Eat a Peach....Library 4

Eat a Peach....Library 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Her lovely tanned ass cheeks are staring up at me from the couch, my fingers tracing the tight, long slit that is the crack of her beautiful ass., so artistically rounded and shaped as if designed and created just for visual pleasure.


Her lovely tanned ass cheeks are staring up at me from the couch, my fingers tracing the tight, long slit that is the crack of her beautiful ass., so artistically rounded and shaped as if designed and created just for visual pleasure.


Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



Her lovely tanned asscheeks are staring up at me from the couch, my fingers tracing the tight, long slit that is the crack of her beautiful ass.Her ass is so artistically rounded and shaped as if designed and created just for visual pleasure , sloping inwards towards the glory hole crevice in a beautifully tight little curve reminiscent of the curves of the most desired sports cars. This was definitely a high end piece of ass.

When she first walked in the door I grabbed her from behind with one arm around her waist and jammed my right  hand up the back of her skirt, forcing her ass cheeks apart and poking my fingers at the entrance to her tight little glory hole. I didn't enter her, I just gently stroked the tight  little asshole that I desperately wanted to fuck, to fill and stretch  with my stiff, throbbing cock. Without a word her left hand reached back and grabbed for my pants zipper, immediately desperate to pull my stiff prick out and devour it on the spot. My fingers reached forward between her open legs and found the already wet slit of her puffed up cunt, stroking the swollen lips with my palm. She quivered and shook with her need to be fucked. She turned her head over her shoulder and whispered in a fast, wavering pant, " fuck me baby, fuck me now please, fuck me in every hole , I want you to fuck every hole in my body, most of all my slick, wet cunt. You can fuck me in the ass if you want to....I want you to shove that big motherfucking prick up my asshole until it can't go any further, fuck it hard until I cum....please.."

I pulled my hand out from between her dripping thighs and with my open palms I gently pushed her away from me. She turned and looked at me, puzzled. 

"I'll fuck you when I'm good and ready so you'll just have to wait until I AM ready, right now I want a cup of coffee, go make some for us."

"Fuck the coffee baby I want to eat your big purple head and suck you off baby, I need COCK....not coffee, I am SOOo fucking horny and it's all your fault motherfucker !!! You want to fuck me in my ass , don't you ?? I know you do"

" I will tell you when I want to fuck you, dirty little cum whore, you don't tell me !!"

I couldn't hold back my laughing any more and it just burst out of me.....

"You like that line.." dirty little cum whore " ? I practiced it in the mirror earlier, I think it was very effective haha"

"My sticky cunt juices started flowing as soon as your finger touched my tight little asshole , you bad boy, I didn't even realize that I wanted that hole fucked. You just broadened my horizons sweetpea !!"

She then grabbed my hand and led me to the couch.


Lucid dreaming is a wonderful but a rather rare talent,a talent which takes years of self observation  to develop and of course  the correct frame of mind to accomplish.. I'm lucky enough to have the perseverance to hone this exciting skill and the imagination to reap it's benefits. Having a lucid dream gives you almost total control over the dream environment. allowing any fantasy, good or evil, sweet or nasty to become reality. The moment of waking from the dream is, unfortunately, not within the control of the dreamer.


My phone beeped loudly just as my fingers were spreading her ass cheeks, just as her sweet little cunt came into view, just as her tight puckered hole was prepared to yield to my fat purple cock head and let me in.

My eyes blinked rapidly in the flickering light of the TV and it was dark outside.

"Good !!" i I thought....."not morning yet"

The phone still beeped annoyingly and then went silent.

"Holy Shit , what if that's her !!"  I thought, panicked.

I fumbled for my phone in the sheets and quickly scanned missed calls, sure enough it was her.

Two weeks had elapsed and I was in despair, had almost given up. Ever since that evening i had slept with her sweet smelling little panties tucked under my pillow or tightly gripped in my fist as i tried to find sleep, sometimes tucked right next to my sweating, shaved balls. My Lucid dreams could be triggered and initiated by close contact with an object of my desires , her cunt flavored panties in this case. Just a sniff made my prick come alive and stiffen instantly, her pussy aroma was overpowering. every time i got that scent in my nostrils i was compelled to stroke my thick cock until finally exploding a thick stream of salty cum from his little slit, sometimes streaming halfway down my bed as I kneeled and howled a low groan of relief.

"Hey you, how"s my Naughty Boy then ?"

It's you !! i had almost given up ! "

My video screen suddenly opened .

The camera was focused between her lovely thighs . She wore thigh high white stockings wit a delicate lace strip around the upper thigh and her newest little white panties . Her stroking finger had forced the soft fabric deep into her puffy cunt crevice with her pussy lips squeezing out deliciously on either side. As she stroked her cunt juice spread across the fabric and glistened on her fingers.

"I want to watch you jerk off for me Eddie Baby, to make sure that you are qualified to fuck this little cute hole...if you are I'll show you what that hole is for lol !! ( Eurythmics)"

"Your wish is my command sweet cheeks. First I have something to tell you. I sometimes have these dreams, Lucid dreams. In Lucid dreams you know that you are dreaming and you have total control of what happens. If you want to be a fighter pilot you can magically make a fighter jet appear and fly it, you can jump off the Empire State building and just fly away, you can do literally anything your heart desires. Well last night you appeared in my dream. Of all the countless options had before me I wanted only one thing.  Want to know what it was that I wanted do to ??"

"Please enlighten me Oh Brilliant Horny One"

"Well I didn't want to fuck you with a twelve inch monster cock, although I could have made it any size I wished, there was only one thing I wanted. I had your lovely big round ass before me,. You were stretched out  on a couch face down, resting on your elbows, your knees on the arm and your pretty toes hanging off the edge. I walked up behind you with by big thick fucking cock swinging like the Yard Arm of a ship looking for a port to dock in. There was my port. Your beautiful split peach ass was just begging to be fucked. I placed my palms on your ass cheeks, caressing the warn pink flesh and spreading the deep crevice to get my first look at your tight little asshole. The drops of precum were poised on the tip of my prick waiting to lubricate my path up and into your your lovely tight hole. .....Does that shock you Baby, have you ever craved a good hard ass fuck or is that too nasty for you?? "

"Damn Big Boy that is a nasty thought, you are a dirty minded little cunt ........Just like me ...haha All I can say is that great minds think alike !!! I've never had a dick in my ass but it sounds positively delicious. It would feel so tight as your big prick forces it's way into my tightest little hole, like being ripped apart at the seams ??!!  Kinda scary but in a good way.. I definitely want you in my hole, in fact I want you in all of my holes !!! "

"That's exactly what you said in my dream !!! "

Her camera shifted and she turned to present her big juicy ass to me was everything I had expected or could have hoped for as she used her fingers to spread her tight ass cheeks for me , moving right up to the lens for a better view of both of her slippery holes.

"When ??????  Soon please , I'll have my cock pulled out by the roots if I don't get it inside at least one of your glory holes pretty soon Baby."

"I'll message you...soon , very soon. You can come to my room or do it while communing with nature, LOVE the risk of fucking in the woods where anyone could wander by."

"Now kiss my lovely ass and say goodnight Baby."

"Wait, wait...."

I took out her flavorful white panties and stood up in front of the camera. I unzipped my pants and slowly pulled out my throbbing cock. I gripped the big head tightly and slowly rolled back the slippery, sticky foreskin, up close and personal. I wrapped her panties around the shaft after having a deep, satisfying sniff at which my thick prick  grew bigger in my tight fist And began stroking. I stroked slowly at first and as I heard her panting excitement I stroked faster and gripped the purple swollen head much tighter while squeezing my shaved balls with the other fist. "

"OHHH FUCK MEEE ..that is so fucking hot....bring the tip right up to the camera , I want to watch your cum spurting out of that little slit...haha it looks like a tiny little pussy, sooo fucking exciting, my cunt is on fire !!!"

I stroked furiously and then slowed so as not to cum too soon. I spurted some moisturizer, white and creamy, onto my head and slipped the foreskin up and over the spongy big head. Finally I had to just let go , I held her panties in front of my head and let loose with a huge spurt of cum. My cream spurted onto the white fabric and some got on the lens, running down in a little stream. As my body convulsed spurt after sticky spurt splashed into her panties until I was spent. I just grinned into the camera and said.

"Was that entertaining enough for you ?? Is this fucker big enough for you. Would you like to suck on my meaty treat Baby?"

"ALL of the above , I need some lessons on cocksucking, maybe you can teach me how to do it right...Professor lol !!"

"That is most definitely a date, message me SOON....I need to shove this fucker down your throat and up your tight little asshole Baby."

" I can't wait to taste that lovely cream....and I really need my tight asshole stretched and feel your shaved balls slapping on my wet pussy as you fill that hole with all you've got...XOXO....Bye for now ."

"By my lovely lady...XOXO, my phone will ne turned on, just like me haha"

The screen went dark but I will be checking every minute of the day. Next time will be the real thing for both of us.

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