Game, Set and Match V

Game, Set and Match V Game, Set and Match V

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Kate catches Selina in a bad moment, but in the end she is the one on the receiving end as Selina finds her gay side and if that's not enough Dave comes home looking for a quickie


Kate catches Selina in a bad moment, but in the end she is the one on the receiving end as Selina finds her gay side and if that's not enough Dave comes home looking for a quickie


Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016




Game, Set and Match V.

Dave was 3 weeks into his summer 7 a side football, which amounted, as Selena told Kate, to two games of thirty minutes each, a quick shower, then 3 hours in the bar.

Selena and Kate would stay at home and binge on 'Game of Thrones' or some other series.

They would dress ready for bed then sit themselves down to enjoy the Show, usually interacting together in reaction to the plot twists and characters with...

"Ooh, what a bitch," or, "Wow, hunky or what," and as the action peaked they would grip each other in mock school girlish terror.

This evening Kate had not worn the more modest nighty and robe she usually wore when Selena was about, but the short tight low cut nightie she wore to tease Dave, with nothing underneath. Not with any special reason in mind, it just made her feel good to have her breasts pushed up, bulging and yet tightly restrained by the thin material. Her smallest movement would rub her sensitive nipples making them throb and stick out which added to the overall feel good factor.

Tonight though, the evening was somewhat more restrained, as Selena only half-heartedly joined in with the mutual interaction and as the night wore on seemed to become even more withdrawn.

Kate indulged in her new passion for New Zealand wines, as she wondered wtf was up with Selena, who was making serious in roads into Dave's Single Malt stock, rather than her usual Red of some description.

Kate glanced over and saw tears slowly running down Selena’s face. She paused the TV.

“What’s up," She said, putting her arm around her shoulder. "It's not that sad, he deserved it," She said, referring to the T.V. pulling Selena’s head to rest it lightly on her breast.

"I know, it's not that, it's just" Sniffed Selena, She accidentally lightly brushed Kate's hardening nipple with her chin as she looking up at Kate's young, seemingly Innocent, yet concerned face.

" Sorry, It's not been much fun tonight, has it?" placing one arm lightly round the back of Kate's waist as she leaned her head more into the comforting softness of her breast.

“Today's not much of a fun day for me." as the tears increased.

"Why?" said Kate," Come on, you can tell me can't you, we're all girls together, better out than in."

"Well mostly it's better when it's in," Said Kate, trying to jolly her along with a light sexual innuendo.

"Come on, tell Aunty Kate"


"It's, It's” Selena stuttered.

"It's...just the day that my Daddy died," She blurted out. “Nobody loved him more than I did, not any of them, He only loved me, Me!" she bawled, throwing her arm around Kate's waist, hugging her tight.

There's some serious Father Daughter back-story going on here thought Kate.

"Let it all out," Said Kate, as the warm breath and ever increasing amounts of tears assaulted the hardening nipple that Selena’s lips now inadvertently rested on.

Selena cried for a minute then started to ease off. She relaxed as her out pouring of grief died down, the arm around Kate's front dropped its tight grip and fell into Kate's lap. Thus, the point of Selena’s elbow was nestled in the now naked vee of Kate's legs. Which had become exposed as the hem of the already short nightie moved up in all the commotion.

The emotional and physical aspect of having a crying heaving woman more or less on her lap, plus the salty tears and heavy breathing on her nipple had the usual result that is one wet pussy in want of attention.

This attention was now being provided by Selena’s elbow, even if she didn't realise it. The point of her elbow rested firmly on her horizontal clit ring, exerting a steady pressure.

Kate, never one to turn down opportunity, started gently opening and closing her legs, which caused the elbow to drop down and rub across the clit and as she closed her legs they gently forced the elbow back up and over.

As Selena relaxed and recovered, she thought to herself. Whatever's come over me, crying like a baby, to a little slip of a girl. She smiled, not so little, this is a decent cushion to cry on.

This smile brought her lips into more solid contact with Kate's nipple.

In a micro second a whole host of thoughts cascaded across her mind as she processed the tactile touch against her lips. Without thinking she kissed it.

"Thank you Kate." Whispered Selena, her innate politeness causing her to express her gratitude, while the moment was still there, before it no doubt changed to an embarrassing separation.

But Kate did nothing to pull away, just kissed the top of Selena’s head.

"No problem." She murmured into Selena’s hair and held her head to her breast, all the time keeping the scissor action with her legs going at a steady pace.

Selena, still in a very emotional state and kissed the nipple again, if anything it felt harder and bigger than before. She sucked it deep into her mouth as much as the thin wet cloth would allow, holding it, then letting it go, sucking it then letting it go as her wild emotions slowly died down.

Her thoughts cleared and she became aware of where her elbow was, what it was doing and what was being done to it and why. She could feel the clit ring and the large amount of hair that covered it as it moved back and forth across her elbow.

As Kate's legs opened and closed She started to exert he own slight pressure.

Kate felt this and not wishing to force anybody into doing something they didn't want to do, she gripped Selena’s elbow tight with her thighs. Asking into Selena’s hair.


 Selena sucked her nipple extra hard and nipped at it with her teeth as it slipped back out.

"No, in fact I'm scared shitless, but I've come this far, there's only one way to find out where it leads to."

She opened her legs and put Kate's hand there.

She moved her elbow out from Kate's by now damp crotch, her hand went up under the thin cloth of the night shirt to caress her nipples and breasts

Kate's hand started to slowly rub up and down her pussy. Selena allowed this to continue for a while, as she weighed up this new experience, thinking. So this is what it's like from the man's point of view - I wonder what else is different.

She decided there and then that she was going to see, feel and yes even taste the whole thing from a different perspective.

She had tasted her own pussy enough times, either from her own or Dave's fingers to know she didn't dislike that taste, but even sucking Dave's dick after it had been in her was only sort of a second hand experience.

Tonight she was going totally immerse herself in, as far as she could being female herself, something more than the usually slightly passive / submissive female role.

Later she thought that the total aggressive dominant mindset may have been a reaction to her tearful capitulation...that and maybe the lack of scruples brought on by alcohol.

Kate started to work her fingers inside the leg of Selena’s loose sleep shorts.

"No!” said Selena sharply, "That's not what I want."

"Having second thoughts?" grinned Kate, "I thought you said you were going to see how far this would go. Or is this a bit too far for you?"

"No, not second thoughts, more like third thoughts," she said, sitting up to put a bit of space between them. "Come and sit on my knee," She said, in a firm voice.


"Sit on my knee...Now!"

Oooh, thought Kate, she's embarrassed and going bossy on me to cover it up, but she did anyway.

Selena held Kate in a surprisingly tight grip and kissed her hard, pushing her tongue aggressively into her mouth, while squeezing her tit too hard. In fact doing to Kate everything her first inexperienced ham fisted boyfriend did to her in the name of what he thought was foreplay.

Kate was shocked by this aggression but also turned on by it, she reached for Selena’s tits, her hand was painfully slapped away.

"Don't touch me or you'll get more," Said Selena

"But I thought…” Said Kate, as her hand moved towards Selena


Kate jumped with the shock of the intense pain on her arse

"Don't," pause, "Touch," Growled Selena, "I won't tell you again."

Selena roughly forced her legs open and thrust two fingers into the gaping wet cunt, they went in easily. She worked them in and out for a couple of minutes, savouring the satin wetness. Kate's face and neck stared to take on a pink hue, her mouth was half open and her eyes half closed.

"Take you nightie off."



"Take it off, Now!"

Wanting to see where all this was going, Kate did.

Selena eased Kate off her lap so she sat straight on the couch, she stood and facing her, bent over and lifted her legs up by the calves. She then pulled her forward, none too gently until her arse slightly overhung the edge.

Kneeling down between her legs she raised them vertical and opened them wide, plunging her face and tongue into the wet hairy twat.

This caused Kate to pull her legs back of her own accord, holding them behind the knees with both hands, totally surrendering her inner self to Selena’s probing mouth, tongue and sometimes nose as well.

Selena, for her part was determined to get as much of her face into this new experience as she could.

No wonder Dave doesn't mind doing this, thought Selena it's great fun, as the taste, smell and feel of moist girl flesh and hair combined with the soft inner pinkness overwhelmed her.

She pulled back to visually commit this new vista to memory, her eyes took in everything. The protruding clit with its sapphire tipped horizontal ring through the hood. So engorged with blood that she thought she could see it throbbing in time with Kate's excited heartbeat. The pink wet softness of her inner lips, the puckered pulsing hole of her vagina. Even her smaller pee hole from which, even as she watched, leaked tiny spurts to add to the general internal pussy lubrication.

She took in the thick hairy vee of black hair, which by now was edged with dark stubble, some in a tapering 'treasure trail' to her belly button, and some two inches down each of her inner thighs. It continued around her puckered arse hole and for all she knew, up her arse crack to her back.

Then she had an even better idea, she kneeled up leaving Kate's legs where they were and told her very firmly.

"Don't move a muscle."

If this is rape Lesbian style then it's not too bad so far, though Kate behind closed eyes. She hooked both her arms under her knees waiting which allowed her to play with her already hard nipples.

Selena went as far as the table and took off her night clothes. She came back with her phone.

She kneeled saying, "Say cheese."

Kate's eyes snapped open only to catch the glare of the flash, she laid there blinking.

"Why did you do that?"

"I might never do this again, so I wanted a souvenir ..." She said tossing the phone on to the couch.

Lowering her head, she started to gently tease Kate's swollen clit with her lips while sliding in and out with as many fingers as she could.

Even though this attention was having an increasingly exciting physical effect, one part of Kate's mind was pondering the whole photo thing, not that she really minded, she'd done enough sexting of her own and didn't care too much one way or the other, who saw what.

It was the control aspect though. All her life she had to be the one in control, she set her own rules, not others. If she could think it might be used as a lever, then one day Selena might.

While Selena’s head was buried between her legs, she took the discarded phone and sent a copy of the picture to her own account, after all, it was a very good picture, then deleted it.

Going to video, she took 5 or 6 seconds of Selena’s head bobbing up and down, did a quick 180 of the room to confirm location then sent that to her account as well. She deleted the video, put the phone back where it was and started to pull at Selena’s head to hasten her climax.

"Hurry, hurry, make me come, I NEED to come."

So engrossed was Selena, lost in the new sensations, it took a second for Kate's words to filter through.

She thought, fuck you girlie, I don't want to hurry I want this to last for ever, this power over a woman and her body.

Kate's hips were making rising motions to Selena’s face, her hands grasped her head to mash it into her rising hips.

Then It dawned on Selena. What She really wanted was to Fuck this Girl and totally possess her, like men did.

She quickly stood and, grasping Kate's legs, swung them over the arm of the couch at the same time pulling her until her pussy was right on the edge or the arm.

With little adjustment she was able to mash her pubic bone against Kate's gaping pussy and start making fuck like motions, suddenly spun round Kate exclaimed," What the fuck are you doing, why've you stopped?"

She then felt Selena's pubic bone repeatedly grind into her..."Aah, aah, aah," She moaned.

Selena let Kate's legs droop over the edge of the couch arm and leaned forward and grabbed a handful of each breast, squeezing the nipples hard between her thumb and first two fingers, in time with her ever increasing thrusts.

Kate started to cum, bucking against Selena, "Harder, harder, don't you dare fucking stop now!"

This was enough to send Selena over the edge and arching her back, as she came in deliciously agonising spasms, she threw back her head and shouted her triumph to the uncaring walls.

"Yes, Yes, YEESS!"

Kate pulled her down on top of her, this caused them both to topple off the couch and oblivious of the bump, they landed in a tangle heap on the floor, hugging each other, while the ripples and after-shocks that made them shake and twitch died down.

Later, as they sat on the floor back resting on the couch, one arm round each other. Kate sat with her legs cross in a half yoga type position, Selena with hers straight out as she idly fondled the clit ring and hood. Kate asked.

"You sure you've never done this before?"

" No," said Selena honestly, "Never - what about you, I didn't think you we gay, I didn't think I was either, I thought you were one track mind male orientated."

"You don't have to be gay to dabbled the odd time," said Kate,” But I've never felt anything as wild as that, it was almost like you were trying to rape me."

Selena let that statement linger for some seconds while she decided how to answer what was, if Kate only knew, a very telling observation. She decided.

"I was, that was exactly what I tried to do, my only regret is I didn't have a big dick to rape you with."

Kate thought this over. Jeez, she gets on top once and goes all power mad, enough of this. She finishing her drink in one swallow. I can't let her be the boss of me, I have enough on my plate with Dave bossing me, and I can't handle both at the same time.

Swiftly rising from the sitting position, she smiled sweetly and said.

“I’m off to bed"

With those parting word, she tossed her empty glass uncaringly on to the couch, turned, bent to pick up her discarded nightie, deliberately pushing out her damp arse and pussy at Selena’s shocked face and walked slowly away to her bedroom.

Deal with that power bitch, she though, you're NOT the boss of me.

Selena sat there for a few minutes deep in thought trying to process the conflicting, personal and sexual aspects of the evening.

Deciding to think about it in bed, she opened a door to the patio and let fresh air into the room, while she tidied up the glasses and cushions, then locked up and went to bed to replay the evening’s events and try to work out what consequences, if any, they would have in the general scheme of things.

Remembering the rush of power and the need to dominate Kate soon got her feeling horny again, She reached out for her phone on the bedside table to look at the photo she had took of Kate's wet and hairy pussy, She couldn't find it anywhere. She had enough knowledge of electronic devices to use all of the more common functions she needed to but did not consider herself as an expert, blaming the heat of the moment for her mistake. Thinking it would have been good to have that picture of Kate as potential leverage if she ever needed it. Annoyed, she turned off the light and drifted off to sleep.


She woke up to find Dave and his hard dick pushing into the cheeks of her arse. Typical man, a few drinks and now he wants a quick fuck. She thought about saying no, but still had a lingering glow and wetness from her previous activities, so raising one leg a little, she pushed her rear back at Dave to encourage him asking.

“Not had enough exercise for one night?”

Dave took that for the green light it was and guided his dick to her slit and rubbed it up and down, feeling the wetness he shoved it in. His 8 inches went all the way with no trouble. The thing was Selena was spot on with his motives, after a few drinks he just wanted the release of a quick fuck, then sleep.

Usually this late at night and with little or no foreplay Selena's pussy was usually tight and he would come in no time, job done and off to sleep, but tonight it was loose and wet, not the end of the world in itself, but not optimum for the wham; bam; thank you ma’am, he had in mind.

Selena was thinking along similar lines about speed. She didn't want to be up all night just because her pussy was a bit loose and wet. She too wanted the quick release then sleep.

“Put it in my arse,” she said, “Fuck my arse – Hard.”

Sounds like a plan, thought Dave, as he pulled slowly out and put the end up against her bronze starfish.

She pushed back on to him and his head popped in.

“Somebody's keen.” He said.

“Shut up and fuck,” answered Selena, pulling at her nipples as Dave commenced his deep strokes.

Dave's hand went round to her clit and started rubbing it.

“Faster, harder.” grunted Selena, one hand leaving her breast to push his away from her clit.

“I'll do that, you get some fingers in me and just FUCK.” she said lifting her leg higher to give him better access.

Dave needed no encouragement, he lunged into her arse faster and harder. He realised that they were moving about the bed too much, so he rolled the both of them over so he was above her and she couldn't go anywhere. This allowed him to get one arm around her waist, while still leaving the other free to thud as much of his hand into her as he could.

Through the thin membrane wall his fingers could feel his own cock plunging in and out.

He managed to get his whole hand in her pussy up to the wrist and left it there, while Selma worked her clit faster and faster.

“Harder,” She said, “make me come now.” grunting like a female tennis player at the moment of service, but in time to his thrusts.

“Ung, ung, ung, ung, Aaaaaah.” she screamed into the sheets.

That was enough for Dave, he shot multiple loads of thick hot cum into her arse. After a few minutes to recover he pulled his shrinking cock out and lay on his back.

“Turn on your side,” said Selena said and she spooned into him

“Good boy,” she said in a mock condescending manner, patting his hip.

His answer was to butt his arse against her stomach.

“Tarzan tired now, Tarzan sleep” He said. She shoved him back with her hips and kissed his back. Glancing at the red numerals on the clock, just over 5 minutes had passed since Dave got into bed.

That's what you call a quickie, she thought, drifting off

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