Game, Set and Match VIII

Game, Set and Match VIII Game, Set and Match VIII

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Dave is convinced that he has finally won his battle of wills with Kate. But those who end up on top are not necessarily winners - they're just on their own minds that is.


Dave is convinced that he has finally won his battle of wills with Kate. But those who end up on top are not necessarily winners - they're just on their own minds that is.


Submitted: June 19, 2016

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Submitted: June 19, 2016



 Game, Set and Match Chapter  VIII

Saturday after Lunch Selena went out to meet some friends for coffee. Looking forward to a quiet afternoon, Dave took himself on to the rear deck with his tablet aiming to work his way through the online edition of the weekend edition of the paper.

In the back of his mind he registered a car door slamming and the front door being opened and closed.

Some minutes later Kate came out from her room on to the deck dressed in shorts and a skimpy bikini top, she lay face down on a recliner, placed a magazine on the floor and began to flick through it.

Dave finished the sports section and decided that a beer would go down well on a warm afternoon. When he got back, Kate had removed her top and was laying on her back.


He didn't mind looking at Kate's tits but felt that there was a time and a place, also the more he exerted his dominance over her the quicker she would, maybe, learn to behave in a more respectable manner.

“Hey, it's Auckland not Alicante.” he said, “Put it back on.”

She got up on one elbow, lifted her sunglasses and looked at him with a quizzical 'what the fuck's got in to you' expression.

“Your only bluffing.” he added, ”put it back on.”

 “What do you mean bluffing?”


“It's what you do, you play on Jake and Heidi's guilt. You say; don't dare me, you know I'll do it and you've carried through on enough little bluffs to prove your point, now they let you get away with anything. Well not here and not with me.

My house my rules. I'm calling your bluff, put it back on or take it all off, you're not pissing me about, you do what I say.” he said going back to his reading.

Kate stood up, Dave heard this and thought Ha, she's putting her top back on, one for me.

He looked up to see Kate with a sly grin on her face shimmying out of her shorts, she struck a pose, hands on hips, with a face that said who's bluffing now.


Shit thought Dave, I'll have to keep going until she gives in.

“Nice gesture, nice body, but still all bluff, I can prove you're bluffing – come over here and sit on my knee.” Not for one second thinking she would.

She walked over.

Dave hoped his internal panic did not show on his face as she moved to sit sideways on his lap.

I've got to raise the stakes until she folds he thought.

“No, not that way, that's too easy, sit facing me.”

With no apparent hesitation she stood next to his right knee, cocked one leg up and straddled his legs, giving him an excellent view of her magnificent thatch and pussy lips, lowered herself down gently to sit on the edge of his knees, her hands linked lightly round his neck for balance, placing her hardening nipples mere inches from his chest.


I've got to take this to the bitter end until she gives in he thought. So he moved his knees quickly apart, not a lot, just enough to give the impression she was falling. She gave a squeak and grabbed hold tighter. Moving that quick Dave actually thought she was going to fall on to the hard wood deck. Instinctively his hands went round her waist to stop her. What do I do now? thought Dave, I'm just getting deeper in the shit.


“You know what you are?”

“Not bluffing?” she hinted.

“What you are is a spoilt bitch who needs a punishing.” He slapped one cheek of her overhanging arse. Her eyes widened in shock. “and I'm going to punish you.”

He slapped the other cheek. She didn't flinch and her eyes took on a stubborn cast.

So he gave her four more. Apart from biting her lip she did and said nothing.

He gave her another four, harder...

”What are you?” - no answer.

Kate was appalled at the pain, this was much, much worse than the few swats her Dad had given her over her clothes.

Fuck him if he thinks I'll back down, she thought, as four more hit her and despite the pain, or maybe because of it, she could feel her nipples hardening and a dampness in her pussy.

How long is she going to keep this up, thought Dave.

“What are you?” with more emphasis, as he laid on six more.

Tears started to run down Kate's face and she could stand the pain no longer and spoke in a low barely audible voice which still hinted at reluctance.

“I'm a naughty bitch.”

“Louder,” slap, slap, ”You're a naughty bitch who needs punishing.”

Her eyes no longer looked into his in defiance, her gaze dropped in defeat, then she saw the large bulge in Dave's shorts. Despite the shame of compliant surrender Kate knew that she was getting turned on, but there was the proof that Dave wasn't doing this just to teach her a lesson, he was just being ruled by his Dick. She, like most Women knew that Dicks were just there for Women to lead men about with. Dave wasn’t bossing her, his Dick was bossing him, she was back in the game.


This could be fun it turns out the way she hoped it might...and she could still claim to be in charge of herself, saying in a louder voice to lead him on.

“Yes, I'm a naughty girl, punish me. I need punishing, not too hard, I'm not really bad.”

If he didn't know where this was going before, he did now, as he looked at the wet patch she had made on his leg, she likes it and wants more.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that his Dick was doing most of the thinking, but didn't care.

Putting his hands under her arms he hauled her to her feet, watching with Interest at the resultant motions and arcs made by her hard nippled firm breasts.


“Bend over while I punish you.”

She bent over and touched her toes, tits and nipples making more interesting movements as they swung down.

He grabbed her arm.

“No, over the knee for you young lady, you'll have a proper spanking. Then you might see that when I say cover up I mean cover up.” he said, trying to maintain the fiction that this was for her own good.


Kate pretended reluctance but allowed herself to be roughly placed over Dave’s knee. She could feel his bulge sticking into her side and pretending not to like the way events had turned against her, wriggled her body on it as the first two spanks hit her.

Now Dave could get a proper swing, the pain was even worse, but better. She could not stop though, her hand's involuntary movement to shield her arse.

Dave just gripped it and held it in the small of her back, while he laid more punishment on the target area where it would do the most good.

Slap, slap, left cheek, right cheek.

Pause and four more. This time he rubbed the flesh to take the sting out.

Two slaps then rub; two slaps then rub, then four more. This time, instead of rubbing with his palm, he drew the tips of his fingers down the cheeks of her arse. The shock of this touch sent a jolt through Kate and she unknowingly opened her legs a bit wider.


Dave felt the resistance go out of her as her held arm relaxed. Kate moved it down, gripping his leg below the knee to hold herself in place. No way was she going to falling off and possibly risking common sense prevailing and putting an end to these sensations.

Four more slaps, again the tips of his fingers gently followed the crease of her backside, but deeper this time, just brushing the wet swollen lips of her pussy.

She moaned with pleasure, her legs opening wider of the own accord.


Six slaps. This time Dave made no pretence to sooth, he drew his fingers more firmly down the cheeks of her pink arse and into her pussy lips which opened to his touch.

With his free hand he reached down and around to her swinging tits, moving the palm of his hand back and forth, back and forth across her nipples. This caused her to moan again and her legs to part more.

“Punish me.” she said “Punish me more.” She was beyond pain now, only pure sensation as the climax built within her each time he rubbed her nipples. She would cum if he would just keep doing that she thought and spread her legs wider, feeling the warm breeze on her hotter pussy.


Then Dave asked, “Which do you prefer pain or pleasure?”


Slap! ”Wrong.”


Slap! ”Wrong; you like both don't you?”

“Don't you?” Slap.

“Yes,“ said Kate, finding she meant it, “I like it all.”

Dave gave her four more, the last two harder still. He could now see her moist, gaping pinkness and thrust two fingers into the warm wetness.

Bringing round his left hand, the other remaining buried in her, he started with a slightly softer spanking, pushing deeper in time with each slap.

Dave pulled his hand out, then passing it under his nose he savoured the sweet musky smell then popped one finger in his mouth to taste. Bringing his hand round he offered it to Kate who also smelled then sucked, leaving it wetter than before, she said.

“Put it back, put it back in.”

Returning his hand he worked all four fingers in and out, touching swollen ultra-sensitive clit in time to the lighter spanks. Kate revelled in the delicious pleasure moaning out loud each time her clit was touched


Soon, unnoticed by both, the spanking had stopped as Dave rubbed pink cheeks with one hand and finger fucked hairy, pink, wet pussy with another.

“Oh, oh oh, OH, OH.” cried Kate, each one louder than before, as she started to cum. Dave could feel the rhythmic clenching mounting. He tried to pull his hand away to let it subside and her legs clamped on his wrist.

“Don't you dare,” said Kate, “I want to cum, fuck me more.”

Dave started the light spanking and kept up with the finger fucking until her climax passed and her legs relaxed their relaxed their death grip on his wrist and arm.

Angling his free arm differently, easing out one finger, he placed it on her bronzed starfish, abstractly admiring the texture of the dark stubbled skin around it. With only minimal but constant pressure he felt it enter in small increments as her arse muscles spasmed in time to the spanks...up to the nail, then first joint, in and in and in until it could go no further.

He worked it in, out and around as she squirmed beneath him to this new intrusive, invasive pleasure.


‘Ooo.’ thought Kate in surprise, as the finger on her hole worked its way in. She had experimented with objects in her pussy, but this was even better fun. She thrust back to encourage Dave and he matched her thrusts with his own. With some relief for his tired arm, he stopped spanking as he knew the pain incentive was needed no more. He went back to her tits pulling and pinching her nipples as they matched each other thrust for thrust.

Again the feelings mounted in her then she felt his finger leave her arse and the hand left her pussy.


But before she had time to complain more, the palm of his hand cupped her hairy mound and his thumb slid in to her pussy, exerting a pressure on her full bladder. Moving his thumb and palm in and out, his thumb pushed and released her bladder while his palm rubbed the clit ring and hood, this caused sudden squirts to further lubricate proceedings.

“Put it back in my arse, I want in my arse.”

Dave took his by now dripping thumb, shoving it in to her arse which parted to his touch to let him in.

Having loosened her he changed his thumb for two fingers, using the other two fingers to good effect in her pussy.

Kate felt the double digit penetration and thrust back on to it and she started to cum and cum and cum, all she could think of was the clenching of her arse on his fingers.

As he felt her coming he removed the two smaller fingers in her pussy, changed the angle slightly to thrust deeper and harder into her climaxing arse.

Kate lost all sense of time and place, as her whole body started to twitch and shake, her bladder let loose squirts of piss in time to some inner rhythm.


Dave was amazed, he had heard of Whole Body Orgasm, but never seen one, once she started squirting he could stand it no longer. The sights, sounds and smell of pure female sex caused all rational thought from his head, there was just Woman. He could barely hold on to her as she shook and heaved. Holding her around the waist he put her down to the deck on her hands and knees. Pulling his shorts down to his ankles, he knelt between her legs using just her hips and the strength in his arms, he pulled her on to his throbbing dick fucking her in and out using just his arms.


He wasn’t far from cumming himself and pulled out after a dozen or so strokes. Squatting above her he pulled one cheek of her arse apart, grabbed his Dick with the other hand and thrust down into her arse.

Kate came to on her hands and knees, to feel her pussy being roughly pounded from behind, this was more like it, this was what she needed and gave herself to the pounding fullness, her face pressed to the ground she arched her back to get it deeper.

Suddenly she felt the fullness leave, but had no time to cry out against the emptiness before the good pain of her arse being widened and filled more than it ever had been before, as the fullness returned.

 Time seemed to stand still yet race, she fumbled for her clit and rubbed it furiously starting to cum as the fullness plunged into her clenching arse for the second time.

The fullness retreated but didn't leave altogether, the fullness paused then pounded into her for a third and unknown to her, final time.

She came yet again when she felt a hot, thick, liquid wetness flood deep into her bowel, spurt after spurt and the fullness was added to by a crushing weight that pushed her to the floor.

In some detached recess of her mind, she knew the weight and fullness to be Unky Dave. The liquid spurts ceased and the fullness started to shrivel, she thought with some surprise that she didn't mind that Good Ole Unky Dave had just given her the first Arse Fucking of her life, the arse fucking that all others would be measured against in the future.

Nor did she care that she had squirted piss everywhere, she didn't give a fuck about anything just as long as she could do it again and again.


So deep in thought and pleasurable aftershocks, she didn't remember until later the low voice in her ear whispering.

“Game, set and match.”

“Game, set and fuckin match to me.”


Both totally unaware of the eyes watching them.



Selena came home from her coffee afternoon / gossip fest a little earlier than usual. As she walked through to the kitchen, she could hear Dave in what she called his - Now listen to me! mode.

She watched the interplay, the battle of wills as it unfolded, of how Dave told Kate she was a bluffer and to cover up or carry out the bluff, like a tennis match, point and counter point.

When Kate actually stripped naked and straddled him with just a smirk on her face, she thought, you're losing this big time Dave, time for a Plan B... if you have one.


She wondered about going out and putting a stop to it all, basically throwing in the towel to stop Dave from losing a battle she didn't think he could win. Kate then seemed to wobble and nearly fall off his knees and the first slap cracked on her backside, the look on Kates face was priceless as more slaps peppered the cheeks of her arse.

That's my boy she thought, getting excited at the thought of Kate being punished, remembering as well her need to dominate her. Teach the cunt a lesson, show her who’s boss.

When Dave put Kate over his knee and set about spanking some obedience into her, she realised she was rubbing herself on the kitchen bench top.

Selena stopped this but continued with her hand as she moved to another room for a better vantage point, where she could see without being seen and savour the contest of wills. Which Dave now seemed to be winning.

Undoing the zip on her jeans, one hand went inside, wriggled into her knickers and three stiff fingers rubbed at her clit and pussy. Soon as the action escalated, she used her other hand to rub and pull at a nipple.


Selena's climax came in time with the finale on the deck floor. She recovered the quicker and moved to the open slider leaning on it in a nonchalant manner as the two exhausted contestants struggled to rise she quickly pulled out her phone, holding it in the palm of her hand right hand she started a slow ironic clapping sound using the palm of he left hand and the back of her right hand, making sure the phone was in plain view.

Clap - pause.

Clap - pause.

"Bravo," Clap.

"Bra - fucking – Vo." Clap.


At this, they both jumped to their feet and a multitude of different expression flew across both their faces as they processed who was speaking, clapping and watching.

Shit, thought Kate (as did Dave for that matter, though for different reasons)

Kate and Dave both took a breath to speak. Selena spoke first.


"Shut the fuck up both of you, I hope you've learned a lesson Kate, you're not in control here. There are those on their hands and knees with a dick up her arse and those with phones." looking at the phone in a meaningful manner, she slipped it in her pocket.

"Dave, I really should ask you to do the same to me, It looked impressive."

Kate knew she had to say something to get back some measure of control and went with the time honoured Divide and Rule.

"Yes It was Impressive wasn't it, I enjoyed it with Dave nearly as much as I did with you Selena." said Kate grinning.

"What? You? Her?" spluttered Dave, looking from one to the other

 Crafty bitch, thought Selena, seeing instantly in Kate's admission, what they really had was a three-way Rock, Paper, Scissors contest that would have no winners or losers, only lots of ties as one or the other cancelled each other out at any given time.


"Yes, Me, Her." Kate and Selena said together.

"Selena, I..." Dave tried to say. Selena held up a palm saying.

"Both of you get dressed, I’ll get some drinks and we'll talk about it…all of us…like adults."



Kate went to her room at the other end of the deck and took a quick warm shower, but with her sore backside a not too warm. She thought over Selena's body language and tone when she found them and decided that going on the attack with full disclosure was the best way to minimise the fallout.


Twenty minutes later Dave and Selena sat in silence on the deck with a beer each. Dave was thinking how he could get out from under the sure to be coming shit storm, then Kate came out to join them, she sat down ignoring the third beer and waded in with.

"I don't see what all the fuss is about, maybe I did deserve it and maybe I did wind Dave up a bit."

"I could've stopped it at any time (could you Kate, could you really, chipped in the little voice in her head) and I know Dave would've stopped if I asked, but I didn’t ask."

"Just like I asked you Selena, did you want to stop? You didn't then and I didn't want to stop before, so I didn't, I enjoyed it."

"But Dave is...well he‘s your... Uncle," fumbled Selena, not wanting to go where near the 'I' word.

Kate nearly, but not quite, rolled her eyes at that.

"So? It was just sex, nobody forced me, nobody groomed me on Facebook. You two need to get real, how you deal with it is up to you. But get real and deal with it."

"For all I know both of you might want to do it again. But if you do, or we do, then it's our and your joint decision."

"If you want me to move out, then I will, what ever makes you both happy, let me know what you want me to do, I'm going to get changed for work."


With that she stood, walked a few paces towards her room, turned and said.

"By the way, I don't give a fuck about what you have on your phone, who are you going to show it to? My Mum and Dad?....I don't think so. Post it on YouTube for all I day I'll show you what I have on my phone, you're not the only one who has souvenir photo's...Oh but yours went missing didn't it."


Shit, thought Kate, where did that all come from, as she walked off to get changed, have I just said I fancy a threesome?

Dave and Selena sat there in stunned silence, then Dave said.

"We've just been told we're a pair of old farts who have to get real and if so what are we going to do about it?"

"I think you're right, we have." said Selena, "and I think that's about as near as we're going to get to an apology as well, anyway you weren't acting that old, you were going at her like a teenager."

"Yeah," said Dave, "about that, I don't know what came over me, what have you got on your phone? All of it?"

"No, nothing actually, it was just a bluff, which she called and yes you do know what came over you, Lust, that's what, but she did lead you on a bit, but then again everybody was coming over each other from what I could see."

"Leading me on a bit? She's been teasing me for weeks."

He took the plunge and started to tell Selena all the various ways she had managed to flash him.

She interrupted him.


"If it's confession time I need something better than beer, I've got stuff to confess as well." They talked to each other and told their tales, until Dave's other priorities started to come to the fore.

"What’s for dinner?" he asked.

"Haven't a clue," said Selena,  "takeaway or eat out, whatever."

"Eat out," said Dave, "and I know where." He got out his phone.


The waitress answered her phone, going through the familiar spiel.

"You'll have to speak up Sir, we have a bad line. A table for 2 at 8.00, yes Sir, let me check."

The Waitress didn't need to check, she knew there was only one table left. It was just a way to repay customers in general for their rudeness - petty power games really, but a girl had to take her wins when she could.

"One table left Sir, but at 8.30, certainly Sir, under what name? Bob, certainly Sir, thank you."

She filled in the reservation book, poked her head round the kitchen door and said to Alex

"Last table filled Alex, full house."

"OK no problems, keep pushing the specials and wines and we all make money.


“What’s with all this ‘Bob‘ business?“

"We're going to dinner at The Venue, where Kate works, we'll show her we're not bothered by all this. I said Bob to surprise her, put her on the back foot a bit, she forgets I did actually win our little contest of wills, despite her having the last word – or so she thought.“

“All that bollocks about how she could've stopped but didn't want the end she didn’t have a choice."

"I noticed," said Selena, she stood up and took his hand, glancing at her watch.

"8.30 eh, plenty of time, lets see if you can make me beg for mercy then."

"I'll try," said Dave, "but I've had a hard afternoon."

"I know, I was there, it was hard for her. Think you can get it hard for me?“


He did.


Due to all the confessional drinks they walked to the restaurant. Kate was behind the bar, writing in the reservations book.

Dave said in his best Scottish accent, "Ha' ye an 8.30 reserrvation fer Bob, Lassie?"

She looked up, shocked to see Dave and Selena,

That look of surprise on her face make Dave laugh out loud, even Selena smiled.

"OK, you got me, grab a seat." She said, indicating the stools at the small bar, "I get you a drink each while you look over the menu. What will it be?"

"I'll have a Pinot." Said Selena.

"Sauv for me, anything decent, what's the house wine like?"

"All our wines are decent, Adele, she's the Owner, won't sell rubbish wines." She said a bit defensively.


Kate got a bottle of red from the far end of the shelf, she poured a, small amount for Selena to taste.

Selena took a sip. "Nice."

"Brennan Otago 2008, coming to the end of its shelf life soon, so now's the time to drink it, It’s cheaper by the bottle than by the glass, as you're family you can have it at Staff discount...$35."

"You've convinced me," Said Selena, draining her sample, she placed the glass on the bar.

Kate refilled it, placing the glass along with a menu in front of her. Lifting a questioning eyebrow at Dave.

"You pick, I'm in your hands."

"Fair enough," She said turning to the white wine cooler. "After all, I was in yours this afternoon." and forestalling any comment from Selena added, “and I was in yours as well the other week."

"So you were." Admitted Selena, without looking up from her menu, then in a lower more reflective voice, "So you were."


Selena looked up, "Will you join us?"

Kate's eyes widened for a millisecond.

"In a glass of wine." Selena clarified.

"I'm happy either way," She quickly fired back over her shoulder cryptically, "But not while I'm working...maybe later. Either way, I'll get Dave his wine first."


She returned with a bottle, Selena returned her gaze to the menu

"Ara select 2013." She poured a mouthful for him to taste.

Dave took a sip.

"I like to taste new things," He glanced at her crotch..."Very nice."

He placed his empty glass down, "Hints of Tangy Citrus, yet surprisingly full bodied." staring at her Breasts.

"Stop playing the wine snob and see what you want to eat, I'm ready to order." Said Selena, her head still in the menu, missing the implied sub text.


"I know what I want to eat." He paused, looking right at  Kate’s Pussy. "Pink, juicy, rare" A slight pause.


Selena looked up, "I'll have the venison, medium thanks."

"One steak rare, one venison, medium." She read back, "Any starters?"

Dave looked at Selena, who shook her head, he raised his glass.

"Looks like we have our starters, Cheers."


Kate went back to the kitchen with the order.

"You were even more chattier with the customers than usual." Said Alex, "Do you know them."

"I know them well, very well in fact, It's my Uncle and Aunt."

"You do know him well then and he knows you even better, he's the one you’ve been flashing isn’t he? I can see why, I might be gay but I can still spot a Hunk when I see one. I bet you've secretly fancied him since you were a kid.”

Kate pinked up a little at that truth.

"They're our last customers aren't they, don't rush them, let the others finish and leave, I want to meet him...and her, she has a look about her, I can always tell."

"What can you tell."

"She a 'Top'"

"What's a top?"

"In my world there's always a top and a bottom in a relationship, Adeles a top, so's...erm."

"Selena." Kate reminded. "But she's married, been married for years." keeping her own knowledge of Selena to herself for the moment.

"Doesn't matter, if it's in there, it's in there, it just needs an excuse to come out.

"What am I then?"

 "You? You don't know yourself yet, so how do I know." Alex looked her up and down quizzically. "I think you're what ever you want to be when you want it.”

“Back to business. One steak, rare, one venison, medium, remember to tell them that the Venison will be a bit longer as you can't rush it, you have to let it rest for 10 minutes. You might as well give them the last of the garlic bread starters to make up for the wait, It'll only get binned.”


Kate got the starter organised and explained the time lag to them. Table by table the other diners finished and left. Kate went about her business of clearing and tidying.

On one of the trips back to the kitchen Alex said,

"Lock the door and put the closed sign up, we're done here. I'm not staying open for the odd walk-in drinker, they'll all be watching the big game any way."


Dave and Selena took their time to savour their main courses, finally ordering coffee and liqueurs rather than a sweet dessert. Dave passed Kate his credit card saying,

"This will cover our tab, take a drink yourself and give our compliments to the Chef. The meal was excellent, tell her if I wasn't already married I'd run away with her."

Selena added, "So would I."


Kate took the card and cleared the table, just leaving coffee cups and liqueur glasses and went back into the Kitchen where Alex was wiping down the work surfaces.

"The Customer sends his compliments to the Chef." she said, "He said the meal was so good he wants to run off with you, in fact, Selena said the same."

"Told you she was a 'Top', the ole gay-dar's never wrong."

"Funny you should say that," she said, fiddling about on her phone. "Remember this?"

Showing Alex the picture of her pussy.

"I said if you were good I'd tell you who took it." she worked the screen of her phone again, "Guess who?" passing her the phone.

Alex hit play and watched the head of someone vaguely familiar, furiously burying her face in to Kate’s distinctive hairy pussy, with added wet slurping sounds.

"It isn't? - It is, isn't it?"

Kate held her wrists out for the handcuffs, "It's a fair cop Guv, I'll cum quietly."

Alex snorted, "That's one thing you don't do, anyway, like I said, 1-0 for the gay-dar, lets go and join our satisfied customers."


They walked back in to the main room, Kate grabbed 2 beers from behind the bar as Alex

thanked them for the kind words. She already knew Dave having briefly met him.

Selena stood to greet her, taking in the curves no longer hidden by the Chef's jacket. She saw a darker hint of Aureole through the thin tee and sheer bra, also the hardening nipples caused in part by the frank gaze and part by memories of the bobbing slurping head.


As Alex moved in to give her the usual 'air kiss' no hug hug, Selena anticipated her by half a step, placing her right hand firmly, but not too firmly on her shoulder. Her left palm, placed in the small of her back pulled her closer than she anticipated causing her to touch breast to firm breast, nipple to excited nipple, as Selena landed a tactile no mistake, slightly damp lipped decent kiss on the sensitive skin and ear lobe of each side.


"Best thing I've eaten in weeks, I must do it again...soon." said Selena.

"Do what again soon?" asked Kate arriving with 2 beers.

"Eat here." Or was that eat her, Kate wasn't sure.

Alex sat on Selena's side of the rectangular table, which had actually been originally set for 6. Leaving Kate to make her own arrangements. She sat next to Dave.

"I remember this place opening, it was just after we arrived," said Dave, "Always meant to try it but never got round to it, sorry I waited so long now, the meal was a good as I've had  in Auckland or the posh places in Wellington."

He stood, "To Alex, the best Chef in Auckland, cheers." and drained his Liqueur.

"Cheers." Echoed Kate and Selena.


"You can get anything you want in Alex's Restaurant," he half sang

"What?" said Alex, "It's actually Adele's, I'm just the minor shareholder, though to be honest, until we pay off the start-up costs and make some real money it's probably the Banks."

"Nah, Alex's, Adele doesn't rhyme."


Alex’s phone rang, she glanced at the ID and said. “Excuse me.” Stood and walked out of earshot.

“Hi Adele what’s up? “

“Just checking to see how you are, you must be nearly finished now.“ Said Adele.

“We’re pretty much done here, we were just sitting around having a drink.“

“Who’s we? “

“Me, Kate, Dave and Selena.“

“It’s all a bit quiet in town tonight so we’ve decide to come back to ours for a bit of a party, I know Kate would be OK, but would they, you can’t just throw them out into the street and run off can you?“

Alex thought on the run, deciding if Selena could lick Kate’s pussy on video, she would be OK with Adele’s crowd, too bad if they couldn’t hack it, they could always get a taxi home.

“I’ll invite them, then it’s up to them, we’ll see you there.”


Here endeth Book I of ‘The Kate Chronicles’

© Copyright 2020 E.M. Ockleshaw. All rights reserved.

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