The Library......The Prize . Part 3

The Library......The Prize . Part  3

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


I would Love to have some comments/ critiques ...please & thanks .. Magoo . Things heat up even more in the library, the prize is revealed in all it's wet sticky beauty.


I would Love to have some comments/ critiques ...please & thanks .. Magoo .
Things heat up even more in the library, the prize is revealed in all it's wet sticky beauty.


Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



"Naughty ??....positively BAD !! when I'm in the right mood."

"You in the mood ??"

"What do you think ?? LOL"

"Mmmmmm...Yea !!"

"I'm really good when I'm BAD lol "

The grey haired lady was sitting there oblivious to the hot, sticky drams unfolding in her midst. She was totally engrossed in the book that lay on the table before her , the ear bud headphones blocking any other sounds.

Katy looked at me as she bent down and gently grabbed her ankle, caressing her instep and her  perfect little toes. She seductively lifted her right  leg until her heel rested on the soft edge of the seat. Then hem of her short, colorful summer dress rested on her knee for a few seconds before sliding down her thigh very slowly , exposing the lovely golden flesh of her upper thigh. The edge of her panties, where they met her ass  came into view . The brilliant white cotton merging with the golden brown flesh of her ass cheek was say the least !!  a  vision of pure beauty.  My swelling cock evidenced the effectiveness of her seductive strategy.

She was doing this for me, just for me, my own private show !! This was not a sleazy display of flesh by some random horny little vixen, this was performance art at it's best. My reaction was her goal, my growing cock was her prey. Katy was not as innocent as her pretty, youthful face might imply.

Would she be satisfied with just watching my dick growing to it's seven and a half inches in my shorts. With my embarrassed expression when my body stiffened in my chair and my big cock convulsed in my shorts before a big  load of milky cum spurted and created my beery own wet spot on My shorts ?? LOL

Her poised leg began to sway from side to side as her heel rested on the seat, back and forth until finally I saw the slightly bulging little V  of her white panties. Her tight little slit clearly visible under the clingy, tight cotton, her pussy lips bulging slightly on either side of her slit , giving that classic "camel toe" effect that is so so hot. The puffy slit of her little pussy was outlined in her wet sticky juices and slightly darker than the pure white cotton of her panties.

"Want a lick big boy ?? haha...What are you hiding in those shorts...let's see what's hiding in there LOL"

"TOO dangerous...I could get arrested !!! They would say you were a naughty girl....they would lock me up as a sex pervert !! You trying to get me in trouble ?!!"

"As soon as you sat there you were in trouble Eddie Baby !! it's just getting deeper lol"

"Now my keyboard is all pussy juice is sooo sweet and sticky...wanna taste ?

"OH Fuck I'm going to cum in my shorts if you keep doing this to me !!

"Ooooh YEA..I want to see that !! will you jerk off for me ?? haha"

"Right here !!!?"

"Where else ?.......... I want to watch your cum splashing on your belly as you look into my pussy. The danger makes it soooo exciting"

"If the grey lady sees me she will have a stroke !!! right after she screams....HELP..Police !!"


I looked up from my phone and a bead of sweat instantly formed on my upper lip.

My new best friend had lifted her other leg up and rested her left heel right next to her right on the soft cushion , both heels snugly tucked up tight against each lovely ass cheek. Again she slowly swayed both knees...opening and closing the golden doorway to her wet, sticky prize, her lovely , puffed up slit. Her pussy lips bulged the soft cotton slightly more, engorged with blood as it pumped through her body, The analogy to the "Split Peach" was so appropriate, as in " Eat a Peach" ....I desperately wanted to eat and suck the juice from her pretty pink peach.

"Let me see your Peach"

"My Peach ...hahaha"

"It's Sooo juicy, I can feel my sticky juices running gown the crack of my horny little ass...well not so little. It's nicely rounded and toned to perfection actually but that's for later, maybe on another trip to the library for a study session. LOL "

"You're not leaving yet I hope ??"

"I'm not nearly done with you my dear Eddie, mind if I call you Eddie?"

"Hell no "

She opened her legs wide and scanned the room with her sparkling eyes. Still just grey lady immersed in her book.

Her knees moved apart, opened wide, like parting the Red Sea, it was positively Biblical lol !!

With both knees dropped to either side her sweet prize was laid bare before me, although still tightly encased in pure white cotton but waiting for my lips to lick her sweet nectar. She lifted her knees just slightly and the cotton seemed to be sucked right into her puffy little cunt, really bringing out the lovely shape of her pussy lips. This lady was a true artist in the art of seduction, a very special lady indeed.

The fingers of her left hand slid across her soft inner thigh and came to rest on the patch of wet stickiness between her legs, her fingers lay flat , covering her pussy lips. Pulling her fingers back to the waistband she lifted the elastic with one finger and slipped it underneath. One finger probed , then two  , then three then four fingers slipped beneath the soft fabric of her delicate panties, ever closer to the slit hidden beneath. Her long middle finger suddenly seemed to disappear as her hand slipped further into her panties She began stroking her slit up and then slowly down again, her finger slipping inside her slippery pussy every time. she was emitting a long slow moan as she stroked. I averted my gaze long enough to glance across the room at grey lady....still oblivious, thankfully !!

Pretty girl kept this motion going for five minutes, her head thrown back and her hips pushing up off the chair against her stroking fingers, back and forth, sliding on the chair cushion for maximum pleasure. Suddenly her lovely ass levitated off the cushion completely and her heels dug into the soft cushion , she emitted what could only be described as a long low growl and the front of her panties suddenly dripped with her flowing pussy juices. Her panties were soaking wet in seconds. Her head was frozen to the back of her chair as she clenched her lips shut to stop the scream that wanted to roar from her throat. All the muscles in her lovely legs were as taut as a ships rigging in a gale, her toes curled into a tight ball as her body shivered and shook from the top of her head to the red painted nails of her cute little toes, shaken by the storm of orgasmic pleasure that washed over her beautiful body.

I can't really claim any credit for her orgasmic experience but I could have watched her stroking her sweet pussy  all day long.

"Damn !!! That was an experience that I will never forget !! ". I quickly typed into my phone.

She was still shaking as she touched her wet,sticky finger to the keyboard.

"FUCK MEeeeeeee !! That was so damn good...still is in fact, I'm still quivering, my poor pussy is still clenching so tight it feels like I'm having a seizure !! HOLY SHIT !! "

"Are we there yet lol !!??"

"Well I definitely arrived ..haha"

"The Library is closing soon...pity"

"Can we do this again sometime ?"

"Any time you like sweet lady, you have my number"

"I message you , you get here..OK ? Stand me up and you will never see me again !"

"You got it Baby. Is that all I get ? I never even saw your lovely pink lips under all that wet cotton sweetie , so disappointed "

"Maybe I do have a little gift for you, to keep you company until you get to lick the sweet juice right from my lovely lips...some day lol "

With that she lifted her ass cheeks up off the chair and slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. Slowly, very slowly she began sliding the fabric down over her ass cheeks to her legs. Resting her body on her lower back she slid the white wet treasure off her ass and holding her legs outstretched she lowered the panties down her legs until she held them by one finger. They were tiny, they would fit inside an egg. The delicious  sight had the pre cum dripping from the big swollen head of my engorged cock, now I would need a change of shorts as I blew my load all over my hairy belly and inside my Jockeys, I didn't even touch the big fucker, he just had to do what he had to do I guess !!LOL

Her fingers were flying furiously across the little keyboard as she began typing.

"I saw that , it was so beautiful to watch you shoot you cum without even touching what appears to be a fine specimen of a cock . I want to suck you off in that corner over there next time we meet, I want to taste that cum as it drips down my chin, I want you to fuck my throat, my mouth, I want you to fuck my face baby, I want all of it, right here in this hall of knowledge, I want to know what it feels like to be choked by your big thick cock.." I just love to suck a good big silky cock, thick and long. I've only done it twice but I loved having a big dick shoved down my throat, feeling all the bulging veins against the inside of my gaping jaws, pulsing with the blood pumping through them. Now you get your gift.

She had been leaning forward with her soaked panties hooked on her little finger. Now she leaned back in her chair and again lifted her heels to the cushion, resting them on the edge. She opened her lovely tanned legs wide and there it was, in all it's glistening wet glory, her swollen , Red and pink  pussy lips  staring at me, giving me a sideways smile. Her small inner pussy lips peeked out like a tiny little tongue as she grinned at me and gave her lovely lady a final stroke of her palm.She lifted her palm to her mouth and gave it a long sensuous lick, smiling all the while.

She picked up her backpack and stood up, looking into my eyes as she walked towards me.

Reaching my chair she bent down over me and took my hand in hers. She then slipped my hand between her legs and ran my palm over her wet lips in one long slow stroke. I almost passed out ....but my big cock got even bigger all over again.

As she stood up she opened her other hand and dropped her wet cotton panties into my lap. I quickly snapped up my prize and rolled them in my clenched fist, feeling the moist dampness of her sticky juices all over my palm. She looked down and saw that my prick was ready to do some major damage again , although I had just cum in my shorts she laughed and then smiled .

"I'm impressed, ready to go another round !!  I can't wait to get my hot little hands wrapped around that bad boy...and my lips of course, all of my lips "

She then just strolled off into the hot, moist night, smiling over her shoulder as she went.

"Keep your phone turned on and answer it when I call"

"You can count on it gorgeous. We will meet again, no doubt about that.


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