Feeding the Beast and stoking the fires ( Library Part 5) Almost there.

Feeding the Beast and stoking the fires ( Library Part 5) Almost there.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Touching Katy in the flesh for the first time fueled my nightly fantasies but I had no idea when it would to come to fruition. Bravado is easy from a distance, up close and personal can be more difficult, or just maybe my torment was her goal and I began to almost regret my obsession with my teasing, delicious tormentor.


Touching Katy in the flesh for the first time fueled my nightly fantasies but I had no idea when it would to come to fruition. Bravado is easy from a distance, up close and personal can be more difficult, or just maybe my torment was her goal and I began to almost regret my obsession with my teasing, delicious tormentor.


Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



Still no call from Katy, frustrated doesn't"t even come close to describing my state of mind at this point. I had actually seen her on campus from a distance but we had not made contact. My concentration was suffering and I thought I would self destruct if she didn't contact me again. She had told me not to contact her or the deal was off so I just waited and hoped for a message.Sometimes women are a total puzzle to me.  I wondered if she had done this for any other guy, if she had a fetish for exhibitionism in public places like the College Library where she exposed me to her penchant for the artful tease and artful it was. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that such a young beautiful woman would do such a thing for me, just for my eyes, for my pleasure. Was she simply attracted to me in particular or was this just her thing, just for her personal pleasure, just self gratification ? Was she simply a narcissist who got her rocks off by displaying her delicious little wet cunt which I would never get to touch or taste, never get to fill with my big slippery prick. Was she jerking off at night as she thought of my reaction, thought of me blowing my load right there in front of her ?  Did she have a laugh at my passionate jerk off session as she watched on her phone while I stroked my cock for her and again blew my load of cum for her pleasure ?Whatever her reasons for her teasing from a distance and so far only from a distance I could not let go of the hope that one of her calls would lead to the best fuck I would ever have.

I was wary enough that I was careful not to expose my face to the camera while she watched my jerk off session. I would not want that particular view of me ending up on a social media site, that would spell the end for me as I am a quite shy person normally, only she could have prodded me into doing that on camera, she made me break all my rules.

I was feeling a bit like the chocolate addict standing....drooling, outside the Chocolaterie staring at the delicious confections on display separated only by a window and a locked door, able to see and even smell the object of his desire but unable to plunge his fingers into the moist sticky sweetness that he craved or to taste it on his fingers as he licked the sticky residue from them. 

"These are the thought processes of an addict !! " I thought, I am addicted to this lovely lady and I can never have a moment of peace until I get to taste her body and to bury my long hard cock between her pink pussy lips , to slide my tongue along her tight slit and nibble on her hidden clit, to feel and taste her pussy juice as it bursts from her lips and drenches me. I simply had to have her. I just hoped that my performance in reality could match the passion and stamina  I displayed when I pleasured myself to the delicate white, sticky panties she had dropped into my lap in the Library ? 

Sometimes my anticipation got the better of me and when I thought of her pink piece of heaven I just had to do something about the frustration I felt., I am just a man and my animal instincts sometimes get the better of me and I have to feed the Purple Beast.

We all do it, we will almost never admit it, men, women, boys, girls....we all need relief and release at times. It's just a natural human activity, we all jerk off, masturbate, whatever you wish to call it. In my own mind I think that I do it because I sometimes need validation as a man, I need to prove to myself that I can still perform to my own satisfaction, that I can get it up whenever required and that I can still shoot a prodigious load of cum. I need to jerk off when times are lean especially, when I may feel unattractive or unloved, when I haven't had success for a while in finding a like minded female to share my healthy erection with with. I guess the thought that comes to mind almost every time is..."Well at least you've still got what it takes even if you've got nobody ( right now ) to share it with, Patience is a virtue and jerking off is not a Sin, or a crime  " lol !!

The morning she finally called I was in the shower and missed her call. I missed her call because I was having one of those private moments when my frustration was growing, as was my cock and my poor stiff prick needed relief. 

"A stiff prick has no conscience", is something I once heard but I always feel just a little guilty after a good jerk off session, possibly my religious upbringing coming to the fore lol...that just never seems to let go even when the religious adherence has long departed.

As I got up off the couch to have a shower I noticed her white panties between the cushions. I had to pick the up and hold the Pussy scented cotton to my nose. My cock instantly began to swell in my shorts. There was no doubt now how my shower would end lol !! I didn't want to get the wet and ruin the pleasure of their scent so left them on the bathroom sink after having a deep sniff to fill my mind with her image.

As I soaped my body in the shower as usual I gave my nether regions a good scrubbing. As I rolled back my foreskin to maintain my pristine cockhead the blood began to flow into my flaccid dick with every rub of the washcloth and touch of my fingers. Very soon he was standing to attention in all his glory, the one pink eye looking up at me as I soaped the purple beast. I could almost imagine his little eye winking at me to tell me it was ok, that I could give myself that relief that I had craved for days ( hadn't jerked off in a week...saving myself I guess haha ). 

The silky tube on the underside of my cock was swollen and thick, the veins that pumped my blood to it's destination were growing thick and fat with their load of fluid and rising above the silky surface of the paper thin, stretched cock skin. As my fingers gripped the growing shaft I could feel the thick veins on my palm and squeezed my shaft even tighter. The tighter I gripped the bigger the purplish red head of my prick swelled and grew rounder and thicker, filling with my blood as I pumped my fist, right down to my shaved balls and back up again to the rim of the head. I pumped slowly, steadily wanting to prolong the experience. As I leaned my head against the glass of the door I gripped my shaft with both fists and stroked each fist in opposite directions twisting slightly with each stroke  , one going to my now bulbous head, the other slapping against my balls. In the glass I could see Katy's lovely ass, deliciously spreading before my eyes. Her big rounded cheeks tightly closed, just that beautiful curved line of the cleft that hid her two tight little holes from my eyes. I ran my fingers down that cleft and probed it's tightness, my index finger slipping between her cheeks and slowly coaxing her tight little asshole to appear. It was pristine and pink, little ridges appeared  where it was puckered closed. Continuing downward I used my other hand to spread her ass cheeks wider until her pussy lips appeared, just a tightly closed little line, as thin as a papercut. 

My fists were now pumping in steady, ever quickening strokes along my swollen shaft as the vision of her pretty cunt opened before me, her fingers slipping inside and sliding along her wet lips, her juices running down the tight cleft,dripping in little drops and running down the glass. My mind had created this vision of beauty and desire,  my cock was believing every little detail and acting accordingly. As her ass opened wider and four fingers dug deep into her pussy I felt myself gasping and groaning with effort. I looked down and my cock was staring up at me, the little tight slit of my head had opened wider and I could feel the big load of my cum rising from deep inside me, the eruption was imminent and I gripped my shaft tighter, stroked faster and faster as the moment came close. My whole body suddenly stiffened as the unstoppable load of rising cum broke free and a long thick white stream shot upwards, striking me with a warm salty splash on my lips, the next powerful shot of my white sticky juice hitting the bridge of my nose. My knees gave way and buckled, leaving me kneeling on the wet floor of the shower with my head against the glass and my fists still wrapped tightly around my still hard cock. A I panted and took deep breaths to recover my composure I could taste my own salty, sticky cum on my lips and dripping from my nose.

"Holy Fuck !! " I thought...."That never happened before, I guess now I know what the lady tastes when she gets my load down her throat !!! " I didn't taste bad at all actually, It tasted like the edible seaweed I eat when I collect it from the seashore or the seaweed you find in Sushi, basically it tasted of the fresh, salty sea. I guess that's why some women like the taste. It wasn't a nasty taste . I guess if I was Bi or Gay and inclined towards men I would be a big fan but my tastes are strictly limited to the female variety. We are what we are and genetics has made the prospect of sucking a dick ( by me ) distasteful and just would not be my cup of tea , so to speak .  Who cares what other people do , not me. Whatever your inclination my philosophy and that it is your business, not mine.....so enjoy your pleasures where you find them and have fun. My tasting my own cum put my mind off on a tangent and I just kneeled there for several minutes letting the hot water wash over me like a warm rain shower washing off the sticky, wonderful  mess that my self pleasure had created. As I struggled back to the couch, totally spent , I took her panties with me and dropped them on the couch beside me.

When the phone rang again I had almost dried off and was sitting on my couch, exhausted and balls naked with a towel under my ass. When I saw that it was Katy I propped the phone on the table in front of me and pulled a corner of the towel over my exposed cock and balls. The video screen opened. There she was again, smiling broadly. 

"Just got out of the shower ??"

"Yea, it's so hot and sticky today I had to cool down."

"You nasty man ....are those my panties next to you...haha?"

"What...where???"I said, embarrassed and turning bright red. I had forgotten that I had left her aromatic white panties next to me on the couch after my shower. I had fallen asleep the night before with her panties next to my nose, the aroma of her body had been comforting in my need to have her close. They had become a sort of Talisman that would make her come to me.

"Did you take them in the shower with you, bad boy.... haha" She giggled like a little girl .

"Were you jerking off again babe hahaha?"

It was as if she had a surveillance camera in the room, although I probably had "the cat who ate the Canary"  look on my face, so it may have been obvious.

"Honestly ....your lovely panties are exactly as when you gave them to me, I wouldn't want to wash off your lovely scent, it has such lovely, special memories for me, but you already know that, right ? You are a very observant woman, you will go far in life my sweet young thing."

"Of course, I can read you like an open book Eddie Baby. I can almost hear your thoughts !! Because they are mostly about me !! You are smitten , aren't you. You'd better not fall in love with me. I am not someone you want to fall in love with Baby. I find commitment tiring and boring, I could disappear from your life at any time, just remember that. I'm like the dew on the grass in the morning as far as men are concerned. NOT that I sleep around and have sex with every guy I meet, I'm really very picky. Just because I let you see my " Holy of Holies " doesn't always mean that you will get your pencil dick in there big boy."

"Well for one thing you know that I don't have a "Pencil Dick" , it's actually a pretty good size, even if I don't have big feet haha Big enough to make you squeal and beg for more haha "

"I saw it on my screen but they make everything look bigger , the wide angle lens you know, it has that effect especially in closeup."

"I've met women like you before sweetie, they were called "Prick Teaser's" ...ever heard that phrase, bet it's been used in reference to pretty little Katy many times by guys with a severe case of  "Blue Balls" hahaha. "

"Nawwww !!! Not Me I'm not that kind of girl. As I said I am just picky, I won't suck just any old dick hahaha!!"

I was pissed off with her and intrigued by her and almost afraid of her all at the same time. She was beginning to have such power over me that it felt like I was losing control over my own feelings. I wanted to tell her to just fuck off if she was just going to tease and play games and mess with my head but I couldn't let her go before I found out who this girl really was, what was really in her pretty head. I was totally fascinated with her and her body, her mind ...totally !!

"I can tell that you are having doubts about me Baby, no need for doubts, I promise. I actually called to ask you something and make a plan to meet up in s more private setting. The Library thing was totally out of character for me, I don't know what got into me that day, I even surprised myself ."

"Maybe we can meet up then, in privacy ?"

"Of course. I just had to know that you were the right one for me, I promise....you believe me ?"

"TBD as they say, time will tell."

"You live alone?"

"Yea, I have a small one bedroom in the sunset, near the beach, no neighbors to disturb...next door is vacant."

"Is it a dump ? haha"

"Of course not , silly woman. I wouldn't invite you to a shit house !!"

"When can I come by, evening preferably ?"

"Mt Brother is coming over tonight, he's only in town for the day so I have to see him. How about tomorrow night?"

"Sure, sounds good. I'll text the address."

"One request Katy. Wear those white thigh high stockings with the lace tops...they are Sooo fucking sexy on your gorgeous legs. Got any more tiny white cotton panties...hahaha I love those and you're not going to be wearing them home if I get my way haha"

"We shall see , you big horny devil !!"

"Now I'm getting all nervous, meeting a strange man in his apt, you might be the crazy one haha ?"

I threw the towel off my lap and stood up. The towel and my hand had been covering  and holding down the most intense hard on I've ever had. As I stood up it just bobbed up and down at a 45 degree angle . I slapped the side and it just swung back and forth like a steel pole in front of the camera, my foreskin slowly rolling back over the stretched and bulging purple head.

"If you want some of this then here it is , waiting for you...come and get it while it's fresh haha I won't touch it tonight so there will be plenty for you tomorrow night. "

" I definitely want a piece of that Baby !!! I want to just meet you too, I'm getting to really like you actually. I could never talk to anyone else like that . Maybe we can get to know each other, as people, not just mutual sex toys ? That OK with you Eddie ?"

"You've got it girl, that sounds even better. I am a delicate little thing you know, despite the size of my Dong , soooo easily hurt lol !!....No Really I am !! "

She giggled into the camera and said 9pm tomorrow night , I'll text from outside the building."

"Fanfuckingtastic !!! " was all I could manage to get out before the screen went blank.


I would Love to get some feedback  please ..good or bad on the series, one final installment to go, Consummation. I'm just finding my feet again after a long break, not sure if I've got my Mojo back lol !?Magoo XO  thanks for the read.

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