If you don't buy a ticket IX. (Write the ending your 'kin self, I can't be arsed)

If you don't buy a ticket IX. (Write the ending your 'kin self, I can't be arsed) If you don't buy a ticket IX. (Write the ending your 'kin self, I can't be arsed)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Nyree's boss goes ape-shit when he find out about her Dogging exploits, pours her a drink and tells her to buy a riding crop...as you do.


Nyree's boss goes ape-shit when he find out about her Dogging exploits, pours her a drink and tells her to buy a riding crop...as you do.


Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



If you don’t buy a ticket  IX.


I arrived at work on Monday morning a bit sore, but happy enough for a Monday. Kevin was already there, which wasn’t that hard as he lived ‘over the shop’. He‘d even made the coffee ready for our weekly overview of current ‘work in progress’ etc.

We worked through all the office admin type stuff…what is it with these bigger companies, the bigger they are the later they seem to want to pay you.

“Nice hair do, didn’t waste your Friday afternoon off there did you? Right then, how did it go on Friday night, any problems?”

“Only at first,” I said “but it all worked out in the end.”

“Why what happened?”

“Turns out ‘Mr Play away’ didn’t head for the bright lights or anonymous motels. In fact, quite the opposite – It’s all in the written report but a picture’s worth a 1000 words.” And I passed him the envelope with the usb stick and the four glossy stills.

His eyes widened a bit as he looked at the stills, then looked again, then at me and back to the stills.

“I see what you mean.” he said slowly, and he fired up the usb. With a few taps to the laptop screen he put it on to the smart T.V. mounted on one wall.

“I think you’d better talk me through this.” 

So I did, all about how our guy headed out of town and what else could I do but follow – the video rolled on.

“This is you isn’t it but who’s doing the filming?”

You told me I could take my boyfriend with me, so I did.”

“Yeah, but this?” He paused the playback. “I thought you’d end up in a bar or club or outside some house or motel. Not in the middle of a field with a pack of wankers.” He was starting to get angry.

“What does he think about it, No, never mind that, just what the fuck do you think you were doing, you could’ve been raped, killed, anything.”

“I was doing my job – F&P, follow and photo.”

“Doing your job, doing your fucking job?” He shouted, losing it big time. “I don’t know if you should even have a fucking job, tell me why I don’t sack you for gross breaches of workplace safety. That sort of recklessness in another job would see you out on your fucking ear. They would probably fine me a fucking fortune for letting you…It would be like, like…” he faltered scrambling for an example – and failing.

“Tell me why I don’t fire you right now.”

I couldn’t, not when he put it like that. There was silence for a few seconds. He took a big breath, before he started again I got in with the only thing I could, The Truth.

“I enjoyed it!” I paused then added, “Don’t sack me though, I was aware of the risks, I’m not a fucking kid (if he can swear at me, I can swear at him) I’m not bloody stupid, we assessed the risks and I made the decision to go ahead, I was OK with it and so was JT…”

“Oh that’s OK then, he said in a sarcastic tone “JT was OK with it, that makes it all better then.” At least his anger was coming down into the sarcasm range, I might still have a job yet.

“It’s my body, I’ll do what I want with it, if you want to sack me for owning my own body, go ahead then. You do what you have to do.” I shrugged…But I’d rather you didn’t.”

‘I bet you would.” Calming down a bit he un-paused the recording, adding,

“Don’t speak, just watch, see the lonely field, look at the six excited men, think about the odds if it turned nasty.”

I suppose he had a point. The action unfolded.

“What the fuck were you thinking.” he muttered under his breath, but his gaze never left the screen. It finally ended, it was as they say ‘a happy ending’.

“At least you pixilated the faces of everybody who wasn’t our target, is this the only copy?”

“No, I have one and JT has one.”

“I bet he has, the pervy bugger.”

“Ours are uncensored though, private use only.” I added with a grin, it didn’t look like I was getting sacked today.

He sat and thought for a few seconds, “It is what it is, I suppose,” he said with a sigh, It’s not as if were in the business of filming happy families and kids birthday parties are we, we’re at the more sordid adult end of the market.”

“Right.” he stood, calm again “Coffee?” I nodded, he walked over to the machine shaking his head. He put a mug in front of me.


Walking round to his chair he sat down, reaching into the lower right hand draw, pulling out a bottle.

“This is the compulsory ‘office bottle’ that films and TV tell us all Private Eyes and Cops must have. I only put it in there as a joke, but after you frightening me half to death, I think a drop in the coffee is called for.” He poured himself one and offered to top up mine. I held my cup out to accept his peace offering. He raised his mug in toast,

“Don’t ever pull that sort of shit again, Cheers.”

“Cheers.” I echoed, deliberately neglecting to confirm his toast by repeating his words back…he didn’t notice.

“Right, back to business, what we got in safespank.com?”

“We have a new customer and a repeat.” I looked at my notes. “The newbie, username, ‘Dora the explorer’ wants the basic clothes on OTK, any morning after school start.”

“Put her down for Wednesday 9.45, how’s she paying?”


 “Magic, what about ‘badgirl”

“You mean…” and he stopped me.

“Don’t even go there, never ever even think of her like that, her name is buried deep in the bowels of ‘don’t even think it’ – ever, but her, yes. Simple enough, whatever she wants, she gets. Not only was she my first ever customer, she spread the word of my services to a good few more – and she pays cash.”

I looked at my tablet…she wants everything, ticked every box, the full monty and in the ‘other / describe’ she basically wants to be humiliated. with a riding crop by a Dominatrix, then for her daddy to punish her after he ‘catches her in the act.’ “

“I can get Adele to help me with that, after we’re done here you can nip out to ‘Femplay’ down the road and buy a riding crop. When does she want all this?”

“This Friday afternoon if possible.” He checked his Diary, “No problems, set it up.”

I nodded, making notes on the tablet.

“ Take $50 from the petty cash for the crop, should cover it.”

I thought about telling him that I had one he could use but didn’t. Back at my desk I set about typing up a selective report for Friday night’s adventures. All in the standard dull factual manner that reminded me of dumb Mr Plod giving evidence in a black and white 1950’s film…

*P.C. Plod opens note book;

‘Hi was proceeding down the ‘igh street’…boring, but dry and factual. I put it and the stills in a plain brown envelope, gummed the end down, wrote the client number on the front and put it in the safe.

After scanning report and stills I emailed it off to The Client who would do what she wanted with it. If they want a fuller verbal report and /or have the actual documents, they have to come in person to collect it, as there is no way we’re trusting NZ Post with highly confidential stuff like that. Others might but we don’t, we’ve heard too many tales of stuff going ‘missing’.

I googled Femplay for the address and phone number and gave them a ring.

Have you got a riding crop, yes but let me check, I hear the sound of keys being tapped, turns out the computer says…yes this time, one left, you’re ‘lucky last’ It’s on special reduced from $29.99 to $22.99.  

“Dig it out for me and I’ll be round in 15 minutes.”

I shout to Kevin I’m off to pick up the riding crop, as it was a nice morning and not too far, I walked, this allowed me to think about the whole weekend and where I was going from there.

Like, shall I go dogging again, other things on the sexual bucket list,  exhibitionism, find out how to get a cast made of my pussy…


E.M. Ockleshaw; and this is where I got fed up, bored with the actual effort of writing

Below are my plot guidelines, use them to finish it yourself – or go your own way.

Thanks, for reading, the writing kept me busy for a while when I needed something to do, which doesn't apply now.

and as they say on Dragons Den;

“…so for that reason I’m out.”


Gets there, finds they didn’t have one in stock but can order it in, though not in time for friday

Tells Kevins they can borrow hers

adele can’t make it

nyree steps in –

Meets ‘badgirl’ is a bit nervous at first, but gets into it,  2 women a man and a riding crop.

and in following ‘badgirl’s script, starts to enjoy it all the time learning a more about herself


weekend; goes with JT to Coromandel has plaster cast taken of pussy, gets reduction on 2 casts. Has a ‘modest’ cast taken, large lips closed and dangling. then an ‘aroused’ one with swollen lips wide open showcasing erect clit .



Shock ending? nyree finds she likes thrashing the bejesus out of men and women.

Part Ten;

kevin follows woman she loses him at a ladys only club

nyree joins the club ‘Skirts’ very select, high fee, you have to be proposed. Adele proposes

private club and rooms for well heeled lesbians and those not sure to dip a toe in as it were and test the depth of their gay side.

© Copyright 2018 E.M. Ockleshaw. All rights reserved.

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