Creamy Dreams

Creamy Dreams

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Any chance of a comment .on my .Pic & Story. ....Thank You. We ( Men ), on the other hand cannot even think about pussy without having to worry about the curse of ...The Bulge !!! LOL ! especially if you have a big cock and you are wearing beach shorts !!! Being a "Grower" makes it easier at those times but growth wins out every time as he stretches his rubber head to fill any empty space haha !!


Any chance of a comment .on my .Pic & Story. ....Thank You.
We ( Men ), on the other hand cannot even think about pussy without having to worry about the curse of ...The Bulge !!! LOL ! especially if you have a big cock and you are wearing beach shorts !!! Being a "Grower" makes it easier at those times but growth wins out every time as he stretches his rubber head to fill any empty space haha !!


Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017




  Pleasure is indeed fleeting and we learn from an early age to grasp this gossamar emotion and squeeze every drop from it while the opportunity exists.  The most obvious source of pleasure is with us every minute of every day and night . This pleasure will raise it's round pink head above the parapet  at the most inopportune times . For women it is simple , a woman can walk down the street in the ecstatic throes of a gut busting orgasm and nobody will even notice. I have read about the nifty little toys for women which can be inserted into a little tight cunt and left there , vibrating and pleasuring the lady as she walks around her local supermarket ! what a deliciously  naughty device !! 

We  ( Men ), on the other hand cannot even think about pussy without having to worry about the curse of ...The Bulge !!! LOL  !  especially if you have a big cock and you are wearing beach shorts !!!  Being a "Grower"  makes it easier at those times but growth wins out every time as he stretches his rubber head to fill any empty space haha !!

As I stood in front of the mirror I suddenly emerged from my raunchy reverie....staring into the mirror. I had been applying moisturizer all over my body and I had been in automatic mode. It takes a lot of rubbing to get the moisturizer to my flesh ...through my Man-Hairy legs ....NO  , no hair on my back lol  !! My consciousness had been taken over by the visions of Sherry Baby and her 38D breasts, her lovely pink areolas  pushing into my open mouth, her "pencil eraser" nipples between my teeth as I nibble gently on her hot damp flesh. I could taste the fatty , milky flavor of her own milk as I sucked and licked the sweet juice  from her tit. She has this ability to produce breast milk even without being pregnant. I daydreamed constantly about sucking her milky nipples . 

My mind again wandered as I stood there slowly massaging the moisturizer into my damp flesh. 

We had visited the Gulf beaches while I visited Sherry. The water is warm but quite murky from the silt that ends up on the Texas coast. Port Anansis is quite nice but the beach is not very exciting, flat and featureless without the big wave thrills of the Atlantic or the Pacific Coasts. Just thinking about this beach got my cock hard; it wasn't just the beach of course but the lovely bikini / dental floss clad beach bunnies frolicking in the waves. Behind my sunglasses I could admire the pure innocent beauty parading before me as I leaned back on my elbows.

"You looking to get arrested Sir !!! 15 will get you twenty don't stare for too long " . Actually those girls are way over 15. "

"How the hell can you tell ?....I'm afraid to look !!! They all look so damn Tasty and fresh....and smooth and ....... Looking at those lovely young bodies reminds me of the bakery hahaha !! that lovely aroma of fresh bread just out of the oven !! or the smell of freshly cut grass on a hot summer day, just a simple smell of Nature at it's finest waiting to be enjoyed. In this case to be enjoyed by some pimpmly faced teenage boy who has no clue how to give a woman real pleasure with no clue where her most sensitive special places.are. He has not yet learned that slow is better, usually !!, wetter is much better haha, where the hell is that G Spot.....I know !! the angled curl of the bent finger is very impoprtant to tweak her in just the right place. Now I'm no Don Juan but I have learned a lot of the very important secrets that a man should know if he is to effectively provide the pleasures demanded by his woman. 

She laughed as she bent down to sit on the towel. her lovely breasts wobbling and shaking as she giggled. Sherry's large breasts didn't allow for a very small bikini top , she was just about overflowing the top she wore !! After she lay down I quickly moved my head to rest my cheek on her flat belly, my eyes pointing towards the lovely round ass cheeks bobbing in front of my face. 

"They are very beautiful, I gotta say, so young , Damn !!! it makes me feel old just looking at them although I am far from being an old codger !!"

"You Are an Old Codger ..." Her voice trailed off as she buried her face in the crook of my neck

" You still want to fuck my tight little pussy when you are looking at these pretty young things !!!  "

"I would love for them to watch my stiff prick slamming your ass and your tight pussy, they might learn something !! "

"You my dear Sherry have what I love the most.....experience, the ability to tell the truth and be honest , no matter what. Young women .....younger women lack the knowledge that you hold in every muscle, every cell of your body Sweetie. Your mind is so attractive to me....I really, really mean that !! A good conversation with an intelligent woman is a big turn on for me and is essential for a relationship to develop."

Then I whispered into her ear...

"The ability to give a volcanically hot blow job and to swallow my cock until the whole thing disappears down your lovely neck is only One of the qualities that attracts me to you Sweetcheeks. Intelligence is a huge turn on !!! "

Sherry smiled as she kissed my cheek and held me tight. I turned towards her as my foreskin began to get tight around my growing cockhead and my shaft began to stretch and grow longer. It is really kinda magical ....a dick can be really tiny and suddenly it can just expand and grow  to an amazing degree . Of course the Clitoris is just like a tiny Penis so it can do the same thing !!!

"Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me." She laughed out loud into my ear.

" No bananas today Ms Sherry......just a big cock that needs to be buried deep in your tight little Coochie ....right after he is balls deep up into your lovely round ass .....he wants to bust into your tight little asshole Sweetie ; I will show you What That Hole is Really for . Which one gets fucked first is the only relevant question Ms present it to me baby and I will fill you up and fuck you until you are spent !!! " 

She leaned over my chest and brushed my stiff prick with her nipple, sending a shiver from my toes to my head !! She then took my hand and stood up.

"Look at this ...I can't stand up like this, how do I hide this big fucker !!! lol !"

"Put him flat against your belly...silly, jam that big Knob bunder your waistband !! He is just as I need him to be ....keep him that way."

I was amazed to have reached the little waves without my stiff dick making  himself known !! 

As the water hovered around my waistband I realized that I couldn't even feel the water on my skin , the water must have been over 98 degrees , just at or above body temperature. 

She let my hand go and went splashing through the opaque water. It was not dirty water but was full of very fine silt . I could not see my knees , let alone my toes , everything below the surface was invisible.

As we frolicked and swam under the baby waves Sherry's presence made up for the unexciting water conditions. At one point she disappeared for a time and suddenly I felt a tug on my shorts. I had heard about Barracuda or even Sharks in the area so I almost panicked .....until I felt her fingers on my hairy legs.

As she popped above the water her fingers slipped under my waistband as we both looked around furtively .....anyone nearby...a quick scan told me we were safe.

She stood behind me and whispered ....

"The Bad Girls from Austin used to do very Naughty things in the murky, silty water...."   She blushed and grinned.

"NOT Me !!  I was a good girl although a total tease with the boys, especially when I had a bikini on. I would go in the water and pull the swim bottom up into the crack of my sweet , untouched....even Virginal ass cheeks. My young ass was perfectly round and bouncy, firm and very tight so that when I ran or bounced my cheeks were like very firm Jello , it bounced so perfectly.....OK   I spent hours  in the mirror just watching my cheeks bounce. The boys would just stare as I walked slowly across the sand , emphasizing each step and exaggerating the lift, the rise of each ass cheek as I walked. The best part was when I would quickly turn to plant my butt in the hot sand.  I had the chance to see all the drooling boys worshipping my ass, their mouths open , eyes fixed on my body....ass. The piece de resistance was when I stuck my thumbs between my ass cheeks and under the fabric to pull it out of my ass crack, slightly spreading to let them have a little peek at the sweet pink flesh beneath. All at once their little stiff pricks began to rise and made little tents in their beach was always Sooo funny !! They must have been pulling their little hard cocks all night long. I was just giving them something to think about as they lay in bed ....they needed some jerk off material so I don't really think I was being bad ?! "

"Of course not ...I would have given my left ball just to get a glimpse of that young teenage ass honey ....I'm sure they really were Sweetcheeks .......Of course they are just as sweet and still so deliciously firm !!"

As she came behind me and pressed her body to my back I felt her hand snake around to my belly, tracing my waistband, three fingers sliding underneath to feel the smooth shaved flesh just above the root of my growing dick. The water was above my waistband , around bellybutton level and everything below the surface was invisible....thankfully !! As her fingers found the hardening base of my cock she stroked slowly, delicately just around the base....I moaned and groaned with pure pleasure, just as she did. She began to stroke my length under my shorts as I pushed the waistband down further to release my bent prick....Boing !!!! it straightened out and the pop caused a splash as my big  swollen red/ purple  head just broke the surface....we quickly stepped out a little further for privacy. 

I looked around and scanned the water nearby. The nearest person was a Blond beauty in a tiny bikini....she looked and smiled at first, then grinned at what she had just witnessed. She figured that we were doing something nefarious down there under the sand colored water and never moved very far from us.....close enough to hear Sherry moan as she stroked the full length of my prick making her giggle and glance over again. Even from ten feet away I could see her blushing...I grinned back, Sherry didn't even notice, she was busy stroking The Beast lol !!

My hands reached back to touch her wet flesh but could not get enough of her body to satisfy me so I whispered to reverse positions.  In response she whispered in my ear.


Her fists tightened on my cock and squeezed , slowly up to his big head. Bikini lady looked at my face and her smile broadened....she knew that I was getting a hand job right in front of her but the really exciting thing was that absolutely nobody could ever prove it . This thought made me smile back again at Blondie . She had goggles on and suddenly disappeared under the opaque water. A few seconds later I felt something brush by my foot. long fingers touching my inner thigh and I immediately knew it was Blondie.

She popped up about ten feet on the other side of us . As she stood up she dramatically threw her head back and her long hair streamed over her shoulder and she caught my eye again . This time she looked more serious , she brought her finger to her face and wagged it left to right as if saying..." Bad Boy" but then she ran the tip of her finger across her lips ....the classic ..."Zip your Lip" . She just wanted to watch the action . As she put her fingers inside her top  to apparently adjust her top her fingers lingered a bit too long over her visibly hard, erect nipples...."Bullets " lol !!  She was actually visibly pinching and pullng the lovely nubs of flesh. Luckily it was around mid-day and too hot for most people so we ( the trio ) were almost alone out there. 

I told Sherry that we had an appreciative audience who seemed quite enthusiastic !! She glanced at Blondie and they both smiled with a shy turn of the head and then a glance back to see who was still looking. They both turned back to stare as Sherry's hands began to stroke again, bringing the tip of my stiff prick right to the surface but just below. The little splashes on the surface just above my cock. made our activity obvious to Blondie which apparently delighted her and was making her quite horny and just as adventurous as us. I told Sherry to step back to shallower water, I wanted to give Blondie a look as my swollen head popped up out of the water when she stroked upwards.

The desired effect was achieved and still no other beachgoers ventured out deeper than their ankles, we were safe for now. .

Bolndie never took her eyes off us now, she just stared as my purple head popped up like a "Jack in the Box" every few seconds as Sherry slowly stroked my stiff prick from balls to slit. She seemed to lick her lips every time my Purple Helmet popped out of the water. As Sherry tightened her grip on my cock with both fists I began to fuck her fists , thrusting upwards hard into her tight fists as she bit and nuzzled my neck. Blondies two hands disappeared suddenly as she watched my contorted facial expressiuons change with every hard thrust.  I never took my eyes off Blondie and the water was now splashing upwards forcefully with every stroke and then Blondie raised her hands. Her top was  flimsy white material and the white piece of fabric hanging from her fingertip looked like a match !!! it was her little panties ....swimsuit bottom. Now there was a huge grin on her face as she stuffed the suit bottom in between her quite large tits, jamming them in there, losing them would be a disaster !! 

Sherry was looking as Blondie did this and she just sighed deeply into my neck as she kept stroking .

" You want to fuck her...don't you...?  Which are you thinking about want to fuck her in the ass , don't you ? In your emails you said that you loved to fuck a woman's ass more than anything. Do you want her to suck you off first to get you nice and hard ??  Or are you such a Nasty Man that you want to fuck her asshole and then shove your dirty cock down her throat." She whispered into my ear. 

" I would really love to fuck her little asshole while I suck your sticky wet pussyhole ......You are such a sexy, hot little Cunt Sherry Baby."

"I would love to watch you ramming you big cock into every one of her tight holes Sweetheart , I will hold her and stroke her for get her in the mood ."

"OH FUCK ME Sweetie .....stop , I don't want to cum yet....wanna change, reverse positions. I want to fuck you from behind as she watches....let's give her the thrill of her life and show her how it's done Baby." 

She turned to face me and we kissed . I thought that too much kissing would be suspicious ....the Lifeguards have powerful binoculars !! Keeping the naughty bits facing away from the beach would preserve our secret. 

As her tongue played with mine  her fingers were playing with my rock hard cock, fingering my big spongy purple head as her eyes glanced at Blondie ...she smiled back....broadly !! 

Sherry suddenly let go of my prick and turned her back to me.

My cock was now like a steel pole jammed flat to her body and between her big , luscious ass cheeks . I kept my hands at her waist or shoulders to allay any suspicions of the Lifeguards.

To stroke my cock all I had to do was dip my knees and slide my cock up and down along and inside the crack of her lovely ass. We might even get to have a proper fuck if people stayed out of the water....except fot Blondie of course !!  Blondie's face was very red at this point and not from sunburn !! Her hands were under the water in front of her and there was quite a bit of movement at the surface , even a little splashing as her hands and fingers continued with their secret endeavours between her legs, the grimace on her lips told the entire story of what was going on under that opaque water in front of her. 

I had to make a move or lose my chance. Reaching down with my hand I gripped the base of my throbbing prick and stroked up to his head. I asked Sherry if she needed a big cock inside her little pussy and laughed into her ear at the absurd situation we were in with this strange pretty woman watching us as we were getting ready tro really fuck in earnest. 

"You need a good hard cock in your pussy Ms Sherry."

"Yea Baby , stick that fucker into me , is she watching ? I don't want to look ? "

"No !! you have to look over at her ....that's the thrill she's looking for .....just look at her and you'll see, her face is begging me to fuck you. "

As we both looked into her eyes her hand emerged from the water and her fingertips slid between her lips as she licked each one and grinned at her sweetness as we grinned at her being such a good sport in this questionable activity  !! Having sex in public will get you jail in Texas so we reallt were at risk !!

She nodded in approval and we did likewise  as her mouth silently uttered the words...slowly so that we understood her silent words....

"Fuck her....fuck her for me ...I wanna watch " ....pointing her finger at her chest.

Sherry lifted her big ass cheeks, getting on her toes  and I dropped my torso lower in the water to allow my painfullty stiff cock to slide between her legs. My prick was so swollen that it actually pulsated painfully with every heartbeat. I had never felt so excited. My animal instincts were coming to the fore as I geunted and groaned, gripping my cock by his big head. 

"You ready want this big fucker bustin through those little lips, you want me to fill you up with this big hunk of raw can eat it later at the hotel hahaha !!! "

"YES Please Sir .....may I have some more ?.....fill my little wet cunt , stretch me ...please, I just Love having my pussy forced open by a real cock ....not like the Mickey Mouse cock that my Ex thought was so great !!!  He wasn't half as big as yours. Don't start getting a big head ....haha know what I mean....that's mainly because he had a small dick not because you have a gigantic cock ....OK, it's big enough to get the job done ....alright ...OK....I guess it is pretty big, I admit  it just takes a while to get there full size haha " She laughed and giggled as I wrapped my lips around the hot flesh of her neck amd snuggled in to her body."

" Slow and steady is way better for this situation Lady S ...Slow.....and ....steady, my words matching the rythm of my thrusts between her lovely thighs."

Blondie was staring at us with an intense gaze and an even more intense expression on her face as the water splashed in front of her belly. Again she mouthed silently.

" FUCK HER !!!  "  and her eyes turned to the beach slightly. I looked back and people were returning to the water but we still had time .

Instinctively and quick as a flash Sherry bent her knees and reached under the water with her hands, traching between her open thighs. Gripping my engorged spongy head she slipped my prick between her tight lips. I quivered and shook as my spongy cockhead was squashed into a pointed spear and squeezed into her compliant, flexible  body.  As she bent a little more I rammed into her with one quick stroke. Her rapid intake of breath told the whole story.....her wide open mouth sucking air into her lungs expressed her intense sexual release and her relief at having her little slippery cunt filled up capacity. 

"The walls of my pussy feel like they're going to burst you big Irish fucker......OOOHHHhhh fuck me deep Baby ". She whispered.


Blondie ?? ...she has seen it all , the dramatic ramming entry, the water rising up as I force my cock between her tight pussy  lips. The look on Blondie's face almost made me cum as soon as I looked over and saw her. She was biting the knuckles of her left hand in ecstacy as the water splashed a little in front of her crotch, her fingers stroking her pussy lips duriously, apparently not caring any more how obvious . 

To my shock and surprise Blondie began to walk towards us, very slowly and staring at us searching for our approval, one hand still concealed in front of her crotch. 

"Oh..Oh ....Blandie is coming our way !!!" Sherry said in a panicked voice.

"Relax ....she seems very interesting as well as very interested in our playtime."

"Hi guys ......having some good clean fun??"  she said as she grinned at both of us.

As she sidled up beside us I felt her warm flesh touching my arm.  Almost immediately I felt a second set of fingers gripping the base of my cock. 

"Don't panic ...hahaha !! just curious and in need of some Special Attention....I'm Tracy....may or may not be my real name ."

Two hands were now guiding ny aching cock in my my long deep strokes into Sherry's tight pussy.  This was definitely a First, at least for me  !!! 

Tracy kept one eye on the beach and one hand on my stiff cock as it slipped in and out of Sherry's lovely tight cunt 


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