Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



She rode me hard like her pony on the ranch.



She rode me hard like her pony on the ranch.


Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



As the tip of my tongue touched her puckered, pink hole I allowed her lips to surround my cockhead. Her lips grabbed my foreskin  just as she had described and she began rolling it up over my purple head. She sucked on my little slit and then began to slide her lips down the length, sliding my foreskin as she went, massaging every vein with her tongue, so so slowly . As my tongue probed her ass my cock was sinking deeper and deeper into her mouth and further down her throat until I could feel her lips carressing my sweating balls just as my lips  sucked and stroked her little tight pussy . She kept it there without gagging. My cockhead was carressing the hot back of her throat as she ran her tongue around my thick shaft . I could feel her teeth gently gripping the base of my cock as she began to draw her lips back snd slide my shaft out of her wide open mouth. She repeated this for a good ten minutes. As she sucked on my purple knob like a hot lollipop her hands stroked and twisted  the stretched flesh of my prick as she stroked up and then down slowly ending each stroke with a deep suck on my slit, kissing and sucking the precum from my little hole !!

She paused for a second........"your little slit looks like a tiny, tiny pussy Patrick !!! I just love to stare into your one eye as it stares back at me. I feel like I'm eating and sucking a tiny little Alien cunt !!" That demonic but lovely giggle again filled the room." All I could do was laugh at her reaction, she is so sweet and so funny sometimes.

"Ever had a good pussy lick Sweetie, ever sucked up that lovely juice yourself !!"

She paused again , allowing me  time to calm myself and hold back on the explosive orgasm I was about to have ..

" College there was this pretty girl always making eyes at me. I never got what her interest was, never occurred to me that she wanted my pussy !!! One night when we had a few drinks at a party she cornered me and said she wanted to show me something. Damn!! did she show me something !!! In an empty room, laundry I think, she dropped her dress and had these tiny little red silk panties on and nothing else. I was totally confused, never having seen a woman naked like this context in the locker room yes but all the girls hid their bodies for fear of derision or criticism...too fat, too skinny, no tits etc etc  but not like This with her obvious intentions added into  the equation. Anyway. Long story short, that was my one and only tasting of another woman's pussy juice and it was quite nice, not as sweet as mine but delicious all the same. We sucked and "fucked" for a half hour until I came to my senses and took off, embarrassed and almost ashamed of my little bit of experimentation. I did decide that I was definitely Not a Lesbian. My pussy got wet every time I watched the football players with their shirts off so I thought...." I think a big dick is definitely my preference". Pity I didn't avail of the many big dicks in High School and College but I think it was worth waiting for. Now, there you have my story....can we get back to the Cock in Hand ??!!".

The break had worked and I was ready to take more of her "punishment" without giving up my  creamy gift just yet.

Giggling again she lowered her wet lips onto the shiny head of my dick, Quickly sinking my entire shaft in seconds, deep into the open throat of her wet cunt, over and over, driving me insane.

Her teeth gently raked my sensitive flesh as she withdrew my cock from her throat. The tip of my tongue was still licking her asshole and poking into her little tight crack as my cock slipped out from between her lips making a "Plop" sound as she released me.

"Amazing  Baby...good boy !!! you stopped yourself from cumming, don't want this to be over too soon my love. "

As she said this her ass cheeks were massaging my face rythmically sliding her lovely crack up and down my smothered face, still dripping with her pussy juices.

Sherry sneaked in under the big ass slapping my face and  again got between my legs and looked into my eyes.

"Now for the piece de resistance" my sweet lover"

She gripped the base of my shaft in her fist and began to stroke slowly up and down, delicately at first, from base to tip, relishing the sight of my foreskin sliding under her fist, staring at the bulging veins as they swelled and slipped upwards on my cock. Then she gripped with both hands . Sliding up and down twisting as she went, very slowly. She quickly reached down by the bed and held a little bottle of Virgin Olive Oil when her hand reappeared. She dripped it onto the head of my prick and watched it flow doen the shaft. Then she began licking the dripping slippery fluid with pouting lips, running both lips up the side of my pulsing prick her ear resting on my hip, rising and falling with the movement of her lips. Then her lips suddenly clamped on my head and sucked hard until my foreskin sucked into her mouth and my whole cock followed.

I was spechless as I wantched my entire length slowly disappear between her lips, until my shiny, slippery head touched the back of her throat again and her lips were tickling  my balls. This woman was a certified deep throat expert.

I could feel my load wanting to burst out of my stiff prick as her throat massaged my entire length, I couldn't hold on much longer if she kept up this lovely torture.

She looked into my eyes all the time as she swallowed me whole , I could see the joy of relief and release in her eyes and knew that I wanted...needed to erupt my load of cum for her, to explode  into her mouth, over her pouting  lips, her breasts...I needed it soon !!

She saw this and began moving faster, sliding her lips up my shaft quickly , gripped in her fist and then down again as one hand massaged my aching balls. I began to pant and grunt as my cock became harder than I have ever felt it. Her teeth again raked my shaft with every stroke of her lips.

I was almost there, there was no holding  back now.

She lifted her head from my cock and grabbed the shaft with both fists , squeezing as if she was choking the very life out of it, up and down rapidly, furiously . Then she became nore gentle as she saw my eyelids flickering and my muscles tense up.

"It's cumming Baby, I'm cumming and I can't stop it this time !! "

She put her face , her lips right onto the head of my prick as the first slick shot of cum spurted onto her lips, she moved back slightly to watch and the next load landed right into her open mouth, dripping from her lips. As she smothered my bulging head with her lips tightly she sucked the next spurt right down her throat. My creamy cum dripped out from the side of her mouth as she squeezed my cockhead with her lips. She released me and stuck her sticky tongue out, slowly licking my white cream from her lips and  from my slit as the last spurts popped out, catching every drip with her lips and sucking it into her mouth.

"I just love the taste of you Baby, tyour creamy cum astes nearly as good as my own !!" She laughed as my hot cock  juice still glistened on her lips. My cock was still hard and pulsating and she continued to stroke. She managed to squeeze several more spurts out of me before my tired dick leaned over and began to collapse...not unlike those videos of the tall chimnney falling over in slow motion haha !! My head finally resting on my hip bone, still jerking and pulsating , like the last gasps of a fallen hero !!

Shw wiped her mouth with her fingers and licked every single finger right down to the last knuckle. Then she licked  the last drops from my pulsating cockhead and held the sticky drops  on her fingers.

"You have to taste this !! "

She slowly crawled up my belly and stuck her sticky finger into my mouth as she sat on my chest...grinning like " Cat who got the cream" , (which was indeed true, she got lots of my cream !!)....... all the while..........

She slid her wide open pussy up and slowly down on my hairy chest, coating my whole chest with her sticky cunt juice as I sucked her fingers, drawing them deep into my mouth. Again I felt another spurt of sticky cum from her pussy....apparently she had an unlimited reservoir of cunt  juice inside her lovely body and had been storing it foir just this moment haha ...for me...!!

I had never cum like that before , especially without having my hands in the action. It was actually extremely exciting to give her total control over me. She could have done anything to me, slit my throat if she felt like it and I could no nothing !!! happily ..pleasure was her goal and she achieved that for both of spades !!!


"Breakfast !! " she shouted from the kitchen. Apparently I was so enthralled with re-living last nights fun that I didn't even notice Sherry leaving the bed, maybe fell into a little trance with the memory.

"I Googled  Irish breakfast so I made us .."The Full Irish" as a treat for you, minus the "pudding"...whatever that is ?  don't want you getting hmesick."

"Heart attack on a plate is what they call that !! I shouted from the bedroom, laughing.

"Just this once won't kill ius Baby. If we survived last night we can survive anything."  She roared with laughter as the breakfast plates clanged on the granite countertop.

I headed for the shower. She is definitely right, I need lots of protein to supply her with more of My protein drink this evening and laughed at my secret erotic imaginings , smiling into the bathroom mirror.

I needed to go back to bed or just float in the pool all day, the second option won the day.

After her delicious breakfast we both headed for the pool in our dressing gowns. I had my swim trunks on underneath and jumped in. Floating on my back I was in Heaven with the hot sun and the cool water lapping against my body.

Sherry stood up and dropped her robe . She had a "flattering" one piece suit , showing all her lovely curves, the slit of her little pussy visible where the fabric had slipped between her lips. I just stared blankly at her as she stood and smiled at me

"You see that wall ??. That wall is there for a good reason Patrick. It keeps out prying eyes and nosey neighbors when I go skinny dipping  by myself ....but skinny dipping is even better when I have someone to join me. She slipped the straps over her shoulders and released her breasts with a sigh of relief. I hate keeping the ladies cooped up , they need their freedom to roam and get some sun. As she walked towards me she slipped the pink fabric down over her smooth flat belly to her hips. As she swayed slightly her big beautiful milky tits slowly swayed and swung  in the air , left....right....Standing on the edge her fingers gently and slowly slid the remaining colorful material down over her broad hips to once again reveal the tight papercut slit between her legs. As the soft cotton  slipped past her pussy she slowly pulled the front and it gradually slipped out of her sweet crack and down her legs to the poolside. She kicked it into the water.

"Don't need this anymore ....Yipeeee !!! "  as she dived in almost without a splash.

I felt a tug on my shorts and she pulled them down over my thighs.

"You don't need them either Lover !!"

"Hey Honey , my poor dick needs a break after all your punishment, can we just float and relax for a while."

"Of course Sweetie...that's what we're here for , right ??

We lazed naked in the hot sun for hours. Sherry made freah iced tea amd lemonade and threw ice cubes at my poor balls for amusement as she came back with the tray of softdrinks. Neither of us drink alcahol so not a moment of our fun would be forgotten in a haze of alcahol, we both preferred it that way, remember every momernt of our short interlude.

The evening was a different story.......almost every moment was devoted to sexual exploration.

I could write a book but this story will end with my next installment......our story continues.



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