Library..Part 6 .The Final Reward..Consummation.

Library..Part 6 .The Final Reward..Consummation.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


I know I'm not alone when I say that sometimes women are a total mystery to me, especially those ladies who specialize in teasing the unfortunates among us who like things to be reasonably simple. What men would like is yes or no answers, I like you or I don't like you, I want to fuck you or I never intend to give you even a sniff of this coochie, Just to know the score at any given time would be nice.


I know I'm not alone when I say that sometimes women are a total mystery to me, especially those ladies who specialize in teasing the unfortunates among us who like things to be reasonably simple. What men would like is yes or no answers, I like you or I don't like you, I want to fuck you or I never intend to give you even a sniff of this coochie, Just to know the score at any given time would be nice.


Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



I know I'm not alone when I say that sometimes women are a total mystery to me, especially those ladies who specialize in teasing the unfortunates among us who like things to be reasonably simple. What men would like is yes or no answers, I like you or I don't like you, I want to fuck you or I never intend to give you even a sniff of this coochie, Just to know the score at any given time would be nice.

Katy just loved the game and I had infinite patience, the reward would be worth any frustration suffered in the process. She had showed unlimited bravado from the moment our eyes locked in the Library on that first day as she had during our video calls. I had begun to adore her teasing glimpses of the girl who never appeared in public.

In class she wore dark rimmed old lady glasses while reading, she wore very little makeup, Katy was in no way flashy or trashy in her appearance. In short the average observer would think that butter would not melt in her mouth !! much less that a big , cum spewing cock had ever come anywhere near those luscious pink lipstick-free lips. She was very cute and would stand out in a crowd but she did appear to be totally unreachable, untouchable, a girl who would never succumb to seduction. That, however was exactly the point with her, Katy would always be the Seducer, never the Seduced !! If she didn't control the flow it would never happen, not a control freak as such, she was just a bit insecure....I think??

Considering my past experiences I had no real expectation that Katy would knock on my door that night or any other, I had resigned myself to the whimsical personality of the beautiful , practiced prick-teaser. Of course I would be shattered if she didn't appear but I was confident that she would, I had a good feeling about this.

Surprises are par for the course in this life.

I had spent the whole afternoon primping and prepping my little apartment. I had invested in a new set of floral bed sheets, the towels had been laundered, bathroom scrubbed thoroughly. Everything in the kitchen had been washed and cleaned, garbage removed, all was spic and span for her visit. By nine PM I was sitting in my big soft recliner having a cold beer while  trying to be optimistic and keeping my composure...patiently waiting.

At exactly 9.01 my downstairs door buzzer chimed. The harsh sound startled me and some beer splashed out of the  glass I was holding. Calming myself I placed the glass on a beer mat on the table and regained my composure.

"Hello, can I help you ?"

"I certainly hope so, I'm in dire need of comforting."...She whispered into the intercom.

"Would a glass of wine comfort you sufficiently ?"

"Not even close nasty man !!"  she giggled into the intercom in a low voice.

"Say no more Ms....I don't even know your last name !!!"

"Hit the buzzer you pain in the ass !!"

I hit the button and waited, even quivering a little with excitement.

My door opened and there she was, in the flesh, hoI mean come to see me!!lding a bottle of very nice wine.

"I come bearing gifts."

" I don't care what you bear as long as you cum......!!

"Freudian slip? haha"

"Bad choice of words  haha....More than just wine I hope ? Although that's a very nice bottle, thank you Katy.."

"Let's see what the evening brings...shall we?"

"May I take your coat M'Lady."

"Thank you Kind Sir.."

She turned her back and let her coat slip off her shoulders into my hands. As I took her coat something fell from her hand as I stood behind her. I hung her coat on the back of a chair and as I turned around I almost had a stroke from the shock and beauty in front of me. She had dropped her car key and was bending to pick it up. As she was bent over her bra dropped to the floor and her white blouse followed.

She had done as I asked, a request I had totally forgotten about. She was bent over double at the waist., legs slightly apart and straight. Her stockings were pure white fine mesh with a three inch band of decorated, patterned lace around the top., just tight enough to hold the stockings in place and create a delicious narrow band of raised pink flesh around the edge of the top where they hugged her upper thigh, "Thigh Highs" I believe they are called, a wondrous treat for the eyes indeed and of course for a healthy cock.

Her golden brown legs were absolutely perfect, flawless examples of the female form, just muscular enough in all the right places to make a man's cock burst  his load of cum at the mere sight. My eyes followed her legs upwards and her short plaid skirt ended half way up her gorgeous cheeks. She had the most perfect ass I had ever laid eyes on. The rounded curve of her ass cheeks had that beautiful, fine crease where the flesh of her ass met the top of her legs, the signature  of a finely toned young  body. Her lovely rounded apple cheeks invited lips to kiss, tongue to caress, fingers to fondle, cock to fuck and my big purple cock head would slip between those lovely cheeks before the night was out, her brazen fuck me  posture was my invitation.

I dropped to my knees behind her and placed my hands around her ankles. Running my palms up each leg her whole body shook and quivered, she was begging to be fucked . As my nose approached the crease of her ass I could feel the heat radiating from her body, I could smell her sweet little dripping cunt, There was already a little wet patch forming on her new little white panties, just in front of my wet tongue. My hands gently eased her thighs apart and her feet shifted to comply with my urging. The wet spot got wider as her legs moved apart as she opened her body for my waiting lips.

I licked my lips to moisten them and planted a wet kiss on her inner thigh, licking the salty flesh of her inner thigh with my tongue as she moaned softly. and leaned forward resting her hands on the back of the couch, opening her legs even wider for me . I ran both hands up the outside of her legs , slowly until I reached the waistband of her cotton panties and hooked each thumb under the fabric. As she continued to moan with her need for my cock between her lovely legs I slipped the dripping panties down over her thighs.

Not a word was spoken since the moment I turned and saw her ass waiting for me, we were one and no words were necessary, just our  touch and overwhelming silent passion.

I slipped her panties to her ankles as she lifted each foot to release them and I threw them aside. Now she widened her stance and bent over the couch even further as she pushed her delicious ass cheeks into my face forcefully. She uttered her first words through gritted teeth in a halting, panting gasp....

"EAT ME !!!, eat all of me , suck me,  lick me , fuck me now...please, now !! "

She then went silent and lowered her flat  belly to lift her ass and give me total access to her lovely tight little asshole. It was bright pink, pristine and puckered so tight that a toothpick would not penetrate her little hole. I used my flat palms to spread her cheeks and licked her salty flesh , first one, then the other round delicious cheek as she shook from her toes to the top of her head.

"OOHHH Holy fucking Jesus...put something in my ass baby, I need it !!! "

My wet  tongue reached her tight hole as my fingers forced her ass open and my tongue  flicked the puckered center as her ass cheeks clenched around my face. I forced her cheeks apart again and continued licking her asshole and she spread her legs wider, pushing back harder into my face. My tongue was licking and trying to devour her ass, I was compelled, I couldn't stop and she wouldn't allow me as she reached back and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head into her.

""I've never been fucked up the ass before Baby, please fuck my ass but slowly, please be gentle with me, I'm am ass virgin Baby. I wanted you to be the first one to give me this pleasure sweetie but I had to make sure that you were the right one, I know you have a kind soul and you care for me so I know you are the one to give me this, to stretch my little hole and make me cum, will you make me cum Baby." She panted breathlessly.

"I guarantee it my lovely girl, you will never forget this Sweetie. Nor will I."

I spread her cheeks and continued to lick her ass as she stifled a scream of delight,

"Let it rip Baby, nobody will hear, I want to hear you squeal for me." With that she allowed a muffled scream to escape her throat. My stiff prick was just about busting through my jeans. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her to me.

Unzip me sweetie and pull that fucker out before it breaks in two. She fumbled with my zipper and pulled out my engorged, throbbing cock. Her puckered lips went straight for the wet,sticky head, pulled my foreskin up and wrapped her lips around my head,sucking with force until the whole seven and a half inch beast was rammed deep into her throat. I could;d feel my spongy head rubbing the back of her throat she gagged. The hot breath from her flared nostrils was blowing in hot bursts over the shaft of my rock hard prick as it was sliding in and out of her gagging throat. I had never felt such pressure and expansion in my cock as she swallowed me whole, slamming her face into my sweating, hairy belly, my sweating shaved balls slamming into her chin. All this time her two hands were jammed between her legs as she rubbed and stroked her soaking pussy furiously and fingered her already slick asshole The sounds she made were like some wild animal, I had never heard a woman make noises like these, she was on fire, a heap of burning fucking flesh with only one thing on her mind. She wanted to be fucked like she would never be fucked again, fucked up the ass for the first time.

Suddenly she pulled away and my cock slipped out from between her lips with a wet "Plop"  . She got to her feet and took my hand.

"Now your dreams come true, the dream just as you told me" , she smiled as she lay on her belly on the couch with her knees resting on the arm and her feet dangling over the arm. She positioned her body for deepest penetration by my steel hard dick. I kicked off my jeans and again began to lick her ass cheeks and spread them to open her hole for my tongue. I dipped my fingers into her juice filled pussy and got them nice and sticky with her cunt juice, forcing four fingers deep into her slit. One finger stroked her little clit to encourage even more juices to flow from her body lubricating and coating my palm and fingers. Pussy juice is the best lube for ass fucking and I spread lots of her own juice around her puckered hole with my fingers and palm, sliding one finger into her ass, gently and slowly. I could stimulate her clit from inside her asshole with the tip of my finger and I heard her squeal , groan and cum as soon as  I put pressure on her clit. Warm, hot fluid squirted from her tight pussy all over my hand which provided even more lube for my cock slide inside  to stretch her hole. The aroma of her cum juice was overpowering and drove me wild for her.

As I lined up behind her she was perfectly positioned for entry. She reached back and grabbed my cock, forcing my head between her ass cheeks, guiding me in. My cock was dripping with precum and was sticky and wet from her saliva. I spat on my palm and rubbed my saliva all over her asshole, poking and probing with one finger.

"Fuck Baby you have one tight little asshole, will I fit in there."

"I don't care ...shove that motherfucker in there , ram it into me, a little at a time Baby"

As soon as she came in she must have left a tube of lube on the table by the couch expecting to have use for it, she was a planner indeed !! I squeezed a healthy dollop of lube into my palm and squirted more right onto her puckered hole. I shoved two lubed fingers into her body as she groaned and moaned and begged for it.

"Put that fucker inside me, put it in....!!"

Ready now I pointed the tip of my prick at her slicked up hole and pushed into her. She immediately began to push back into me. She dug her fists into the cushion and pushed back into my cock with her whole body. Slowly her tight little hole relented and opened up to allow me to slip inside. My spongy head squeezed into a spear and slowly slipped inside forcing her sphincter muscles apart. I kept pushing until finally my whole head was inside and her muscles clamped around my head like a tight vise, it felt like my stiff prick was stuck in a steel pipe and it just wouldn't or out. I told her to relax a little and massaged her ass cheeks and planted wet kisses on her back. As soon as she relaxed a little I squirted more lube on my cock and shoved it, rammed it hard into her . Slowly it moved forward and slipped into her body  inch by throbbing until my wet balls slapped against her sticky, wet pussy. Then she really squealed and allowed a little scream of pain and ecstasy from her throat.

Once I had her impaled fully , sunk balls deep in her impossibly tight asshole I began a rhythmic pumping action, slow and steady at first then picking up the speed. Every time I sunk my cock into her my balls slapped her wet pussy, the sound got louder and faster as I pumped her hole. I stood up straight and slammed my hips into her as she cried with painful pleasure.

"OOhhh fuck that hurts ....but it hurts so damn fucking good, don't stop, I'm going to cum , I'm going to fucking squirt my juices all over your couch, keep fucking my ass baby, slam that fucker into me...slam that hole...deep.

All my muscles started to tingle, my whole lower body was on fire as I could feel my orgasm start to build up steam.
"I'm going to blow my load  baby, I'm going to cum for you, you want me to cum inside your ass or do you want my sticky load all over your face and tits...tell me"

"Hold on , I'm coming again, for the third time, fuck me but this feels so damn good. My asshole feels like it's about to bust open, I love your cock in me baby, I want this every fucking day, every night."

"OHH Christ I'm cumming again and my pussy is going to squirt, I can feel the tingle in my belly...slam that fucker into me."

"Where do you want it baby."

"take that thing and ram it down my throat, throat fuck me , I want your cum on my lips, I want to taste you. "

As I pulled out of her ass with a wet plop  she quickly sat facing me and grabbed the swollen purple head as the first thick stream of cum shot from the tip, splashing straight into her face as she opened her mouth to take it in, her tongue flicking and licking to taste every drop. Then she jammed my shaft into her throat and sucked off what was dripping out of the tip and running down my shaft. She went totally wild on my prick. My creamy load of cum squeezing out between my stiff prick and her vacuum tight lips, dribbling down her chin.

After she finished licking off the last drop of my cum I brought her a warm wet towel for her cum stained cheeks we both just collapsed onto to the couch, totally naked except for her tiny schoolgirl plaid skirt wrapped around her waist,  Dripping with sweat  we lay there for hours entwined together in a lump of sticky, sweating , spent flesh.

We both fell asleep and didn't move a muscle all night , totally exhausted.

I would never get that picture out of my head, her white stockings topped by the miniscule plaid skirt and that beautiful work of art that was her ass, waiting for me to play with as I turned around, the Beast in my pants would never forget her tight little slippery hole. It occurred to me that her big milky tits had been neglected.....but there"s always tomorrow lol !?

So you see, sometimes a prick teaser is not Just a prick teaser, sometimes perseverance pays off . It certainly did for me....and for Katy of course.



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