Game, Set and Match VI

Game, Set and Match VI Game, Set and Match VI

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Kate is invited to a sunday afternoon birthday party at the naturist beach, drinks to much beer and needs to piss. Her and three other girls go into the bushes. As evening falls the party moves off the beach to continue in Adele's Restaurant. Her new friends try to sort her life out for her whether she want them to or not.



Kate is invited to a sunday afternoon birthday party at the naturist beach, drinks to much beer and needs to piss. Her and three other girls go into the bushes. As evening falls the party moves off the beach to continue in Adele's Restaurant. Her new friends try to sort her life out for her whether she want them to or not.


Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Submitted: June 06, 2016



Game, Set and Match Chapter VI

Sunday morning was fine and sunny, Dave and Selena took Kate for Brunch at the cafe on Long Bay beach.

Selena said, “I'll drop you off right at the end car park, you do know about 'Grannies Beach’ don't you?”

“Yeah,” said Kate, “Along to the end, up and over, walk a bit and you can't miss it.” but with a bit of an, 'I'm not stupid.' tone.

Selena looked at Dave and said, “No, you can't miss it, not at all.”

What's all that about, thought Kate attending to her brunch.

Kate had all her beach stuff ready, looked at it and thought. I've got to carry this and bring it back, she cut it down as much as she could.

Selena dropped her off as planned and off she went. By the time she was up the cliff path and walking along the top, she was glad Selena made her take a hat to keep the Sun off.

She had a bottle of water in her cool-box as well as an ice cold 6 pack of Dave's Peroni.

She came to a wooden sign 'clothing optional past this point' Then it dawned on her what that look was between Selena and Dave, serves me right for being a know all, She thought, but no big deal.

She knew it was not done here to go topless on the beaches, but had been on topless European beaches with her parents for years and at 15, won here own argument with her parents to go topless, just like her mother and every other woman under the age of Sixty.

She was still amazed at the, to her, advanced age of some of the women who had their tits hanging out. They looked 20 yrs. past their sell by date and gave a good impression of well aged brown wrinkled leather.

Walking on she saw a man coming towards her, as he came nearer she could see he was well muscled, dressed in just sandals, totally naked, displaying a thick soft dick about five inches long, apart from his head he was completely hairless and well oiled. He carried what looked like shorts and a tee wrapped up in his towel.

Clothing really IS optional, she thought. What do I do now? fuck that bitch Selena, she could've explained it properly. Not thinking for a minute that she could have asked more questions. She sat down on her cool box to decide her best course of action.

Her Mother had sometimes said, if you're going to a place and there is no strict dress requirement, just you not knowing what to wear, if in doubt always dress ' Up ' a bit, rather than down and as long as you don't go over the top for the venue, you will look better than all the other women there – score 1 point to you.

So with that advice in her head she reasoned, at what is effectively a Nudist Beach, clothes, dressed up or not, were not the aim. She stood up, stripped off everything but her sandals, pulled out her sun screen, she tried to cover as much of herself as she could, which involved much contortion and even at one point standing on one leg then over balancing, just managing to aim her backside so she landed on her cool box and not the pebbly floor.

”Can I help?” A voice said, which caused her to nearly fall off the cool box again in surprise. “Or do you really want to dislocate your shoulder?”

She looked up to see 6 feet of classic tall dark and handsome, looking like a younger version of the one who wasn't Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones, whose name she could never remember.

“I, erm, yes, no,” she spluttered and to herself, get a grip of yourself girl, just because some hunk has caught you naked and wants to rub oil on you. She stuck out a hand, she shook hands like the typical polite Brit. she had been brought up to be, some of it had stuck despite her wild ways.

“Hi, I'm Kate, no I don't and yes you can.”

“I'm Kev, you going to Adele’s birthday party?”

Kevin, she thought, how boring, didn't your mother have any Imagination, still slightly annoyed at being caught, literally, with her pants down.

“As it happens I am,” she said, passing him the sun screen, “You can do the middle of my back if you would.”

He did.

“Anywhere else?” he said.

She gave him a 'don't push your luck' glare. Then said “Sorry, thanks, that should do it.”

There was a slight pause.

“You didn't have to strip off just for me you know, the sign does say optional.”

She was about to bite back at him, then saw his smile which took the edge of his comment – just, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him about seeing the sign, the naked guy and how she interpreted her mother's comment about dress.

“Yeah, you're probably right,” He said, “But optional isn't necessary compulsory.” Glancing down at his own shorts. Kate looked as well, more to check out the package. Not bad she thought.

“Well then Mr Clever, what do you reckon clothes or not?”

“If it was up to me I'd look at you naked all day long and twice on Sunday.” He turned his head twice miming that.

She laughed.

“Why not wait until you get there to see what everybody else is wearing, or not wearing, then adjust accordingly?”

“Sounds like a plan.” She said, sorting through her bag for shorts and tee, she put them on.

“Right lets go then,” slinging her bag on her shoulder and picking up her cool-box.  “How far is it?”

“About another 5 minutes or so, depending how fast you walk.”

As she was curious about him, unimaginative name or not, she wasn't going to walk too fast.

They walked a bit in silence, she thought, must be one of your silent types. She decided to break the silence.

“You been to one of these before then?”

“Yeah plenty of them, like most parties, slow to start then the booze kicks in, Sun, sand, sea, music, just no kitchen to hang around in. But we have to be off the beach before sunset or we all turn into Cinderella Vampires or something.”


“The Local Council close Long Bay and thus the car parks at 8 O’clock, didn't you see the big pretend clock set at 8 when you came in?”

“I wondered what that was about that, how long have you known Adele then?”

“Years, what about you?”

“Not long, I work in the Restaurant.”

“Poor you, does she give you a hard time? If so don't worry, she's like that with everyone, but especially anything to do with the 'Caff', it's her baby, plus she's into the bank for a shitload of cash.”

“It's a restaurant, why do you call it a 'Caff' at least you could call it a Cafe?”

“That's just habit, I do it to annoy her, I ask her how’s the sandwich shop doing, just to wind her up.”

“You’re taking a risk with her temper aren't you?”

“Like I said, I've known her for years, that's part of the fun, see her go off at me then the penny drops that it's a wind up and I get a dig in the arm or worse, watch her right hand it's wicked.”

All the time they were walking the cliffs had been getting lower and lower, by now they were level with the beach, with just low dunes between them and the sea.

Even a city girl like me could see the worn path that went between two low dunes, but the clincher was the two wheelie bins, one green with a bottle shape on it, the other one blue, both with the North Shore City name and logo on.

“Clean and green that's us Kiwi's.” he said.

“Down here?” I said turning right and leading the way.

“Yeah, you’re on to it.”

As soon as they got on to the soft warm sand Kevin took off his flip flops or Jandals as the Kiwi's called them.

“You're taking a risk aren't you, you might cut your feet.”

“Bloody Poms,” he joked, “You're not in England anymore Toto.”

Thinking about what passed for a beach where I lived, admitted he might have a point, feeling a bit ashamed of that for some reason took my sandals off, when in Rome and all that.

We walked on to a sandy beach and found themselves at one end of a cove about 200yds wide with ample soft sand and a strip of hard sand were the tide had gone out or was it coming in she couldn't tell. To their right at the other end of the cove she could see 20 or so people all in various states of dress and undress, some in the water, some on the towels, some on folding beach chairs.

Adele and Alex were behind two folding tables. One table straining under the weight of 2 large sized cool-boxes, with one more underneath.

The other table had platters with some sort of food on, covered by a mosquito net to keep away any flies and wasps.

The music was coming from an iPod and two Bose wireless speakers all powered by a 6ft fold up solar panel.

“You found us then. I see you found that pig Kevin as well.” Said Adele.

He indicated the spread, “Caff not gone bust yet.”

“Fuck off.” Adele said, turning to Kate, “What do you want to drink?”

Kevin smiled at Alex, “Hi, Alex, you good? Ready to turn straight and marry me yet?”

“I'm fine and if I do turn you'll be the first I turn to.” She said laughing.

“As I've carried this all the way,' Indicating her cool-box, I'll have one of these for now, thanks any way.”

Adele pointed to the 2 big blue boxes, “Wine and mixers,” she kicked one of the boxes under the table, “More beer and ice.”

“Thanks for asking,” Said Kevin to Adele, “I'm fine I'll have one of mine like Kate, at least I'll know you haven't pissed in it.”

“You should be lucky, like I should waste my piss on you.” she said.

“Don't mind the chuckle brothers,” said Alex, “This is polite for them. Big Kev here will introduce you around.”

Kevin said, “Ok; come on then, let’s go and mingle.” and set off.

I looked at Alex and said, “Yes Boss, three bags fuckin full boss.” and caught him up.



They came to a group of people who saw him and multiple greeting came out,

“Kev, Yo, Big Kev,” Even a – “Kevin daarling how nice.”

“This is Kate.” Again the greetings rang out.

“Hi Kate, Hi, Yo,” and a “How divinely sweet and innocent you look my dear.”

He went through all the names. Most of which went, as is usual in these cases, in one ear and out the other.

”Last but never least is this rude shit, Kenneth, if he gives you any grief just fuck him right off.”

Kate thought there's only one way this this queen, if that's what he is.

“Hi, I'm Kate, do I fuck you off now or wait till later.” As she stuck her hand out.

He stood took her hand, didn't shake it, but bowed and kissed it, saying in a decent camp German accent. “Ach, your Britisher sense of humour, ve shall get along well I think.” and roared with laughter. Adding, “Wait till later, at least let me give you an excuse, then fuck me off.” As the conversion took off round the group.

As is usual for a newbie Kate was somewhat marginalised when it came to gossip about people, workplaces and events. But managed to hold her own on general topics and put in a few telling remarks. She was on firmer ground when it came to herself and being new to the Country. Although she glossed over the actual personal reasons. She made no secret of how much she enjoyed being here. Which always goes down well with the locals. After about twenty minutes, somebody, (Beth?) said,

“I’m hot, anybody coming for a cooldown swim?”

She stood up, took off the towel wrapped around her and walked naked to the water. A few others did the same, Kevin Included. Kate managed to get a good eye full of Kevin when he stripped off, seeing for herself why he was called Big Kev.

“Shy? Can’t walk the walk?” He taunted.

Fuck you Mr. Kevin Boring Accountant, she thought adding

“In your dreams Bean Counter.”

She stripped off, following them in. After some general splashing around, body surfing, catching a Frisbee, while the males showed off like the big kids they are, she had had enough. The water was clean and clear while not actually cold, it wasn’t tropical. The slight breeze on wet skin soon cooled you down if you had too much skin out of the water. Her nipples responded as they always did, not that they needed any help from the cool breeze.

She had noticed a few appreciative glances from both sexes, though some of the female glances may have been envy.

“I'm off to get dry,” She said to nobody in particular.

“Yeah, me too.” Said Beth(?) and 4 girls walked back to the beach leaving the 3 guys and a big butch looking girl to keep on with the Frisbee doubles they had going.

They dried off and lay on their towels to warm in the Sun.

Beth (?) said, “I see Big Kev was being Big Kev again.” They all laughed, Kate as well now fully understanding the whole Big Kev thing.

“Kate's the lucky one, She's with him.” said one of the two girls whose name she couldn’t remember, whom she labelled as ‘small blonde’. The other, ‘tall blond’ but dyed, as the collar and cuffs didn’t match.

“Actually I'm not with him, I'm not with any one, I just got invited by Adele on Friday.”

Kenneth raised his head and lifted his sunnies.

“Mystic Kenny, Psychic to the love lorn, knows different Dear, you're together, you just don't know it yet. Mystic Kenny is never wrong. Though how long it will take you both to acknowledge it is beyond even my powers.” He said cryptically, lowering his head down.

“And you’ve just got Penis envy Beth.” added Ken.

So it was Beth, thought Kate, got that right. Beth was a redhead with an amazing bright ginger bush two shades lighter than the hair on her head, not as thick and extensive as Kate's but stand out colour wise for all that. She had a figure that was best described as cuddly, but not too fat, with the palest skin Kate had ever seen. Not that Kate had any room to talk, she knew she was no bag of bones herself.

By late afternoon she had a problem, she needed to piss and soon, she asked Beth.

“I'm getting that way, myself, you've got three real choices. You can go back in the water, walk back to Long Bay, or go in the bushes.”

Kate though, now I'm dry I don't want to get wet again, pissing in the sea is so six year old, everybody would know what I was doing anyway.

“I'm not walking back to Long Bay, I mightn't make it, Bushes it is then.” saying to Beth, “Do you want to come and keep an eye out?”

“OK,” she said standing, “I need to go myself. Girlie toilet time.” she announced.

“Who else needs to go?”

Small blond said, “Me.”

“And me,” said tall blond,

As is the way with afternoon drinks, Kate was somewhat more relaxed, she asked Small Blond,

“Which one are you Kylie or Mary?”

“I'm Mary, She's Kylie,” pointing to tall blond.

“No I'm not you are,” said Tall Blond and the both laughed at the look on Kate's face.

“Stop confusing Kate,” said Small Blond, “I'm Mary and she's stupid,” which set them laughed some more.

Beth cleared it up.

“Short arse here is Mary Kylie and no tits is Kylie Mary.”

“Yeah, well at least I'm not a Ginger Minge like you.”

Beth gave her the finger as she led the way to the woods behind the beach.

 No tits, tall blond, Kylie Mary said to Kate, “Friends call us KM and MK and you can too.”

Kate said, “Pleased to meet you MK,” deliberately getting it wrong, “sorry, KM and You MK.”

Beth said, “The best thing about a naked beach is you can't piss all over your clothes.”

“True enough,” said Kate, “The few times I've really, really had to go has been in the city and in trousers it's a nightmare.”


They found a secluded spot, Kate started to squat.

“No, no, don't you Poms know anything?” said Beth, “When you squat you scrunch everything up, that's why it sprays everywhere. Look, like this.”

She went to a tree, stopped a yard or so away, put one arm out, leaned forward until she supported herself with her hand, spread her legs, used two fingers of her free hand opened her pussy lips, arched her back to get her pussy pointing as far away from the tree as it could and with a satisfying 'Aaaah,' letting go what seemed to Kate, as a river of piss.

She had to admit there was little or no spraying or leg dribble. Monkey see monkey do, She though, looking around for another tree. There was only the one Beth was using, the rest was just so much shrubbery and bushes. Mary, or was it Kylie had already gone to the other side of the tree from Beth and was getting herself set. That left Kate and MK to take the spaces at right angles to the first two.

They both had to hurry as the liquid sounds of Beth and KM were working their urgent magic.

Kate and MK both started together with the usual sounds of relief. Kate looked up at the 3 faces and said.

“Somebody would pay good money for a copy of this dvd,” that notion and the beer she'd drunk started her giggling which started off the others.

“Stop, stop,” cried MK, “I'm wetting myself.” Which set them off some more.

When both the pissing and the giggling had died down, Beth said.

“And that, Ladies, is how to piss in the woods.” Popped the two fingers that had been on pussy lip duty into her mouth to clean them.

Catching a look from Mary Kylie she said, “Trust me, I'm a Doctor, piss is sterile, it's only recycled beer anyway, re-cycling’s good, it's green...right?” She said it with such seriousness and conviction it set them off laughing again.

When they re-joined the others, Kevin, Adele and Alex had stopped circulating and were talking in a civil manner to each other. The few drinks they had must've mellowed them out, she thought.

The four of them attacked the table for sandwiches and other party nibbles.

Kate said, “I'm having wine, who wants some?”

“Sauv, Sauv, Merlot.” They answered, she poured for everyone.

As they stood at the table with plates and drinks, talking of nothing earth shatteringly serious Kate half though and half said to herself.

“I could get used to this.”

MK said, “Sorry, what did you say, I missed it.”

“You didn't miss much, just me thinking out loud,” she looked around again, I said, “I could get used to this.”

“Used to what?” said KM. “Pissing in the bushes?”

“No, all this, standing naked on a beach drinking wine and...” “Well all this.” she waved her arm again, “The whole thing.”

“You're just a big sentimental softie, said Beth putting an arm around her shoulders.


As It grew late, some of the guests made their goodbyes to Adele and Alex and began to drift off home.

Alex came over and asked if anybody feel like helping with the tidy up before we head back to for the after party party.

“The after party, where's that?” said Kate.

“Closed for Private Function??” hinted Alex.

“Oh, right, me as well?”

“Yes you as well, you're one of us now,” said Alex.

“Not exactly sure about that,” said Kate, “If you mean what I think you mean.”

“Jeez,” said Beth, “Thick or what, no wonder you Poms lost your empire, you may or may not be one of Alex’s 'one of them' but you are one of us, a friend, a new friend but still a friend.”

“Yeah,” said MK, “One of the piss in the bushes sisterhood.”

Alex said, “If you're all finished pledging eternal friendship, you could start singing for your supper and help pack all this shit up and carry it off the beach, Adele’s gone for her Ute and she doesn't like being kept waiting.”

They started packing up. As they were staggering up the soft sand to the firmer grass, Kate said to KM, “I didn't know Adele had a Ute and how the fuck did she get it up the cliff to here.”

KM looked at her as if to say don't be stupid, “If you keep going past the main entrance about 4 km. there is a track that goes across the fields and comes out about 100m after you turn off the path for this section.”

They had made two journeys and were heading back with the final lot when Kate heard this roaring racing car noise getting louder and louder and she saw this bright red Ute screech to a halt by the pile of stuff.

“Shit,” she said, “I thought it would be a racing car when I heard it.”

“Well it is really.” said MK, “It's a racing Ute. Adele does competitions all over the North Island with it, She’s got cups and medals and all sorts. If you're really keen to know ask Adele but make sure you have a spare hour for the full lecture, now shut up and let me walk.”

Adele had started loading stuff in the tray at the back. She gave them genuine big broad smile that lit up her whole face, then kissed them both full on the lips.

As they all walked back to get their own stuff Kate said, “When she smiles like that I can see why Alex puts up with her.”

“Thanks, I appreciate the help, it would've taken Me and Alex ages on our own. See you all later.” She shut the rear tray cover down, got in and roared off, fishtailing up the rough track, waving one arm out the window.

Kate walked back to the Long Bay car park with a few others and they dropped her off on the corner, just a short walk away from home. She quickly walked to the house and with a shouted greeting to Selena and Dave went into her room to change out of her beach stuff which felt a bit sandy but which probable weren’t, she threw everything into the laundry basket any way.

 After a quick shower to wash off the sand and salt, she put on a short dark green skirt and a brighter green sparkly tee. Having been naked all afternoon she didn't feel like the restrictions of underwear.

Putting on her work shoes and carrying her killer heels to change into just before she arrived as they were not made for walking too far in.

She went out with a call of,

“Bye I might be late.”

Just before she crossed the main road she slipped on the heels and stuffed the flat shoes in her bag.

At first glance the place appeared closed, the front of house lights were not on only the lights at the rear, but she could hear the faint beat of music as she approached the door.

The door was locked, with the ‘closed for private function’ sign front and centre.

She knocked, no answer, she knocked louder. After a minute or so the lock rattled and the door was opened by Kevin.

“Come on in.” he said, “You already know some of the people.”

She looked past him in alarm at what costumes some of the guests were wearing.

“Why didn't you tell me it was fancy fuckin dress?” Indicating her smart by decidedly none fancy dress attire.

“Where Adele mixes, this is NOT fancy dress, you just have to reset your prejudices up a few notches from Vanilla. But if you were in costume - and you've come as beautiful and incredibly sexy, then you've nailed it.”

His smile taking the sting out of the ‘grow up and get with it’ rebuke.

Alex came over and took her by the arm, saying to Kevin, “Down boy, it's early yet, let me take Kate for a stint on the bar, while I go and ruin the food. You can ogle while she pours.”

Kate dealt with the immediate rush, while Kevin wedged himself on a stool in the corner where the small bar met a wall. While she served drinks she got to look at some of the guests. There was she saw, no shortage of Leather, chains and Latex on either sex, Including a Miss Whiplash, even a couple in skin tight plush which left nothing to the Imagination.

Miss Tiger came to the bar with Mr Bunny. “Two Campari and soda please,” said Mr Bunny. Kate made the drinks up, with a straw in each one. She set them on the bar, stuck her hand out and said,

“Hi I'm Kate, aren't you hot under all that?”

They shook paws and hands. Rabbit and Tiger Pulled at their respective velcroed heads to remove them. Bunny rubbed his short hair and said,

“Just a bit; Hello, I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy,” He glanced at Kevin in the corner.

“Hi Kev, you the designated wallflower tonight?”

“Early yet Jules.” Raising his glass to the pair, he looked at Sandy, “You still putting up with this tosser?”

“Of course, Tiger adores playing with her Rabbit, though I have to let his batteries recharge for longer now.”

“Comes to us all sooner or later, or so I'm told.” he added, as they walked away to mingle.

Kate poured herself a drink and dragged a stool over to Kevin but on her side of the bar.

“Is this going to turn into an Orgy?” she asked.

“Why? would it bother your vanilla sensibilities if it did? You didn't mind being naked on the beach or is that your limit?” before she could answer carried on with, “I doubt it, work tomorrow for most of us, all this Latex and Leather doesn't come cheap.”

“These are just people celebrating a friend’s birthday, but in different clothes and no back yard bring a plate BBQ.”

“Where do you fit in then Mr Boring Accountant?”

“Anywhere I want,” He said mysteriously, “Anywhere I want.” He raised his glass.  “See you later - maybe.” As he went over to join another group.

“Fuck you then, Mr Enigmatic,” she muttered to herself. She drained her drink, poured a refill, deciding against carrying the bottle around with her, not a sophisticated look now she wasn’t a student anymore and set off to see who was who.

She was stood in a group of people, one or two vaguely recognising her from the afternoon, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned, there was nobody there.

Shit, she thought, I've just fallen for the oldest trick in the book she turned the other way to see Beth with a big smile.

“Gotcha; excuse us.” she said to nobody in particular in the group as she dragged Kate away.

“Why are you looking so glum?”

“I'm not,” She denied, then it came to her, she was glum. “I feel I don't belong, what I want to do. I don't even know what Country I want to be in.”

Beth dragged her over to a corner booth, MK and KM were there sitting talking and laughing, they seemed happy enough.

“Look who I found,” she said, there were hugs all round, “I'll be back.” she came back with a bottle of white and one red.

“Kate's got problems and we're going to solve them.” Beth told them.

“No I haven’t.” said Kate Indignantly.

“Yes you have, you’ve just told me.”

MK rapped her knuckles on the table saying, “P. I. B. S. is now in session.” and rapped her knuckles again.

“Kate said, “P.I.B.S. what's that.”

“Pissing in Bushes Sisterhood,” MK replied

KM said, “How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Do all that clever word shit.”

“It's a gift, I'm in Advertising and Marketing, It's what we do, we bullshit people with words.”

“Kate has an Identity crisis, said Beth.

“I don't.” said Kate.

“Yes you DO.” Beth insisted.

“You were happy enough this afternoon,” said KM.

“That's a point, up and down moods” said Beth, when's your Flag Day?”

“Flag day?”

“When's the red flag due to fly? When are you due?”

“Oh, soon, but that's been a bit hit and miss lately too.”

“There's part of your trouble then,” said MK, “Hormones, nothing like the old hormones to fuck with your head.”

“When did it start?” asked Beth.

“How far do you want me to go back?” She found that she wanted to tell someone and some-three were better than one, she hesitated...

“P.I.B.S.” said MK, “No secrets, no blame, no shame.”

So she did, she told them about pushing the boundaries through school and at home. The exams, all the work. The sex, drugs, rock and roll. Not too specific though in some areas.

“So long story short; all your life you've been acting the total spoilt bitch?” said Beth.

Kate nodded.

KM said, “Food is served, as in food for thought, then more wine.” They filled their plates with Alex's Chili and rice.

Kate then told them about how her Dad had lost it, gave her a good spanking and sent her over to New Zealand as much to get her to stand on her own two feet as to get her away from her turning toxic lifestyle. She even admitted to being turned on by it.

“Well I could see how you might be.” said MK somewhat wistfully, she looked around the table...”Any offers?”

“No.” They all chorused.

“There's your problem,” said Beth, “Well one of them, you want total control of your life and other people but enjoyed sometimes being dominated. You want the old favourite of Mr or for all I know, Ms Right, on his or her white charger to take you away from everything, while you do exactly as you want and fuck the rest.”

Kate smiled at the accuracy and nodded.

“You can't have both,” said KM, “You'd need, two lives.”

“Why not?” said MK, “People have many lives. They have a home life, a work life, some of us even have sex life. Some have a private life like Miss Whiplash over there or Tiger and Bunny. I don't see why you can't have as many lives as you want.” she declared and stood up, “I'm off to find a bush to piss behind, keep going at Kate’s problems, I've told you the solution 'More Lives' now find a way to get them for her.”

“That's all good and I love you for trying to help. But I don't know what I want, I don't even know what I don't want.”

KM said, “You wanted to stand naked on a beach and drink wine this afternoon. Isn't that a start?”

Beth Stood up, wrapped her knuckles on the table and said.

“The P.I.B.S. has reached a verdict, well I have. The verdict is; Keep living the life you've got one day at a time until you find the life, or lives, you want.”

“Court Adjourned.” she slammed her hand on the table. Bang!

 Grabbing Kate by the hand, “Dance.” she said, so they did.


MK, meanwhile was sitting in one of the Ladies stalls pissing and thinking. She's basically lonely and a bit home sick now the new place, holiday type novelty had worn off. What she needs in the short term is a good shagging, well it always cheers me up.

Who though? I don't even know if she's straight or gay, I'll ask Alex, she got ‘gaydar’ she might know.

MK found Alex who, before she could even ask, said.

“Help at last, shove all those in the dishwasher will you, while I finish here.” She started stacking.

“How long’s Kate been here?“.

“About two months.”

“Is she Straight or Gay?”

“Why, do you fancy her, want me to fix you up eh? It'll cost you,” said Alex, “But for you I'll only charge the wholesale rate.”

“Noo, Just wondering.” said MK slightly evasively.

“You're match making aren't you? You little Madam.”

“Might be, might not be.” added MK noncommittally.

“Course you are, no might be's”

“Well, straight or gay?”

“To be honest, I don't know for sure. I'm not even sure she’s bothered either way.”

“You mean a body like hers and she doesn't like sex.”

”No not that, keep stacking that dishwasher while I think.” MK stacked and Alex cleaned surfaces.

“Right, finished,” eying up MK's nearly empty glass on the dishwasher said, “I'll get us some thinking juice to help.” She came back with a cold bottle of Sauv. Blanc.

“This is Adele’s good stuff, we should think good thoughts with this.” as she poured 2 generous glasses.

“Right: Kate; what brought all this new found interest on? Why do you want to know if she's gay or straight?”

MK pondered, and sipped at her thinking juice.

“I think we've sort of adopted her, taken her on as a project, she’s a Stranger in a Strange Land. The short version is she's lonely and KM suggested all she needed was a good shagging, that cheers everybody up, Right?”

“Nothing wrong with that in the short term.” said Alex in agreement adding, “I get the feeling though that the long term is the real problem.”

She told Alex how Kate came to be here. Not worrying about any confidentiality issues.

“She doesn't really know where she is or what she wants to do.”

“She's not daft said Alex, she'll work it out.”

“To right she's not daft, did you know she's got a double first, from the UK, whatever that is, must be a Pom thing, sounds good anyway and they've already told her she can take a Masters at Auckland or Canterbury.”

“She likes sex well enough, very well in fact,”

Seeing the look on Alex's face MK said. “You have haven't you?”

“Might, might not.” said Alex giving her back a dose of her none committal medicine.

 “Come on, tell all what was it like?”

 Alex ignored that question, but continued with

“As to which way, I have to say I think she's quite happy either way, but with a Male preference. So who've you got in mind for her? What about Kev?”

”Funny you should say that, but Kenneth said as much not long after he met her.”

“How so?”

“We were talking about 'Big Kev,” she said, holding the palms of her hand about 2 foot apart.

“KM said to Beth, She was unlucky as Kate had beat her to him. Then Kate said she had only met him 10 mins ago walking along the cliff path.”

Kenny then said, she cocked her head to one side as she tried to remember.

“You're together, you just don't know it yet- Something like that.” She added.

“Kenny's usually not far wrong on that sort of thing, I think he is a bit psychic.”

“He's a bit something alright,” said MK, “Fucked if I know exactly what though, hidden depths.” She said. ”Hidden depths.”

“So.” said Alex, “Whose going to tell Kevin where his duty lies, me or you?”

“Let me talk to Beth and KM, we'll see if we can sort it out. If we don't, she'll just drift back into the sort of environment she was before.” and they went back in to join the main group of guests.

While Kate was up dancing MK took the opportunity to add Kevin's number to the contacts in her phone saying to KM,

“Now we have to get her number into Kevin's phone and find out how to get them to meet again. What do we know about them both, any common interests?”

“We know a lot about Kevin,” she said laughing, holding her palms a foot apart.” He works in the CBD and he plays for the same Football Club as me.”

“Kate's a Pom, they're all Soccer mad or so it seems, when they get tired of dancing we can find out if she's Interested.”

KM thought, then said, “When they come back, ask me about the Summer Football, but call it Soccer, it winds up the Poms when people call Rugby football.”

There was a pause in the music and the tempo of tunes slowed down at this the two girls left the dance floor to the couples who liked that sort of thing.

Beth flung herself into her seat with Kate in tow saying,

“That’s enough of that for a bit, too much like hard work,” fanning herself.

“You're not fit, that's you're trouble.” Said Kate.

“And you are?”

“Yeah, super fit me, fittest person on this table anyway.”

“You really look like a highly tuned athlete, with all those curves.” poking her in one wobbly 32D braless tit with her finger setting up an interesting counter motion with her other unrestrained breast and rapidly hardening nipple.

”You couldn't run with those things, you'd slap your face to pieces.”

Kate knew that at 37-25-36 she didn't look like the stick insects you saw in Women’s athletics or the steroid monsters in the sprints, but at 5ft 8in she had enough height, just, to carry it off without looking dumpy. She also knew what her body could do.

She was pretty fast, not blindingly lightening 100m fast but had surprised more than a few men when running in small bursts. Her biggest quality though was at a medium steady pace she could run at for hours, mostly she got bored before she got tired.

“Doesn't stop Serena Williams,” said Kate, ”I'm fit in the Legs and Lungs where it counts, that and a decent sports bra, to tie down ‘pinky’ and ‘perky’ here, giving her tits a heft with both palms and I'm good to go. I used to play Football at Uni, so there.”

“You mean Soccer,” said MK, seeing her cue, ”That's not Football, The All Blacks play Football.”

Off went the friendly argument around the table, with Kate and KM on one side, MK and Beth on the other. After more drinks and agreeing to differ, they moved to wider topics.

During a lull, KM quizzed Kate on her Football back ground.

“I know you're from England, you couldn't be anywhere else with that accent.”

“You can talk with your pins and iggs.“ Taking the piss out of Kiwi accent /  pronunciation of pen and egg and other words.

“Anyway, where in England are you from?” said KM, ignoring the dig.

“Liverpool.” said Kate.

“Home of the Mighty Reds eh. “You'll ne-ever wa-alk alone,” She sang, waving her arms above her head.

 “No I Am Fuckin Not.” she snapped vehemently. “I can't stand those redshite bastards.” and gave a ‘Side Show Bob-esque’ shudder.

“Ooooh, touchy aren't you, you're from Liverpool yet you don't follow your local team, well who do you follow then?”

Kate smiled and said, “Sorry, but it does annoy me, that all people know is the so called big Clubs who have Billionaires, Sheiks or dodgy Russian Oligarchs to fund them.

I do follow my local team I support Everton, 'The Peoples Club', you've heard of them haven't you?”

“Vaguely; up north somewhere by Manchester?”

“Jeez spare me from Ignorant Kiwis.” having been well taught, or was that brainwashed by her Dad as a little girl, back when he could do no wrong and she hung on every word he said.

“Everton are the original club in the city, Liverpool or the redshite as we call them, are just an offshoot. We won the League – at Anfield - in 1892 before they ever existed, then we moved out and left them to it.”

“We've won more than Chelsea and City combined, just not recently. But in the Sky money driven Premier League the rich get richer and the rest have to chase...don't get me started or I'll bang on all night – end of rant.”

KM wisely moved on. ”Did you say you played at Uni or played for the Uni?”

“Both,” said. “In my 2nd year I was in the first 11.”

“What position?”

“Centre-mid or behind the Striker.”

“Do you still play or was it just a Uni thing?”

“Not since I left Uni in June, it's one of the things on my ‘to do’ list, but not near the top. I like the whole team thing, being part of a group that always have your back. I like winning as well and we won more than we lost. Nothing better than piling into a big warm soapy bath full of naked girls, then a cold beer after.”

“Fancy a game then, I play in a summer 7 a side league on Wednesdays and we need more women to make our quota?”

“Dave plays in one of those every Wednesday evening.”

“Dave? Dave who?”

“Dave Jones.”

“Dave Jones eh, I know Dave. All the girls think he's a bit of a hunk. How do you know him?”

“I staying with him, he's my Uncle and yes he is a hunk, Hunky Unky I used to call him.”

Remembering all the times she'd fingered herself, thinking of The Hunky Unky wishing it was him between her legs pounding in and out, not her fingers.

“Come along on Wednesday, have a run around, see if you still like playing.” Thinking, it will let me see how good you really are and it’s not just the drink talking.

“I might do, Dave can give me a lift there and back.” She said, only having a vague idea where the local Stadium was.

Beth came over and started giving goodbye hug and kisses to the other girls. Kate turned her head so that the kiss on the cheek met her lips full on, holding Beth tight, put some feeling and a little bit of tongue into it. When Beth came up for air, she whispered in her ear.

“That's for cheering me up, Thanks.”

“My pleasure.” said Beth, “You just keep happy.”

Kate then went round herself saying her goodbyes to Adele and Alex. She looked for some of the others she had met in the course of the day and evening, but most had already left while she was deep in conversation.

She said to Adele.

”Do you need any help to tidy up?”

“All sorted, Cathy has agreed to come in earlier to get ready for morning coffee, but thanks anyway.” Giving her that all too rare, high mega-watt smile again and kissed her on the cheek. Again Kate thought this is what Alex sees in her, she can be nice.

“See you Thursday then, bye.”

She went round to the bar and got her sensible shoes, took off her heels, they had served their purpose, that of pushing out arse and tits, making her walk in a sexy manner, generally looking taller and ‘Glam’.

Thinking No way I'm not walking back in those, she slipped on her waitress shoes, letting herself out she closed the door behind her and set off on the walk home.

Thinking about the day and the new people she'd met. She also thought about the vanilla attitudes Kevin accused her of, finding a grain of truth in what he said. I am what I am, so fuck him.

She arrived at her door and fumbled for her keys, dropping them, as she bent to pick them she felt a twinge in her pelvis, uh oh, the red flags about to fly, just what I need, as she went direct to her bathroom.

© Copyright 2018 E.M. Ockleshaw. All rights reserved.

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