If you don't buy a ticket V

If you don't buy a ticket V

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Nyree gets a new haircut, follows an errant husband and ends up in a disused JCB compound.


Nyree gets a new haircut, follows an errant husband and ends up in a disused JCB compound.


Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



If you don’t buy a ticket V

(The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010)


I was in work bright and early the next day only to find Kevin already there, which isn’t surprising as he lives ‘over the shop’ as it were. Our Unit was one of a number trial mixed usage blocks where you had the business premises on the ground floor and a small flat over that. It was designed to stop these business park areas becoming deserted wastelands empty of people after 5.00pm. Not sure how well it worked though. But a competitive combined rent / rates package acted as a very good incentive to small business.

I found Kevin in our little smoko room topping up the Nespresso machine.

“I put all that stuff on your desk last night.

“How about you do that report and touch bases with the Client, you know the form. You can start building up your personal Client load as you’ll be doing the field work on your own soon enough. I know we as a Company do a good job and you will too. We tick all the boxes; the Client is satisfied. It doesn’t matter who signs off on it.”

“Once your License comes through in about 6 weeks. We will be taking Clients turn-about as they come in. If somebody thinks they would rather talk to a Woman or a Man we can swop round. Come in my Office and I’ll give you all the forms we talked about.”

He gave me a downloaded copy of a document, a dozen or more pages headed;

Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010

Search within this Act

Part 2
Licences and certificates

Subpart 1—Licences

Who must be licensed

23 Persons who must hold licence

  • (1) The following persons must hold a licence under this Act:
    • (a) a private investigator:
    • (b) a security technician:
    • (c) a security consultant:
    • (d) a confidential document destruction agent:
    • (da) a repossession agent:
    • (e) a property guard:
    • (f) a personal guard:
    • (g) a crowd controller

“Keep all this, there will be facts in there, they will test you on – don’t worry It’s a simple enough ‘open book’ exam.

“The gist is; you have to apply, in writing, post official notice of your intent to apply in the local paper…let it be known etc. etc. Inform the Police, with copies of the application and Notice of Intent to apply. They will check you out and if nobody objects via your newspaper ad. You will be issued a 5yr license as a Certified Employee working for a Certified Company and away you go.”

He gave me a whole sheaf of other forms. “You can post your Notice of Intent in ‘The North Shore Times’ online. Make and Keep digital and hard copies of everything, It’s your – ‘Cover my own arse’ shield if any targets decide we weren’t playing fair when we catch them in the act.”

“On Friday evening I would like you to take over this case.” passing me a file. “Play-away partner, Client doesn’t think he goes out with his mates on Friday night. Simple F&P, follow and photo.  You can have time off in lieu if you want, in case you usually go to PacknSave on Friday nights.

He must’ve seen something in my face, I’m not sure what?

“You’ve not got anything major planed have you. You won’t be standing up your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend, well I do, sort of, maybe, it’s a bit complicated.” I stammered.

“He can go along if you feel a bit nervous on your debut. Couples blend in better anyway, especially on Friday nights.”

“I do have a few minor things planned for Friday night, so if you don’t mind I’ll finish early.”

“You usually go for Lunch at One anyway. Switch the phones over and I’ll lock up when I go…All good” I nodded yes, gathering up all the forms and stuff and went to my desk which doubled as reception and logged myself in. Switching the phones over to manual, I checked for overnight calls – none. Next; emails, I forwarded the ones specifically for Kevin on to him and answered the others myself.

Then on to one of my new duties -  safewordspank.com, started by Kevin, who was a registered sex worker along with all his other qualifications. He provides in-house spanking services for ladies of certain…requirements…for a fee. A true renaissance man for the 21st Century.

I accessed the site and drilled down past the home manicure site that cloaked it from the casual looker, past the ‘are you 18’ warning, ‘hit enter here’ on to the main site. Adding my admin name and password, then checked the in-box, no new enquiries or repeat clients. But it was only my third day. I also checked in my desk diary for the next Full Moon, not for 9 days.

When Kevin was selling the whole job package to me, I laughed in his face when he told me he did most of his house calls a week either side of the full moon. Until he showed me a graph with the red dots in a cluster round every full moon for the last 13 months since he started. Should start bucking up any day now then.

I cracked on with all my applications and form filling. I checked with NZQA and other places. There used to be Official courses for Private Investigators and the Act still mentioned them, but they’d been discontinued. What little there was seemed to say if you weren’t an Ex-Policemen don’t bother.

But if you had the piece of paper, you could do it and if you didn’t make a living at it no doubt you weren’t good enough and would soon stop.

Then I remembered my promise to JT. My original half plan was to take us both to Sky City and blow the lot (and maybe a bit more) at the Casino, which was something I’d always fancied since I was a kid back on the Farm, watching elegant Tuxedoed men and beautifully dressed women on TV. Something my pig of an Ex would hate…all the more reason.

I knew what I would do on my afternoon off. I called Rodney Wayne in Browns Bay, did they have a space on Friday afternoon? Yes, they did, what did I want? Cut and Style, long to short. My old Maori Nana would not approve, she had hair she could sit on, hers was snowy white when I was little, she used to love combing mine. Always telling me that my hair was just like hers when she was a girl.

I rang JT.” Hi,”

“Hi, yourself,” he said “you decided what you’re going to blow your ill-gotten gains on yet?”

“Yeah about that…we have a good news - bad news – good news thing going on. The good news was, I’d decided to go to the casino on Friday and hit the Roulette. The bad news is; I have to work.” I stopped to see if he’d bite – he did.

“OK, what’s the good news?”

“You can come with me if you want and we can hit the tables when I’ve finished. What d’you say I pick you up at 7 and I’ll show you my surprise?”

“Woman of mystery and a surprise, how can I refuse, 7 it is then.”

When I arrived at work on Friday I found the that the spank website had 2 hits. One a new sign up, wanting a basic (cheap) trousers down hand spank. The other was a regular, whose name I knew from the newspapers, with nearly a dozen cane icons to her name. What’s more she wanted the full package, with some added extra’s that weren’t on the extensive menu. I passed this straight on to Kevin and headed off to the hairdresser.

After all the usual; ‘weather, going anywhere for the weekend’ hairdresser chit – chat, the scissors finally came out.

“Just how short would madam like?

“This short.” I indicated with my hand

“Any special style in mind? How would you like it cut?” asked Raymondo.

I nearly replied ‘Silently’ but carried on with. “I to make a statement, I want it to say; power, you will obey, I take no shit. It will say: whip and 6in stiletto heel boots.” Raymondo raised an eyebrow.

“Not off to the PTA tonight then are we?... right.” He said clicking his scissors, and thought for a few seconds. “Off we go.”

2hrs. later I walked out a new woman, well the same woman with a radical change of hairstyle and a strangely cold neck, which amounts to the same thing. Next I hit New World round the corner for some basic kitchen and personal stuff. Swung round to the bottle shop next to The Brownzy for a couple of bottles of wine. Then back home.

I rang JT’s doorbell on the dot. He opened the door while putting on his jacket, then looked at me.

Wow, that’s some haircut, I take it that was the surprise?”

“Some of it.”

“Very Uma Thurman on steroids, If you were going for the ‘total control power bitch’ look, you’ve nailed it. Where we off to then?”

I gave him the keys. “You can drive and I’ll tell you as we go. When we were settled I pressed the ‘Go’ button on the GPS.” Follow the yellow brick road.”

As he drove I gave him the full ‘Follow & Photo’ version. He was surprisingly cool about the whole thing. I picked up the camera bag and got it out to check it over.

He took a quick look, “Not a bad camera… for the amateur. 4 or 5 years old, you can 3 times as good for less now.”

“Anything else you want to compliment me on?”

“your dash-cam’s OK.”

“Shut up and drive camera boy.”

“Yes milady. Can I get a chauffer’s uniform with a peaked hat? you got to have a peaked hat if you’re a Chauffer.”

I looked at him in mock sternness. ”Shutting up and driving here, drivin Miss Daisy, yes Mam.”

We arrived at the address and parked a few doors down, not too soon either. 5 minutes later a bright red Pajero pulled out of the drive and headed towards us. I shot 3 rushed pics, click, click, click.

“Where’s he going?” said JT, “Not the way I’d go for the nightlife.” He backed into a driveway, turned and followed.

Kevin had given me a few pointers on following, mostly what not to do, based on the poor driving habits of the locals. Most of which I’d picked up from driving around anyway.

It seemed to be compulsory to; never indicate  - until after you’d nearly finished what you were doing, nor look in your mirror. Orange is the new green and red can be optional. If you’re not actually tailgating, somebody will take it as an invitation to overtake and fill the space. Oh and 90% of the locals have no idea when it comes to roundabouts. Everybody stops to give way to traffic from the right, like a junction. Result, nobody moves. They just hover.

We were soon heading out towards Silverdale. About halfway there our guy Indicates left and turns onto a disused minor road, marked ‘not an exit’ one of a couple that used to go over the top to Helensville but had been blocked off by the new Motorway Extension.

“Where’s he going, It’s a dead end?” said JT, as we slowed down, changing to side lights. We soon found out. We could see the bright yellow Sodium lights of the Motorway getting closer and righter, we slowdown more, then stopped. The road stopped at the raised Motorway alright. It opened into a flat space a bit smaller than half a Rugby field. They must’ve used it for all the diggers and such when they were building the new road and then just left it.

There were 4 cars already there and our guy made five. Just then another car drove past us surprising us with the noise and headlights. Seems we don’t use our mirrors either.

“Your man’s here for something,” said JT, “There’s too many for a drug buy, from your picture I don’t see him as the ‘fight club type’. What now boss?” He added.

“Well we can’t just sit here neither in the carpark or out.” I said, “So if you’re OK with it, we drive, park, but not too close and see what’s what.”

He drove in, not a minute too soon, as another two cars came in behind us. There was enough room to turn in a large circle and park to their left, facing the way we came in, he left the engine running. Saying Just in case

One of the cars had joined the main bunch and the last one parked in a similar fashion to us, about 20 metres away from the group but on the other side of it.

We watched as the lone car flashed its headlights and passenger side window powered down. It must’ve been some sort of signal as all the other car door opened and 6 men got out.

“What the fuck?” I heard JT say.

“What the fuck indeed.” I added. One of the group started to walk round to the driver’s side It was our guy, I fired off a few pictures. He bent down out of my view. Asking the driver something? He stood up and walked round the front of the car, he beckoned to the others.

The passenger door opened and a big titted woman slightly on the plump side swivelled her feet round so she was facing out of the car, feet on the floor. We watched as the 6 men formed a loose semicircle around her. She lifted her arse off the seat grasped the hem of her dress and hiked it up above her waist, spread her legs.

I wound my window down for a better view, toggled the zoom on my camera and took more pictures. Through the telephoto lens, I had a close up view of the hairiest pussy I had ever seen (not that I had seen many, as most on the web where I had been looking were bald, which is why I copied them.) She parted the hair to reveal her hidden charms. I could see it glistening in the sodium light, its pinkness turned grey under the yellow light. Almost on cue 6 hands unzipped 6 flies and 6 dicks in different stages of hardness were brought out.

“Dogging, this is a dogging rendezvous.” Said JT.

“Dogging, what the fuck is dogging?”

“This is, exactly what you see here. Women usually with a partner who likes watching them. Expose themselves to men, to wank them, suck them, sometimes fuck them. They get turned on, as does the partner, some film it for later, no names no pack drill, no faces. The watching men get whatever she is prepared to give.”

All the men were wanking away. Three of the men stepped forward still slowly wanking. I stifled a laugh and shot more pics. The woman stopped playing with her pussy, pulled the dress right over her head and slung it in the back seat or somewhere, then got out to join them.

She squatted down, bobbing her head on one guy’s dick while wanking the other two. My guy was not one of the chosen few, his ticket obviously did not win tonight’s raffle. The fastest of the three losers, went behind her, fingering her pussy and / or arsehole, I couldn’t see which. My guy had to make do with playing with one tit, while the last member of the sextet (no pun intended) fondled the other. So entranced was I, I had to jog myself to remember why I was here. I shot off a few more with my guy‘s face clearly visible.

A few had glanced at us in the car, but were more interested in the main attraction. ‘When blowjob man’ swopped with one of the wankee’s, my guy said something to him. The other wankee, who hadn’t been sucked at all laughed. Judging by his face my guy was not a happy camper. He looked at us, stopped his tit and nipple play and walked over still slowly wanking his dick. I lowered the camera gently to the floor.

He came round to JT’s side, who put the car into drive, just held against the handbrake. He wound his window down enough to listen to whatever it was he was shaping up to say. Which was not what I expected.

“OK to go round to the Lady’s door?” he asked.

“Give us a minute.” said JT, “we’re new to this.”

“First timers eh, no problem, when you’re ready.” JT shut his window.

JT looked at me, “he wants a wank, time for a sharp exit?” his hand going to the handbrake.

“You wouldn’t want me to blow my cover would you?”

“I don’t really want you to blow anybody.” he said

“Ask him if you can film us, give him some bull about this is what turns us on, this is why we’re here.” He rolled down the window.

“She wants me to film the action, you good with that?”

“Strict Dogging rules? No names or faces?”

“Strict rules of dogging? Wouldn’t have it any other way mate, deal?”


“I heard all that, what do you think.”

“You’ll be doing the wanking not me, It’s your body, you do what you think best with it.” he said, I gave the hand he still had on the handbrake a squeeze.

“Tell him come round to my side.” He did.

I pulled my top over my head. Made eye contact with my target and slowly rubbed my tits and nipples. The hand on his dick increased speed.

“Make sure you get this all on video, faces as well and fuck the strict rules of dogging.” I said then opened the door.

I knew I had to own the situation from the off, I had to be in control of him, not he of me…nobody would ever do that again.

 “Lose the hand.” I barked at him. His hands fell to his side. Kneeling down I lightly cupped his balls with one hand and wanked him up and down with the other.

A minute later one of the guys who wasn’t getting any action from the other woman came over to join in.

“Filming for private use only.” said my target, “no faces.”

I gripped his balls painfully, that got his attention.

” Who are you? The fucking MC? Who told you to speak slave?” I gave them another squeeze…” Well?”


“Say Mistress when you talk to me slave Right?” Another tweak of the balls. It is true then. Get them by the balls and their hearts and minds do follow.

“Er right.”

“Right what?” -squeeze.

“Right Mistress.” I let go of his balls. “Don’t you fucking forget it either.”

I turned to JT, still in character. “Are you getting all this slave?”

He grinned, “Affirmative mistress, no faces,” he lied. “As you ordered.”

Still wanking my target, I turned to the other guy. “You, pencil dick, can you shut the fuck up or not?”

Quick learner this guy. ” Yes Mistress.”

“Come on then, I haven’t got all fucking night.” and I started wanking them both.

I could tell they were getting ready to cum and my second guy was inching closer trying to put it in my mouth. I stopped wanking number one and used that hand to grasp number two’s balls, gently at first then really hard.

“You put that pencil dick in my mouth and not only will I bite the end off, I will pull your balls off as well…right?” – tug.

“Right Mistress.”

I went back to tag team wanking, getting faster as they were nearly there. I stopped, and held a set of balls in each hand.

“You can finish yourselves off on to my tits, if any goes near my face you’ll be sorry, Yes?” I tugged none too gently.

They looked at each other grinning. “Yes Mistress.” Said dumb and dumber together.

Ten seconds later, grunting, hips thrusting, they both finished, covering my tits with decent amount of pale sticky cum strings.

“Did you get these pitiful attempts on tape slave?”

“Yes mistress.” he said with a straight face.

“Good.” I turned to the two wankers, “Go on, fuck off, the shows over.”

 I got up and sat in the car, I didn’t even put my top back on. I was drained and a bit confused I didn’t know If I was a dirty whore or they were just sad bastards.

I didn’t want to find out that the answer might be both.

JT got in the car saying, “I got it all on t…are you OK?” looking at my cum covered tits.

“Yeah just get me to a shower.”

I came into the living room wrapped in his over large terry robe and saw JT reviewing the action on a big screen TV. He paused it. He patted the seat next to him and indicated a large glass of something golden, with ice cubes in. I took a large swig, smooth, whatever it was.

“You can take stills from this.” he said as he paused it. “there’s our man being wanked by a mystery woman, who shall of course remain nameless. Game set and match in the divorce stakes.”

“But what does that make me?”

“It doesn’t make you anything you don’t want to be.

I took another sip of my drink, my family weren’t big drinkers and my pig of a Husband was totally against it, so I had another sip. My knowledge of spirits was brown stuff was whisky or brandy, the clear stuff was gin or vodka and wine was red or white.

“This is nice what is it?” I asked, playing for time while I thought things through.

“Glenmorangie, not quite your basic entry level Single Malt, but a decent drop, more?”

I held my glass out, “smooth,” I said, “yet fiery deep down.”

“That could describe us both I think?” he said pouring us both another, “say when.”

Eventually I said when and sipped at it “This is the first time I’ve ever had this.”

“More than one first tonight, you want to talk me through it?”

I emptied my glass, “No, I want you to take me to bed and fuck me!” he stood, drained his drink, then held out his hand.

I took it.

He led me to a bedroom, putting the lights on as he went.

“No lights.” I said, switching it off and shutting the door as well, I dropped the robe and found the bed by memory. He climbed in beside me. I snuggled into his arm. My right leg resting on his hardening dick. I rubbed my leg slowly across it for a minute or so. I felt his lips searching for mine in the dark and leaned back to avoid his them, they fastened on my nipple instead, I could live with that.

JT tried to roll on top of me, I stopped him and indicated by pressure that I would be on top. He rolled us both so I was.

“What…” I silenced him with a finger to his lips.

“Sshh, I know, so many rules, don’t do this, don’t do that, humour me, in the morning I’ll try to explain.”

Placing his hands on my nipples, I started rubbing my pussy with the end of his dick. When I was wet enough I squatted over him and with one hand guided him in. It was slow going, but all the better for it. He rose and I lowered until between us we were fully joined.

I lowered my head to his shoulder and just lay there with just a slight rocking motion. We seemed to slowly gather speed together. Faster and faster, I ground my clit hard against his thrusts. I sat up straight, to get him deeper as I rode him. JT moved one hand up to fondle and pinch my nipples, while using the gap between his first two fingers, he very gently wanked and rubbed my full erect clit.

This big disgusting lump of a thing that my cunt of an ex-husband had repeatedly told me was ugly deformed and obscene until I believed him. I couldn’t believe how it was now being lovingly stroked sending waves of pleasure through me

I could fell tremors starting deep inside, putting my hands on his chest I just fucked myself up and down on him as hard and as fast as I could.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.” Little squeals escaped my mouth, then as I really came, I was grunting like Sharapova serving for the match.

“Uugh, uugh, UUGH, UUGH, UUGH.”

I felt him spurting into me and in the back of my mind I was thinking, this is better than any flexi dildo on a mirror. All my life I didn’t know what I was missing as the pleasure kept on mounting.

This drove me louder still “Ah, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH,” and I drew the last one out, “AAaaghhhh.” With a sigh, as I collapsed on JT’s chest.

A minute or two passed, then He twitched his still hard dick inside me and my pussy pulsed and spasmed back of its own accord

“Again.” I laughed – twitch.

“Ooh, again.” – twitch.

“Ooh, again,” – twitch.

Four more times my pussy responded, as I came down from my high. For the last two we had been on our sides.

I wanted to just drift off there and then with him inside me. So I bucked up my courage and kissed him on the lips saying.

“Thank you, sleep now, talk in the morning.” and I felt myself drifting off.

© Copyright 2019 E.M. Ockleshaw. All rights reserved.

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