Sun, Sea and Ass..Salty Consummation/ 2

Sun, Sea and Ass..Salty Consummation/ 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Before getting involved in an all out fuck-fest on a public beach we had to cover our collective ass ....literally or risk committing a sex offense , that could mess up your whole life , just the thought of flashing lights sucked the blood right out of my stiff prick and he fell over slowly . "That's what makes it so fucking hot , the risk gets my pussy dripping, sopping wet, my juice is running down my leg in a warm trickle. This gets me so damn hot !!!" Cars drove by occasionally but we would hear them slowing down if they intended to stop so it wouldn't be reckless to release the Beast since I had heard only two cars all morning. We would be safe enough to fuck and she could scream or squeal like a Banshee if she had to.


Before getting involved in an all out fuck-fest on a public beach we had to cover our collective ass ....literally or risk committing a sex offense , that could mess up your whole life , just the thought of flashing lights sucked the blood right out of my stiff prick and he fell over slowly .
"That's what makes it so fucking hot , the risk gets my pussy dripping, sopping wet, my juice is running down my leg in a warm trickle. This gets me so damn hot !!!"
Cars drove by occasionally but we would hear them slowing down if they intended to stop so it wouldn't be reckless to release the Beast since I had heard only two cars all morning. We would be safe enough to fuck and she could scream or squeal like a Banshee if she had to.


Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



As I straddled her lower back I had a perfect view between Steph's  open legs. She had pulled her right knee up towards her breasts and her sticky lips were parted slightly, so delicious, so fresh and juicy, just begging to be sucked and licked. .

"Please, one request Mr Masseur.....NO sand in the cream , turns your hands  into sandpaper , I will not be a happy camper  covered in sticky sand. Of course you know that  sand is Pussy Kryptonite , kills the mood Baby ."

She reached back and  slapped my ass,  looking around at me she  winked with a deliciously wicked smile . Her delicious naked round ass was right there so in return I enthusiastically slapped one ass cheek and then the other as she bucked up under me laughing and giggling. The wobble of her delicious  soft cheeks was sooo fucking erotic , I had to look away or blow my load all over her ass.

"Ouch !! ....Oooohhh !!  I've been a very bad girl Mister M , I think I need a good spanking Sir ...May I please have some more??..." She laughed and giggled again. 

"Some more of This !!!"

I spread her cheeks as I plungedinto the delicious crevice and blew on her lovely little Dark Rose, licking slowly.....She shivered and moaned , pushing her spread open cheeks into my lips.

"Or ....some of This ..??" 

I pulled my Speedos aside and pulled out my growing dick . I freed up my cock and balls and leaned forward so that my cock was satretched along her backbone and into the upper crack of her lovely ass , my balls squashed into the hot flesh of her back. Moving up and down her back my foreskin slipped along his length and my shaft grew thicker and longer, his spongy head parting her cheeks. 

"Is that a baseball bat pressed to my back or are you just happy to see me ....Mister !!?? "  She giggled like a schoolgirl. 

"OK , it's adequate but it's not that big !!! it !!?? "   I laughed now. 

"Big and long  enough to scratch my deepest itch Baby....that's what I need and you got it....Happy Days Mister !!!"

"Don't worry my lovely Lady , you will definitely get what's coming to you and then some !!....and.....NO sand in your sweet  Pussy ...I know what you mean Sweetie I hate to get sand under my foreskin, drives me nuts, same as it feels inside your delicate pussy, like sandpaper. That's a problem we share....the Uncircumcised cock head and your delicate Kitty."

I leaned forward and kissed her upper thighs, her flesh was burning hot under my lips. I  adjusted my position to allow my lips to caress her lovely ass as my fingers caressed the slopes of her pink cheeks as they curve towards her tight Dark Rose. My fingers parted her pink cheeks and there it was .....the tiny center of her Rose, glistening with the sticky pussy juice that had run down between her cheeks as she sat talking to me . As I was talking  Steph was getting Wet !!! Resting my weight on my knees I moved my ass further back towards her shoulders to give my needy tongue assess to her cheeks and her tight little glistening  dark rose. Her hour glass waist really emphasized the beauty of her hips which curved out gracefully and dramatically from her waist, such Lovely feminine curves can drive a guy crazy. Her proportions were perfect, perfect ass , exquisitely longtanned legs and the perfect waist. 

How had this coincidence come about !! I thought I must be the luckiest horny guy on the planet. I did see a resemblance to a girl I used to know when I was a kid, was she that girl . I decided to wait and see what developed. Mostly I didn't want to put a fly in the ointment, it was best to say nothing....yet. 


Steph dreaded turning over on her back . She was not overly Vain but there was one feature of her body she didn't like.  Steph was uncomfortable with her little "Pot" , just above the waistline of her panties she had that lovely little bulge that can be Sooo sexy in a woman , I believe women call it a "pooch"  ?? It was made famous in "Pulp Fiction" . The Oh Sooo cute little French GF of Bruce WIllis talks about her " Little Pot Belly "  in her sexy French accent, just her voice could get my cock head drooling all over my drawers !!! That little Pooch can be very endearing and quite sexy. I told her this when she later expressed concern and shyness about her "Pooch" . Even women who have never been pregnant get the little "Pot", so cute.


As I kissed her lovely ass my fingers stretched along her long legs. She was taller than me, mostly lovely legs , I figured Steph was about 5' 6" to 5' 8" . I'm only 5' 4" , have small hands , small feet but probably a bit bigger than average cock so that may make up for any dimensional deficiencies elsewhere haha . I had only spread the cream where my lips would not be kissing her body, moisturizer tastes horrible. I once licked a woman all over after I put BenGay on her shoulders after a workout tongue was on fire and not just from a hot pussy. The beads of warm salty  sweat dripping down  her flat belly tasted much better . 

At this point we were hidden by a large boulder so Steph's lovely naked ass was safe from Voyeurs....but not safe from the steel hard pole between my ! 

"Sorry Baby but should we move between those other boulders , might be safer, more private..?? just thinking of you Steph Baby  "

"Hell No !!! If anyone comes here they can watch if they like or fuck off to the next beach, it's not like there is a shortage of white sand beaches, there's one every mile !!! . Now my big cock  Irish Stud , are you ready to do some damage with that bald headed Beast  ???"

She put her face in her hands and giggled until her whole body shook and her pretty ass wobbled like a firm bowl of pink Jello , I wanted to bury my face between her lovely round cheeks and probe her tight asshole with the tip of my tongue. I clamped my jaws around her flesh, filling my mouth with a meaty chunk  of her hot ass and licked giving Steph goose bumps all over her skin, I could see the little bumps rise as my wet tongue licked her smooth tanned ass cheeks. 

"Hey Mr Magoo ....are you going to give me  a sample of what you've got to offer back there or just stare at that ass all day ; are you going to fill that hole with that pole in your Speedos........Now THAT was sleazy !!!  ?? . "

We laughed and giggled at the sleaze that had come out of her mouth. 

"That sounds way to sleazy hahaha !!  I've got such an itch , any chance you might give it a scratch ? I think that tool of yours can just about reach my itch, all the way inside ??  By the way do you know how big that thing gets . My last was about six inches but it was skinny which kinda ruins it sometimes . Moderately long but thick is the best , thicker is best and a nice big mushroom knob on top is really the icing on the cake for me . A nice big mushroom head hurts so good as it forces it's way through my outer muscle, soooo fucking tight !!!. "

"So are you going to fuck It or just sit there drooling over  It all day !! You do know what " It " is ...right Mister M  ??"

"OK you horny little want to get fucked ??  Fucked in your tight little puckered hole... Your wish is my command girl.  Now tell me in detail where that itch is ...."

"Oooohhhh yea . Kneel between my legs and lick my little hole , stroke my Black Rose with your tongue, get it well lubricated for your lovely cock . Start off slowly Magoo , please !!  Once you get past the entrance go at your own pace Baby. That big knobby head will really challenge my tight little Rose, you know it's going to hurt  getting inside me, I don't want to overdo it at first Sweetie. Once you are buried balls deep in my ass then just pound me, slam that ass , make me cum."

"Steph likes a bit of Rough rough is the question. Guide me Baby, tell me what is working for you ...or not working...tell me what you if you're not feeling it."

Very quickly I reversed position with me kneeling between her thighs , staring into the sweet gap between her wide open legs. She had moved both knees away from her body to open her dark tight hole, preparing for my onslaught.

My knees were closed between her upper thighs as I leaned into her body and got my hands under her fleshy hips , lifting her hips , she followed my lead and raised her ass in sync with my motions. I pulled her hips upwards , higher, higher until her pussy slit was vertical, staring me in the face, dripping her sticky cunt juice. I lunged at her wet slit which was tightly closed and fingered her lips , very gently opening her up for my tongue. I suddenlu darted my tongue through her sticky lips and wrapped my lips around her entire pussy and sucked...hard. I suxked her little inner lips right into my mouth, her salty pussy juice slobbering all over my cheeks and my beard ( my beard would smell like her lovely pussy for days lol !!) in a gush of warm salty fluid. She put her fist in her mouth and screamed into it as the spasms hit her pelvis , clenching her pussy rhythmically . I opened her drenched pussy and I could see her little cunt hole squeezing and releasing with every spasm. The hottest fucking thing I've ever seen !!! Mmmmmm

Her tight little Dark Rose was glistening, lubricated with her pussy juice that I had massaged into her puckered hole. As my hands spread her lovely cheeks I slipped my thumb into her slick ass and probed to find that spot closest to her Clit. My other hand explored her sopping wet lips and stroked the little knob of flesh , opening the curtains of her hooded little was Tiny but began swelling instantly under my fingers as I tweaked the tiny nub of flesh. 

Getting ready to slip inside I edged my cock head closer . The bubble of precum sitting on the tip touched her puckered hole and her whole body froze as my slick cock head stroked her little  hole, up then down slowly and up again, her asshole winked at me as her muscles began to loosen a little to let me in. 

I continued  gently stroking her Dark Rose with my very wet and sticky cock head. When she relaxed I coated my swollen head and my shaft with saliva. Her face was resting on the towel as her ass stuck up as much as possible, almost bent in two, quite flexible I thought and I had a another thought haha. I quickly stood up....much to her disappointment ....and kneeled in front of her face , lifting her face to me.

"The Beast needs extra lubrication Steph , maybe you can help ??....Wanna Lick ??" I laughed..

She immediately gripped my cock in her fist and devoured my meaty meal , had it deep in her neck in seconds , slobbering her saliva up and down his length but concentrated on his head, coating him with her hot sticky saliva...the best lubrication for sliding up her tight ass.  lol !!   She began at the base , licking my sweaty balls and ran her hot tongue up the thick cum-tube on the underside , biting the length of my throbbing cock sideways between her teeth. She raked her teeth gently ver the entire length then she just licked and licked and licked until my cock was dripping for her cunt. Her slippery saliva coated my whole cock but she gave my head some extra attention . She sucked my big purple knob like a sweet lollipop , smacking her lips gleefully as her lips pulled and dragged my very tight foreskin up and over his big rubbery head.

"I Love playing with your foreskin, I've never had the intense pleasure before and it's very different from sucking a Cut cock.  I could get used to this." She laughed as she began massaging my stretched knob with her tongue again. . 

"Fuck me in my ass Baby, stick that fucker into me , ram it up my ass , please now, I need to feel my asshole being stretched  and filled up !!"

As quickly as I had abandoned her ass I was back on my knees again , between Steph's wide open thighs. Her pussy was actually dripping her juices at this point. I got my knees between her legs and pulled her hips back to me so that I was between her ass cheeks as rhey slapped my belly when I pulled her into me. 

Perfectly positioned I probed her little dark hole with my spongy head....pushing slowly but forcefully. Resting her cheek flat on the towel she could bring both hands back to her ass as she began to spread her sweet cheeks for me.

"Deep Baby, fuck me deep and fuck me hard, slam that ass once you get past my muscle Baby.....slowly please !!! We don't want that Beast doing me an injury . "

The tip of my cock began to deform as I pushed into her body. My flexible spongy head squashed into a point , like a meaty spear,  as the excess flesh of my squashed cock head overflowed her hole, the tip just breaking through. As I pushed I spread more saliva all over my head and slowly the big knob forced her little hole to open up for me. Her outer muscle was so tight I could barely force my cock through it. I thought my foreskin would rip right off my shaft as I kept on pushing in to her body. Suddenly my whole head slipped past her muscle and with a heavy intake of breath by both of us head slipped past the barrier and I was inside her body. This tight grip around the base of , the rim of my head produces such feelings of ecstacy that I just shivered and shook , every nerve ending on fire  My head, felt trapped by her tight Sphincter, gripping the lip of my engorged cock like a tight fist, just the head was inside and it was clamped tight, would not even move !!! I massaged her ass cheeks and hips and her muscles relaxed enough for my entire length to slide inside her ass so tight, so sensitive , and oh so delicious. 

Steph had been doing her Kagel exercises religiously and they sure had paid off ...for both of us  !

"Push Baby, no pain no gain now Baby, start pumping that beast Baby , slide it in , all the way, I want to feel your sweaty balls slapping my wet pussy lips .....fuck that hole Baby . It's been a while since I've had a good hard ass fuck from a proper cock ....not a little two incher. She panted in time to my gentle thrusting and in between panting gasps she said. 

" How long is that thing anyway, you going to be able to scratch my particular itch, way in there lol  ??"

"Tell me when I get there Baby, tell me when you can feel that itch being scratched. I love to hear your voice while I'm fucking you Sweetie. Keep talking and tell me how it feels ."

"Push now , push now  !!"   She said as her whole ass pushed back into my belly, forcing my cock deeper into her body. 

Her asshole felt like a velvet glove that was three sizes too small as I pushed all the way into her body. My balls suddenly slapped her wet pussy lips and she giggled like a naughty little girl. She the rammed her ass back into my body and just kept on pumping. My hips countered every move as the wet slaps got louder and her groaning and moaning had me shaking with a passionate need to satisfy Steph's every need. I didn't care about me , I could cum any time but I really wanted to leave my mark and give Steph a mind-blowing orgasm and I knew I could.  She said she cums hardest with a big cock in her asshole. I wanted to give her an ass fuck she would never forget. 

Now we both got the rhythm down , nice and smooth. We moved in unison in a smooth pumping action , she pushed back, I pushed forward , slow and steady and so , so deep inside her body. Very soon her whole body began to shake as if she was going to fall over and her panting became faster and deeper as she began to grunt and moan like an injured animal .

"Oooohhhhh...Ahh yes fuck yes , that big swollen fucker is hitting just the right spot Magoo . Your big head is stroking my Clit from the inside, I can feel your big knob stroking by Clit from behind....OOooohhhhh fuck me , I'm going to cum . "

She shivered and shook and began a frenzied attack pushing back into my belly , slamming harder than me her wet ass splashed into my sweating  hairy belly. I gripped her hips in two hand fulls of hot flesh, my nails digging in as I pulled her hard into my belly. My cock could feel the tight walls of her asshole and her muscle was gripping and grabbing my head so tight I thought I would never get it out of her ass !!! 

"Damn woman....your are one dirty little Slut but you have such a fucking tight asshole , does this hole get fucked much Steph are Sooo fucking tight ."  I managed to moan as her asshole clenched and gripped my head hard enough to pinch the fucker off !!

I kept on slamming hard into her ass as her face rubbed back and forth on the blanket and she arched her back even more as my wet balls made a loud slapping wet splash every time I got balls deep into her shaking body. She was almost crying , whimpering as I picked up the pace , almost ready to give her my creamy cum. 

"I can't hold this fucker much longer Sweetie ... I can't stop it ....where do you want my hot sticky load Baby.?"

"Before you cum roll me over Baby , I want to watch your creamy spurts and catch that lovely hot cum on my lips and my tits and my belly .....I want it all over, most of all I want to taste you on my tongue . "

I was slamming her like a fucking steam piston when I felt the tightness in my balls. The muscles inside my crotch were tightening and I felt my cock getting thicker, wider inside Steph's pussy.

"Are you clenching Baby or is my cock swelling ?..."

"That big fucker feels like it's expanding inside my ass ...what magic is this  hahaha !!!  make me cum again Baby . "

She arched her back even more so that my big head was rubbing her Clit even harder. I could not hold on another minute and stroked faster.

"You gotta roll over soon Baby I'm going to cum and I can't hold back this time."

After three or four hard slamming strokes into her now slippery asshole I had to pull out. As I pulled back her tight muscle held my head tight , like a cork in a bottle . My cock squashed painfully as I pulled hard and Steph moaned and groaned from her last massive Orgasm.

With one final tug my very swollen cock head pulled out of her ass with a loud wet "Plop" sound haha ! opening a Champagne cork. Watching her tight hole as I pulled out I saw it snap shut like a fucking Bear Trap ....

"Damn've got  a real "Snapper" of an asshole ." and I laughed out loud. 

"What's so funny Mister ."  She said as she began to roll over on her back. 

"Not me I hope !!!!"

"Of course not Sweetie.  I just quietly gave your lovely little dark Rose it's very own name , nickname I guess. ' the Snapper ' !! I thought you were about to snap my poor head off with that thing."  I laughed again and she joined in . 

This little sideline kept my orgasm at bay for a moment. 

Now she lay before me, under my body and threw her bikini top to one side. Her lovely Tear Drop breasts didn't even flop to the side..!! They just sort of stood there , her lovely pencil-eraser nipples pointing at the blue sky as I stared . Lost for words I plunged my face into her breasts and filled my mouth with her hot damp flesh.

She grabbed my hair and lifted my head.....

"Are you going to  blow that big load for me Sweetie , I want your sticky load on my tits , on my lips ....cum for me, cum on me Baby ....I need to taste you in my mouth, on my tongue, all over my tits Baby..."

As I got up on my knees over her flat belly I gripped my steel pole cock in my fist and stroked just his head . Lubricating my foreskin I gripped the shaft just under his head and rolled my foreskin up and over his big head .

"Suck me Baby put your lips on his little slit and suck as hard as you can . Use your tongue to play with my foreskin sweetie, use your lips to drag it up my shaft" 

Without any more encouragement she gripped my head and sunk the whole shaft deep in her throat, stroking my shaft and sucking on my swollen head . I knew this would not last long and within a few minutes my aching cock was ready to dump a big creamy load for Steph. Her pumping fist was joined by my own fist as the fingers of her other hand furiously fucked her dripping little cunt. She stroked her pussy as both our fists pumped my throbbing cock and my foreskin was sliding from balls to tip like a well oiled machine. 

Suddenly my whole body froze and I just stopped for a second before beginning a furious attack on my cock , sliding my foreskin to the limit as the taut, thin , vein-filled fleshy hood rolled up and over his head and down again. The foreskin performs the same function as that lovely protective fleshy hood that covers your Clit. 

Finally I moaned and emitted a guttural , animalistic growl as my thick white cream traveled along my cum tube . My balls sucked up tight , almost inside my body as my foreskin would no longer glide or slide  over his head ...this was it. Out of control I pointed the head of my cock at Steph and kept on pumping. She was licking her lips and smiling as she stared into my eyes saying....

"Give me that creamy load  Baby , let me taste you. "  and she lunged and swallowed me whole . Deep in her throat the first hot spurt hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little as she swallowed the first big spurt of salty cum. Every thrust of my cock delivered another thick stream of  cum that looked like creamy white yogurt...Mmmmm. As she pulled my cock out of her throat two more thick streams splashed onto her gorgeous tits and her rock hard nipples. As the last gasping spurts flew from my still stiff prick she smothered his head with her lips and sucked every last drop of cum out of my cock , as if she was sucking it right out of my balls and up my 7 1/2 inch shaft. 

At last she withdrew my hard cock from her throat and licked her lips...very slowly. 

"OOOhhh , that was sooooo nice , I love that cock Baby, it really can reach that itch i need scratched, just thick enough and long enough to Tickle my Tonsils ."

She giggled uncontrollably as she reached for her top.

"Maybe that Beast can tickle my tight little Kitty next time , my spot is way in the back ....I need that battering ram slamming into my Cervix Baby . Think you can handle that ??...Big Boy !!"

"No question you horny little Wench, no question, he can rise to any occasion ." I laughed and collapsed onto her half naked body.


"One question Steph, if that's your name  ? lol . Why Me ??"

"So you don't remember me ??"

"Ahh...No , I guess not? "

"Remember when you were a little guy and you played ' show and tell'  ( NOT tell in this case lol )  with the girl you liked ??? You actually got your little fingers inside her panties to feel her bald little slit ...." 

"OH Holy Shit ....that's you ??? Stephanie Fury , damn how you have grown !!! You recognized me I assume ?

"A friend pointed you out to me and I recognized you immediately . I was determined to finish what we started when we were playing Doctor all those years ago . I was a few years younger I believe , soooo...I guess you, the Older Woman seduced me and happily has seduced me once again ."

"You know your lovely pussy was the very first one I ever touched , it was...... ' yucky ' , I think was the word that came to mind at the time to my innocent mind ."

"Time for a dip my Dear don't want to show up with the sweet aroma of fresh sex all over you !!! Don't think or hesitate , just run and jump, the water is not that cold in the lagoon ....warmer than the cold North Atlantic anyway !!!"

At that we jumped up , both balls naked and ran into the water , hand in hand we ran and fell face first into the water. She popped up like a Jack in the Box and screamed ....and screamed ..

" I thought this fucking water was halfway warm lied !!! My poor little pussy is frozen and my nipples are like little 22 caliber bullets ....HOLY  SHIT !!!! I'm outa here . " She squealed non-stop as she ran to her towel . She then sat on the blanket and shivered under the towel." 

I sprinted to my car and retrieved a big car blanket to warm us .

I quickly joined her and ran for my towel and threw the big blanket over her.

As I ran she pointed her finger between my legs and laughed until she fell over. 

"Where did that So-Called Beast disappear to Mister !! Your balls appear to be AWOL mister as is that  Big Dick !! My question is...Where does it go , it was ten times bigger just a minute ago ....Sooo funny." and she held her hand up with the Bent Pinkie wriggling around .

"That's a protective mechanism I said. When it gets cold enough to be dangerous to the Beast and his two buddies they go and hide out , just natural but I must admit , I look like I've got No Dick at all ...not forgetting about my missing balls , I look like those mannequins with an empty space between their fake legs . Never fear however , he pops right out again, like a Turtle, when he gets nice and warm . "

I ducked under the big car blanket  and pulled my own towel over us to warm up. 

"Body heat is the nest way to get warm Sweetie , I nuzzled into her neck as her hand settled between my legs , holding my smooth balls as they emerged from their hiding place."

"They're Back !!! have balls again !!!"  she laughed as she squeezed my whole package in her hand as everything grew back to normal size , soon filling her fist to overflowing . 

Cuddled under the towels we laughed and talked about all kinds of things , lying there until the sunshine of the  Indian Summer evening began to fade  and the light was fading on the horizon. 

The perfect ending to a perfect day...they do Not happen very often so grab them when they do !!!!


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