Sun , Sea and Ass

Sun , Sea and Ass

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Hiking in the Irish mountains and coastline can be an adventure but this was a real treat . I had never encountered such a hot lady on this wild beach. Of course she must be in pretty good shape to have gotten this far ....out here with the sheep and the wild Goats. She would definitely have a fantastic ass. Climbing these steep hills on a bike really gets your legs and ass muscles in shape. It would be expecting too much to even hope that she would give me the time of day. Women are wary and should be wary when out in this wilderness alone, even in Ireland, usually a peaceful safe place to live. She would probably keep her distance.


Hiking in the Irish mountains and coastline can be an adventure but this was a real treat . I had never encountered such a hot lady on this wild beach. Of course she must be in pretty good shape to have gotten this far ....out here with the sheep and the wild Goats. She would definitely have a fantastic ass. Climbing these steep hills on a bike really gets your legs and ass muscles in shape. It would be expecting too much to even hope that she would give me the time of day. Women are wary and should be wary when out in this wilderness alone, even in Ireland, usually a peaceful safe place to live. She would probably keep her distance.


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Hiking in the Irish mountains and coastline  can be an adventure but this was a real treat . I had never encountered such a hot lady on this wild beach. Of course she must be in pretty good shape to have gotten this far ....out here with the sheep and the wild Goats. She would definitely have a fantastic ass. Climbing these steep hills on a bike really gets your legs and ass muscles in shape. It would be expecting too much to even hope that she would give me the time of day. Women are wary  and should be wary when out in this wilderness alone, even in Ireland, usually a peaceful safe place to live.

She would probably keep her distance.The warm weather persisted and the temperatures were higher every day. Indian Summer had finally reached the wind blown West of Ireland where cold rain was the norm. At times like this Ireland turns into a sun-drenched Caribbean Island , the Ocean crystal clear, the sand sugar white but with almost no people to enjoy it. The whole coast is basically one long beach with high cliffs interspersed and dotted with thousands of small islands. The water  is damn cold, almost freezing for the uninitiated, 55 degrees F would be the regular temp, shallow water or lagoons would be much wartmer , little patches of salty heaven in which you can float and just stare at the sky. 

A wet suit provides some little help with the cold water , prevents hypothermia  haha !!! when staying in the waves for more than a few minutes. 

I had driven to my favorite beach and brought one of those blow up things to float on and my MP3 . I was looking forward to a lazy day of floating around in the warm lagoon behind the sand dunes.  I had all the supplies that I might need for the whole day, some munchies, lots of water etc etc . 

The beach was empty as usual , no cars in the gravel parking lot and no people visible. Days like this make up for some of the weather misery suffered the rest of the year.  As I mounted the dunes the lagoon below looked very inviting, shimmering in the sun. Then I saw a flash of color at one end of the lagoon, aomething bright white; there was no car so there should be no people either, I was miles from even a village  . Then I saw the mountain bike as I emergd from the sand dunes. 

As I entered the scene she raised her head and waved , saying Hi .

I waved back and continued to my favorite spot , out of the wind and private but still next to the warm water.  I made sure that I still had a good view of the lovely stranger with the tiny white bikini . She had ash blonde hair and wore a deliciously flimsy pure white bikini, the strap of her top was undone as she lay on her belly on a huge towel in the sand.  We had a clear view of eacjh other, I wanted to have a look at the lovely lady , honestly I wanted to check out her ass when she stood up  . 

After I put my stuff away and laid out my towel I stood up and stretched as I took off my shirt and kicked off my sneakers. I would normaly wear my Speedos only if I had the entire beach to myself. I hate the baggy swim shorts , they cause a lot of drag when swimming. It just feels better with the Speedos and I can swim faster. I considered making an exception and take off the beach shorts I wore and swim in my speedos, considering my audience, she might like the Package haha , never know ??

I glanced sideways to check her out. She had both hands under her chin and her eyes were obscured by sunglasses, she had headphones in and was swaying to her music. Het feet were in the air , angles interlocked as her legs drifted left and right  with the music in her ears.  Her eyes were pointed in my direction, not sure what she saw ?? 

I pulled my waistband and dropped my shorts. My Speedos wee red and tight, there was not much left to her imagination regarding what lurked inside the red stretchy fabric. I seem to be a "Grower" but the package  at rest looks pretty good, I think ?  I was dying to see if she would look , we all wonder if someone is looking , even the guys !!!

I saw her head shift as she took off her baseball cap to adjust her hair and she took off her sunglasses to  brush back her hair....she was looking !! 

I stretched and touched my toes several times to get my blood pumping before hitting the warm but still chilly water, warm enough to forego the wetsuit.  I suddenly took off  like a lunatic across the sand towards the water and didn't slow down until I extended my arms in front and dived deep under the still chilly water. Things would warm up when my body adjusted to the temps. 

I swam the length of the lagoon and back ( close to Blondie ) , getting out only a few feet from the delicious lady stretched in the sand absorbing  the hot sunshine. She had not  put her sunglasses back on and her hands rested under her chin.  As I walked , dripping water and shivering I tentatively waved and said Hi , smiling at her. 

"Ooooh you look chilly  is that lovely water really that looks so inviting from here !!??"

"I'm afraid so , but you don't feel it after being in a few minutes, you just go numb all over haha, you could handle it "

"By the look of those Goosebumps on your skin I wouldn't be too sure about diving in , you look frozen !!! ....poor Baby haha !

" Oh I see, making fun of me now, no mercy ??"

"NO, definitely No Mercy....that's me , Stephanie, I also answer to Steph  , I take no prisoners, no mercy, especially with men !! " 

"So you are a man-hater Stephanie ? That's so sad !"

"Oh No , not like that , I Love Men  , I just squeeze them like an orange, use up and consume  the tasty bits and dump the rest when I'm done !!  ".  She laughed  and giggled as her lovely breasts wobbled and shook with her laughter. She was a real cutie. Her top had dropped to the towel as she lifted her head to look at me as we talked and with the strap undone she looked almost completely naked. Most  of her body was naked and  visible and she had such a delicious, delectable 22 year old body that any man would give his right ball just to have a sniff ! I tried not to stare at the amazingly contoured ass I had ever seen. The little triangle of white material was damp with her sweat. Little beads of sweat developed between her shoulder blades forming little drops which joined other drops and eventually flowed down the center of her lovely suntanned back. As the salty fluid made contact it was immediately soaked into the fabric and this made it stuck to her flesh.  The fabric was becoming tantalizingly transparant as I looked ....stared actually  !!... at her beautiful ass. I knew that this situation  ight progress when  I saw her  reach down to bikini bottom and put her thumbs under the elastic around her smooth cheeks amd pulled the material inward , towards the deep crevice between her cheeks. She almost bunched the entire triangle right between her cheeks.  She looked at me looking at her and she grinned...

"It's just an ass....everybody has one ..even you , Mister.....I need an overall tan."  Stephanie giggled.

"Aren't you a bit worried , only you and me here , nobody to save you if I decided to have my way with you ....just kidding .... I'm a puddycat and a gentleman ..!!!!  Seriously does it not bother you , I coud be anyone ?? "

"We are in Ireland , Sir , not the South Bronx so I wouldn't panic too much !! " 

"I Love your attitude Stephanie , my name is Patrick" . I bent to shake her hand as her other hand gripped her quite large breasts, preventing their escape from her almost removed top. Her pretty grey/ blue eyes stared into mine and she smiled. Her hips were something like 35, fairly broad but just perfect for her proportions with hour-glass waist dimesions . Her perky , perfectly round ass cheeks stood up off her body like two delicious mouthfulls of fleshy fun !!  In the couple of minutes it took to introduce myself  I already had her naked in the water with my big cock jammed into her  lovely  fresh young pusy. 

"Stephanie was staring at my crotch just as intently as I stared at her lovely ass . Her eyes were glued to my crotch and the growing bulge in my red Speedos . "

My eyes turned to her eyes and then turned to the bulge that continued to grow and swell the fabric which contained the whole package. I never worry about that because the cold water keeps him the size of a damn walnut ....usually !! 

I blushed and both hands immediately dropped to my growing cock, attempting to prevent any further embarrassment . She laughed and giggled as she rolled over on her blanket  saying through the giggles....I think you need to get back into the water "Mickey" , she blurted out........Or  maybe Not ......  ??"   She paused and waited for my reaction. 

By now I was bright red and not because of the sun.....the head of my pulsating cock must have been glowing red by this point !!! 

"European men see nothing wrong with these I said sheepishly." 

" Well we Yanks are a little sensitive about the exposure of a big cock and balls to their little kiddies as they frolic in the waves. Personally I love the view ....well....when the view looks like That . Some guys should NEVER wear Speedos, just as some women should not wear a bikini. "

Her long skinny finger pointed at my crotch and this time she just smiled , very sweetly , almost affectionately.  

" I think that lump of mneat and your skinny ass make you  eminently qualified to wear those , I'm enjoying the view....are you  ."   She smiled seductively as she looked away , blushing all the time.  

Then she dipped the tip of her finger in her lip balm . Bringing her fingertip to her lips she slowly spread the slippery, glistening balm over her puffy, pink lips as she pouted and my heart melted as I watched.....but my cock kept on growing !! I didn't notice that I was too engrossed in watching her delicious lips as she smacked them together and the pouted seductively , driving both me and my poor dick crazy with the desire to slip my big head between those slippery lips.

I was afraid he was just going to pop out, of his own accord  and in troduce himself to my newest best friend if I didn't dive under the cool water very soon and stifle his enthusiasm. 

She looked a bit shocked as it would have appeared that I was running away from her ....I was !! We had just met and it might be just a bit premature for my big headed friend to jump  out like a Jack-inThe-Box and introduce himself  !!

She stared as I did two laps of the lagoon. The cold water had shunk the snake in my pants  to a manageable size and I was beginning to feel the freeze of the deeper water so again I headed for the beach to stretch out in the hot sun. As I was drying off she called out to me .

"Hey Patrick , why don't you join me , I think you are harmless enough....not going to attack or rape me ...anything like that , don't really see that happening, Not Involuntarily anyway."  She said in almost a whisper . The light wind carried her words

She thought I hadn't heard the last bit and just carried on searching for music on her phone.  I had heard every word and the last three words made my ears perk up.

"This could end very well indeed if I played it right ."I I picked up my stuff and had begun walking as I rolled up my socks and threw them , hoping to bounce them off her lovely ass . Direct hit !!! the ball of socks bounced gracefully off her squishy bundle of fun and off into the sand . 

"You cheeky thing , that was my ass Mister !!! "

"And what a truely lovely, delicious Gluteus Maximus you have my Dear Stephanie ! So perfectly rounded and curved in just right in the right places. A work of art I would declare lovely lady , I would give it a 15 out of 10 , it is simply way too beautiful. Implants could bot nake a Gluteus look any more spectacular !! " 

"Well....thank you....I guess !! that seems like a compliment and you just made me smile and blush so ....thank you Patrick . I actually do love my ass , I think it's perfect !! My Boyfriend in Florida really loves it too !!"

"Oops ...You never said , sorry more inuendo or double-entendre comments Steph, sorry !!"

"Well I am thousands of miles away feeling like I am on a different planet here and I do get a little lonely some ebenings. I'll be here for a month , visiting a relative near here. She drove me here . If you would give me a ride back I could cancel her picking me up later ? Coupld you drive me to the next town later ?? "

"Of course, no pronlem Steph."

"So this Boyfriend situation ...what's up with that ?"

"He said that ' what happens in Europe stays in Europe '. If I find that I have an itch that needs to be scratched then it's quite understandable that you would possibly find something to scratch it on ...or someOne to scratch it on . Jealousy is not his thing, he knows that I love only him so all if good. Don't start counting your nipples before they're sucked Mister Magoo . That just means that I can use my discretion in any encounter I may have."

"That's cool Ms Steph, I'm easy . You seem like a cool lady to sit and chat with ". I grabbed two unopened water bottles that I had dropped into the water in a bag anchored by a rock. "

I walked up as she examined her face in a little mirror. I couldn't resist the cold water that was dripping from the water bottles. I stood over her perfect bare back and let it drip onto her hot flesh. She jumped up as the first drop hit her flesh with the electric shock of freezing cold water splashing on her back, squealing." 

" I knew I could make you squeal. "  I said as she began to laugh at my naughtiness.

As she jumped up her top slipped to the side and one breast dropped completely out of her control and made a pretty spectacular appearence. I just stared at the beauty of her body, ber flat golden brown belly , her tiny waist enhancing the spectacular shape of her hips and her lovely ass.  However her exposed breast was the star of her show. Her breasts were a bit more than a good big handfull each ....or mouthfull . Her breasts were pointed and slightly curvesd upwards at the nipple. Her pretty little brown pencil eraser nipples stuck out dramatically at the tip of her delicate breast , Teardrop Breasts , I believe this shape is called . This is considered to be the Perfect breast, every man loves them ...I can personally back up this assertion . 

I just stared at her deliciousness with my mouth open, frozen to the spot, mesmerized by the beauty of her exposed breast . She took my hand and placed my fingers on her nipple and she jumped and squealed again.

"Damn , that water is freezing cold, your fingers are frozen !! " She laughed and slapped my ass . "

My cock had shrunk scarily !! The whole package just disappeared into my crotch. My balls were Gone !! sucked right into my belly by the shock of the cold water, my dick shriveled to the size of an actual walnut !!  My Bulge was nowhere to be seen . This did not go unnoticed by Steph.

"So where has your embarrassing swelling gone to....that looked like a prety serious weapon Patrick." She covered her mouth with her hand and and laughed". blushing again. 

She took the towel and began to dry my back off. 

"If you don't get dry you will freeze ...."

As her hands slowly and sensually rubbed my back with the towel and got me dried off I was getting much warmer again, my circulation was coming back . My cock was coming back to life again too !!!  I could feel my Speedos beginning to bulge again, the more she rubbed my body the bigger the bulge got, again this fact was not lost on her as one hand grazed my wet ass and the other grazed the fabric which covered my swelling head.... which instantly had a growth spurt when she touched it. She stood at my side so that she could get at my front and my back  to dry me off and , I think, to get a better look at my growing package of fresh pink meat that was hers if she wanted it. 

"If you want it , it's yours."  I whispered into her ear. 

She just kept on doing what she was doing as if she never heard me. I then noticed the earbuds in her ears. She was more interested in her music than she was in my growing cock. !!!

"OK...done, now my turn."

She lay on the towel on her belly , throwing her top to the side. She gave me a plastic bottle of lotion and simply said .

"Go for it "

What did that mean , I wondered , double entendre ?? Go for What exactly, my mind and my cock were very confused and flustered....but he just kept on growing as I squirted some lotion on my palms. 

When my cool sticky hand touched her back she winced just a little and even squirmed at the cold wet touch. I rubbed my hands together to warm them before resuming my ministrations. 

"Ahhhh....yes , that feels better Mister P, much warmer, that feels great."

As my hands were sliding down her naked back my fingers stopped at her waistband but I was sooo tempted to continue. She changed position on the huge towel and stretched out fully, her arms extended in front and her legs spalyed to either side of her body.  She stretched like athe lounging  sea lion basking on the rocks nearby  and most of her body lifted off the blanket except for her lovely belly and flopped down again when she relaxed. 

I damn near shot my load right there in my tight Speedos as I watched her ass flex and form that perfect shape in both cheeks, perfctly symmetrical, perfectly shaped. 

As my slippery fingers slipped down her back again My fingers touched her waistband but paused this time, just long enough to slip one fingertip under the elastic....testing her ....teasing her. 

"You have the most beautiful ass I have ever seen Stephanie Baby, so spectacular , such a perfect shape."

"Guys love my ass , I have to admit ." She laughed and giggled as she looked back at me. 

"I may be done on this side Steph. Want to roll over and cover up first."

"NO !!! keep on stroking Patrick , I could put up with this all day..." She giggled. 

"Me too .!!" 

"I think you missed a bit Patrick....?"

"Where my Lady ....pray tell ?"

"Well my slavish masseur....the bit under the white triangle missed it. You would not want me to get sunburned on my poor delicate Butt now would you ? She turned her lips to my ear and whispered.

" aren't going to be sunning yourself totally nude ??"

" Actually ....I don't want to get my delicate ass sunburned while I'm riding that big cock you're hiding , not hiding very well I might add , in those Speedos."

I was sipping from my water bottle and almost choked at the unexpected words that  came from her mouth. 

"Holy Fuck !!! did you really say that....?"

"Say what ??? " she said and put her head back down. 

Did I hear that right ....I thought silently , no question, that is what she said !!

I changed position and mounted her back facing towards her feet. My slick fingers slipped under her waistband and traced the elastic undernesth , testing her , had I heard her right , I wanted to tread lightly intil she might repond to my tentative touching. 

"Just pull the string 'Big Boy' , one on each hip in case you might be confused ..." she laughed again. 

Confirmed !!! Holy Fuck again, how lucky was I  !! My fingers began to shake a little as I spurted more white cream on my palms, rubbing them vigorously to get the white cream nice and warm.  My two fibgers found the string , I pulled the left, it dropped to the towel, I pulled the other and it fell away. Now only gravity was holding that pure white cotton triangle on her ass. I paused , drinking in this beauty ( the female body is so damn beautiful, so lovely and soft ) . This can only happen obce. You can do something for the First Time only once , once it is done you can never get that feeling again. Once I had exposed for the first time I could never have that special First Look ever again ....I wanted to savor and enjoy my first look at this woman's spectacular ass. 

I took the fabric between my finger and thumb and slowly peeled it back off her pretty round cheek. The delicious crevice between her cheeks appeared and my heart wa pounding out of ny chest. My fingers and hands were shaking as I peeled the fbric back and let it fall between her lovely legs which were now wide open with one leg splayed  out and her knee pulled up towards her head. As the white cotton settled into the gap my heart skipped a beat.  Her smoothly shaved pussy lips were visible and her flesh glistened with her wetness, Her slightly  open cunt was sticky and wet, the salty glistening pussy juice was all over her pink lips  and all over her lovely bald mound as I leaned forward for a better look between her dripping thighs.  I blew on her wet lips and her whole body shook and quivered as my slippery fingers began to explore her delicate ass, sliding between her tight soft cheeks to find her very sensitive Dark Rose.

" I want you to fill me up Patrick, stuff me with that big fucking cock head, a big fucking head is Soooo damn good when it busts through my tight asshole Baby. Don't cum in my ass Baby OK ? I want your creamy load all over my tits , and on my tongue, I want to taste your load when you cum on me. Don't cum in my tight cunt either baby....My womb is very fertile ground on which to spurt your creamy seed ....don't you dare get me pregnant but I will take the morning after pill anyway sweetie..... ..belt and suspenders ."  she giggled as my fingers found that lovely tight hole and lubricated her  little Dark Rose with her own pussy juice.

"Ooooohhh fuck Baby...inside , deeper inside baby.....








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