Game, Set and Match VII

Game, Set and Match VII Game, Set and Match VII

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


MK, arranges for the unsuspecting Kate to meet up with Kevin - eventually, every ones a winner. Football truly is 'The Beautiful Game'


MK, arranges for the unsuspecting Kate to meet up with Kevin - eventually, every ones a winner. Football truly is 'The Beautiful Game'


Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



Game, Set and Match Chapter VII

Monday and Tuesday passed without much Incident, she never had much drama with her periods. They were just there, they came, they went.

Meanwhile MK had been busy, talking to both Beth and KM. They decided to try to get Kevin in some sort of proximity to Kate and use the Football connection to help.

KM called Kate on Tuesday to check if she was actually going to turn up and it was more or less confirmed. Armed with that knowledge she phoned Kevin.

“Hi KM.”

“Hi Kev,” she said diving right in. ”I need a favour, your game is a late kick off isn't it. Any chance of you getting there early, we could be short of players and if you could get there for say the second half of our game to give somebody a break, it would be a great help, I'll even buy you a beer or two after.”

“Free beer? OK, I'm convinced, I'm usually there not long after your early kick off any way, I'll stroll over to your game when I get there.”

“Top man Kev, thanks, I'll see you tomorrow then.”

That evening Kate quizzed Dave about the football and he explained the format. There were two sets of games, one for men only and another 'social' or mixed teams. mixed team had to have a minimum of 3 women per team.

Dave played in both a men only team and in a 'social' team. She told him about KM's invite to come down.

“I know her.” he said. “Kylie Mary Ramsbottom, she's the Capt. Of the Womens open age team. They reckon she'll play for the International team one day, she's that good.”

“Ramsbottom,” laughed Kate, “No wonder she goes by Initials.”

Having seen MK in her sports shorts Dave thought I wouldn't mind ramming that bottom, but returned to the subject.

“I can give you a lift there, but you're on your own coming home, its what passes for my late night out.”

“No problem, I'll work something out.” Adding, “I’ve nothing in the way of football shirts though.”

“It's all pretty casual, summer football so no proper boots, just trainers, the main thing is to have the right coloured top, it makes it easy to tell friend from foe. MK's team play in yellow I think, I've got yellow Tee you can use, it might be a bit big, but better than too tight.” Eying her chest up in a flirty manner, steady Dave he thought, not too much.

Just after five o'clock Wednesday, Dave phoned her to say he was running late due to traffic, could she get Selena to give her a lift. Selena dropped her off about 5.45 and she made her way past various pitches until she spotted a team in yellow. MK was sitting down on the side lines putting on her trainers.

“Hi, you made it then,” said KM looking up, then at the field then back at Kate dressed in Dave's loose yellow top.

“Bit of a problem, we seem to have plenty of players tonight and we're only allowed two substitutes.” she stood up.

”Hang on while I speak to some one.” and went over to a women in a white top. She called Kate over.

“Kate, this is Melissa, Melissa Kate.

“Hi, Hi.”

“Melissa's team is one short, could you help her out?”

“Yeah,” said Melissa, “You'll get a full game anyway two others have txted me and can't make it. Traffic always seems to play havoc with the early kick-offs. You'll see plenty of late comers running over and changing on the line.”

Melissa started to sort through a large sports holdall, pulling out a white Tee she held it up questioningly.

“It might be a bit tight for you, but it's that or nothing.” she said, passing it over.

Kate took it, then looked around, she did see a number of people mostly men, getting changed on the line, doing the one legged hop about taking off trousers if the soil was still a bit damp.

People effected not to see this and nobody was really offended, no Mothers were outraged, no young impressionable Daughter’s eyes were covered to protect their innocence. It's like the beach, thought Kate it's all about context. Take your trousers down outside a School and you would be hauled away.

She pulled off Dave's big yellow Tee exposing her hot pink sports bra encased tits, not minding who got an eye full and put on the white one, it was a bit snug and while showing her tits off to good effect it did help restrain them, she did a couple of stretches and walked on to the pitch.

Melissa Introduced her. This mixed team consisted of Kate, Melissa and another girl, three older men one of whom was the Father of the 15 year old boy who was in goal. This was the perfect ratio for this Social / mixed grade.

“Where do you play?” asked Melissa.

“Up front, Centre-mid where ever you like” replied Kate.

“Great, you and Steve up front,” Indicating a tall thin guy of about 45. “Sort it out between you, that's where we were short.”

“Kate is it?” she nodded, “I'm Steve.” He even looked her in the eye and not the chest when he spoke, which made a change, she gave him a big smile for that. He looked at his watch saying,

“We'd better get lined up, the hooter will go any second.”


“Yeah when the hooter goes you start, when it goes again its half time, 2 minute break, change ends. The hooter goes again you start until it blows for full time. It make all the games start and finish at the same time and the Reff. doesn't have to worry about added time and all that.”

Kate looked up to see KM's yellow team all lined up ready with the ball to start. A loud Klaxon noise sounded and the yellows kicked off.

After about five minutes Kate saw two things, the first was, KM's team where a class above her lot and Steve, while very keen and willing to run about, didn't have the basic football skills to trouble the yellow defence in general and KM in particular. The whites were pushed back relying on lots of blocks and the big boot up field.

This caused Kate to drop further and further back to help stem the tide. When she did manage to get the ball and bring it forward to set up Steve, he either never saw the opportunity or if he did KM intercepted the ball before it got there or put in a tackle that made him lose it.

At the half time hooter the whites were, due to hard work and poor finishing by the yellows, only1-0 down. Kate went straight to her bag for something to drink.

KM grabbed Kevin who she had spotted on the line, quickly telling him sorry, but her team had too many, not too few players and in the spirit of the event told Melissa that Kevin was available for the second half if she could use him.

Melissa jumped at this, promptly replacing the obliging Steve. Kate heard the voices and soon saw Kevin stripping off his blue top for a white one. He said to Kate.

“Looks like I've got to pull you out the shit again,” he said grinning, “You push up where Steve was and I'll try to sort things out in the middle.”

Before Kate could respond the hooter went.

Kevin had been watching for most of the first half and had seen that Kate along with KM, were the best female players on either team and In her own position was on a par with KM. She also had more creative skill than any of the men, didn't seem to get tired and when needed could put on a burst of speed that surprised him.

She was, he saw, savvy and mobile enough, not to allow any of the opposing back line and KM in particular to get near her for any length of time. This gave her time to control  the ball  and dodge the tackle.

She targeted the spaces either side of KM, coming deeper to receive the ball, which allowed her time to turn and run at the defence.

Or, if KM was too close, back into her, often with an sharp elbow to the body by way of distraction, step away, just out of range of KM's long legs, cushion the ball back to Kevin, when KM came forward to close the gap, would turn quickly left or right, before KM could stop her forward momentum and gain two or three yards advantage for Kevin’s return ball into the space behind.

This allowed her, depending if she was out wide or in the middle, to either shoot directly at the goal herself, or play it into the middle for Kevin or somebody else to try their luck.

This didn't work every time, but the attackers only have to get lucky once and defenders have to be luck all the time.

Kate's luck soon gelled, Kevin broke up another yellow attack midway in his own half, made some ground, looked up, saw Kate on KM's left shoulder, hit the ball along the ground at a fast to medium pace. Kate took half a step away from KM, extended her right arm palm up to stop KM closing the distance, catching her right in the pussy by accident, which had the effect of putting her off her stride. Took another half step and cushioned the ball back towards Kevin with the outside of her left foot.

She then spun to her right, brushing past KM's flailing right arm, into the empty space with a clear run at goal.

Kevin seeing this happen in the blink of an eye, calmly side footed Kate's nicely weighted return ball into the space behind the defender.

Kate quickly made the Fifteen yards or so to the edge of the keepers no-go semicircle, feinted left with her body, the young keeper without realising took a side step following her body movement, she then, using her right foot, curled the ball just inside the wrong footed keepers exposed left post.

Totally lost in the moment she wheeled along the goal line and in time honoured fashion threw a flurry of shadow punches at the none existent corner flag, turned with a big grin, gave a little curtsy, then ran towards Kevin, who stood waiting with arms out stretched. She jumped on to him, arms around his neck, legs around his waist then planted a big wet kiss on his lips, while holding her rapidly juicing pussy hard to his  body. She jumped down, saying.

“Two great balls there, thanks.” Slapped him on the arse and went to high five the rest of the team.

The clock ran down too soon for the whites to get a winner. When the hooter went for full time KM's Yellows were arguing between themselves and hanging on to the draw.

Kate walked off, flung herself down next to her bag, breathing heavily, shit, she thought, I'm way out of condition.

Melisa came over.

“Can you play again next week?”

Before Kate could answer KM dived in with...

“Wait a minute Mel, she was just doing you a favour because you were a man short. She's already signed Northern Conference forms to play in the first team and she plays in my social team just for the exercise, don't you Kate?”

“Erm, yeah, first time I've kicked a ball for 6months,” She said.

This much was true. Evident by her still heaving chest, which was getting admiring glances from guys on the other pitch who weren't concentrating on their own game but on Kates off field form.

This allowed her to skip over the untrue part about Northern Conference forms, whatever the fuck they were.

“Sorry Mel.” She shrugged.

“That's OK, I was only clutching at straws.” Said Melissa. ”Great goal by the way, anytime KM doesn't want you, you see me!”

“Thanks, I will,” Said Kate standing up, crossing her arms, grabbed the bottom of the sweat stained white Tee and pulled it off over her head. The damp shirt stuck to her bra and pulled it off her tits which bounced into plain view, the nipples still hard from the excitement and emotion of scoring.

The guys on the pitch just stopped and looked, all thoughts of the football forgotten.

“Why aye,” shouted a broad Geordie voice. ”Tit's oot fer the Lads.”

“Ooops.” said Kate wrestling the escaping breasts back into her bra, she gave the guys on the pitch a the finger with each hand and still laughing put on Daves over sized Yellow Tee.

Kevin had gone to another pitch to play his main game and had missed the show.

KM and Kate walked back to the Club house and showers, she said.

“You coming in for a shower? Then we'll grab a beer or two.”

“Nah, don't like to, still got the red flag flying, I'll grab one at home. I'm up for the beer though, what do you want?”

“Go to the bar, get a jug of Speights and two glasses and I'll be out in 10.”

Kate went up the stairs to the Clubrooms, pushed her way to the bar and ordered just as KM said. They gave her a large jug of beer and two half pint glasses, she took then to a table by the window that looked out on the bowling green smooth main pitch and the concrete terrace behind the goal.

This is a fancy set up for a local team she thought, looking around. Back in England this would be a middle tier none League set up. The sort that every now and again got through to the 3rd round of the F.A. Cup. They must take all sport seriously in New Zealand, she thought and not just Rugby.

KM's arrival interrupted this reverie.

“What's all this bollocks about Northern Conference forms, whatever the fuck they are?”

“Sorry.” said KM, 'I was just heading Mel off before she tried to poach you. You'd run riot at her level, with your skills.”

“Get away with yourself.” said Kate, “It was just a bit of luck really.”

“Luck my arse.” said KM, “You're good, you could be really good if you worked at your fitness.”

“I know.” said Kate, “I was totally shagged by the end.” drinking a deep swig of beer.

“Hey,” she said. “This is good.”

“Pride of the South.” quoted KM.

“Anyway, moving on. The Northern Conference is one of the 8 New Zealand Football Districts. We play in the Northern Conference and I'd like you to join our squad. If you want to that is, I mean I can't make you. But it would be good if you did.”

It wasn't very often Kate blushed but all this praise embarrassed her a bit and she pinked up, over and above the exertions.

“I'll get back to you on that.”

“You enjoyed it, you like playing, you're a player, It seems a shame to me, being just a stopper, a clogger at the back, to see someone with a skill not using it.”

“Yeah but...”

“Yeah but nothing.” said KM talking low and hard across the table.

”Think about Sunday evening, think about how down you were. There's a Million people in this City how many do you actually know?” She held up a hand, “Don't answer.”

“You've admitted you were fucking up your life in England and like MK said, the key is more lives. You have a chance at a new one. Don't fuck this one up...join in.

Even if it is just a small town football club. Look at all the people here, all ages, all occupations, people who know people, who could know you. Get a fuckin life and if one's not enough get another one, have three, four. Think about it while I go for a piss.”

Well that's me told Thought Kate. How many people do I actually know? I knew plenty back in England, but deep down how many were real friends?

The, ‘you can depend on me’ friends. When she thought about it the only one she ever was close to was her old childhood friend Alan* and he was long gone. Left behind as not cool enough.

*more about the adventures of young Kate and Alan on application.

KM came back carrying another jug of Beer, put it down and said.


“So I should've gone when you did, I'll be back in a minute.”

Kate headed down the stairs to the toilets, turned the corner and collided with Kevin coming out of the men’s shower room.

“Can't stop, KM's over in the corner by the window, I'll see you up there.” she said, disappearing into the women’s toilets.

After taking care of business, she also removed the by now cold damp restrictions of her sports bra, adjusted the baggy yellow tee and went back upstairs to the main room as she approached Kevin raised his glass.

“Here she is, the next Wayne Rooney.”

She gave him the finger then laughed, taking another drink, after about ten minutes KM told them she was going to get her those forms to sign, whether she liked it or not.

KM, left them alone as long as she dared, hoping they might find some mutual ground. She glanced over, hidden by the crowd to see them chatting away, seems to be going OK, she thought.

She found the Club Secretary and got the forms, grabbed a pen from him and made her way back.

As she sat down said,

“Fill those in then sign your life away.

Kate, without thinking, glared at her Interruption, then thought stop it, you’re behaving like a jealous school girl, its KM and Kev, no big deal.

So she filled in the forms, which Kevin witnessed.

KM grabbed Kate’s phone and took a selfie, the smiling Kate, pen in hand with KM and Kevin either side.

“There you go, when you win the Women’s World Cup for New Zealand we can say we were there at the beginning of your road to glory.” She took another with her own phone but deliberately messed it up. Send me the one from your phone, its better. Send it to Kev as well.”

“I don’t have his number.”

“Yes you do, it’s in your contacts.”

Both Kate and Kevin looked at her questioningly.

“What?” her face a picture of outraged Innocence. In for a penny she thought.

She nudged Kate in the arm. “Send it, then he’ll have your number,” she said.

“What would I want that for,” he said

“Yeah,” said Kate, “What would he want that for and why would I want his?”

KM dived in the deep end…”Any number of reasons, we’re all friends, we need each other’s number, you might need a lift. You might want to see each other again, anything, how do I know?” she ended lamely shrugging.

“Well I could do with a lift home, but I can ask him myself, I don’t need you setting me up.”

“No she doesn’t. We can set ourselves up thanks…that’s not what I meant, I mean, if we wanted to, which I doubt, but we don’t need your help.”

“Too late, it’s done now.” she said with a big smile, “Whose round is it?”

“I’ll get it.” said a bewildered Kevin. “Who wants what?”

Kevin stayed talking at their table for nearly half an hour until one of his team mates dragged him back to the male fold. Kate found he was not as boring as she first thought and they agreed on a number of topics. He also had the added bonus of a quick and witty turn of phrase and told a couple of funny tales which left him as the fall guy, these made her laugh out loud, never a bad thing. She had the odd one of her own about customer stupidity.

KM had gone to the toilet, Kate glanced at her phone to check the time as the bar room emptied out. Across the thinning crowd she could see Dave round a table with his friends, not looking like he was going anywhere soon. She had cooled down, her clothes felt a bit cold and clammy. She feared she herself stunk of too much dry sweat, not helped by the standard female insecurity around ‘that time of the month.’

When KM returned, she drained her glass saying,

“That’s me, I’m off, do you think Kevin will give me a lift or was he just being polite?”

“You’ve got his number ring him and see.”

Unsure, she texted him, ‘still ok 4 lift?’

‘No prob cum 2 pool tabl jst leavg.’

KM said,”OK? All done” taking it as read.” See you next week?”

Kate thought, yeah why not. “You talked me into it, I’ll even put some extra gym work in.” giving her a hug. “Text me.” picked up her bag,”Bye.” And walked round the corner, following the sound of the pool table.

Her eyes scanned the pool table space in search of him. He had spotted her bright yellow shirt still damp in the valley between her breasts, which she had freed from their tight sports bra restriction to stop the damp sweat chaffing under her arms.

The free counter movements of her breasts under the loose tee instantly caught his eye and those of every male within sight. He stepped forward to meet her, waving his arm in departure.

“See you next week lads,” he said, collecting more than one envious glance as he escorted Kate out of the room.

On the way to the carpark he said, ”I hear you had a wardrobe malfunction?”

“You didn’t miss much, she said it was all over in a flash.” They both laughed.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” she added as he placed a hand in the small of her back to guide her through the poorly lit carpark. She jumped internally at his touch but made no effort to evade it, slowing ever so slightly which caused the light pressure of his hand to increase, touching was nice.

They arrived at his car, which beeped as it unlocked.

“Sling your bag on the back seat,” he said as he made his way round to the driver’s side. When they were belted in he said in the manner of London cab drivers,

“Where to Guv?” he said, turning the air con to warm now that the evening had cooled.

She told him. The journey didn’t take long.

“Did she enjoy it?” he said, “Will you actually be playing for KM’s team?”

“Yes,” she said making an instant decision. “I think I will; If I’m good enough.”

 All too soon they arrived he parked so as not to block anybody’s driveway which left them in the shadows between the small under stated street lamps.

Very flash he thought no poor paupers on this street.

In the three quarter dark it was easy to sit in the warm car and talk. She told him how she came to be here, telling him more that she normally would, the dark car somehow encouraged confidences. Kevin told her about some of his boyhood when life was simple and how Auckland had changed over the last 20+ yrs.

The heater seemed to fill the car with unwashed sexy women smell. Kevin breathed it in as deeply as he dared.

Kate had warmed up again in the close closed atmosphere of the car, she didn’t know her own smell and the hormone changes from the end of her period were the reason for her the gradual horny wetness and hardening nipples. She turned and said.

“I have to go now, thanks for the lift.” Leaning forward to peck his cheek in thanks, her arm went to his shoulder. He turned his body in the seat and the kiss touched his lips at the same time his hand went to the back of her neck pulling her to him.

Kate’s tongue reacted on its own and she pushed it into his unresisting mouth.

Kevin kept up the kissing, removed his hand from her neck long enough to shuck it out of the seatbelt. He was already in Park so all he could do was to drop the handbrake.

They both shuffled to get into as close as they could. Her left arm was around his neck and his right over her shoulder and down her back.

His hand searched for the hem of her baggy tee shirt, he found it and reached up and under to cup one hard nippled breast in his hand as his thumb and two fingers fondled her nipple sending their urgent message to her Clit…good shit going on up here the message seemed to say.

She tried to pull the damp sweat smelling tee over her head, Kevin’s hand on her back found the rear hem.

“Let me help” he said, she raised her arms as much as she could leaning forward to help. He pulled it off her and threw in on the car floor by her feet.

Kate moved back a bit, lifting both breasts up to her mouth sucked and nipped lightly with her teeth at each nipple alternately. She looked directly into his eyes and with a slight heft of her hands offered them to him. He leaned forward, grabbing a breast in each hand pushed the hard nipples together and took both in his mouth. He sucked and sucked like a vacuum pulling as much blood into her already proud aureoles and nipples to engorge them further.

Her arms clasped his head to her chest. He pulled back a bit, the tips of her breasts a deep dark browny red slippy with spit.

Her free hand went down to her cloth covered Clit to push at it as best she could in the cramped conditions, while Kevin’s lips and teeth pulled painfully, but not too painfully at her unprotesting nipples. His hand went to her crotch and found hers hard at work.

He took her unresisting hand and used her two stiff fingers to rub her clit and pussy, adding one finger of his own between her two.

They were joined together at mouth, their tongues writhed around first in one mouth then another.

At the breast, his hand pulled and tugged at her nipple fiercely then he would tenderly caress the firm globe.

Last, but not least at the pussy, were the entwined fingers dig deep through the by now sodden shorts.

He pulled his fingers from hers and set about the leg of her shorts, meaning to sink as many fingers deep into the real thing as he could.

She grabbed at his wrist with a moan…”No! can’t.”

His hand moved again, her grip tightened to match. They both pulled their heads back to see as best they could by the light of a far street lamp.

She saw puzzlement.

He saw longing and regret, deep regret.

She ‘looked’ at him, mouthing in a low voice, “you just can’t.”

He got the message, nodded, smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips.


“Maybe,” qualified Kate

“Maybe later I can live with.” His mind glossing over the fact that he had said later, she only said maybe. He went back to kissing and rubbing her damp vee

These tender moments and the renewed rubbing, quickly and unexpectedly brought Kate to a peak, as her hips rapidly rose and fell to her Intense orgasmic contractions, she made grunting noises into their conjoined mouths.

She slumped into his arms as much as anybody can in the front seat of a car. After a minute or so she recovered, gave a cheeky smile, he could barely see in the dark kissed him lightly on the nose.

“My turn, or should I say your turn. Drop your seat down, lay back and think of England, or in your case New Zealand.” She said, the smile turning from cheeky to wicked.

He did. She pulled at his shorts, he raised himself as she pulled them down to his ankles, pulling his right leg out completely, for ease of movement in the cramped space.

‘Big Kev’ lay there in all his glory.

Having seen him on the beach she knew where the Big Kev tag came from, but up close and personal it was epic.

She’d seen plenty of dicks before, most of the average size and while all were different they were also all the same. What she had noticed was on the average sized dick the knob End was the same diameter as the shaft and that the bigger / longer they got the Knob Ends were always slightly smaller than the shaft width.

Not Kevin though, she leaned over and pulled back the straining foreskin to reveal a truly magnificently proportioned Knob End, if anything It was slightly wider than the shaft. Just how thick she neither knew nor cared, but it was the thickest one she’d ever seen.

“Wow,” she said, in a low voice, taking in the whole pre-cum coated, purple monster.

She gently kissed the end and licked off the pre-cum, she had always loved pre-cum, the light salty tang, ever since her magical first taste of her school friend Alan, back in the blue remembered hills of her youth.

More took its place, she wanked the foreskin slowly up and down to spread the pre-cum good news all over while she got on her knees. Given the awkward position she doubted she could get it all down her throat on her best day, but was determined to try.

Kevin half turned in his seat to help this.

Her mouth sucked and bobbed, her right hand wanked while the other fondled balls and arse.

Kevin got one leg over the steering wheel and on to the dash to give her access and it must be said to ease the cramp in his leg.

In very few minutes Kate felt his Dick stiffen in her mouth and if anything, swell even more if that was possible. He started to thrust at her face, she knew the signs.

“I’m going to cum.” He said needlessly.

“I. O.” Gagged Kate in dentist type speak, “I know.”

“Do you want me to pull out?”

She shook her head as best she could, adding, again in dentist speak “I, uh, oo, oo, ot, er, eh, oo, ont, I, eat.”

“It’s up to you, wherever you want, my treat.”

She had read about Prostate Massage but had never tried it. Now seemed like a good a time as any to broaden her repertoire and shoved a finger right into his arse to massage his prostate causing the first half pressure starter squirt to hit the back of her throat.

He barely had time to register the finger in his arse, when he felt the first half squirt. Kevin pulled out and away, while one hand rested on Kate’s shoulder for balance, he grabbing his dick and began wanking it at a steady rate, not too slow, not too fast, noticing in the back of his mind Kate’s finger following him, still thrusting to the knuckle in time with his fist hit the base of his shaft.

Each time he contracted in orgasmic bliss on her finger and more importantly from his point of view, each time he spewed cum all over her tits and face she looked him, her eyes boring deeply into his, mouth open, tongue out, ready.

All too soon he had nothing left to cum, Kate had the lot on her face neck and chest. He fell back, for the time being spent, his still hard dick oozing the final drips.

He raised his seat back halfway and looked at her taking it all in, the smiling cum covered face and tits

Kate leaned over planted a cum covered kiss on his lips then sank back on to her seat, curling onto her side, resting her head on his lap, took the slightly softer and pliable dick in her mouth to suck and clean him of all his cum. Using a long slow up and down mouth action, her new position made it possible to take nearly the whole of his dick down her throat, while still allowing her to breathe through her nose at the top of the up stroke.

At first his dick started to slowly shrink but after fifteen or so slow strokes it started to thicken and harden. Kate kept at it for as long as she could, but her throat was not made to take the engorged stiff rod it was becoming, especially at this angle.

She reluctantly let it leave her mouth, It fell onto his stomach, twitching.

She returned to practicalities.

“Shows over…for now, can I borrow your towel to clean up with. I can’t use my tee shirt. I can’t go in wearing a cum covered tee.”

He reached behind, pulled it out of the bag on the back seat and held it over his shoulder

Kate took it as he sat back round.

“Lay back and I’ll clean you.”

She wiped his lips, stomach and thighs of the cum she had kissed and dripped on to him. When he was done, she went to clean herself. He stopped her, taking the towel said.

“I made the mess, I’ll clean you up.”

Taking her chin in one hand he gently wiped the cum from her face, then neck and shoulders. Taking her breasts one at a time in the palm of his hand, he wiped up all the white strings. Paying special attention to her rehardening nipples.

This made her almost purr with pleasure, she could feel herself getting wet again and took the towel off him.

“Stop it, you’ll get me going again.”

“That was the idea.” he said

“Maybe,” Adding in a firmer tone, “But not now.”

Kate struggled back into her tee shirt, grabbed her bag off the back seat and before he could get his thoughts out of penis mode said.

“Thanks, it was great, I really do have to go now.”

Gave him a quick peck on the cheek, stepped out into the cool night air, shut the door, waved, walked up her driveway out of sight.

In the cramped front seat it was all Kevin could do to wrestle his boxers and shorts over his again full hard and ready dick. He couldn’t really get out of the car, even in this quiet street and get himself sorted. In the end to be able to drive in some sort of comfort he had to have it pointing straight up and the end poking out of his shorts

By the time he had driven the 15 minutes to his Office / Flat Combo Unit up Rosedale Road he had shrunk to the usual more manageable proportions.

© Copyright 2020 E.M. Ockleshaw. All rights reserved.

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