Melanie Would You Like Some Ice Cream With That ? ( FINAL PART)

Melanie Would  You  Like  Some Ice Cream With  That ? ( FINAL PART)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


"As the heat of her flesh began to melt the cold ice cream it started to drip into her crack and dribble between her tightly clenched cheeks. She wriggled and giggled as the ice cream made its sticky way between her legs, finally running........ " "In truth he had been more concerned with satisfying the needs of sweet Melanie on what would possibly be their final night of passion, ever; this fact was not lost on Mel, she was beginning to fall in love with him and his endearing attention to her needs. She did not consider their actions sordid or dirty, just a loving, caring entanglement of two bodies,..........."


"As the heat of her flesh began to melt the cold ice cream it started to drip into her crack and dribble between her tightly clenched cheeks. She wriggled and giggled as the ice cream made its sticky way between her legs, finally running........ "
"In truth he had been more concerned with satisfying the needs of sweet Melanie on what would possibly be their final night of passion, ever; this fact was not lost on Mel, she was beginning to fall in love with him and his endearing attention to her needs. She did not consider their actions sordid or dirty, just a loving, caring entanglement of two bodies,..........."


Submitted: October 08, 2013

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Submitted: October 08, 2013



Melanie, Would  You  Like  Some Ice Cream With  That?( FINAL)


Dave went downstairs and got some water and juice to replace what they had lost in their sweaty exertions. He had dimmed the light to let Melanie rest and then put on his briefs.

When he came back he had some water and Gatorade, the ice cream and the little 1080p helmet cam he used when biking, he also brought a re-sealable plastic baggie and two spoons.

Melanie was still sprawled, naked and face down on the oversized bed, it was huge providing lots of room to play.

Dave just stood admiring her awesome body and then took a small scoop of the freezing ice cream with the spoon. She didn’t even stir as he quietly went to her side and held the spoonful of ice cream just above her delicious crevice. He turned the spoon and let the ice cream drop into the crack.

Her ass popped up in the air and her cheeks spread as it did, allowing the freezing sweet treat penetrate the crevice she emitted a loud “little girl” squeal.

“EEeeeek, what is that, you nasty man,”

“Dave !!!! You’re so mean, My poor butt is frozen, NOT Funny!!!

“Just wait a second, stay as you are, don’t move”.

As the heat of her flesh began to melt the cold ice cream it started to drip into her crack and dribble between her tightly clenched cheeks. She wriggled and giggled as the ice cream made its sticky way between her legs, finally running into her burning pussy, coating her lips with the sugary treat. As she clenched and released her cheeks the white of the ice cream spread out on the curve of caramel flesh, the sight had his swollen cock bulging out of his briefs again.

“It tickles she squealed, Oooooooh that feels  So Nice”, wriggling and bouncing her lovely ass off the bed

“So you like those as much as I do? They do feel nice don’t they? Like you’re wearing nothing at all?” Melanie said as she laughed, looking over her shoulder at him.

Dave was puzzled by her comment, his head still reeling from “Round One” of their fun and games.

“Did you put those on in the dark”, Melanie laughed again, pointing.

Dave looked down and saw the source of her amusement; he was wearing her panties and filling them out nicely too!! The fabric was so soft and light that it put almost no pressure on his big, bulging cock. The squashed bulbous head was perfectly outlined in the fabric, like a perfect mold of his dick and its bulging head.

“Holy shit, I guess I did put them on in the dark”.

“Well you know what? Sweetie, to be honest, I actually do like these, plenty of room to stretch, as you can see. I think I’ll keep these but you have to wear them first, while you’re still dripping wet!!!” I want them nice and wet when I take them with me, he laughed his most ‘Pervy’, devilish laugh.

“So you’re stealing my tight little panties now??”

“Of course, you can have mine if you like??”

“I Like” Melanie said and added.

“I love them, I really Love how your big stiffie looks in my teeny panties, especially the head, it does look like a really tasty mouthful I must say.”

“I suppose you’ve already proved that you horny little Wench, you possess some very talented lips my dear”, Dave laughed and smiled broadly, reaching over and smacking her ice cream-covered ass cheek.

She screeched and slapped his ass in return.

“Hey Mel baby, would you like to relive this moment again and again and see how it looks from my end??”

“What do you mean?”

“Your body is so beautiful that you have to see it as I see it, do you want to watch as I make you squeal and cum?”

Dave showed her the tiny camera and explained that the memory chip would be hers and hers alone, there would be one copy and she could destroy the chip, not just erase it, if she wished. If she didn’t want to do it then he would leave the camera outside the room.

“Is that a bit creepy”, Dave hesitated thinking that she might just smack him and throw him out.

“Actually it sounds so hot I’m getting wet thinking about how it would look, how I would look, sure, do it. I want to see exactly what I do when I cum, how I look.” She said excitedly.

“Now get down there and lick my hot chubby cheeks clean, you pussy-eatin Dog.” She said as she spread her legs wide for his tongue and sunk her head into the soft pillow, in anticipation, giggling all the time.

Dave again got on his knees between her thighs, spreading her legs wide. He turned on the little wide-angle camera and ran it from her toes up between her legs right into the golden sticky crevice.

“Use your hands sweetie, open wide for me”.

As her hands reached back and spread her cheeks the little camera traveled right into her open pussy lips as his fingers explored the ice cream covered treat, it tracked his lips and tongue as they sucked and licked the melting, sticky ice cream off her skin; rising above her to capture the full beauty of he amazing body. He could destroy/ digitally shred the original file, just in case!! Melanie would have the only copy; this would be his parting gift. Melanie would never again be as beautiful as she was at this moment in her young life and he wanted to preserve that beauty for her.

He licked every sticky drip of the ice cream off her sumptuous ass as his fingers played with her swollen, delicate clit; she moaned and made sounds that he had never heard coming from a woman’s throat as his tongue explored deep between her sticky cheeks, then the tip of his tongue found her little tight rosebud hidden within the deep crevice.

Dave was experimenting now, guessing what might send her over the edge. He thought to himself that he would not have thought of doing this with any other woman he had been with { Mom was off the radar for Dave at this point }but Melanie’s body looked so pure, so deliciously inviting that it just happened spontaneously. He hardly thought about it until he looked at where his tongue was exploring and realized how much she was enjoying his probing tongue.

“Oooooh, Sweet Jesus, Dave, that really is something new. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I never thought about you or your tongue doing things like that to me.”

Melanie screeched quietly as she grunted and groaned between clenched teeth, twitching and squirming, lifting her hips off the bed and spreading even wider to encourage his tongue deeper into the sweet crevice and the small space between he two little entrances. Suddenly her cheeks clenched tightly around his own sweaty cheeks as Melanie squealed out another orgasm, her entire body going stiff under him and her ass pushed straight up with her knees pulling up to her chest.

Dave leaned back on his heels and moved the little camera high over her and focused in on her vibrating wet body. This video would have her cuming and cuming when he was back in wet and windy Ireland..

He noisily licked and sucked every drip and drop of the ice cream from her sumptuous cheeks and crevice. This was one of the most erotic, exotic experiences of his life; he was totally lost in her soft, delicate beauty.

Stretching the length of her body he whispered in her ear.

“Hey Mel, you want to see something you’ve never seen before?? “ Dave said as he playfully slapped her bouncing cheeks again, stroking the soft flesh tenderly.

“Oooohh , I get a little squirt of wetness every time you do that you psycho sex fiend”

“What do you have in mind now, something totally new and fresh I hope??”

“You want to watch a turtle transform into a snake??”

“Now that sounds interesting, you going to let me watch you jerk off”, she looked back and giggled like a crazy person. “I want to watch you jerk off. I’ll be too bashful to ever ask a guy to do it for me so this could be my only chance, please jerk off for me, I told you I wanted everything and I meant Everything!!!”

“Grab the ice cream, is it still semi-frozen?”

She did as he asked and it was.

“Lie on your belly and put your head right here”, Dave said, patting the bed between his legs.”

Dave had put a beach towel under them earlier; there could be no aroma of sex from the sheets just in case they both forgot to wash them, unlikely but….

He had a massive hard on and had not cum yet so he was more than ready for the grand finale of this marathon. Melanie had experienced all the feelings she was begging for, soon it would be his turn, finally. In truth he had been more concerned with satisfying the needs of sweet Melanie on what would possibly be their final night of passion, ever; this fact was not lost on Mel, she was beginning to fall in love with him and his endearing attention to her needs. She did not consider their actions sordid or dirty, just a loving, caring entanglement of two bodies, two people who had fallen in lust with each other, maybe Love? Every feeling was mutual and the time with him was just a lovely, loving experience which she would never, ever forget.

As Melanie assumed the position, laid out on her belly before him, fingers intertwined under her chin, his meaty treat standing at attention before her smiling eyes;  having no idea what he was up to, she just stared , a bemused expression on her pretty face.

Dave told her to open her hands, palms up and proceeded to put a large scoop of the freezing ice cream into her open hands.

“Now start massaging.”

“With this???”

“Yea Baby, as they say, Just Do It!!!, gently, not aggressively, rub it on slowly.”

As Melanie touched the frozen creamy treat to his shaft it immediately started to shrink. As she stroked the frozen ice cream up and over the head she felt it get smaller with her every touch, every stroke. This was a little disconcerting for Mel as her female mind told her that he should grow under her delicate touch.

The snake was transforming into the turtle right before her eyes.

“I find it astounding just how small my best friend can actually get”, Dave laughed. Melanie just laughed and giggled.

“You’ve got no dick!!!, where is that little monster disappearing to”, she rolled and shook with laughter, as did Dave himself.

“Wait; wait, it gets better, just watch.”

“When a guy is in danger or gets really cold everything shrinks up and seems to suck right into his crotch as a protective mechanism. I could put on your skimpiest little panties and you wouldn’t even know I had a dick!!!! Now isn’t that an enlightening and fun piece of information my sweet???”

“You are so full of stuff, full of shit mostly”, she laughed.

Melanie put her palm flat on his crotch and she broke into a mad fit of laughter.

“There’s almost nothing there any more, it’s gone!!!!”

“Now comes the really fun part……..” Dave grinned.

Melanie was laughing so hard and rolling around on the bed that she didn’t even consider what he had in mind. She had just watched a rock hard meaty muscle virtually disappear before her eyes. She had heard the phrase “ growers and showers” but this was ridiculous, she had never watched a seven inch stiff cock just disappear right before her eyes, she would remember this forever, she thought.

“You like this flavor, right my beauty??” he said in his most dramatic theatrical voice.

 “Well get to work and make that thing reappear with a grand entrance. I’ll bet you could fit the whole package between those big pouty lips my sweet.”

“Mmmmmm, now that sounds strangely exciting and Soooooo  erotically naughty.”

“You want to feel it growing inside your hot little mouth? I certainly do, quickly before I start growing again!!!”

Melanie repositioned herself with her head right above where his balls should be and opened her mouth as wide as she dared. Her head dropped onto his body and Dave immediately reacted to the wet, sticky warmth of her tongue mingling with the cold ice cream as her tongue rolled over his reappearing balls and her lips gently but firmly gripped his entire package in a hot wet embrace. She sucked and released his flesh in a pulsing, throbbing embrace as the blood started to return to his genitals. Melanie looked up at him, her eyes becoming wider and her face increasingly red every second as she felt him slowly grow. Dave scooped a spoon of ice cream and held it to her lips as a strained smile came to her face.

“Open up for the Choo, Choo, he laughed.”

She giggled uncontrollably and spewed warm ice cream all over his belly as his goods flew out from between her lips.

“You are an ‘evil sex genius’. Melanie choked out between giggles; this is such sexy, amazing fun. Have you ever done this before?” 

“Honestly, No!!! Once with ice cubes but it was nowhere near as erotically freaky as this. It feels so strange to feel myself growing inside your mouth, you nasty, naughty girl, you really are Sooo bad”

“You thought it up Perv!!! I knew you would be an interesting person to get naked with.” She laughed.

He spooned the ice cream between her lips and she quickly sucked him between her lips again.

This time he didn’t hold back. Her cheeks almost immediately began to expand as she moved her hand down between her legs and once again slipped her fingers between her lips, humping, fucking her fist as she stroked her fingers into her soaking, wet crotch, still sticky from the ice cream that had dripped between her ass cheeks. As her round ass slowly rose and fell her head followed. Very quickly his sticky balls were outgrowing their confines and they slipped from her lips as his hardening cock started to fill her mouth. Her free hand now stroked his balls as her lips stroked his hard cock and her other hand stroked into her pussy.

She lifted her head and looked loving at his now full sized and rock hard prick, licking her tongue over the dripping shiny head and pushing down on the tight foreskin with her tight lips until she had swallowed all of him. She wanted to make him cum and cum hard, she wanted to make this as good for him as he had made this whole experience for her. He would remember her sucking mouth and caressing, licking tongue for a long time to come.

Melanie pushed him back on his haunches as she used both hands and got on her knees. She wanted to suck every drop of his cum out of his body, to taste it, to feel it shooting into her eager mouth and over her tongue. She stroked the lower shaft with both hands as she sucked on the big knob voraciously. Her hands stretched his foreskin as her hand reached his balls and she squeezed like a vise and stroked it up again. He was trying to hold out for as long as possible to build up a nice head of steam and empty every drop of cum he had stored in his body, just waiting for her lips to suck it out of him.

As Dave fell back on his elbows, moaning and groaning like a wounded animal she worked herself into a frenzy of sucking and stroking, he totally gave himself up to Melanie’s control.

“Ohhh God, Ooooh  fuck, it feels like you’re going to suck the insides right out of me, like my balls are going to get sucked right out through my dick, you are one talented little cocksucker babe, suck the head, suck as hard as you can on the head sweetie!!!”

The first signs started as his balls formed the tight little package in his crotch. He started to hump her lips, to fuck her lips, pushing his hips and his rock hard dick deep into her throat; he couldn’t control his movements any more. His hips pumped upwards into her mouth as he felt the load of his cum rumbling in the base of his cock like an erupting, burning volcano.

He roared and grunted wildly as the first shot of his hot cum slammed into the back of her throat. She just sucked harder and harder as the next shot spurted out onto her tongue and she moved her head back to watch the thick stream of his white juice streaking onto her thick, wet lips, stroking him methodically, milking his cock for every drop;  she licked the head as it kept spurting into her tongue. She loved the salty, sort of sweet taste (as she described it) and its stickiness on her lips and tongue. Licking the still twitching and spurting head she continued to milk him to squeeze and coax every last drop and it was quite a load of white cream that she lapped up off his balls and his quivering spurting dick.

Dave was totally spent, exhausted, sweating profusely as his whole body shook in little convulsing quakes, Melanie finally had her fill of his white juice and was greedily licking the last sticky drops, still stroking and lovingly sucking the tip when she looked up and saw him stretched out almost unconscious. She was impressed at what she had done to him, as if she had sucked every ounce of energy out of his wasted body; she threw herself onto his prone body, her head resting comfortably on his heaving, pulsing, sweaty belly with her curly hair soaked in sweat and stuck to his body in long streaks.

They both collapsed and fell into a deep sleep.


Dave awoke an hour later to the sound of quiet sobbing. It took him several minutes to regain his full senses and realize that the sound was coming from Melanie. As his eyes regained their focus he saw her head heaving lightly on his chest, her hands gripping him tightly on both sides of his chest. He could feel a little wetness on his chest and was puzzled at first. As he fully woke up he started to panic slightly. His first thought was that he had hurt her somehow, physically; had he caused harm to any delicate body parts? Did she simply regret her actions with him? he didn’t know how or where to begin.

“What’s the matter sweet pea, did I hurt you, are you having pain, what can I do to help.”

“No babe, I’m not hurt, nothing like that, she managed to say through quivering sobs. I’m going to miss you so much. I’ve become so close to you in such a short time, I think I might have fallen in love with you. I think about you all the time, I get dripping, soaking wet between my legs just thinking about you. I get goose bumps all over every time I see you. I’m crazy about you and I’m about to lose you!!!”

 Bursting into tears she looked up into his eyes.

Poor sweet Melanie was a pitiful sight, she was in emotional turmoil, confused, scared of losing these amazing feelings that had been brought to life in her, feelings she was afraid she would never, ever feel again. She was convinced that this was the truest, maddest love that anyone had ever felt, that anyone could ever feel. There was no consoling her.

Dave took her shoulders and pulled her to him as she buried her tear soaked face in the crook of his shoulder. He delicately turned her face to him and looked straight into her puffy, wet eyes as tears welled up in his own eyes; she looked so painfully sad. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her wet lips; he kissed the tears on her eyelids, tasting her salty tears, he kissed the tears from her wet cheeks before speaking.

“I want to be with you Mel. Love is a powerful word sweetie, a dangerous concept to play with; it can hurt you for a very long time or make you deliriously happy, either way it will make you crazy. I want to be honest with you Mel, I’ve been down this painful road before and I know how much it hurts. My first real love came when I had just turned 17. I met her on a school trip to France, she was English, I visited her in England and she came to Ireland to visit me, we were madly, head over heels in love. I went to New York after high school and never saw her again. I agonized for years about my decision when I should have put it behind me. I knew, although I was so young, that I had to live the life that I then had, I could not live in London and she did not want to leave London. Tonight reminds me of our sad last night together and the tears we shed.

I can’t deprive you of all the adventures and experiences that you can only have if you are unattached. I will come back to visit, I can come here any time and stay as long as I want, you will see me again. You need to go to College and meet new people, experience new things, start your life, without having a chain around your pretty neck “

“I want you Dave, you, nobody else. I thought that I could work out all my emotional turmoil tonight, spending the night with you and fucking my brains out, I thought the love might be just lust and tonight would finish it, that tonight would get me over these feelings and I would get my sanity back, I feel like I’m going crazy and the only thing that can keep me sane is you, being near you, with you, loving you, I need you.”

He held Melanie tightly in his arms and kissed her deeply, lovingly, caressed her beautiful body and continued to reassure her that he would be back to visit.

“We have Skype, we have email. When you get your breaks from College I can visit, we can spend lots of time together; my brother lives next door after all and he will not be selling any time soon. I am not someone who goes out at the weekend cruising for some fine young thing to get busy with, that’s not my thing; for one thing I’m no good at it, honestly!! I’m not trying to discourage you because I want to play the field. You need to concentrate on the important things, College, your future. Leave yourself open to meeting new people. Do not limit your life because of me; you are too young to be tied to one guy that would kill me sweetie.”

Melanie still had tears running from her eyes as he hugged her tightly.

He was convinced that he was indeed madly in love with her, especially after this night of passionate lovemaking. She was not just another lay, she was a very special person and he would never forget her but he could not interfere with her future, her life, he was compelled to let her go. If they met again and the feelings were still there and still strong then they could take things as they came, play it by ear.

Mel was reassured and settled her head into his neck, kissing his damp skin lovingly and stretching her limp body over his.

Neither one had ever felt this comfortable closeness before, it was magical.

This must be what Love feels like; this was their mutual, unuttered thought.


Melanie’s Dilemma


Melanie had been thinking about her Mom and how she appeared to have reconciled with Dad in the bedroom. The rhythmic, sexual noises had started up again in their bedroom and Mom had become a much happier, contented lady in the past few weeks. She wasn’t sure if Dave’s appearance in his Speedos had something to do with their new-found sexual vigor but she had wondered. She had toyed for days with the idea of asking Dave if her Mom had dropped by to visit while he was out there on the grass.

She knew her Mom was young enough and sufficiently sexually starved to possibly jump his young bones but then maybe she was simply inspired by just watching him out there by the pool half naked, she herself had been watching so Mom probably did likewise. She chose to believe that Mom was simply inspired by Dave visually and not by physical encounters with him. She knew that he would not have been able to resist if Mom had offered herself. Mom was still a hot lady with a hot body and a beautiful ass; any man would have taken her if he got half a chance. She speculated whether she would blame Dave if he had been with Mom, if she would hate him for it or think any less of him for it; she thought about this for a long time and wondered; she wasn’t sure.

Melanie finally came to the conclusion that whatever had brought Mom and Dad together again could not be considered a bad thing, even if Dave had enjoyed the delights of Moms beautiful body the end result turned out to be a positive one, their family would be happier. She concluded that she would probably prefer not to know and so would not bring up the subject.

 Never ask a question to which you don’t want to know the answer; this is a good rule to live by and this was her final decision.



Dave’s Dilemma


Dave was really concerned about Mel’s Mom and her imminent return, probably the next morning. He had broken his promise to Mom and he felt an overwhelming guilt at the thought of her confronting him and having to lie to her about Melanie. He liked Debbie; she seemed like a good, if very horny, person.

 If he admitted it then Mom might blow her stack and cause a major family crisis, all because he couldn’t control his dick or his emotions. He would have felt much greater guilt if he had taken advantage of Melanie and she had just been a random fuck but it didn’t turn out that way, she was really special, she would always have a special place in his heart, no matter what.

What concerned him was the fact that he was a lousy liar. If Mom quizzed him and he lied then she would know he was lying. He would have to avoid being alone with her at all costs, at least until Mel had left for College. He could stay in San Francisco for a few days if he thought it was necessary. He would decide later what to do.

Melanie did not suspect anything, at least she had shown no sign of any suspicion and Mom had not really come up in conversation. He harbored a lot of guilt about keeping Melanie in the dark but it all happened before he had any idea that he would ever have a relationship with Mel. She could never know the truth.

Was he a scumbag for the deception? He wasn’t sure, but that’s how he felt. At this stage there was no choice but to keep the secret





Mom Returns


Melanie woke up before the sun broke through the morning fog and her room was still dark. Her naked body was still curled up half covering Dave’s body, her head snuggled comfortably in his neck. The room was hot so they had slept uncovered all night waking occasionally to snuggle more comfortably and share a kiss, quickly drifting off again into a blissful sleep.

She almost immediately started to feel sad again at the thought of what was to come and kissed Dave awake running her mouth over his and slipping her tongue between his lips. She wanted every minute that was left to her.

“Good morning sleepy head”, Melanie smiled into his eyes.

“So last night wasn’t just a wonderful wet dream, how nice”. Dave laughed and smiled into her bright eyes.

“If it was it must have been a really good one because my little kitty cat is still dripping wet and has a really sexy sticky feel, must be all that ice cream, let me see, are you all sticky and wet,” Melanie giggled.

Reaching down she stroked his rising cock.

“Oh My, we are a sticky mess aren’t we”, she giggled again.

“Coffee, we need coffee before the Sun comes up”, Melanie declared and toothpaste !!!!


Melanie hopped out of bed and ran to the kitchen. She was anxious to get back so she settled for instant coffee. While she was away Dave brushed his teeth and decided to plug in his little camera and have the video downloaded to her laptop when she got back. They could have a little look while having their coffee.

As Melanie got to the bedroom door she heard the sound of heavy breathing and was puzzled. The laptop was on the bed and Dave was wearing a huge ear to ear grin.

“You have such a body sweet pea, such a beautiful body, want to see??”

“I totally forgot about that”, Melanie squealed, almost dropping the tray of coffee and cookies.

She put it down and jumped excitedly into the bed on top of Dave, curling up like a little kitten across his naked body.

“Lets see.”

As he hit play she covered her eyes at first and just peeked through her fingers.

“I’m sure I must look fat and horrible, my ass is too big!!! I don’t want to look.”

As the camera slowly traveled up between her legs her beautiful body came into view and she uncovered her eyes, her mouth agape at what she was seeing. Her ass was a caramel work of art and as her legs opened she saw her little kitty as she had never seen it before, her swollen lips pink and bright red against her caramel outer flesh. She was frozen, mesmerized at the intimate view of her own body, at the sight of her hands reaching back and opening herself for his touch, his lips,  her juices glistening on her pink lips, her red, wet center as she had never seen it before.

The wetness was spreading over her thighs as she watched and she draped her leg over his hip coating his flesh with her slippery juices and smiled briefly into his eyes. She handed him his coffee with a slightly quivering hand and they settled in to watch the rest of the video in stunned silence. The only noise being a moan or an “Ooooh” from Melanie or a “Wow” from Dave as they occasionally looked at each other and smiled.


He had assured Melanie that he had an encryption program and only she would have the key, even if someone found the video they would not be able to open the file, there would only be one copy, one file.

No words were necessary between them, they did not need words anymore, their eye contact, their touch alone was sufficient. The images on the screen were not pornography, not just another sex video; they were watching the physical expression of total trust and what could only be described as Love, an exercise in trustful, caring deep affection between two people who obviously belonged together, sexually and emotionally.

Dave still resisted using, even thinking the word ‘Love’, he could not deal with that pain again, that craziness, losing control of his emotions. He felt like a pussy for this inability to commit to and admit his feelings, even to himself.  

These thoughts brought an epiphany for Dave, he actually felt a deep love for Melanie and he finally did admit it to himself. However she still needed to get her life started and become a mature woman and she had to leave for College to do that. Next summer would confirm whether they were meant to be together. He would finish his College courses in Ireland and when they met again they would both know better what the future held for them.


As they watched the screen the phone rang.

“That’ll be Mom” Mel said, her hand still massaging Dave’s throbbing head as he gently stroked her breast.

Without missing a beat the naughty Mel picked up and answered the phone grinning at Dave and suppressing an impish giggle.

“You are Sooo Bad”, he whispered into her free ear.

“Hi Mom, how’s your trip going? Ooooh Good, that well? Hmmm. You sound like a happy camper Mom? I see…. Dad too, that’s what I hoped to hear. Sounds like you guys were busy…….  Getting busy too I hope??”

Mel burst into a fit of laughter and squeezed his dick in a tight grip as she leaned against the flesh of his thigh.

“Like what??................ rabbits!!! Mommm I don’t want to hear that stuff from my Mother….. Never mind that, tell me more.”

She laughed and giggled for a full five minutes before she said goodbye and hung up.

“Sounds like their second honeymoon worked?”

“She said that they “F@@@@d”, her words, like rabbits, she is so funny, and a real sweetheart/”

“She seems really nice”, Dave smiled, casually, as casually as he could muster, given the circumstances.

“When do they arrive Dave asked nervously, not in a half hour I hope”.

“This afternoon at the earliest but I’m going to pick them up so there will be no surprises”.

“If she only knew what you were doing while you guys were talking she would have had a stroke!!!”

“Hey you, I’m the one stroking here, up --- down”, she almost fell out of the bed with laughter, as did he.

“That reminds me, you have one more gift for me, one more thing I need to see and then my education will be complete, for now. Remember? You promised me, I want to watch and learn how you’ll get yourself all hot and sweaty when I won’t be there to help, properly, the way you like, I want to watch you do it. They won’t fly in until at least 5 pm. That gives time for laundry, vacuuming, lots of air freshener. And still have time for our lesson I love the smell the sweet smell of fresh sex.

Mel took a small jar from the bedside table. Opening it she dipped a finger in and grinned as she put the red, jam-covered finger to her lips. She sat before him on the bed; knees spread wide, leaning back, her ass cheeks resting on her calves, her juices glistening on her open thighs. She slipped the jam covered finger slowly between her pouting lips, drew it into her mouth with a noisy suck, licked it clean and licked her lips.

“You need a little strawberry lubrication, I Love strawberry; I could lick it all day long, even better than ice cream!!” Melanie purred as she again slowly licked and sucked her juicy red finger.

Dave’s slowly growing dick swelled and grew to its full length in seconds just watching her. Melanie waited until it had grown stiff and hard, pointing right at her. She grabbed the shaft in her fist and dipped it into the open jar of cool jam so that almost half of his seven inches was thickly coated with the red jam; a big sticky dripping glob covered the bulging head.

She turned on the camera this time.

“Your turn”, she laughed and turned it on.

“We seem to have a nasty infection going on here, in my professional opinion. However I don’t think we will have to amputate, it should fall off all by itself in a week or two, can’t be saved I’m sorry to say – you, my friend are fucked”.

“It does look pretty nasty doesn’t it” he laughed.

Mel laughed until her sides hurt as she moved the camera to cover every angle of his jammed up dick. Then she leaned down and licked the full length and up to the tip, wrapping it in her big warm lips. Her lips dripping with jam she said.

“Now get to it you jerk off, show me how it’s done” and dipped her jammy fingers between her thighs.

“Watch and learn. Open up for me, let me see your fingers caress your lips, your little red bud, put your fingers inside, show me how you do it, teach me what you like sweep pea.”

Melanie stroked her glistening lips as Dave began to stroke the full length of his shaft, squeezing the foreskin over the purple top as his other hand stroked and squeezed his smooth slick balls. Pushing his fingers into the base at his belly the head popped out of the foreskin into a big bulging lump. The red jam felt and looked amazingly erotic as it squished between his fingers and the thick veins of his shaft.

Melanie couldn’t take her eyes off his fist as it slowly pumped, milking his stiff prick, dragging the strawberry jam down the shaft and all over his balls, gently squeezing as he stroked; using his thumb and forefinger to play with the big knob at the tip. He put both hands flat on the bed beside him and leaned back, his rock hard twitching cock pointing straight at Melanie.

“Look Mel, no hands” he grinned at Melanie and laughed.

“I can make myself cum without touching but before I do give me some of your juice to go with the strawberry and then taste it with those cute lips”.

Melanie smiled as she ran her fingers over her glistening pink swollen lips and slipping a finger inside her tight little kitty she rubbed her clit with her thumb. Her hand was dripping with her juices as she brought her fingers to her lips and licked. Then she reached out and took his head, rubbing her juices into the purple mass of bulging flesh. He strained not to cum just yet. As soon as she removed her hand Dave leaned back and flexed every muscle in his pelvis and his crotch. The feeling was like a mild electric shock as all the muscles tensed at once , the head bulged and swelled bigger, the foreskin stretched and rolled all the way over the knob and down over his shaft which became steel hard, all without being touched .

“It’s here sweetie, its coming Oooh fuck I’m going to,,,,,,,,,,”. As Melanie got her head closer the first spurt of pre cum shot like a liquid bullet out the slit and splashed on Melanie’s outstretched hand as she screeched in delight. The next was a stream of the real thing, the white sticky juice, splashing on her thigh. He grabbed his shaft and pumped until it was spent and Melanie squeezed the last of his cum from the still hard shaft and the spongy head. She took him gently between her quivering lips and sucked his strawberry jam flavored juices from every inch of him, lovingly, tenderly.

She savored this last opportunity to be so close to him, to his body, to the center of his sex as much as he did He was finally so exhausted that he fell into Melanie’s arms and their night of extraordinary, passionate pure sexual abandon was over.

As they cuddled, belly to sticky belly and face to face Dave sensed her impending sadness and took Mel’s face between his palms and looked into her amber eyes as a new tear began to emerge and slide down her flushed cheek. Her lips quivered and she clenched her eyes shut to hold her sadness in check but this was an exercise in futility for the sweet emotional Melanie. He kissed the tears from her wet eyelids and without even considering the implications he simply said.

“I Love you sweet pea, I want to be with you until the day I die. We’ve both figured out by now that tonight was not just pure lust but I still feel guilty.”

“Why?” she asked quizzically, wiping her wet eyes.

“I hope that tonight was not just because you were trying to please me, to keep me, to make me love you more.”

“No baby! No! Please don’t think that. I wanted, as I told you, I wanted to experience everything with you because I trust and love you. I trusted that you are a good person. We all do things on the spur of the moment that we might regret later but this was different. I thought about this for a long time and I knew I wanted you to explore everything about me, every inch of my body, to see every true thought in my mind, to be inside my head as well as my body. I know now that we will be together again, I just know it and my sadness is disappearing from my mind. I will miss you but tonight will be with me when you’re not. By the way, I just recorded all of you last exciting “No Hands “performance that will keep me hot and wet on the cold winter nights back East”. She rolled on top of him laughing hysterically, holding the camera.

“You are really such a naughty little vixen; you are going straight to the hot place down below – shoveling coal for the fires”.

“Good, you know I like it hot and sweaty!!!”, she giggle and bit his nipple making him squeal.

They set the alarms for 11 am, the alarms on both cell phones and one on the bedside clock, just in case.


Here Comes Mommy


After a long hot soapy shower they threw everything that might retain the fresh musky scent of their sex marathon into the washer. Air freshener was liberally applied to every room in the house, dishes washed and dried. The house was spotless and smelling fresh for the return of Mom and Dad.

The flight was on time and Mel insisted that Dave go along as if they were just friends. She said that their relationship could not be discussed as she was about to leave for College and Mom would be upset if she thought that Melanie was “lovesick” and would be distracted from her studies. Right now the less she knew the better.

Both Mel and Dave had their own separate motivations for keeping her parents, especially Mom in the dark and they were both satisfied with this arrangement.

Dave was very nervous about meeting Mom. His disappearing act was not going to happen and he actually thought that this was the best course of action.

They were both beaming and sporting Hawaiian type attire as they hugged Melanie. They had achieved a new beginning, a new lease on their marriage and Melanie had her Mom back; her happy, contented and most of all satisfied Mom, not the frustrated, irritable woman she had been just a few weeks prior.

Mom arranged to get to the car with Dave as Melanie and Dad straggled behind in the parking lot, Dave’s concerns were growing by the second as they walked. As they sat into the car and waited Debbie leaned over to Dave and gave him a little kiss on the cheek, making sure it was safe.

“Thank you Dave, you single-handedly saved my marriage and my sex life. You made me realize that I had to “take the bull by the horns”, so to speak, Ha Ha . That I had to take control of my needs and do wonderful things to and for my baby, John, the man I love, experiment and see what got the job done for him, not just for me. I’ll never forget you”.

“I’m really happy for you Debbie, I’m really happy that you and hubby will have many beautiful years ahead of you”.

“Shhhhhh, they’re here, ask me about the trip, quickly!!!”


People rationaleze to explain their actions, providing a logical foundation for their decisions. Sometimes this course of action is effective, only time will determine the effectiveness of the chosen course of action. Lies of Omission or Commission will usually come back to haunt and end in tears but not in all cases!

Only time would provide the answers to their many questions but for now everyone was contented and happy with the decisions they had made,

Mom and Dave promised each other that their one time encounter would never, ever be mentioned again, no matter what.





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