Seduction , the Mocha the Red and The Pink; Reeling in her Catch. / Part 1

Seduction , the Mocha the Red and The Pink; Reeling in her Catch. / Part   1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Part one might have too much detail, and not enough Heat but I'll get there but the Steam rill Rise , among other things-- I Promise !!! Zuni is Mocha Caribbean beauty and a Master Manipulator . Her men are her toys and she is a master at playing them and with them; with a body built for the job. Poor Jimmy is no match for her mocha beauty and is in way over his head . Her job in life is to manipulate her men and control them just as they abused and manipulated her as an innocent little girl. Her sex and her body are used as emotional weapons. She could be a good person if some man has the determination and the will to put up with her devious nature and convince her that he is one of the good ones and worth keeping. That man will have to navigate an emotional and physical minefield if he is to have her, body and soul.


Part one might have too much detail, and not enough Heat but I'll get there but the Steam rill Rise , among other things-- I Promise !!!
Zuni is Mocha Caribbean beauty and a Master Manipulator . Her men are her toys and she is a master at playing them and with them; with a body built for the job. Poor Jimmy is no match for her mocha beauty and is in way over his head . Her job in life is to manipulate her men and control them just as they abused and manipulated her as an innocent little girl.
Her sex and her body are used as emotional weapons.
She could be a good person if some man has the determination and the will to put up with her devious nature and convince her that he is one of the good ones and worth keeping. That man will have to navigate an emotional and physical minefield if he is to have her, body and soul.


Submitted: September 08, 2013

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Submitted: September 08, 2013




 The Hook Is Set –Seduction - Let  The  Games Begin !!!


Her awakening as a sexual being came early in life, way too early for any child, boy or girl. Her understanding of men and her attitude towards men, all men, was formulated and cemented by the sad events of those early years.

 Her adult life would be different, she would be the predator, any horny dog of a man, good or bad, would be the prey. She was determined that as an adult she would never become the victim or the plaything of any man unless she made that choice herself.

She had primarily seen her value as a person in an exclusively  sexual way since the days when she sat on her Grandfather’s knee, not understanding why he was touching her in a place where no one else touched except for her Mom, where she knew instinctively , even  that, she should not be touched


The hook was set and now she was ready to play her fish and her game; her game and hers alone. She had been played by men and played with by men for all of her relatively short life. Ever since she first understood what had been happening to her on those visits to her Grandfather she had just assumed that any man expressing an interest in her ( and there were many) was just another player and her body, her pussy  was their game.

Not any more!!


Her prey on this occasion was Jimmy. He was a fairly decent person, not the type of Dog she usually had to contend with whose only interest in her was to find her, fuck her for as long as she would allow it and then forget her.

Jimmy actually had the utmost respect for Zuni, for him it was love at first sight. His infatuation with her was beyond anything he had ever experienced and he had not yet seen her body in all its glory.

That night on the Long Island Railroad he had not even see her face.

The tender, yet firm grip of her hands on his cock and the sweet smell of her breath on the back of his neck as she jerked him off created the lust..

His fingers squeezing between her wet thighs and probing the soft folds of her pussy as she allowed him access to her prize had created his need for her unseen body.

As she stood behind him and expertly stroked and pulled his cock,  never revealing herself to him, she had created a mystery to be solved, by him.

The feelings of lust had morphed into love when she finally arrived on his doorstep in San Francisco

His professed feelings for her although he had never used the word “Love”) meant nothing to Zuni, he was her conquest and like a female version of “the Dog” males she so despised, his needs, and feelings were irrelevant to her.

She had a body that most men could not resist. Her radiantly perfect Mocha skin dressed a classic Hour Glass body. A man’s fingers could almost touch when he wrapped his hands around her waist. Her large dark brown, supremely suckable nipples had the appearance of fleshy pencil top erasers, always erect and always prominent under her top unless she wore her winter jacket.

 Zuni’s succulent ass protruded from her torso in the shape of an almost perfectly round copper colored split peach, just begging to be licked, sucked and finally fucked by her lover.

The slit of her pussy lips was so tight as to be almost invisible except in close-up. Closely cropped, pitch black pubic hair presented her light copper colored pussy mound as an eye-candy treat to be licked of its sweet juices by the lover lucky enough to enjoy its sweet aroma and even sweeter taste.

Jimmy was about to get his first glimpse of the object of his desire, the thing he craved as he had never craved anything before. Like a Heroin addict wanting his next fix he could think of nothing else but the beauty secreted under the long robe which she habitually wore around the small apartment.

His free sample of her drug was delivered that night on the Long Island Railroad ; her tight fists expertly jerking him off until he sprayed his load of cum;  his fingers probing her slippery cunt that night, that was his first taste of he sex drug.

His phone number was the connection with his dealer, Zuni.



“Hey, Jimmy, come in here for a minute I need to talk”,


“You are in the bathroom, right? Its quite alright, I can hear you fine from here”.


“No! Jimmy I need you to come over here for a minute”.


He walked to the bathroom and the door was wide open.


“Damn Zuni would you please close the door, I don’t need to watch while you are in there sweetie, come on!!  I feel like some sleazy peeper”.

“I need to talk for a minute Jimmy and I can’t talk to the back of your head!!”.

“Are we going to Napa Valley today, I’m so excited, we can stay the night in one of those hot springs motels you told me about, right?”

“Only if they don’t cost a fortune!!, I’m not made of money so you have to pitch in, I have neither the money nor the desire to be a “Sugar Daddy” sweetie. Of course you know that’s what everyone’s going to think, don’t you?? Will you be OK with the knowing looks?? I can’t afford two rooms you know?! I can bring my sleeping bag and sleep on the floor, I don’t mind but I can’t afford two rooms in one of those places!!”

He did not want to make any assumptions about what would or would not happen if they did stay the night and he was not overplaying the “gentleman” thing, he really had a genuine respect for her.

Logically this memory her jerking him off on the train should have negated any feelings of respect he had for her. She had pulled and stroked the stiff cock of a total stranger until he shot his load but Love really is blind. His infatuation was evident to her and those people with whom they interacted. He had only once before felt like this about a woman and let her go during the complicated years of his youth.

Jimmy was several years older than Zuni but they had a lot of fun together during the two weeks she had been in San Francisco, even without sex being involved. They were kindred spirits in many ways. They genuinely got on great together ( in his view ) and after all it was her who had taken the initiative. Zuni had called him out of the blue a couple of months after their initial encounter on the Long Island Railroad to Amityville, Long Island she had started this train rolling!!!

He was still in the hallway, standing back from the open door, not wanting to look or feel like a voyeur.

“I’m just having a pee” she said. “What’s the big deal??”

“Come over here so I can see you, I need to see the person I’m talking to babe.”, Zuni said.


Babe!!?’, he thought. “I haven’t been called that in a long time but I like it”.

He relented and took up position in the open doorway, averting his eyes sheepishly after his first glimpse of her sitting there on her throne.

His embarrassment was not lost on her.

She giggled like a cute, teasing schoolgirl, dangling her copper carrot before his eyes.

“You’re just teasing now”, Jimmy said.

 He stood there transfixed by Zuni’s huge round ‘Doe Eyes’, her deliciously puffy cheeks showing her cute dimples as she smiled, the light amber color in her eyes shining with pent up energy; she was one of these naturally ‘wired’ personalities. He tried to avoid staring at the indistinct stream which he could hear but not really see, dripping from between her mocha thighs as she sat there grinning at him with her juvenile gap-toothed smile, daring him to stand closer and turn towards her; to force him to look, to stare at the  space between  her pretty thighs.

“You can’t even see Kitty”, she giggled!!!

‘You should see this display from my vantage point’. He muttered under his breath

He was feeling quite embarrassed and somewhat guilty at the idea of looking on while a woman was having a pee with her panties half way down her thighs, only partially hiding the object of his desire but this view was getting him all hot and bothered anyway. His throbbing cock was growing fatter and longer by the second, straining his ever-tightening underwear.

This type of bathroom scenario, involving pee, offered no attraction for him in his conscious mind but there was something acutely erotic and sexy about watching her and hearing the light splash of the amber liquid streaming from between her thighs. Obviously the source of the stream would hold an erotic fascination for any horny guy.

She was consciously playing him for the effect this sight would have on a man. She liked to put out the “Bad Girl”  image, breaking rules. Well she was only 22 or 24 if you could believe her?? As she was not consistent on that particular detail. It just felt wrong that he was there, watching this display.

Knowing that her succulent lips were barely hidden behind the cotton of her tiny, virginal white panties made him uneasy as he was by nature a shy person.

A barely visible patch, a line of close-cropped pitch black hair hair was peeking from behind the tightly stretched waistband. The sight of the little white triangle of cotton poised between her legs in front of the stream and the thin string waistband embedded in the smooth, slightly pudgy flesh of her tanned thighs gave him goose bumps on his damp skin and a distinct wet drip on the bulging head of his stiff prick.

“She’s not teasing me, she’s really testing me “.

How was he going to approach and pass this test to her satisfaction?

How to react was the question?

If he was overly interested then would she think he was some kind of Pee Fetish type?

If he showed disgust or revulsion then would she consider him a prude?

If he played the game (this was clearly Her game ) like he was totally disinterested then she might think he really had no interest in her physically at all, no matter what the context? This would not be good for him.

It had occurred to him that this was like your Date asking you how much you would pay her to sleep with you if she actually asked for money!!! What is the right answer to a question like that!!  There is no “Right” answer, whatever you say will be wrong, the guy is screwed either way and not in a good way.


 His almost drooling expression made no secret of his interest, his great interest but if his reaction did not match up with her expectations then he would fail her test, it would be all over.

He desperately wanted her to like him, to want him- not necessarily to Love him but to be close to him even if it was for only a short time. He was not desperate for just any woman, he was desperate for Her.

He asked himself, “What is the appropriate response to her provocative teasing??

Truly, he was not sure!  He surely had his interest piqued by the burning hot pussy before him.

From the tips of her pretty little toes to the top of her curly head he adored her, he was in awe of her beauty, every inch of her. He could not risk causing offense or disclosing how madly in love he was with her, “In Lust” would probably be a more accurate description of his feelings at that moment. Little drops of nervous sweat were forming at his hairline, irritating his skin and making him shuffle slightly as he tried not to stare but he could not avoid looking longingly into the deep, beautiful crevice between her breasts from his standing position. Drops of his sticky pre cum were forming on and lubricating the swelling head of his cock

He turned so that his back was to the door frame and he did not look directly at her but he could still see her in his peripheral vision and as he made a sideways glance he began to blush.

This was her cue to goad and tease him further.


“That is so endearing, you are such a sweetheart”, she said, grinning broadly as she giggled like a naughty schoolgirl, knowing exactly what she was doing to his head, both heads in fact!!  His vantage point now had him appearing to ogle her prominent nipples which strained at the material of her too-tight V-neck sweater, his nose almost glowing at this point, matching the spreading blush on his skin.

The hole she had been digging for him was getting deeper and he wasn’t sure how deep she was going to go but he didn’t want her to stop what she was doing!!


She just reveled in his embarrassment and was getting such a kick out of his red-faced condition that she wanted to continue his torture, even if she had no need to pee at this point.

Sliding his back slowly down the door jamb and resting on his haunches he was now positioned almost at  eye level with her hips so that he would not be glaring down the deep cleft between her large delicious breasts.

 This repositioning made him appear even creepier than did his previous stance!!! 


As he turned his head towards her he found himself staring directly at the white triangle of her panties which remained, half way down her thighs!!

“Jesus Holy Christ please let the ground,  or her legs, her mouth , whatever , open up and swallow me”, he silently prayed and he did not even believe in God!! .

“No matter how I handle this I must look like a bit of a bashful pussy to her!!”

“Shit, Now I’m staring almost directly into her “Holy of Holies!!”

Only the little white triangle separated him from her dripping pink cunt.

She was playing him like a well tuned fiddle. She was orchestrating his every move every thought (as she had since he first encountered her on that train), and she knew it, unlike Jimmy!!

This whole interaction lasted only a short time but there was so much shit bouncing around his head that it felt like hours had gone by when suddenly she reached back for the tissue which hung on a holder next to her.

She carefully, almost theatrically, took some paper and folded it several times, all the while looking right into his eyes with that naughty pouting grin adorning her cherub cheeks She spread her legs slowly, deliberately and moved her knees further apart, stretching and narrowing the little triangle of her panties, the straps dimpling her copper shaded flesh.

The triangular patch of pitch black hair was now visible as she spread her legs wider, neatly trimmed and very closely, tastefully cropped with a perfectly straight bikini line shaved across the mound of her pubic bone, prepared for a miniscule bikini.  The slit of her pussy was so tiny as to be almost invisible without close inspection.

“Holy Fuck, I have to get her into the shower and soap her up, down and all over, to adore her body and feel every inch of her before I fuck, suck and lick every pretty little hole that her luscious body has to offer”.

His mind was going at a frenzied pace.

She had even turned the mundane task of taking a piss into an erotic manipulative strip show. Golden Showers were really not his thing but at that moment he could have been persuaded otherwise

With the tissue held in the dainty little fingers of her right hand she reached between her legs from the front with her left hand, still staring into his eyes.  As her legs spread wider and her thighs stretched the elastic panty strings to breaking point her left hand caressed the flesh of her inner thighs reaching for her dripping pussy as her right hand traced the crease between her legs. She dabbed at the wet black hair which had obscured her pussy lips while her other hand spread her wet and sticky lips slowly. The sight of the bright red flesh of her tight little pussy hole surrounded by the glistening bright pink flesh of her inner lips had him hypnotized with lust.

 The combination of the red and the pink flesh surrounded by the mocha, slightly coppery color of her outer lips and the pitch black of the close cropped triangle of pubic hair was just simply a work of art. It was reminiscent of a Georgia O’Keefe painting.


He instinctively knew that he had to end his participation in her manipulative game of control but all he could do was stare into her mesmerizing big brown eyes,  His stare alternating between her eyes and her slippery cunt, frozen to the spot. His eyes were almost begging, were in fact begging her to let him inside her in any way she would allow; he was not particular about where or how after witnessing her titillating little erotic show.


Zuni had been exercising the power that she knew she wielded over him and over most men who were smitten with her body, her Caribbean skin color and indeed by the sharp mind behind the innocent big amber eyes.


She had him, he would do anything she asked him to do, absolutely anything; the whole progression from friend to total control took about one hour, total, amazing !!!


Put a leash around his neck and call him Dog !!!


Her body was her tool and control was her motivation, sex, if it entered the equation, was a side effect.





In the two weeks during which she had been staying in his small apartment she had been nothing but lady-like and modest to a fault and he, in her own words, had been the perfect gentleman. There had not been any “ wardrobe malfunctions”  by either of them.  He had not “accidentally” dropped his towel coming out of the shower with a stiff prick to prove that he still had what it took to make a woman squeal. She had not left the bathroom door ajar just enough for him to catch her naked curves in the full length bathroom mirror to give him something to dream about and salivate over.

He had never even had a glimpse of her naked body.but had enjoyed her delights !

Until this bathroom moment she had appeared to be more prudish than he ever could be. After she had a shower she would always wear a bathrobe that went from her ankles to her neck with only her toes exposed, such cute little button toes belying the complicated personality that drove her every move.


She was suddenly a different person. Like a cat playing with a mouse, he swore to himself that this would not continue. He never allowed himself to be played by anyone.

In the present circumstances he really could not help himself.

Every bad experience with her was followed by a few days of the kind of sweetness and the kind of warmth he had never experienced with a woman, friend or lover.

He would have her if he had patience , if he gained her trust. Every sweet moist hole she possessed would be his to play with, including the tightest hole hidden in the crevice of her sweet brown ass




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