The Doctor ..The Frantic Finale...

The Doctor ..The Frantic Finale...

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


My dreams had cum true, her tight wet pussy was staring me in the face and she required satisfaction, a good tongue lashing was the first and most important job. Satisfying her needs was my First Priority, as always. If she is not biting her lip to smother her squeals of passion then I have not done my job ...her sweet little Clit was my first target.......


My dreams had cum true, her tight wet pussy was staring me in the face and she required satisfaction, a good tongue lashing was the first and most important job. Satisfying her needs was my First Priority, as always. If she is not biting her lip to smother her squeals of passion then I have not done my job ...her sweet little Clit was my first target.......


Submitted: February 08, 2019

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Submitted: February 08, 2019



Part 4 : The Frantic Finale.


  I required a little break and I wanted to make things more comfy, for both of us.. I stood up with my palms resting on the delicious pink asscheeks , licking the salty, sweaty flesh of her ass and her broad fleshy hips as I rose up , Her pussy lips were dripping her sweet juices down between her legs with little rivulets of pussy Cream sliding over her delicate inner thigh. Those lovely pink pussy lips had become very red and puffy with the inrush of blood to the mound between her legs,,,,,she was burning hot and her little Clit was still pulsating from her last orgasm , her pussy was still dripping onto the examining table and the white cream had dripped onto the floor . Damn , this woman was just gushing sticky juice everywhere, the smell of her sex permeated  the room (....cleanup would be required ). 

As I stood behind her , looking down on those big soft perfect ass  cheeks , My fists gripping soft hips with my cock dripping little streamers of pre cum I slid his full length between her big ass cheeks , stroking slowly between those lovely hunks of hot pink flesh , along the length of her delicious crack . My fingers reached under her flat belly as I went on the hunt for her little Clit . She moaned and groaned loudly as my fingers found that wet cleft and the delicate nub of that sticky fleshy Clit  that poked out to greet my fingers . She moaned louder and her ass hopped slightly as my fingertips made first contact  with her delicate Clit as her legs spread for me and  her thighs opened wider. 

"When are you going to get that Beast inside me ...?  are you teasing me you bad boy ...I Really Need that big cock of yours to give me a Real Hard Fucking ...Now !!! Mister E ..get that cock inside my aching  slippery pussy ...please !!." 

I laughed at her admitting her need so graphically , she was almost begging now .

As my cock slowly stroked the length of her tight ass crack I squeezed her lovely cheeks tightly together , forcing myself not to cum just yet as used and abused her big soft ass cheeks to jerk off in her deep , sweaty ass crack.

I wanted to shock and surprise her with my entry between her lips so as I spread her asscheeks as wide as possible  I poked her tightly puckered pink asshole with my big spongy head .....hard....then just slammed that fucker between her sticky pussy lips and forced him inside until my shaved, sweaty balls slapped into her wet pussy ...splashing her cunt juice all over . She held her breath as her pussy lips spread open to allow me inside.

"Ever had a big cock in that other lovely tight , ever been fucked in your sweet assDoc ?? I've always been curious how it must feel , that strangling tightness of your tightest little hole ...just the thought of it makes my Prick harder and ready to give it a try."

When she caught her breadth again she could respond.

"I had one experience in College but the eegit ( idiot ) was not very gentile and I had to slap him away from my ass. Being a Doc , I know the best way to go about it ....I was actually  a bit curious how it feels when done properly, gently !!?"

She panted and wildly mumbled into her fist as she stifled a scream when my cock bottomed out and seemed to encounter a soft squishy obstacle.

" That's my Cervix Big Boy ....I want all of him inside me, just more slowly ....I want to feel that big fucking Mushroom massaging my deepest , wettest depths." as she pushed her ass back into my sweating , hairy belly.

She began squirming a little and wanted to move.

"This is not comfy E . I want to lower the examining table ."

I pulled my stiff prick out of her body and watched as my dripping , shiny shaft slipped out of her, dragging a sticky  string of her pussy juice as his big head slipped out of her tight pink hole with a wet "Plop". .. 

" We need it lower, just turn that crank. "

She lay naked on the table as the table lowered . When my outstretched stiff prick could rest flat,comfortably on the comfy pad of the table she told me to stop cock resting flat and hard on the table .

"Perfect right there E "

She turned over and lay on her back , with her head hanging over the table , looking up at me .

"I've always wanted to try eating a big meaty meal in this position ...might be fun ?? ......come on get that thing over here....wanna see how deep you can go ...I want that thing tickling my tonsils Mister !!..."She laughed as she grabbed my bobbing cock and guided him between her lips.

"I can smell my pussy juice on his head E ....give me a lick of that lovely pink sticky lollipop ."

I placed a palm on each side of her head as she stared up into my eyes and her lips opened, her mouth opened wide as the dripping knob of my cock touched her lips and she licked and licked ....and licked until she got every drop of my sticky pre cum. She looked up at me as she licked his head  and my hands moved to her naked breasts. 

"May I have some More Sir ..?"she laughed .

Leaning into my work I stretched my body almost flat , my hands playing with her stiff, hard nipples and my lips kissing her soft belly . I straightened again to get a close up view of my cock sliding between her lips and down her throat. This is such a fucking arousing view of a woman . Looking down on her lovely  face and slender neck as my long thick cock slides between her lips and down her throat. I could see a little bulge in her neck with every lunging stroke as my slick balls touched her nose dick now really buried in her neck.....making her gag a little. A few deep gentle strokes satisfied our mutual curiosity about this position, new for us both, apparently. ( Actually I was being Naughty and watching a little porn....for research of course .....when I saw a lady giving her guy a blowjob in this position , I was intrigued and had to try it .  LOTS of fun is my verdict !! ).

  Doc J. lay back staring at the ceiling with her feet at my belly , looking very comfy and very, very hot, covered in perspiration from our energetic efforts. 

She raised her knees and began opening and closing her knees, slowly, offering a teasing glimpse of her pussy lips opening and closing slightly every time her knees parted, her pink smooth  thighs glistening with her sweet pussy cream.

She slipped down on the table until her dripping tight cunt was right on the edge of the table , at just the perfect level to accommodate my long , engorged cock..

Suddenly I placed my palms behind her shaking knees and ran my hands along her legs until I found her heels . I grabbed her heels and guided her smooth long legs over my shoulders . Looking down between her legs her pussy lips were tightly closed ....white creamy cunt juice was oozing out from between her tight lips and running down the crack of her gorgeous ass.

"The 'Faucet ' is running Doctor J. , I think you have a leak that needs to be plugged..." , I laughed

"My little Kitty is Soooo wet and slippery ", she moaned as her fingers slipped between her legs and played with her glistening lips, aiming for her swollen, engorged Clit.

"Stop messin around and fill her up with that hunk of prime Irish beef Mister E....I want him inside me !!! "...she giggled again.

"I still can't believe we are doing this, I am such a Naughty Doctor !!!".....she squealed at the thought of such an illicit encounter .......and on the table where her patients would sit on Monday morning !! How would she be able to keep a straight face with her next appointment.

I stroked the Beast until he was hard as steel and my sticky juice was dripping from his spongy head, lubricating him deliciously until his big head was shiny and covered in sweet juice.

With her legs thrown up and over my shoulders my hands were free to play with her pussy. I reached down with both hands and slowly, gently spread her wet lips , exposing her tiny inner lips  Her inner lips looked like a little pink tongue emerging from the open mouth of her little puffy pussy. Her lips had become swollen and puffed up with her sexual excitement, an inviting soft fleshy slit for my cock to slide into . I stroked her dripping lips with my cock head , lubricating his head even more with her white cream. As my fingers gently parted her lips my spongy head pushed into her pussy slowly at first slipping his big head inside .....she moaned a low deep growl as my cock forced her lips apart to accept her big meaty gift.

As soon as I felt the pressure and resistance and reluctance of her little tight pussy  to let me in I pushed harder until the resistance lessened and He was past her first tight muscles ....I could not wait and just rammed my entire length deep into her body. She gasped loudly and almost lost her breath as my cock bottomed out and our Pubic Bones were slamming together. I pulled her down the table, closer to my cock as I kept on slamming into her shaking body. I took her left heel and dropped her leg off my shoulder and turned her body so that her left leg was draped down and hanging off the table and her right leg still on my shoulder she was almost laying on her side as I scissored her pussy. I could feel the intense tightness on my still buried cock as her muscles tightened even more as she panted and moaned ...

" Fuck me deeper E get sooooo deep in this position...never done this before ...." She giggled and almost cried with my next lunge between her dripping thighs.

" Jasus're going to split my little pink Peach wide open ......but don't you dare stop pumping ."

With those words out of her mouth she began to shiver and shake and I could feel her internal muscles strangling my cock shaft. Her back began to arch and all her muscles stiffened as she rammed her hips towards me, forcing me deeper. When I saw her knees shaking I knew she was almost there . I grinned at her as she just grinned back at me , teeth clenched as tight as her little puckered pussy.. She froze again and that was my cue. I pinched her little Clit between my forefinger and thumb and massaged the hot little lump of pink flesh as her squealing became louder , the building was empty so we were not concerned .

" Yea ....Squeal Baby Doc ...squeal for me , take all of him , make that little pussy suck the juice out of this big fucker. I slammed harder into her body as I felt the tight contractions inside her pussy walls , tightening painfully on my raging cock flesh. I pumped like a mad piston gone out of control as I felt my big load of steamy cum rise from my tight balls . As my cock became impossibly hard and stiff I squealed from between clenched teeth.

" OH...FUCK,,,Doc I can't hold it any more ....I'm about to cum for you...."

"ME  TOO...she managed to pant from her quivering lips....I'm coming....AGAIN ...she moaned loudly.

" Can I cum inside you Sweetie ...where would you like to feel this creamy, steamy load ."

" No worries E I'm covered fill my sweet little pussy with all that lovely hot juice.....but pull out before you finish , I want to watch him spurting his cream for me ."

" You got it Baby...."

I slammed and slammed relentlessly between her wide open thighs for a solid five minutes before I came to the point of no return.

My first big stream suddenly burst through and she moaned again as my cream splashed into her little cunt and with every deep stroke another big spurt filled her up. As I looked down between her legs I could see my thick white cream oozing out around my cock shaft, between her pussy lips and my stroking cock. 

While I had some sweet juice left in me I pulled my painfully hard cock out of her cunt and walked around to stand before her lovely face. I stroked my cum covered cock as I went and stopped with my pulsating dripping cock in front of her lips as she turned her head to face him. 

"Keep stroking E , I want to watch that  big bastard cumming for me. ."

As my fist banged on my slick balls with every stroke I felt the remaining cum load rising up my shaft and suddenly bursting through his tiny little slit. My cum spurted into two streams and one long sticky stream landed on her pink cheek ....the other landed square on her pink lips  and she flinched slightly as my steamy cream dripped from her lips. 

Taste my Cream Doc .....lick up all that lovely sweet juice, every drop !! "

She grinned as the tip of her hot tongue emerged and licked a little drop from her upper lip. She smiled and reached out with her open mouth to taste every drop of my cum as another thick stream shot from his swollen head as she opened her lips to accept every drop of my hot , sticky juice..

Before my last heaving big stream she totally engulfed my cock head with her pouting lips.. Her tightly closed mouth began pumping my cock as she sucked ....her jaws tightening and puffing up with each stroke of my cock.. 

The Beast had no sign of deflating so I just kept on pumping between her lips as she continued to suck hard. 

Finally as the last few spurting drops passed her lips she just lay there , her face flat on the table , her left cheek resting on the soft table top slowly deflating cock still stuffed between her tight lips which still sucked on his big head. The scene reminded me of a baby lying with a bottle in it's mouth, sucking even when fast asleep. Her mouth was still going through the motions as my slippery head slipped out from between her cum splashed lips.

She just lay there, motionless for several minutes with the biggest, most satisfied grin I have ever seen and her eyes closed. 

"OH God E that was Soooo good !!! " she smiled. 

" I really wish we could do this every visit !! .....I could do it every day actually. I needed some hard driving sex in the worst way. I am satisfied with what I have at home but sometimes it gets a little boring. Having sex with the same person since High School can become repetitive at times . We try new things but you have given me some great ideas to try . I think this has been the best thing ever for my/ our sex lives. Thank you for the lesson E . "

"Well thank you Doc , that makes me feel really good about what we just did....not as guilty. I could provide some new ideas if you ever get the office all to yourself at some other time ???  Would you like that ?? "

" I don't know E , I think this has to be a one-off . I would just feel so guilty if I did this again.....but I will see you on your regular visits so we may revisit this situation at some point in the future."

" You have such a beautiful body Doc....I LOVE your little pussy. She is just the type I love....smooth as a billiard ball and nice thick lips ...soooo nice to suck on when your sweet juice pours out . You have amazing muscle control , doing your Kegel's I guess ? " I laughed. 

" she's always been nice and tight inside , even if I have had several Vaginal births....exercise is way better than pussy surgery to tighten her up. I'm glad you like yow she feels inside..

She was now flat on her back , staring at the ceiling with a very satisfied look on her smiling cheeks.

I leaned over her and massaged her naked body , slipping my fingers between her sticky wet pussy lips and she squirmed. .

" Way too sensitive E ...just rub my belly please. "

I massaged and stroked her sweating body for ten minutes before she looked at the clock on the wall.

" Oh Shit's late , I have to go home and pretend that everything is normal so you have to go and I have to wash up. Although I LOVE your smell and the sweet aroma of your sweet Cream I think I should smell a little differently when I get home.

The smell of sex permeated the room and my clothes , my hair and my skin ....I smelled like fresh Sex and so did Doc. 

"I have to agree Doc so I guess this little dream is over.......for now ???

" We shall see Mister E ....when I get this " Itch " again we may talk about it again. Now get dressed and get out of here. I will let you out the back door .

She slowly drew herself up on her elbows and swung her legs off the table. 

" Damn, my legs are still shaking E ..haha."  she laughed and slapped me on my bare ass cheek. 

"OOoohhhhh  I'll give you ten minutes to stop doing that ..."

I laughed.

She threw her white coat on over her naked body and took my hand . She kissed my sticky fingers and said .

" Thank you Mister E, I really, really needed that ....seriously !! I'll come back and clean up ....and spray lots of air freshener .

At the back door she kissed me full on my mouth and squeezed my ass as she opened the door. 

Now get the hell out of here you Nasty Boy ....tempting me with that hunk of fresh meat ,. You are very, very Bad Boy Mister E. but in such a delicious way. 

I gave her a final kiss on the cheek and stroked her ass cheeks under her white coat.

" It was pure unadulterated Joy to fuck your sweet pussy Doc and I hope you got what you needed so badly did actually Cum for me , right ....not faking ...?"

E my Sweet Man , believe me when I say that I am Not that good an actress . Every moan and squeal was from deep in here somewhere ...that cannot be faked . As she said this she took my hand and jammed my fingers between her legs, between her sticky lips.

"Does that feel real enough for you ? haha " she laughed. 

"Do I have to go ? ....the Beast is beginning to rise again .

She slapped my ass again and just said .

" Get outta here before you tempt me and get me in trouble. "

I slowly walked through town allowing the light , cool drizzly rain in the dark evening , allowing the cool rain to fall on my face .....I felt so fucking good , so satisfied and so drained . I knew I would sleep well when I got home and hoped that my Doc would not let anything slip about our delicious encounter, I certainly wouldn't . I liked her too much to cause her any problems. 


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