Francisco if she strokes him the right way. A free ticket and a free apartment will do nicely. An anonymous hand job on a train begins an exciting series of event. How far will she go . His love is unconditional and crazy.


THANK YOU DeeAnna for the inspiring and educational Email Chat- You are quite a woman :)

Prequel to Seduction : How Jimmy Met his Diva. .
She will have the Cream in her Mocha and He is so easy.This is her opportunity to get out of NY and start fresh in San Francisco if she strokes him the right way. A free ticket and a free apartment will do nicely. An anonymous hand job on a train begins an exciting series of event. How far will she go . His love is unconditional and crazy.


Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013





Would you like fresh Cream On that Mocha Honey



She was getting very bored with her stupid job at the high end department store in Manhattan. Dealing with those rich spoiled brats had become tiresome. Daddy’s credit card paid the bills for their toys, their $5,000 bags, $700 shoes, she couldn’t stand dealing with them, she had to get out and make a new start someplace else.

L.A. would make a nice change but that place was filled to capacity with women like her, beautiful body, angelic face, an expert prick teaser, who rarely gave up the sweet treat that lived between her legs. She knew that the sticky sweet prize was her most valuable asset.

Hookers could not be very smart unless they plied their trade on Park Avenue, these ladies knew their value and made men pay for that pussy but they really had no control over their bodies even if they did make a shitload of money. In many ways she was actually a prude, she would not let just any swinging dick get into her pussy and definitely not up her ass, no matter how much money they offered, other conditions would have to be met.

She had learned very early in life that men wanted her, to lick the sticky juice off her golden lips, sniff her sweet scent, to be inside her. Men would do anything to fuck her but very few of them actually got inside that pretty Coochie. She liked to call it her Coochie, Those old perverts in her childhood called it her Pussy and she hated the association, it brought back bad memories.

In High school she had the reputation of being easy, the Bad Girl, but only because none of the guys she dated would admit that she never actually gave it up. Being finger-fucked was about all she would concede to those assholes, a sticky finger in her pussy and a suck on her big brown nipples which topped deliciously big round tits kept them coming back with a promise of more.

Eating her Coochie and sucking on her tits was not having sex as far as she was concerned, this was just play; she did not do the blowjob thing, that was “dirty” and the “Hershey Highway” was not even on her radar, unless she was in her slightly “manic” phase. If she was in this state and she liked the guy, if he was suitably deferential and begged then he just might get the full treatment.  Then again he might get nothing. If he was very special, if she thought there would be a big payoff, either emotionally or financially (special gifts) he just might get to fuck her in that big, juicy, mocha ass and every other sweet hole she possessed; he would have to be very special indeed for this treatment.

When she fell into this “manic” state she could be downright reckless. She never felt the depression that usually accompanies the Mania, she took no medication. If she did act recklessly there was usually a very good, logical reason for her actions so she never thought it was strange.


She was a very complex personality but as the song goes she knew exactly “what that Hole was for” ( Eurythmics )



When she spotted Jimmy on the train ride home from work, on the LIRR he looked promising as a ticket out of there. She heard him on his phone talking about Montserrat in the Virgin Islands ( Ironic ), down South near Trinidad. It had been half destroyed by a volcano some time before. Jimmy had been on a photography assignment there. She immediately figured him for a worthy fuck and he looked kind of cute, wearing baggy colorful shorts over legs with just the right amount of hair while there was snow on the ground outside and carrying a big camera bag. She threw him a glance with a tiny hint of a smile; making and breaking eye contact for a tantalizing instant.

His references to San Francisco really grabbed her interest. He might be a candidate for the full treatment if she got his phone number or email address. She could have him by the balls in minutes and maybe a trip to San Francisco thrown in if she played her cards---  and Him --- right!!

She watched and waited but did not make herself obvious to him; this game had to be played to perfection.

About 15 minutes into the trip he picked up his camera bag and hung it on his shoulder. She thought her chance to satisfy her current manic state was gone. It would be the big vibrating rubber dick tonight to relieve her tension. She had been looking forward to the challenge, she really needed to have a flesh and blood cock in her fist tonight to feel the cum shooting onto her fingers.

To her surprise he headed for the big wheelchair accessible bathroom.

She quickly stood up and was behind him as he stepped inside.

He felt her hand on his as he reached behind him to close the door.

"what the fuck!!!!!!................. Who thell.........."

“Shhhh…  “.  She whispered over his shoulder and into his ear.

“This is your lucky night lover, if you like girls?? Give me your hand”.

She closed the door as her other hand guided his fingers between her wet thighs.

He smiled broadly, relieved,  and said, “No big hairy Balls, what a nice surprise!!!, you never know these days but who, ? Why?"”.

"That's not important", she whispwews.

"What you've got in your pants, that's what matters right now, I need a stiff prick, you got the goods???"

“Lets see if you’ve got the balls ‘white boy’ and you better have more than three inches in those shorts”

“Do you think seven might do it for you sweetie??”, he chuckled nervously.




“Seven?? Really……. that will get you a bite of my copper peach if we ever meet again baby, if it’s not a seven inch pencil dick”.

“Get your hands dirty girl and find out for yourself”.

The “shy guy” was faking it, making it up now as he went, just as she was.

He little baby fingers snaked over the front of his t-shirt, found the border and slipped underneath the material, sliding slowly over his flat, hairy belly as he felt her warm breath on the nape of his neck. As her lips sucked on the smooth tanned flesh of his shoulder her hands slipped under the waistband of his shorts. Her hot little fingers continued  downwards until she discovered that the hair ended at his pubic bone which prompted her tongue to slip through her thick moist lips, now he felt it’s wet touch on his bare skin and his cock swelled in his tight, stretchy briefs.

“You are shaved!! Oh shit!!!  I just love to stroke a nice big smoothly shaved cock and you just might feel my tongue on those shaved balls if I grant you another visit. Sucking a nice big pair of fleshy smooth balls is my favorite thing to do to a man ”.

“Holy Fuck!!, I don’t want to cum before you even stroke it and I just might if you don’t stop saying things like that”.

“That’s a deal, I’ll stop talking and you don’t turn around and both of us will get what we need sweetie”.

He had noticed several cute women in the carriage but he could only guess which one was stroking his growing cock through his skimpy cotton briefs. He sneaked a peek and saw that her hands were a golden, coppery color. She could be Puerto Rican but she didn't  have the typical accent of a NY Puerto Rican, her accent was cultivated (she had probably attended a Catholic High School, big on elocution)  and she carefully and properly pronounced the words which would usually give away her ethnic background (it’s a New York thing). The typical Puerto Rican accent of a New Yorker is unmistakable to someone who has lived there. He loved Puero Rican women. their brown skin and their no nonsesnse attitude to life, the ladies he had met!!

She got her thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and they dropped to the floor. She picked them up, and hung them on the back of the door. He hardly noticed her gesture of deliberate thoughtfulness; she wanted him to notice this and he would, later.

One warm hand cupped his hairless balls while the other gripped the base of his stiff prick and slowly stroked upwards, feeling every vein and muscle. Her fingers concentrated on the thick cum tube on the underside and he felt her nails scraping gently along the delicate skin. He quivered and his knees shook slightly; his reaction got her juices flowing and her little panties were soaked in her sticky wetness.

She took his hand again and jammed it between her thighs, forcefully putting his fingers where she needed them, into the wet slit of her pussy; she herself quivered now at his touch. His middle finger pushed the wet panties into her crack as he traced the outline of her engorged pussy lips.

He couldn’t wait any longer and stuck his wet fingers under the thin waistband, finding her sticky, wet hole. The whole length of his middle slowly slipped into her quaking body and stroked her pussy lengthwise until the tip reached her swollen, sensitive Clit. He pinned her clit between his thumb and fingertip and squeezed lightly, rhythmically pulsing around the sensitive little lump of flesh, milking her little puffy rosebud, jerking her off just as she was jerking him.

“Squeeze Harder baby, squeeze, I’m going to cum, stroke me”, she gasped quietly into his ear.

Her right hand gripped his balls and made him wince as her left stroked the length of his big cock and pulled his foreskin in a tight grip up and over the big squishy knob of his head, milking the pre cum out of the head and lubricating the thick veins of his shaft on the downward slippery stroke. She quickly, dragged the tight briefs down over his shaking thighs and they dropped to the floor, where they remained, passionate stroking was the only concern now for both of them as he opened his legs wider allowing his balls to hang free.

She furtively pulled her dripping panties off and waved the aromatic sticky pussy-soaked white cotton under his nose. He almost shot his load of pressurized cum on the spot, having to distract his racing mind for a few seconds to stop the cum from pouring out of his shivering body.

“You can take these with you to keep you company during any long, lonely nights when you get home. My sticky cum juice will get you off as you stroke your lonely cock when you get horny and have no cunt to fuck baby. My wet cunt will always be right here in my little sticky panties”.

“Please stop talking and stroke that fucker harder, squeeze it, choke it like you wanted to choke the worst asshole you ever dated. My cock is your worst enemy, now choke him!!!!!”

She stroked the length of his stiff prick with the grip of a vice, like she was trying to kill it. As the first drops of cum squirted out of his slit she dragged the milky juice back down over the slippery head and shaft, her stroking got faster and even tighter as his middle finger found her tight hole and forced its way through the slick entrance of her cunt. Her pussy muscles gripped his second knuckle so tightly that he couldn’t pull it out so he pushed deeper into her.




She quivered again and now her knees shook and quivered as her sticky juice was forced out around his finger and she raised up on the balls of her feet, curling her little toes with the intensely passionate orgasm that shook her whole body from her toes to the top of her curly auburn head.

He was ready now and he could not hold his load of cum any longer.

She sensed this while her body was still quaking and picked up the pace using his own dripping cum as a lubricant.

His foreskin slipped rapidly up and over his bulging head time after time, faster and faster.

As he started to grunt hoarsely she wanted to watch the sticky milk shoot out of him and she looked around his sweaty waist to watch, without revealing herself to him. His cock was as big and swollen as she thought, even bigger than it felt. He didn’t lie, it had to be seven inches at least and thick enough to stretch her jaws to the limit if she ever sucked him off, especially around the big knob at the tip, she thought she would love to tease him while measuring it’s length and girth but that was for a future treat, a future tease!!

As these thoughts were flooding her racing mind she felt the muscles and veins of his cock tighten and bulge under her tight fist, his smooth balls suddenly became smaller and his ball sack shrunk into a tight little ball in her sticky hand. With one final massive jerk of his foreskin her stroking hand slammed into her other hand and his balls. The slit at the tip opened wider as the thick white cum shot out of his cock and slammed the wall in front of him. He shot several long streams of cum onto the wall before his convulsing prick slowed it’s jerking motion and his cum dripped down the rim and covered her tiny fingers as she continued to stroke the deflating rod in her hand.

He sighed deeply with a quivering release of breath from his burning lungs as his knees almost buckled beneath him. She, likewise, quivered and quaked, standing on her curling little toes as her orgasmic convulsions continued in time with his.

“Holy Shit, he muttered quietly, turning his head slightly and touching her face with his, I’ve never cum like that, ever in my entire damn life. You are such a Bad Girl but you give the best hand job I have ever experienced “.

“ I didn’t do too bad myself” she panted into his damp, sweaty ear and kissed his earlobe.

“We better get out of here now, me first. Clean that shit off the wall before you go. I’ll check after you come out , I like a clean and tidy guy, if he cleans up after himself then his body is probably clean too, no Cooties !! If you have Cooties and didn’t tell me I have a friend who’ll hold you down while his buddy fucks you in your diseased asshole. So baby, got Cooties???”

“Fuck NO honey, I’m as clean as the driven snow, I get checked regularly, guaranteed--  NO Cooties on me or in me , I would never do that to a woman , ever”.

“Good, then your little asshole will stay nice and tight like it should be!!!.”

“Leave your email and phone number behind the paper holder and I will get it. If I get the urge to use that cock again you’ll know about it, you don’t need my number”

She washed her sticky hands and slipped quietly out the door.

He cleaned his big load of fresh cum off the wall and did as instructed.




They eventually took their seats and got no funny looks, People mind their own business on the LIRR as in NYC.

He left the train after two more stops and still was not sure which of the pretty brown-skinned occupants of the train car had given him the best hand job of his life. He hoped she would call or email.




About two months after he returned to San Francisco he got the call. He had been so excited waiting for it and when the call finally came he almost came in his shorts!!. She wanted to visit him, in fact she said that she wanted to move to SF and could she stay with him for a little while.

He nearly passed out for the second time…………. And stuttered out a one or two word response.

She warned him that she was not normally “That” kind of girl and she would just be his room mate for a while until she found a place.

That was fine with him, he was so infatuated that he would buy a ticket for her if she demanded that , she implied and he comlied  It gave him a foot in the door and more was possible. The promise of her mocha/ copper split peach was overwhelming him. He wanted her and would comply with any rules or requirements she demanded.





He didn’t sleep that night and for several nights afterwards imagining how he would deal with his future room mate when she arrived.


He was happier than he had been in a very long time. Time would tell the rest of the story.


Ever Onward!!!  The Seduction begins in earnest.





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