Melamie & Dave the Passionate Goodbye

Melamie & Dave  the Passionate   Goodbye

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


THIS STORY WAS HERE AND SOMEHOW WILL NOT OPEN ANY MORE?? iT HAD 737 READS WHEN IT STOPPED WORKING. DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Their time together will soon be over. Melanie wants her soul mate to give her everything . Her trust in Dave is total and she wants to experience taboo sex with him, she wants him to introduce her to new experiences and he is happy to oblige. The final hours of their night of passion and resolution of their collective dilemmas is the next and last installment.



Their time together will soon be over. Melanie wants her soul mate to give her everything . Her trust in Dave is total and she wants to experience taboo sex with him, she wants him to introduce her to new experiences and he is happy to oblige.
The final hours of their night of passion and resolution of their collective dilemmas is the next and last installment.


Submitted: October 08, 2013

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Submitted: October 08, 2013



MelanieandDave  /  A  passionate  Goodbye



He knocked on the back door, two quiet knocks and tried to see through a gap in the blinds. The light was on but there was silence from inside.

Melanie didn't want to show too much excitement at his arrival, she had heard the knock but was waiting trying to calm herself before going downstairs.

For hours, since she had sent him a text earlier she was quivering with anticipation. She had to go into the bathroom several times to wipe the wetness from between her slick thighs, it had the scent of fresh young sex, as she used her hand to brush her hair from her forehead the arousing scent of her juices got her dripping all over again..


She pulled herself together and checked her jeans to make sure her arousal had not left a wet spot on the front of her tight jeans, it was ok.


Standing outside the entrance to the kitchen she pulled herself together.


As she opened the door and saw Dave she squeezed her thighs together, the wet spot in her little cotton panties was growing, threatening exposure through her tight jeans.


"Hi Dave, did you bring me something special."


He leaned into her warm neck, drew her scent deep into his lungs and kissed her neck with wet lips, sucking gently on her sweet skin.


"Of course, sweet pea, I brought you something hard and sweet to eat."

"Are you being a nasty boy again?"

"Who Me!!!!??, actually I brought you some  frozen Almond/ Strawberry ice cream my sweet young thing", Dave laughed as he rolled the tub of ice cream across her hot back, making her squeal and stiffen her muscles.

"You are so mean, I'm frozen now. You're going have to work hard to get my blood pumping again."

"I certainly don't want to put out your fire, not yet anyway".

"I actually brought this to demonstrate a very interesting biological principle", Dave grinned devilishly as he looked into her big brown eyes. I think you'll appreciate my demonstration, you'll find it very entertaining.

Dave put the ice cream on the countertop and swept one arm around the curve of her back to caress her sweet round cheeks through her skin tight jeans and ran his other hand down her flat belly and between her wet thighs. Her slick pussy was on fire as his palm covered the damp hot space between her legs and his middle finger traced her wet lips through the fabric as he kissed her neck. She didn't want to wait, she couldn't stand it any longer. Taking his hand she smiled and drew him towards the stairs.

"Time to  fill up my tank and light my fire baby", Melanie giggled.

"I'm just the man for the job you little vixen", he laughed and smacked her ass cheeks a little harder than he had intended.

"Oooooh Baby, that sent an electric shock through my little coochie, damn!!! I want you to do that to me when that thing between your legs is inside my tight little coochie, smack my ass baby, smack  my ass and get me wet", she laughed and giggled as she turned to him and kissed him deeply, playing with his tongue as she explored his lips. Now she grabbed his crotch and squeezed his stiff prick  through his jeans.

"That monster feels even bigger than I remember you horny dog."

"All the better to fill your tank with my dear" Dave said as he laughed devilishly.

With that Melanie jumped up and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and her legs around his hips, opening her thighs wide; while his hand, still jammed between her legs slipped under her  juicy round ass and wound up between her spread cheeks, holding her up. He started walking towards the stairs and stopped at the bottom.

"Sweetie, I might have a big dick but I'm not a big guy so I might slip and you could fall on me and "break" me, we don't want that, right??, lets walk??

She jumped out of his arms a grabbed his crotch, squeezing she led him up the stairs, giggling all the way.

Once inside the room absolutely any and all inhibition disappeared from Melanie.

She pushed him onto the bed and jumped on him, laying her entire body over his, touching from lips to toes.

She grabbed his earlobe in her teeth and blew warm breath over his cheek.

"I don't want you to make love to me Dave.......... ", she paused, leaving Dave  perplexed.

"I want you to Fuck me, Fuck me like I will never be Fucked again, I want to try things I've only talked about with my girlfriends. You know what "The Hershey Highway" is babe, you ever been down that road."

It was pretty obvious to Dave what she meant but he wanted her to say the words, those nasty words. There's nothing a girl talking dirty to give a guy a monster hard on.

"If you want me to do it you have to tell me right up front, spell it out, tell me what you want me to do sweet pea, tell me. I’m an innocent , I don’t understand" and he grinned.

"I want you to Fuck Me Up My tight little Ass, you bad boy, you ever fucked a girl in her ass before? did she scream?, did she cum?, did she squeal like a little Piggie? Did you squeal like a little girl??" she giggled and laughed into his ear.

"Let's take it slow my lovely, see how you feel, OK."?? Dave said as he sucked on her neck.

"Absolutely, come and strip me bare-assed naked you dog", she said, jumping off the bed and planting her beautiful ass right in front of his nose.

Dave hopped off the bed and got to his knees with his nose right between he bulging ass cheeks. Her tight, pinkish colored jeans could have been painted on to her flesh, they were so tight. His hand explored the gap between her open thighs and snaked over her dripping pussy and up the front to find the zipper. She took his hand and placed it on the button, his finger found the zipper and slowly pulled it down over the curve of her tight little belly, right down into the valley between her legs; finally opening the button the front of her jeans fell open.

Dave closed his eyes and savored the touch of her smooth, hot skin, fingering the seamless soft cotton of her little panties and getting stiffer by the second. He peeled the tight fabric from her narrow waist and over her wide, golden hips. He peeled until the crevice between her juicy cheeks was open before him. His tongue immediately found the crack and explored the small of her back and downwards into the top of the crevice, she quivered and her knees shook slightly at the wet touch of his tongue. He peeled the jeans over the golden mounds of her ass cheeks and slowly down her legs, admiring the beauty before him. As she lifted her feet out of the jeans and they slipped to the floor he sucked on her cheeks through the almost transparent fabric of her skimpy cotton panties as she squirmed and pushed back

into his face. Then he sat between her knees looking straight up between her legs as she stared down smiling and slowly raised his head to engulf her entire pussy with his mouth through her panties  sucking her lips into his mouth, her

knees shook in response. Her hands grabbed his hair and pulled his face upwards into her dripping crotch. He took the seamless, wet crotch of the panties between his teeth and pulled them downwards as his hands slipped around her hips and caressed her ass. His mouth made its way upwards over the smooth bump of her little belly to her bellybutton where his tongue lingered and played. On his knees he moved up to her large breasts, releasing them from the cute flimsy bra to pour out, smothering his face in their caramel flesh.

As he stood up to face her he took her by the arms and turned her around, the lump of his thick, stiff cock digging into her ass.

"So you you want to be fucked in the ass?? you really need a good spanking for being such a nasty girl, I never thought I'd hear those filthy words coming from those big juicy young lips................. but I love it. My cock is going to rip through my jeans if you don't set it free; get on your knees and cut me loose, now!! Don't suck it or even touch it until I tell you."

She turned and smiled, falling to her knees. She eagerly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them to the floor as he stepped out of them. He wore small blue Jockey briefs, like her panties, seamless for comfort and they felt so exotic next to his smoothly shaved flesh, they kept his big balls from bouncing around between his legs. The outline of his long bulging cock looked like a vacuum packed Italian sausage with a big knob on the end; this was Melanie’s  comment, she could be hilarious when she wanted to be.

"Looks like you got a big Italian sausage jammed in there, except for that big old knob on the end. Are you sure that's a real dick you got in there, oh yea, I forgot, I've seen it before", she giggled again.

"That it is my dear!, that it is! That big Knob, that's what's going to make you cum, just like last time but better, I promise. Will you be laughing when I squeeze it into your tight little ass, my sweet little brown beauty??"

"Oooooooh Davey baby don't tease me just please me and then stuff me till I'm full. I don't care which of my wet little hole’s you stick it in."

Dave took her by the shoulders and threw her on the bed playfully. ass up. He slapped her ass hard with a loud crack. Pulled the waistband of her panties away from her skin and wetly kissed the redness where he had slapped her cheek.

"Holy fucking Jesus,I just had a gusher, I feel like I just pissed my panties, but I didn't, she laughed and wriggled on the bed, I'm soaked."

"Apparently there's a fine line between pleasure and pain and you just crossed the border my sweet baby. I love those panties, white little cotton panties on your chocolate-milk skin get me hard just thinking about them but looking at your pretty ass filling them like that, I could cum in my shorts right now!!. I want them to keep as a memento of this auspicious occasion I can use them and your sweet scent to jerk off when I get lonely."

"That's what I want, I want to watch you jerk off, I want a really close up view, will you jerk off for me??, please, pretty please.??"

Dave knelt on the bed between her knees just admiring the pretty ass that he was about to squeeze into. He put his fingers under the waistband and slowly slipped the thin fabric over her thighs and down her legs, over her delicate little button toes. He lifted her foot and slowly sucked each toe, lingering and licking each one like individual little lollipops.

No guy had ever given her toes any attention like this and she loved it, squirming and moaning under his wet tongue. When he realized how much she was loving it he lingered a little longer, filling his mouth with her toes and sucking, massaging her little feet. Her hand slipped between her thighs and quickly found her dripping, sticky lips. She jammed her fingers, one ..... then two ......then three , between her wet lips and penetrating her tight juicy hole, moaning and groaning, her ass rising high off the bed as his tongue massaged her little toes and her own fingers massaged her dripping cunt.

He dropped her foot and started to crawl up the bed over her body, kissing every inch of her as he went. As he was kissing, almost worshipping her perfectly round ass she flipped over and he was looking into her smooth, totally waxed pussy. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and encouraged him up the bed. He took her lead and continued to crawl up and over her body until he got on his knees above her breasts. She lowered the waistband, releasing his stiff prick and grinned as it bounced up and down in front of her face, settling at a 45 degree angle. She peeled off his tight Jockey's.

"That's perfect!!!", she said with a broad grin, looking at his balls. Grabbing his big head in her fist she pulled him up the bed towards her until his big smooth balls were hanging over her pouting lips. Lifting her head and opening her mouth, her lips engulfed his balls completely and sucked them into her mouth while she stroked his cock slowly and steadily. She massaged him with her burning hot, wet tongue and gently sucked being careful not to crunch or hurt him, she knew that she could do some nasty damage if she got overly excited. Her other hand was buried up to the knuckles between her sticky lips as she furiously humped her fist.

Her lips released his wet balls and started to trace the thick veins of his rock hard prick, pulling the foreskin down forcefully, revealing the thick, spongy, bulbous head and the multitude of little red and blue veins which live there. Her sensitive tongue relished the thick bumpy veins and muscles lining his shaft, she loved the velvety hard texture, as her lips sucked on the squishy head which seemed to get bigger with every powerful suck of her mouth.

When she felt the muscles begin to twitch she stopped abruptly and changed her position on the bed.

She had Dave roll over and she got on top, making him scoot down further in the large bed.

As Melanie straddled him stroking his cock slowly she swivelled so that she was facing his feet and he had a nice view of her reddened ass cheeks, which he immediately grabbed hungrily with both hands. Then she surprised him.

She spread he dripping thighs wide and crawled backwards towards his face, leaving a trail of her juices on his dick and up  his hairy flat, belly as she rubbed her sticky pussy up along his body and finally planted her spread pussy lips down onto his face, grinding her lips into his open mouth. He ravenously licked and sucked the juices from between her legs with her wet thighs clamping his head.

She continued until she was looking down into his face, with his head resting between her burning thighs; he could feel the heat of her thighs almost burning his ears as she squatted looking into his upside down eyes. Then Melanie lowered her head and began to lick her own juices from his red sweating face, she licked his lips, his nose, his chin, his wet neck

Dave just lay there and absorbed the eroticism of the feelings that were smothering him just as sweet Melanie was smothering him with her mouth and lips, licking her own honeyed juices from his flesh. He had never in his life experienced anything so supremely erotic, his whole body was electrified by her touch.

On the shelf behind the bed Melanie had placed several items that she thought might provide interesting playthings for their amusement under the sheets. She was really looking forward to playing with the strawberry jam. Then a little jar of ( ironically ) Virgin olive oil ( edible ). The ice cream was his idea but she could get really creative with that. The plan Dave had for the ice cream would provide a totally different titillating experience.

Melanie lifted her head from his face, her scented hair dragging over his wet face, strands sticking to his flesh as it dragged over his cheeks. Moving very slowly downwards she kissed and licked his neck, his chest and lingered on his nipples, sucking them into her mouth, emitting a wet smack and a moan with every suck of her wet mouth.  Her pendulous golden breasts dragged over his face as he cupped their soft mass in his hands and sucked one big hard nipple ravenously while he pinched the other, rolling the hard little bud between his thumb and forefinger. She writhed and pushed her breasts into his face as she played with his stiff prick, pulling and squeezing with her closed fist, caressing his slick hairy belly with the other hand.

Melanie continued down his body, licking and sucking every inch of his warm flesh as she went. He mirrored every touch, every kiss as he sucked on her beautiful flat belly, licking the salty sweat from her skin. Her eager mouth was getting closer to her goal, the rock hard pole that stood between his legs.

Suddenly she enveloped him in her wide open mouth he felt the shaft sinking deeper into her throat until it finally disappeared and her lips were resting on his sweating smooth balls, holding him there for what seemed like a long time using her tongue to massage his cock inside her closed mouth.

His face felt the heat from her body as she spread her legs and opened her thighs wide to accept his probing tongue into her sticky pussy which hovered over his lips, her juices dripping onto him from her slicked, perfectly smooth cunt. As her sweet juice dripped onto his lips her drank her in, savoring every sticky drip that fell on his parched mouth. His throbbing cock felt like it would burst from its tight foreskin and explode in her burning hot mouth as Melanie’s head rose and fell with the same rhythm as his tongue flicked her hard little clit. As her tight little body started to twitch and quiver she raised her head from his crotch and emitted a loud squeal and a long, low moan as she pushed her pussy into his face, rubbing her clit hard into his mouth.

Feeling that he was about to cum any second she collapsed onto his body, stretching her arms down and gripping his feet in her fists in a convulsing quivering massive orgasm His face smothered in her hot, sticky cum juices which still. dripped from her pulsating lips.

Not wanting to lose the passion of the moment she crawled downwards on the plush bed and draped her caramel legs over the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and almost doing horizontal splits on top of his body.

Dave was looking directly into her open lips and he stared at the little pink rose of her tightest little virgin hole, his promised gift.

Melanie reached under the sheet and emerged with the thick pink dildo she had found, shrink wrapped in her Mom’s closet. The little jar of olive oil came out next.

Dave smiled with anticipation.

Melanie looked back over her shoulder and grinned with a slightly nervous little smile on her quivering lips.

“It’s that time my sweet”, Melanie panted as she gave him the soft rubber eight inch prick and dipped her fingers into the olive oil.

As she lubed her tightest little hole, he watched her short little fingers penetrate, stretching and entering deep into her body until she could go no further, her fist tight in the crevice of her ass with her fingers pumping into her pink bud, her ass cheeks pumping and humping her fist furiously, her pussy dripping onto his belly.

He used the olive oil to lube the big rubber head and leaned forward, guiding her shaking hand onto the shaft.

She grabbed the shaft and placed the big knob between her tight cheeks, slowly pushing it in, replacing her slippery fingers. He used both hands to spread her ass cheeks; he wanted to watch it sinking into her tight, virgin asshole from his front row seat, stretching her in preparation for his own thick hunk of real meaty goodness.

The big slippery soft rubber knob narrowed slightly into a spear as it slowly opened her little pink bud and very slowly sunk into her body; as she panted in rhythmic bursts of breathing  her entire body stiffened on top of him, every muscle in her body flexing to its limit, her knees pulling towards her head to open her asshole to its limit and her cute little toes curling into tight balls at the end of her feet.

“Ooooh sweet Jesus I’m cuming already, that is sooo fucking tight, Damn!!!!”

Her back arched at a crazy angle as she pushed her whole body backwards onto the length of the thick dildo and as the big head got through her tight muscles she began to screech like a banshee.

“Now babe, now, fuck my ass now sweetie, shove that meaty cock into me now, I’m ready”, Melanie said as she pulled the dildo out of her body with a wet “plop”.

As she pulled it out she lay flat with her big breasts flooding over his outstretched legs and her head between his ankles and pulling her knees under her body she pushed her beautiful ass straight up with her back arched and her knees quivering as she spread them wide to take his seven inches of rock hard meat into her slippery ass.

He pulled his feet from her tight grip and pulled himself up on his knees behind her. He was going to fuck both of her little holes at the same time,  he wanted to watch the slick dildo slip inside her pussy lips as his cock was pushing into her ass. The dildo action had his stiff prick twitching and hopping as he took the thick soft rubber in one hand and his hard cock in the other.

“You want it now my sweet brown baby, you want me inside you now????”

“Please, Please fuck my ass now”, she panted, gasping for breath.

You will never be lonely again with this thing, he whispered as he pointed the slippery head into her red, slick pussy lips and slowly inserted it.

“My ass baby, my ass.”

“Patience hon, you are going to get a double treat tonight as a going away present.”

“I trust you Dave, I trust you with my body, make me feel what I’ve never felt before, Teach me babe.”

She reached back and grabbing the shaft, not sure which shaft she was grasping in her fist, she was so overcome with her passion, she rammed it into her pussy and forcefully pushed back into it.

As soon as the head was inside, in the grip of her muscles Dave approached her ass with his hard prick, probing  between her cheeks, sliding it into the crevice, finding the little pink rose. He slicked the big spongy head with the olive oil and pushed into her, as she pushed back, hard.

“Easy baby, nice and slow, slow and easy is good”, he whispered into her ear as he leaned his body over her sweating sticky back and cupped her breasts in both hands.

“I want you to enjoy this slowly, for as long as possible.”

He straightened up on his knees again grabbed her sweaty hips and pushed into her once more. The head of his cock squashed out almost flat as the rock hard center entered the tight opening, as the tip entered, the rest of the head followed; then Pop the head broke through her muscle and it grabbed him in a tight warm, pulsating embrace, squeezing rhythmically as her muscles pulsed. At the same time she used her hands to grip the dildo and push even deeper between her wide open thighs and deep into her convulsing pussy.

Melanie seemed to stop breathing for many seconds as her mind processed the feelings that were wracking her body, was it pain, was it pleasure, was it pure ecstasy she was feeling, is this what real ecstasy feels like; the convulsions wreaking havoc in her pelvis, in her chest, her shaking, quivering knees, the butterflies waging war inside her soft little belly.

Dave pretended to be a real man of the world and compared to sweet Melanie, he was but this was the first time his cock had penetrated a young virgin asshole and the feeling was nothing short of exquisite. The pain of his head being squashed into her tiny, tight hole was indescribable. He tried not to think about Mom but he thought that she had been fucked in the ass before their encounter, she was nowhere as tight as Melanie. He had to push hard just to get his bulbous head into Melanie and when he did he thought it was so tight he would get no further. As he pushed into her body every muscle in his cock ground against her tight muscles and when she flexed he had to stop. Every time she relaxed a little he pushed and sunk deeper into her. When he was deep enough to get a rhythm going he started to stroke into her ass and he almost felt compelled, without even thinking, compelled to slap her ass cheek hard, first one and then the other. She jumped and squealed and jammed her ass cheeks back into him. His cock sunk right to up to his balls into her ass and she roared a long, loud moan and then quivered violently sending ripples of pure pleasure coursing through every muscle in her tight little body as well as his own.

“OOOOH  you mad Irish fucker you’re going to give me a fucking heart attack doing that, do it again, do it again!!!”

He slapped her ass again and gripped her ass cheeks in his closed fingers, squeezing her soft hips like a pair of fleshy handles as he stroked with an unrelenting rhythm into her slippery asshole. Every time he bottomed out there was a loud slap as her ass cheeks slapped into his thighs with a loud splashing sound and as her tight hole gripped the muscles in his cock every ripple in his shaft felt like a mountain. His mind raced and as he fucked her harder and harder she was thrusting the big dildo at a mad pace into her dripping pussy and squealing even louder in a high pitched tone,

 “Oooooohh fuck Me. Fuck Me harder”.

They kept up this frenzied pace for what seemed like a long time until he felt his balls contracting into a tight little bunch and he had to stop, but she did not, she kept pumping the dildo and humping back into his sticky belly with a loud slapping wet sound every time she stroked backwards into him.

 Finally he had to stop he slowly pulled out of her tight hole with a wet sloppy plop, leaned back on his haunches and continued to watch her fucking herself with the dildo as his cock pulsed up and down with each heartbeat. Dave was amazed that he had kept enough control not to cum. This was good, he wanted to keep his big load of cream for the Grand Finale.

Exhausted, she fell forward on her face, spent and used up. He fell onto her back with his head resting on the big cushion of her ass cheeks kissing and licking her salty flesh, caressing her wet thigh with one hand and exploring her wet sticky pussy lips with the other.

The night was still young.



This had only been the First Course of the passionate banquet.


The next and LAST installment is posted today.


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