A Girl & Her Horse 2 / Cowboy and the Virgin.

A Girl & Her Horse 2 / Cowboy and the  Virgin.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The neighing of her Pony alerted her to a possible intruder. She had secured her Horse in a grove of trees near the little lake, providing some shade from the hot morning sun . Her Pony would need more water soon and she would need to do some recon with her binoculars. As she emerged from the cool water her flesh instantly felt the extreme heat of the Texas sun.


The neighing of her Pony alerted her to a possible intruder. She had secured her Horse in a grove of trees near the little lake, providing some shade from the hot morning sun . Her Pony would need more water soon and she would need to do some recon with her binoculars. As she emerged from the cool water her flesh instantly felt the extreme heat of the Texas sun.


Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



As I floated in total silence , cool water lapped over my flat young belly. I opened my legs as wide as possible to feel the refreshing cool water invading every crack and crevice of my body. My tight young lips opened to embrace the cool wetness of the lake , cooling my burning hot flesh. 

The sensuality of having the cool water smothering and occupying  every inch of my naked body is an overwhelming , almost Orgasmic experience. My nipples  grew harder and darker as I looked down the length of my naked body . My 34 breasts seemed to float in the water like two perfectly round Islands topped off by rock hard nipples. My little toes stuck up out of the clear water as I swept my legs open wide and then closed again.....the flow of the water over my body made me tingle in all my delicate , secret places as I giggled and laughed out loud slapping the water with my open palms. 

As I stared into the blue sky my sunglasses gave everything a golden brown hue., making my toned brown body even more Golden .  My open hand slipped over my belly and traced the midline to  where my brown flesh split open between my smooth thighs ; my middle finger explored the tight little slit. As I slipped my finger inside my tight little hole the cool water followed, cooling the heat that was building between my hot young thighs. I opened my legs much wider and slipped another finger inside moaning from the sensation of the cool water flooding my delicate pussy ; my whole body quivered as my skinny fingers probed and explored my swollen Clit. I was  so engrossed with my quivering cunt  and my twitching , engorged Clit  that my body was sinking  under the water until suddenly it was in my nostrils. I coughed and sputtered , laughing out loud into the hot air as I regained my composure. I dived into the cool, clear water just to feel it flowing over my naked body and just floated , staring at the blue sky and the long straight contrails from the jets flying cross country 37 thousand feet above. seven miles up. I wanted to travel everyplace, to see everything in the world, maybe even join the "Mile High Club"  and have my little pussy fucked in one of those tiny airplane bathrooms if I got really adventurous ?!

My reverie was interrupted by the neighing of my Pony . I thought he might be thirsty so I reluctantly decided that I had to go and take care of my Baby. He was safe from the extreme heat where I had tied his reins, under the big Weeping Willow next to the lake.....MY lake !

Assured of total privacy I strolled lazily out of the cool water towards my Pony . As my body emerged from the lake I got goose bumps from the sensation of the cool water running over my perky breasts and dripping off my rock hard nipples . As my hips and my ass engorged I could feel to cool water running down my young flat belly and into the Peach-Fuzz  covered Kitty that Purrs between my legs; the coolness running down my bare back and into the crevice between my large round ass cheeks . The sensuality of the flowing , dripping cool water over my Virginal ass and into the crevice of my equally Virginal tight Cunt was beyond compare and made my pussy all tingly with goose bumps. Every drop that dripped from my thick, hard nipples sent a shiver and a hot tingle through my whole body.

It always felt the same , the extreme heat of the sun countering the coolness of the deep water in the lake ..........but it always felt like the Most Sensual experience I had ever encountered  , unique every time I felt it as I made the transition from the cool water to the broiling sunshine a . Diving down several feet exposed my naked flesh to the much colder water which welled up from below as the surface water was warmed by the furnace-like heat of the sun.  The extreme contrast of this very cold water suddenly evaporating from my skin as the boiling sun burned off the moisture. My pencil-eraser nipples stood at attention , tall and proud  ( lol !!)  as the water on my flesh turned to steam and returned to the sky to fall as rain someplace on the planet !! Someone would eventually drink the water that was dripping from my sticky little pussy and evaporating from my hot young body....."What an amazing thought ....!! "  I mused . However I would rather have the Stable Boy sucking the water mixed with pussy cream from my hot little cunt .  He was cute but very shy and never talked to me but he sure did study my perky round ass when I wore my tight little hipster shorts, I peeked between my legs as I bent  over , doubled over, to tie my sneakers and there he was , sneaking a peek at my fresh young cheeks. I always made sure that my shorts would ride up , half way up my ass cheeks and slip right between my legs up between my bare pussy lips ( I almost never wore panties ) ....always making sure Daddy was not in the area !!He was the most "age appropriate" guy on the ranch and I must say the best looking guy in the Horse stables ....I would have let him do stuff to me if he would only make a move. I just wanted to play with his cock and balls , to feel them and roll his balls between my fingers and stroke his cock . I had seen the cream spurt from my step-brother's cock but I wanted to be the one making  Miguel spurt and blow his load just for me . I wasn't sure how far I would go if it ever happened , just nothing that would get me pregnant !!

Within seconds my skin was almost totally dry and I had to run to the shade of the tree for protection.  "Stumpy", my Pony neighed loudly and stomped as he realized that I was heading his way. His water bucket must be empty  so I would have to dash back to the water for a refill. 

I must explain ..."Stumpy"....the name I had recently begun using to refer to my amazing Pony. He was rather short and a real sweetheart , a young girl's  Pony ; Daddy felt better knowing that he was a safe horse for me to ride. Being so short the name Stumpy could be seen as meaningful  and a appropriate name . My motivation for naming him Stumpy had a more embarrassing and "Sinful" {  Daddy would claim ....if he had known ) reason behind it.

It may have been the aroma of Feminine juices that emanated from my dripping crotch or then again maybe it was his way of showing how happy he was to see me  but ....every time I emerged from the lake like this, naked and dripping he would display his huge contribution to the world of horse reproduction....his huge cock !!. Maybe my caressing fingers had coaxed out enough of my female juices...pheromones ( I think ) for Stumpy to smell and that was the switch that turned his big horse cock into a very impressive  sexual weapon. Women who are "on the Rag" are warmed not to ramble in the woods during Bear Season....even Moose Season up north !!..they can smell the blood and the female hormones and are drawn to the unfortunate woman . Stumpy only got like this when my pussy was uncovered and wet from my sticky juices....I don't really know for sure why ? but it almost always happened in this setting, where I could be unashamedly stark naked and the various feminine and sexual  aromas could rise unhindered from my naked body . I read this online so I'm still not sure how accurate my assessment of his  display would be ??

Like clockwork , as soon as my flesh was dry and I got closer to Stumpy ....out popped the monster head to greet me. It was fascinating to watch...as it had been since I saw him ram it's full, very impressive length into the Filly and pump like fuck for a short time until he spewed his horse-cum into her , always producing a Foal from his sexual performance. In seconds his big head was dragging in the sand and slowly becoming horizontal , pointing straight ahead . I thought of the huge amount of horse cum he spurted for his Female and how fucking arousing it had been when I first saw his huge cock twitch and vibrate as he rammed into his female . I had actually seen the Vet "Milk" him for Artificial Insemination once....from the shadows of the barn. The Vet actually stroked his giant cock head and virtually jerked him (  Stumpy ) off, stroking just a little before the huge cock stiffened and twitched for a few seconds and he spurted enough baby-making horse cum  to fill a large coffee cup !!! I wanted to see a man's cock do the same thing and wondered out loud ....I hoped it would take longer for a guy to pump out his juice because the horse cock was only semi-hard and spurted within just a few seconds !!!  Even innocent little Me knew that it should last longer than that !!! otherwise it would be no fun at all for the Lady !!??" I had wondered, how much cum juice does an average man spurt into a woman....a spoonful, probably more but not a cupful like Stumpy."

"I had told Daddy that the name "Stumpy" referred to the fact that he was shorter than all the other horses on the ranch .....if only he knew !!! I gave him the name after watching his "performance" as a Stud...I thought that his big cock reminded me of a small tree Stump haha !!  I was quite short and small when I first saw that so the thing looked positively monstrous to my young eyes. 

I patted his head and neck and rubbed the spot between his eyes, he loved that and nudged into my breasts as he relaxed

 His belly was so low to the ground that when he had his big cock out and it was swinging like a Club under his belly  his big knobby head could touch the sand under him. 

"Calm down my lovely baby and put that thing back in it's holster Big Boy, we all know how impressive that big Cock is."

I said Cock out loud , screamed the words into the hot wind.

" I want cock , a big , huge cock to fuck my Virginal , tight little pussyhole ....fuck my CUNT PLEASE......!!! I need to get fucked or I will go insane !!!  ." 

I screamed into the wind as I raised my arms to the blue sky. I screamed the words that were strictly Verboten in the company of humans ....Stumpy didn't care...he just wanted to fuck another Filly and possibly thought he smelled fresh horse cunt, poor thing , he must have been disappointed haha . 

 I could never imagine uttering such Filthy language in any other setting....my Dad would have fallen down dead on the spot if he had heard what I had just screamed. His Innocent little girl talking like a damn truck driver....Cowboy would give him a heart attack for sure.  The Horse Cock was no big deal for him , I could see those any day on the ranch , a dime a dozen. He did Not see the effect that the sight of Stumpy fucking that Filly had on his "Little Girl" ;  that had been a real revelation for his little girl !!!

As if he understood he reared a little and his cock pointed from his body like a long thick spear with the big knobby bit at the end . He didn't spurt his cum but I could see a little sticky fluid dripping from his monster head.

Before I had any Very, Very Naughty thoughts I grabbed the bucket and ran to fill it. The hot sand burned my bare feet as I ran to the water. I jumped in carrying the bucket and filled it as I cooled myself in the lake water.. I quickly ran back and dropped the bucket by his head.  As he began drinking from the bucket I watched his cock deflate slowly and slip back into it's internal Holster . It was still a bit of a mystery as to how something that big, so huge  could just shrink up and disappear back into wherever it had come from , seemingly into his belly and suddenly it was gone , just a little nub of horse flesh was visible on the surface. 

"The many wonders of Nature ...." I said to myself, out loud  really impressed at this magic trick.

Stumpy suddenly whinnied and became a bit restless and I suspected a visitor might be approaching. I ran up the sandy hill , ducking behind some bushes; I had forgotten that I was bare assed naked and left all my stuff back at the lakeside.

Sure enough there was a little dust cloud sweeping across the dry scrub land and it was headed in my direction. Panic prevailed for a minute until I regained my composure and ran back down the hill. 

The approach that the oncoming truck was taking would take it to the other side of the lake and Stumpy was under the Willow and surrounded by shade trees and bushes which also shielded him and Me from the driver of the approaching truck . Using my binoculars I could see that the truck was from the ranch and the kid who usually drove it was around the same age as me. As it got closer I knew it was Miguel and I smiled to myself because he was so cute and his Mexican heritage gave his skin a nice golden glow  and he always smiled at me when he saw me but never spoke. He did speak English, I think he was born right there in Texas. 

I was very curious as to why Miguel had come all the way out here....maybe Daddy sent him to check up on me ?? Hiding out would be easy,  if he continued as he was going I would have lots of cover. I was stark naked and my pussy was dripping my juices , I didn't want to admit it but Stumpy's big dick had some kind of effect on me ...apparently !! I thought of it when I realized it was Miguel who was driving the truck. Miguel had quite a lump in his pants every time I saw him and I got all tingly when I thought of him. However what drove me over the big fucking cliff was picturing Miguel all hot and sweaty while I thought of the big sticky globs of horse cum dripping from Stumpy's giant cock . Those two images in my head at the same time had my warm sticky juice running down my leg and dripping into the sand as my little pussy positively Hummed between my legs, all my muscles twitched as my little asshole as well as my tight pussyhole clenched and unclenched , vibrating with sexual need, the need to be filled and fucked ......by Miguel if that opportunity presented itself. Stumpy's big cock had me scared for a while since I had never seen a Boy's dick and I had no clue how big it might get. Since my little holes were indeed very Tiny and very tight his thing couldn't be  all that big if it had to fit inside one of them , had to be the front one , the hole in my Butt would be way too small. What busted right through all the mystery was my little bit of voyeurism as I spied on my step-brother in the shower. His thing was really big , like that Polish Sausage they made over at the neighbors ranch and his was curved , just like the Kielbasa but with that big round knob on top.

Stretchy flexibility had no meaning for me then lol....I didn't even know what that meant until I eventually encountered a gigantic nine inch cock....yes !!!  a Human Cock lol  !! ........." he showed me what that hole was for " ( Chrissy Hinde ..great music !! )  and exactly how far it could stretch ...Both Holes !! Damn , that hurt so damn good . The Pussy is almost magical in it's flexibility if patience and gentleness are plentiful in your partner. A considerate lover will adjust to his partners needs and wishes so that even a nine incher will just slide in there with just the right amount of pain { the good kind of Pain !! } and no more. 

The truck took the route I had expected so I didn't have to panic, he would end up around a bluff and out of my way . 

I grabbed my towel and ran to the water, leaving my tiny Bikini behind.  The towel would allow me to give Miguel a peek at my goodies by ' Accident ' ( on purpose !! ) if we bumped into each other. I jumped into the water and stayed within reach of my towel as I watched and waited. 



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