Game, Set and Match IV

Game, Set and Match IV Game, Set and Match IV

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Kate tries to get the upper hand with her uncle by flashing her tits and pussy at him.


Kate tries to get the upper hand with her uncle by flashing her tits and pussy at him.


Submitted: May 10, 2016

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Submitted: May 10, 2016



 Game, Set and Match IV


When Selena had left she got up, made coffee and a piece of toast, while that was doing She got a pad and pen from a draw, gathered up the breakfast and went back to bed.

She had always been a list maker, often not much of a do-er once the list was made but it helped to get her mind in order. She made three columns; Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term.

Short Term was easy, Gym and work this evening. Tick, sorted.

Medium Term was a bit harder. Deal with Dave being able to boss her about. Without the Daddy / Guilt card to play she was at a bit of a disadvantage. So she wrote;

'Keep operation pussy power going.’ She had already taken the first step posing in her shorter tight nighty the other week. Start by leading him on with a bit of low grade flashing. Then work up the scale until he was hooked and under control.

Lastly: Long Term; Well what did she want to do in the long term?

More University? Masters, PHD, maybe, She had the grades and could if she wanted, but did she want to?

Waitress? No way, that was strictly Short – Medium term just for ready cash. Thinking honestly, well as honestly as she could, She had realised quite early on that basically She wanted it all, everything; Now.

She didn't want much, Money, Power and to have fun. Who had money and power?

Politicians had power, but sometimes not real money...maybe that's what Husbands are for but dismissed that option immediately as extremely long term.

Big Business? Through her Economics Courses she had a good Idea what was involved and that there was plenty of money there, which gave you power, but you had to work hard for that.

She knew she had a brain and could, if she had a good enough reason to, work hard. But you had to get a foot in the door somewhere.

Even with her good qualifications, as a newbie, she knew her first task anywhere 'Big' might consist of fetching Coffee.

As AC/DC sung, ' It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.’  Her Father's taste in music had a lot to answer for.


She could even take another degree of some sort. Is there some sort of Law / Business degree that would allow her to cover most future options.

The next question was where? Here in New Zealand or back in England

To be honest in the short time since arriving, she had found it a pleasant enough place, the people seemed less stressed out and angry. They seemed to work hard all week and then enjoy themselves at the weekend. Of course the whole Country was booming, a by-product of the massive rebuilding after the earthquake. She had a Student Visa so could take more courses here is required.

Glancing up at the Kitchen clock to check the time, just gone Ten and so much thinking done.

She got up, put her day clothes in the bag and also shoved in the note pad and pen. Then put her gym things on. Kate loved all that Spandex stuff especially the way it pushed against her pussy and had taken all the 'modesty' foam pads out of her Sports Bras, what's the point of having decent tits and nipples if you can't flaunt them?

She dragged a comb across her head, looking up, she noticed she was late, made the bus in seconds flat.

After her workout, must look after those legs, abs, tits and arse. Just as nobody likes a smart arse, not too many like a lard arse either. After grabbing a 6 inch sub and a sports drink, made her way to what she thought of as her seat on the beach to take in the warm spring sun and the scenic grandeur of Rangitoto, which was a traditional pointy shaped volcanic Island just off shore. The local Maori said it just 'popped up' 600 yrs. ago. Yet another reminder of one of the nicknames for New Zealand – The Shaky Islands.

Taking out her list, put a half tick by the Dave problem – P. P. I. P. pussy power in progress.

Long Term; ????  

More information was the key, she had a few hours before work. Time to put Mr Google through his paces. She found a free wifi that came from a nearby cafe and set to work.

After much Googling She found that it was possible to mix courses and cover all the bases. Law, Business studies and communication.

Next was to decide if this was what she really wanted to do. The Auckland Term didn't start for a few months yet, no need to rush.

When Kate arrived at the restaurant Adele had already left. After a few words with the impatient to depart day waitress and logging into the computerised till, she checked the float and bookings, 6.30 was the first, then there were enough to keep her ticking over without being rushed of her feet. All she would have to deal with would be any walk-ins for meals and customers who came in just for a few drinks. About standard for a Thursday night.

On Friday morning she downloaded and printed up all sorts of Information about Courses at The University. She even bounced ideas off Selena. Then on Saturday, after lunch, when Selena went out, as she most Saturday afternoons for coffee and gossip, she put on her waitressing uniform of white blouse and her shortest black skirt. She didn't put a bra on and had two extra buttons undone as she sat down next to Dave but left space between them for the copies of the same stuff she had shown Selena.

She put some of them into his lap, “What do you think?”

The space between them allowed her to sit at 45 degrees to him, exposing her unbuttoned braless cleavage. As they discussed various possibilities, she leaned forward to nod sagely at Dave's words of wisdom, thus giving him more of an opportunity to see down her blouse.

Round two of, 'Operation Pussy Power' was under way.

After sometime she said, “Thanks for that Unky Dave, you've given me plenty to think about.” As she grabbed the papers off his lap, her hand brushing his leg 'accidently'.

She half thought about brushing her hand across his crotch, but no, early doors yet.

She did however, manage to ‘drop’ some of the papers on the floor as she stood up, bending right over to flash him some arse while she picked them up.

You have to give him his due, she thought, even under such a barrage of flesh he managed to come up with a few decent Ideas.


When Kate went to work Adele was still there.

“Come into my office.” She said in her usual sharp manner, Kate followed her in.

“How long have you been here?”' She said.

Various thoughts flashed across her mind. What have I done now; am I getting the sack, were at the front of the queue, fuck it.

“Five weeks?”

“Six actually,” Corrected Adele.

“Do you like the job?”

 I don't know what I've done, thought Kate, but if I'm getting the push I can say what I like.

“Do I like the job?  Well I don't mind the work or the money, the tips are good for a country that doesn't really tip, so yes.”

She continued before Adele could reply. “Am I going to stay forever and ever Amen?”

“No.” and left it at that.

Adele Ignored that.

“Ah yes, the tips, I was going to have a word about yours, you seem to get quite a lot.” She paused. “I can see why,” pointedly glancing at the Vee in her blouse, her braless tits with their pokie out nipples.

Kate buttoned a button, “I'm not usually like this, I got dressed in a hurry, didn't want to be late.”

“Don't stop on my account, so long as they don't fall in the soup I doubt any of the male punters will complain, or even complain if they do for that matter.”

She handed her a folded sheet, her payslip for the week, as Kate leaned forward to take it her tits strained the fabric, Adele said cryptically.


“What?” Kate said, somewhat confused as to where this was going.

 “The Electronic tips are impressive as well.” said Adele, handing her another sheet.

“Wine sales are up since you started, I've put an extra $20 in as a bonus for that too, keep it up. Right, off you go, back to work, chop chop! Sorry, that's Alex's job, yours is to keep on doing what you've been doing.”

She went out thinking, 'Bossy cow' but happy with the praise and extra cash.

A few minutes later Adele came out of the office and handed her an envelope saying,

 “No need to RSVP, just tell Alex if you're not coming.” and continued out the door.

She opened it up and pulled out a 1950's style postcard with a picture of two naked girls, suitably airbrushed for the era playing on a beach with a beach ball. She turned it over it was an invite for Adele’s birthday beach party, to be held two weeks next Sunday.

She showed it to Alex, “Looks like fun, count me as officially RSVP, where's Grannies beach?”

“Go to the end of Long bay, follow the cliff path up and over. And it's the next one along, very secluded, no screaming kids and stuff.”

The days followed each other one at a time as days do, some fast and some slow. Kate had by now acquired a cheapish all areas bus and ferry card and spent some days just going places to get a handle on where was where. She went to Devonport and wandered around the little shops and Cafe's, had a coffee in the ferry terminal and looked at the Auckland Skyline across the Harbour.

Another day she took the ferry over and walked around the University area and what passed for a C.B.D.

She went to Greenhithe, Which was quiet in the morning after the commuters and school kids had all left. She didn't know exactly where Adele and Alex lived so couldn't snoop around. All in all the place had an air of somewhere that took it's self a bit too seriously, up its own arse as the phrase goes.

She went to South Auckland, which was very Multi-cultural and a bit run down. She even went right out East, passing the University Law School annexe on the way to a flat, grid laid out suburb whose name she instantly forgot. Which consisted blocks of new-ish, nice enough houses for the richer class of Immigrant...all a bit same, same it seemed to lack a soul, an Identity of its own.

But generally, Auckland, due to its thin convoluted shape and the fact that there was only one way in or out, north or south, public transport was poor as a regular means of getting about.

She would need a car, in fact soon enough if she was going to stay for a while.


She knew sometimes Dave spent time away visiting various Branches in New Zealand and Abroad. Sometimes he would arrive around late morning shower, have Lunch, write his reports from home that day and go into the office the next morning.

Time for Pussy Power Pt.3.

She hung around just passing time before he arrived, looking at cars on the internet, but really had no idea what we wanted.

If she couldn't get a Ferrari, Maserati or some such then a smallish Hatchback seemed the way to go. She was sure she could get her Mother to give her the money, she usually did.

As the Morning wore on eventually it grew close to the time Dave usually arrived. She went for a shower, came out into the bedroom, sat on the bed with a towel wrapped around her reading a magazine.

At the sound of a key in the front door, she threw the magazine down, checked that the slightly open door and her position in the bedroom were all correct.

“Action!” She said in a low voice.

Off came the big towel on to the floor, She picked up a smaller towel and mimed drying her hair while allowing the towel to just cover her eyes.

She heard Dave walk up the hallway like always to dump his bag in the spare bedroom past hers, there was a slight pause in the footsteps as he got an eyeful, then kept on walking.

She turned to the bed away from the door and placed one leg on the bed and started patting her pussy dry as the footsteps returned, again they paused, then continued on.

Dave came up the hall with his case and caught a glimpse of the naked Kate, which made him pause despite himself, Great tits and bush, he thought, great everything really.

He put his case quietly on the bed and crept back hoping for another look, this time he deliberately paused and looked in, he could see her from behind now enough to see a line of hair up the crack between her cheeks and the lips of her pussy moving slightly under the gentle patting of the towel.

He felt himself blushing like a school boy and was getting harder by the second.

Shit, what do I do now?

He knew what he wanted to do, but that would never happen, so option two was a good wank. That he could do, you can look but you can't touch, He thought.

He moved away as softly as he could, she obviously had no idea he was home yet, so he went to the Front Door, quietly opened it and then shut it loudly, shouting,

“Hi, anybody in? Kate?” he was rewarded with the sound of a bedroom door slamming.

Good he thought, she thinks I’ve just come in. He went to his own room, remembered to shut the door and got undressed as he usually did, to wash the plane off as he thought of it, shower, get changed have some lunch then a few hours work.

When he got undressed his cock was all but rock hard, He turned on the shower got the right temperature and stepped in.

Grabbing his cock, in a few strokes it was as hard as it had been when he was 20. All the while pictures of Kate's naked body front and back flashed through his sexually charged mind.

In few seconds of fierce wanking he came like he hadn't had sex for a month, shooting load after load of cum onto the shower wall, such was the force some went up to his eye level and started to slide down the wall even as he was giving it more.

Shit, he thought, I haven't come like that for years as he slumped against the shower wall and let the water wash him clean – in more ways than one.

He even had a couple of seconds under the cold water, to cool himself down, which might let him concentrate on work this afternoon, it would be a struggle.

Kate heard him go back down the hall, close the door in a loud manner, pretending he had just arrived.

A soon as he slammed the door and called out, she loudly closed her door.

She could feel her own wetness and with a struggle resisted the urge to give herself a good fingering.

She quickly dressed in her most modest waitressing uniform with a bra and went out to the kitchen. She made a sandwich for both of them, put the coffee on. She was sitting there quietly not reading, but pretending to when Dave came in. She thought he gave her a look of some sort, so decided to play the innocent.

“You look a bit flushed,” She said, “how was your flight?”

“Flight? Oh yeah OK.” poured himself a coffee, picked up his sandwich, raising the plate in a toast to her said, “Thanks.” and went into the living room, looking like a man with something on his mind.

3-0 to Kate’s she thought with a big smile.


At work on Friday she arranged with Alex, for her to phone the land line on Saturday morning and ask for her, saying that she couldn't get through to her mobile, this had happened once before when she ran out of battery, having forgotten to turn the charger on.

Once before Dave had come in her room to tell her something when she didn't answer his shouts due to an iPod in her ears.

The odds were he would do exactly the same again.

Knowing to the exact minute when Alex would phone, she got herself ready – really ready.

She would lay on the bed facing toward the door which Dave would pop his head round, with one leg bent at the knee, the other on the floor to give him the best view she could.

She was so turned on by this that it was no hardship to push her fingers in and out and work her fact she had to stop to let the clock run down, less she came there and then.

She had the ear buds in, but only just, she could hear well enough.

The phone rang.

Dave answered, listened for a few seconds, then shouted,

“Kate, phone,” she of course didn't answer.

 Louder this time “KATE, PHONE.”

“Hang on, I'll get her,” he told Alex and put the phone down, going down the hallway to her bedroom thinking, bloody kids and their 'kin iPods. Sticking his head around the door, he looked in, ready to call her in a loud voice that she would her over her music.

Then he really looked.

There was Kate, legs akimbo, two fingers fucking her hairy, wet pussy, for all she was worth, while the other hand pulled on a big nipple. Her lips pussy lips were swollen, red and soaking and a big fully engorge Clit stood up in all its glory.

 Her eyes were closed, hips bucking with in time to her spasms.

Grunting “ Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh.” as she came.

Kate’s original plan was to just have him catch her lying on the bed. Then she would squeal in mock horror, roll off the bed on the other side, grab a sheet or something. Literally all in a flash, with Dave getting the flash.

But the whole 'Uncle / Forbidden' aspect took control, she was betrayed by her own body’s subconscious yearnings.

When Dave opened the door her hips were already rising and falling as her Orgasm built up to its peak, her eyes opened to see Dave, but she couldn’t stop, she wasn’t just Cumming, it was earthmoving Cumming and she couldn't stop if she wanted to...and she found she didn't want to. She just wanted to expose herself to Dave in the full glory of her femaleness. All she could do was give Dave an - it's gone too far to stop, what can you do look.

Dave saw the whole scene, Including the 'What can you do' look as well. It shocked him deep inside, in a good way or bad, probably both. He didn't know, he just said.

“Phone.” and shut the door...well what could you do?

He walked back to the waiting phone in a daze, He had seen Selena cum before and been entranced then. But the sheer forbidden power of those images and sounds blew his mind.

He picked up the phone and without realising what he was saying, said.

“She'll come in a minute.” and put the hand set down.

It was more like two before Kate came running down the hall clad in her thin pale blue short silk robe, tits bouncing, pussy and arse barely covered, grinning a big shit eating grin that said to whoever – I have just come the come of the month.

She picked the phone up and went through the pre-planned spiel.

“Hi, Kate here, oh it's you Alex, yes I can come in early, 4 o'clock, no problem.”

She put the phone down, caught the bemused look on his face, smiled and went back to her bedroom her grin getting wider and wider as a fit of the giggles threatened to overwhelm her. Only just making it to the bedroom without giving in to the giggle urge, fell on the bed face first and gave into the laughter, muffling it with the pillow to spare Dave's feelings.

Dave took his coffee out on to the deck, still in a daze. After some pondering he went back in and poured a decent slug of single malt into his coffee, the taste was pleasant enough, but it did nothing to help his bemused state.


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