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Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017



When frustration takes the stage we may do things that we would never do ordinarily dream of doing. Sexual frustration is no different. We may indulge in activities which are out of character . For someone, man or woman, who is very sexual the frustration can drive them to do stupid things.

A married man may resort to a prostitute or cruising bars for some half drunk vulnerable woman who is as lonely and horny as he is. A single guy like myself who has a lady but is in a long distance relationship suffers the same frustration . I would not "physically" cheat on my lovely long distance lady, I would not go to a Hooker, BarFly  etc etc  and therefore I need some alternative  relief for my pent up sexual energy.

" What did people do before Skype , so deprived ".......I thought as the typical Skype dial tone rang on my computer....and rang and answer from my Sweetie. She said that she would be away for a month to take care of her Mom so my stress relieving Skype calls would have to wait. 

I had been writing , emailing a new friend, just a pen pal from half way around the world , just someone to chat to about anything and everything. She is married , happily I might add but gets bored sometimes and just likes to chat to a friendly "normal" guy online. She deeply loves her family and her kids but she has a little kinky streak , happily and sometimes  likes a little diversion. She was afraid to tell Hubby about her little Kinky thoughts and dreams., nothing too weird.  Miss Stella ( not her real name )   dreamed of spanking and blindfolds, PVC panties and huge Vibrators, her dreams were full of cum covered tits , handcuffed maidens getting fucked in the ass or sucking and choking on huge cocks . She could confide these things to this stranger online with no fear of laughter unless it's mutual. They were some funny chats about the strange dreams . There were some naughty exchanges also.


The Skype ringer was singing away again as I stared at the screen , I had  the window open on my big TV  but there was no answer and no picture...yet. I hoped she would answer . 

"Come on Stella I need you tonight , you are my port in a storm. ."

Finally he heard " Hello." 

"Hey Stella , how are you my friend, you look great, hot n' sexy as usual ." 

"Ed be careful , we are on speaker until I get my headphones on. "

"OK....good to go,  Bad are taking liberties talking to a happily married Mom like that !!  Actually I am alone and sooo lonely , perfect timing "

"You know you love it as much as I do Stella  you Horny little Wench . Know what a  MILF  is....You !!". I laughed out loud. 

"This is NOT a sex-chat line you know , I'll expect a check in the mail if you keep up your dirty talk Nasty Man !!!": 

"Nasty is what you LOVE love the way I say almost drool when I talk about ass-fucking ...want me to fuck your ass, don't you....if I were there right now you would drop your knickers and bend over for me without me telling you , you want this baby in your ass but you just won't admit it. "

I reach down and undo my zipper without being too obvious. We never had "Cyber Sex " before , we just talked about what she liked and what her Hubby liked to do to her and of course what she liked to do to him when they declared no limits .....some nights were  "No Limit "  nights. On these nights either Stella or Hubby could request any sexual favor they desired.....within limits of blood  , ever !!  no pain beyond the pleasurable type and either one can call a halt whenever they like. I think he knew that she spoke to me and that we spoke about erotica and erotic writing , an academic exercise , mostly theoretical lol .

"I am So fucking Horny Stella , I don't know what to do. I almost looked up Hookers last night !!! I never do things like that  that !!!  and NO I didn't do it , before you ask. "

"Well do what every other over-sexed male on the planet does ...whip out that big dick of yours and get stroking give it a real good beatin !!! That should be easy enough ??"

"It's just not the same without a woman present , I just don't get the same feelings without knowing that there is a woman there. My lady has me spoiled , even when I'm not there she does a regular Skype call and when I need relief she is my cheer leading squad.....also, she loves to watch. If I remember correctly you really Love to watch ???"

"That doesn't mean I want to watch you pulling your Dick !! You Dirty Perv !!  Hahaha! 

"I Love Cute Pervs....haha!"

"It's not just about pulling my Dick Stella's about the thrill of watching a woman who is watching me  as I make myself cum , for her  I'm doing it for the woman, it's a performance ....just for you ....I mean for Ms S , I haven't done it for you yet but there is always a first time." !!!  You want to be my cheerleader ??"

"I know I've seen a pic of your dick but watching live might be a bit over the top you think ?? I've never done that before. Would I just be watching you or.....I get you now , we both go for it and try to cum at the same time hahaha That would be tricky , I cum at the sight of a stiff prick , especially  a good big one and I think you would be adequate ...possibly hahaha !!

"Well ....Hunny won't be back until tonight , maybe tomorrow , he had a long drive so will get a motel.' 

"I've never seen that thing of yours live and in person, I liked the pic, you look pretty interesting and quite big since he is relaxing in the pic you sent ...which is locked behind TWO  password protected files, I don't want to upset my Hunny. He knows that we talk about some pretty hot, horny stuff but he doesn't know that I have a pic.

I had no plans to do anything but talk you know. ! However since the poor baby is oh so desperate I might do a favor one time 

"Well Horny Dude ....gonna just sit there all day ...night   ? I'm dying to see if reality matches the pic you sent ??  Did you Photoshop yourself hahaha ??......I'l bet you did , did you make it longer, thicker ??"

"Of course not !!! What you see in the pic is what you get....except about four inches longer and much thicker.....could you handle that Miss Stella ??"

" I once buried a TEN inch cock right to his sticky balls , he disappeared into my tight wet cunt ....but I have to say , there was lots of lube hahaha !! and I walked like a Cowboy for a few days, sitting was Not vey comfy for a while. He stretched me so damn wide I thought I was going to bust open, sort of like getting a medium sized cock in my ass. I was deliriously ecstatic when he finally sunk that monster all the way in , banging on my fucking Cervix he was !!!  So I can take a Lickin and keep on ticking , you little bald peanut would be NO problem  Hehehe !!." 

She giggled and laughed like a little girl as she stared at me through the screen . She was in her bedroom and the door was closed so I wondered.

"Are you sure there's nobody home, just you sweetie ? your door is closed ? "

"I have a front door monitor so I can see anyone who comes near the door, don't worry Hon ."

"I would not want to cause any trouble for you sweetie !" 

"No worries, as I said Ed , all is under control, Promise you XO"

I put my laptop on the table beside my bed to capture me on the bed and in good lighting. I paused in front of the screen and began rubbing my balls absentmindedly through my sweatpants and the lump  began to grow in size....much to her delight."

"OOOOOhhh He is growing already you nasty man , I'm getting damp know where haha and my big juicy nipples are standing at attention ....for your cock Mister !!! See what that fucker does to me ." 

"Well I can't see unless you SHOW me Madam ....haha ...let me see your panties , your sticky wet spot...Pleaseeeee, come on be a sport, it's only panties PRUDE !!!"

"Prude ....haha ...I'll show you how prudish I am ...silly boy haha. Show me yours and I'll show you mine . "

As I slowly opened my zipper I watched her face ...her cheek was twitching a little with nervous anticipation, one hand was rising to her breasts....slowly. She looked quite nervous , the bravado was now gone as she stared at my crotch....waiting.  

My zipper reached the bottom and I opened my pants.

I wear small stretchy briefs , usually white bikini style. I hate boxers . Wearing Boxers feels like wearing two pairs of pants . Plus I like my cock and balls to be in a nice tight package, no flopping around as I walk . The foreskin rolls back off my cock head if it's hanging loose and it is very irritating when wearing loose underwear. The small tight type keeps everything under control. 

She saw the pure white fabric behind the zipper and as I slipped my pants off my hips she saw what I was wearing.

"I LOVE those ....NOW got my attention you bad man are getting me Sooo wet , I love those bikini underwear....they show off a man's balls and cock so nicely  and ....your balls get so hot that your sperm are lousy swimmers so they would never make it to her Cervix ...haha so no unexpected rug rats !! You could probably fuck me every day without a condom and never get me pregnant, I love to fuck bareback, I love to feel that hot flesh pushing inside my fucking hot !!!"

My pants dropped to the floor and her hand went to her mouth. 

"I should NOT be doing this , you are such a bad influence on me ." She giggled and smiled 

As my palm closed around my balls , my other hand rubbed the head of my cock through the fabric and he really began to wake iup and swell. Soon there was a rather large lump in my shorts and this type of underwear does not do very well controlling a still growing  stiff prick .  Soon the fabric was pushed away from my belly by the growing bulge. Suddenly my swollen head popped out the top of the waistband and she jumped and squealed with delight, her eyes wide like a deer in the headlights, frozen in place, her grin getting wider by the second . She was mesmerized by the scene unfolding before her

"Am I on the big screen Sweetie" , I asked her, wondering what she could see. 

"OH Yea , you are almost life size and that cock wiill be even larger than life haha ....lovin it . Now stroke him for me Big Boy , show me what you've got in those shorts, it looks like the right Tool for the job you deliver   hahaha !!"

"Well I can certainly deliver the "Goods" ......I can overflow your little pussy with my sweet cum and  watch the sticky stream flowing down the crack of your ass. You do really want to eat this whole thing don't you, if we were in the same room you would Rape me right now you horny little cunt !!!!

"I am definmitely a very Horny Little CUNT.....and I would bury that big fucker deep in my tight sticky cunt if you were here right now."

"I knew you would fuck me , how about a good deep ass fuck...would you like that you perv , would you like me to ream out that asshole for you too ."

"FUCK YES !!!  let me see how big that thing gets , my poor pussy  !!! She'shaving a seizure , all twitchy and dripping wet, the poor baby. " she said as I pulled my cock out the rest of the way, hanging over the waistband , not fully grown yet ." 

As he flopped over my waistband his head began to swell  slowly she just stared and stood up , always watching. As she stood there staring at me her hands went to the hem of her light summer skirt slowly dragging it up her leg to her suntanned thighs. As the fabric passed the V between her legs I could see the growing wet spot in the V of her light pink panties. As she pulled her skirt  higher her lower body became visible and the tiny bikini panties she wore were presented for my pleasure ."

"You like ??" She said ...Blushing . as she twirled , showing off her lovely round ass. knowing that it would drive me wild, she has a lovely, delicious, edible  ass. She opened a clip on the skirt and it fell to the floor ...

"Tadaaaa...there it is like ?? I think my ass is a bit big , you think ??"

Trying to stop my cum from busting out of my balls I tried to control myself as I stared at her delicious ass and my stiffining prick just got stiffer and bigger as I stared.  Any movement would risk blowing my load on the spot so I tried to relax and not touch my body. It took all my strength to keep him under control as her hips swayed and and her thumbs slipped into her waistband  and pulled the panties down just a little, then enough to see that her pussy was shaved , just as I love it. "

"Bald IS Better !!! ....Are we agreed ??  Hahaha , I can't stand having hair down there , even a little, it has to be as smooth as a billiard ball.

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