Sherry New Tricks...5

Sherry New Tricks...5

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


She gave me that Devilish laugh again and grinned as she moved her dripping panties closer to my lips. She sat above me and her panties were so wet that little drops of her cum dripped onto my lips, I lapped it up like a hungry little kitten lapping up his first bowel of milk. She stuck her thumbs into the waistband and slipped the flimsy fabric over her hips, very, very slowly...teasing to the end.


She gave me that Devilish laugh again and grinned as she moved her dripping panties closer to my lips. She sat above me and her panties were so wet that little drops of her cum dripped onto my lips, I lapped it up like a hungry little kitten lapping up his first bowel of milk. She stuck her thumbs into the waistband and slipped the flimsy fabric over her hips, very, very slowly...teasing to the end.


Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



It was dark when my eyes finally opened.

I found myself tightly nuzzled into Sherri's chest and we were sprawled on her big plush bed. We were both naked , a light sheet half covering our damp bodies. Her dress thrown over a chair and my clothes were nowhere to be seen. My arm was draped around her waist, fingers resting ion the cleft of her lovely ass,  my mouth were tightly locked onto her left nipple. My lips felt sticky with a very sweet taste lingering on my lips.

As my jet lagged brain kicked in I remembered.

I had stretched out next to Sherry , easing my body behind her's on the couch. As my lips nuzzled into her warm neck and my lips nibbled on her ear she had unbuttoned her dress and guided my hand  to her breasts.  As she leaned her body back towards me She raised her arm and had me in a headlock, pulling my face into her big beautiful 38Ds. I pinched her nipple between my finger and thumb. as she squealed and told me to pinch harder, to squeeze  tighter. She whispered to me that if I worked her nipples really hard I would have the pleasure of tasting her sweet milk. She lifted her big golden nipple to my lips and told me to suck and to pinch their tip with my teeth, gently but very firmly as my right hand was sliding down her flat belly and slipped between her legs.

I sucked and licked every inch of her naturally firm pale tits. Then I noticed small drops of sticky milky fluid building on the tip of her big, bullet shaped nipple.

 "Squeeze hard....  harder Sweetie, hard and tight , milk my nipple Patrick, suck my little round knob. Somehow I produce milk Baby, not sure why. If you suck my nipple really hard you will make it flow. The sensation is exquisite as my milk is sucked out of my Breast and your tongue massages and licks the tip. It tastes so sweet, like cream and honey mixed, I've tasted it myself, such a lovely taste Sweetie. I just loved breastfeeding, I was so disappointed when I couldn't do it anymore....babies grow, unfortunately ." she giggled , panting as my mouth engulfed her breast and my teeth clamped on her sticky, sweet nipple and I sucked harder

I had never met a woman who could produce milk without being pregnant , I was amazed and so fucking excited. With every suck on her nipple my cock grew bigger and harder as did her big nipple. As my fingers slipped into her panties and found the wet delicious slit of her tight cunt she pushed her ass back into my body. She stroked my dick with her ass cheeks as my fingers slipped between her soft lips. Her honey flavored milk was like an aphrodisiac

She lifted one foot onto the couch and opened her legs wide for me and my  attention switched to her firm round ass as I reached between her legs from behind , stroking her ass and her pussy in one long smooth stroke through her panties.

I whispered in her ear.

"Should we take this someplace with more room to play darlin' ?"

"Do we have to ? she whined in a sweet childish voice,  It's so cozy wrapped together like this, a lovely bundle of joy." She laughed and pushed her sweet ass harder into my straining cock which was now lined up like a steel pole between her ass cheeks as she stroked it up and down rhythmically, sensually,slowly."

Suddenly she reached back and grabbed my balls in her fist. I screamed in her ear as we both toppled off the couch and fell to the carpet, her hand still gripping my sweating balls..

As we struggled to our feet my balls were still in her tight fist.

"You horny little Bitch," I squealed at her.

"Now I've really got you by the balls." she laughed as she led me into her bedroom and I limped behind her, moaning and laughing at the same time.

When we got into the the bedroom she opened a large wooden chest and all My throat could manage to squeak out was.

"DAMN....Holy Shit...quite a collection !!"

The chest contained a mind boggling collection of "Toys", most of which were still in the packaging.

She reached in with her free hand and grabbed two sets of handcuffs, padded handcuffs, thankfully not pink !!!

Her bed was huge and had a cast iron headboard . She "ordered" me to attach the handcuffs to the headboard, her fist still tightly gripping my poor balls !!  This was getting very interesting indeed , possibly weird ! Was she insanely deprived  of crazy sex......experimental  sex or was she  just plain crazy ??? that was the question. I was up shit creek if it was the latter. I went along with the game, assuming the former. I had been deprived of down and dirty sex  myself for a while.....we all have dry periods but it looked like mine was about to end !!! It could be My end if I locked those handcuffs I thought  and laughed, I could cum and go all at the same time !!

I attached the cuffs as commanded and stretched out on the bed naked except for my shorts. Sherry straddled my chest and attached a cuff to each wrist, her big firm tits swaying above my face.

She finally let go of my balls as I sighed with relief.

" Usually a man is led my the head of his cock honey, I guess you're led by your sweating shaved balls......painfully". She laughed hysterically as she bounced on my chest, her big tits bouncing right along in a delicious rhythmic dance., just above my nose as she leaned into my face.

As she leaned in her "pencil eraser" nipples stroked my lips. Her breast milk still coated her nipples and my tongue reached for it's sweetness as her nipples brushed my lips. My cock was busting from my shorts as she showed me her  proficiency  as a "Cowgirl" , riding me like her pony !! She still wouldn't release my cock from it's confinement so I bucked and drove up into her body begging her to " LET MY COCK OUT....Please..."

"You have to beg me, plead with me.What would you do to have me suck that fucker, to lick the cum from your tiny little slit, suck your sweaty balls. I know you want to shove that thing up my ass....don't you ??  you Nasty man . Well my little cunt is just as tight as my asshole so either way your big dick will be punished trying to squeeze in there.....we will definitely need lots of lube. Personally  I like Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it's edible and it's good for you, just like my pussy juice except my juice is much more sticky and sweet...... as you already know. We didn't have that shower yet so you still smell like my pussy and my toes smell like your creamy cum." She laughed hysterically as she reached around and gripped my cock in her fist, leaned into me and smothered me with her damp, hot beautiful tits.

She whispered to me in her lovely Texas damn sexy.

"Wanna play with my toys ?? I got a present for you that you can take home to keep you happy and hard when you don't have me. It looks funny , I laughed when I saw it but apparently it works very, very well for horny guys with no pussy to stick it in.  It's got lips just like my cute pussy. You can show me over Skype after you leave"

"I guess that could work for me !!"

"That is some box of tricks you have there Sherri Baby but they look new ? have you tried any or were you waiting for me."

"Waiting for you Lover of course. I know you have an adventurous side in your horny mind, imagining all kinds of ways to make yourself cum and of course to make a woman wet her panties."

Still mooching in the box of tricks she finally picked one.

"Here it is....Yeee..Hawww, ride em cowboy it is. You might even have one already, knowing how you love to jerk that thing off !!!"

The box said..."Pussy in your fist...a helping hand when she is on the rag. and you just can't wait or just to have some fun."

 As she got to the bed she held up two silk scarves and left the box on a side table.

" I like the man to take control in the bedroom sweetie....usually but I thought a little variety might be in order with my big dick horny think ??" Grinning as she tied my ankles to the bed.

She slowly crawled up the bed between my legs and grabbed the bottom of my shorts pulling them slowly down my hairy legs.

"I just adore hairy , manly legs Patrick , just muscular enough but not those big bulging things that some women like, yours are just right." Running her palms up and down my legs as she spoke. The "one eyed monster" staring me in the face, resting on my belly, stiff as a board and pulsing up and down off my belly in rhythm with my pounding heartbeat.

"You have a lovely cock Patrick, your photos don't do it justice at all. I love that you still have your foreskin, I just love the idea of playing with a man's foreskin....using my lips, rolling it up with my teeth  and sucking it into my mouth, playing with the little slit with my tongue. I love the way it sides along a solid, stiff dick, especially the big veins, fascinating. God makes some amazing things for us to amuse ourselves and play with.!!"

As she spoke her lips got closer and closer to my aching balls, teasing me  and totally fucking up my head, rubbing her flushed cheeks on the hair of my legs and licking as her hands caressed my thighs. Her fingers got within an inch of my sweating balls and stopped. She was an expert tease. I seem to ne naturally attracted to prick teasers but usually get my cock in with enough patience.

 Finally and to my surprise she leaped on my crotch and devoured my balls in her wide open mouth, sucking the whole package into her wet, hot mouth. I almost blew my load right there and then all over my belly but managed to hold back the flood. The she turned her attention to my stiff prick.

Her fist gripped the base of my cock while she sucked on my balls and slowly stroked my length right up to the purple shiny head, rolling my foreskin as she went. As her tight grip squeezed my foreskin over the round shiny head she sighed and peeked up at me with one eye as if she had dreamed of this scenario just as I had. She let my wet balls slip out of her mouth and sat up on top of me. She moved forward until my hard cock was right in the crack of her slick cunt  She began sliding back and forth using my stiff prick just as she had used the back bone of the pony as a teenager riding my cock hard. The soft cotton of her little white panties felt so fucking good as it rubbed along the thick tube on the underside of my cock.Her eyelids flickered and closed as her body shook and tensed up, her knees clamping tightly against my waist. As I looked down I could see the wet spot on her panties grow bigger until the crotch of her panties was soaking wet. Her sweet juice was coating my cock as she moved , the musky smell of sex filled the room and my nostrils as her juices lubricated my foreskin.

It tool all my strength to stop my load of cum from busting through and finally I heard that grunting sound that could only mean she that she was squirting her final load of juice onto my cock and balls. She groaned and squealed as she moved faster.

Finally she just fell backwards onto my legs holding herself up on her elbows, her legs spread wide open in front of my face, the smell of her sex and her lovely pussy was overwhelming my senses as her body shook  and still bucked from her orgasm. She reminded me of a bull rider leaning back on the beast , knees up in the air .... enjoying the ride and Fuck the consequences !!

 It was killing me that I could neither touch her nor myself but I certainly was enjoying the view !!

When her shaking body finally calmed and she was able to talk again she took her position astride my crotch, smiling broadly.

"I have waited so dam long for that feeling, my fingers can only do so much, not even my big fleshy dildo could could make me cum like that. If my useless Ex still had his foreskin and could have made me squirt my juice like that we just might still be married,  lucky for you he couldn't !!!

"Want your reward now ?  Good Boy held off that juicy load for me and my lips.....and my tits. You want me to swallow all of your creamy load Patrick, every little drop and then suck you dry ??"

"I want to see you suck up every little drop Baby, lick every little drop of my cum off the head of my prick and ask for more, beg for more."

"That settles it then ...that's exactly what I'm NOT going to do."

She gave me that Devilish laugh again and grinned as she moved her dripping panties closer to my lips. She sat above me and her panties were so wet that little drops of her cum dripped onto my lips, I lapped it up like a hungry little kitten lapping up his first bowel of milk. She stuck her thumbs into the waistband and slipped the flimsy fabric over her hips, very, very slowly...teasing to the end. As the top of her slit came into view I again almost shot my load but again held myself back. Her pretty pussy was so tight and so flawless she could have been an eighteen year old virgin.

Standing up she hovered right above my face and slipped her panties all the way off, dropping them on my face, smothering my face in her sweet pussy juice. Like an addict getting his fix I sucked in every drop that my lips could touch.

When she lifted them off I was staring straight up into her tight slit, it was tightly closed even with her legs spread to either side of the bed, her juices glistened on her lips as she swayed her hips back and forth. Bending her knees she slowly lowered herself , her legs spreading wider with every inch she dropped. Slowly her little slit opened up and her inner lips became visible, a little tongue of bright pink flesh peeking out just begging to be sucked and licked.

When she opened up cunt finally brushed my lips I lunged up to get at it , to eat it, to suck it into my open mouth but she raised up again and laughed at my attempts. She had cum twice already...judging by her expressions and the noises she had made so she was in no rush to give me my satisfaction.

As her sweet juice ran down her legs she again dropped down to my waiting mouth. This time she didn't stop. Her wide open pussy suddenly smothered my face and her wet, sticky lips kissed mine very gently at first.

"Suck that juice Honey, suck it like a cool juicy watermelon on a hot Texas day honey..........OOOHHH fuck me I'm going to cum again !!!"

Her fingers got between my lips and her pussy as she stroked her little clit furiously. She lifted a little , sitting on her haunches and slapped her pussy hard , over and over, slapping her wet lips . I felt her juices splashing on my face with every slap. Then she stuck three fingers deep into her dripping pussy and curling the middle finger upwards she found the spot."

"There it is Baby, that's my squirt spot, I can't fucking help myself , this always makes me squirt my juice, the spot just behind my clit. Her fingers rammed into her pussy like a piston until she reared back and I was looking directly  into her little cunt. It was wide open now, her lips bigger and all puffed up,  pink and swollen around the edge and bright red inside . Her flat palm again began slapping her pussy with wet splashes.

She growled in a low roar as her hips froze for a briefly and then bucked and heaved towards my lips.

The first squirt was just another splash but the next contraction of her heaving pelvis unloaded  her squirting juice onto my chest and it splashed my cheeks...then another stream with the next heaving convulsion. It looked as if she was actually pissing but her juices were not pee and were sweet on my tongue. She was actually squirting copious amounts of her cum, just as she said she could. I didn't believe her at the time but she had not exaggerated at all. I had thought that squirting was just a myth !!

My cock really needed some attention , I didn't want to cum without being able to watch her lick my own cum from her lips.

With a final heaving contraction she finally relaxed a little and again fell back onto her elbows. As I looked straight into her open pussy I could see her red and pink flesh pulsing behind her open lips and her little open pussy hole pulsating as the contractions continued, her juices still dripping from her opening and running down onto my hairy chest and into the crack between her legs.

My face was wet with her cum as I licked my lips.

She quickly recovered and said.

" Now my horny lover it's your turn to get fucked. I told you that I wanted you to "Fuck My Face" , well I wanted to Fuck Your Face first my love and what a fuck that was !!! but I have lots of pent up energy and you're getting it all."

Like a gymnast she switched her Cowgirl body with one flip and had her big ass turned to my face and lips in a split second. 

"Want a really good blow job, the best of your life Baby. As I said I just LOVE to suck a good big cock, deep down into my throat...How long is your dick Baby...6...7 inches. ?

"I've got seven and a half inches of meaty goodness sweetie, just for your deep you can't swallow it all without gagging !! haha "

She shoved her ass into my face and said.
" Lick my pink little asshole and I just might give you the genuine "Deep Throat " experience. Don't worry Baby, everything back there is pristine, I had a full body hair wax, ass, crack and lips, just for you. I even had my tightest little hole bleached nice and pink for you......just lick my hole and I'll suck your big cock like it's never been sucked before."

"That's a whole new thing for me honey but since you went to so much trouble you can count on me Baby."





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