Game, Set and Match III

Game, Set and Match III Game, Set and Match III

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Kate sexually teases her Uncle in a bid to gain the upper hand. She starts her new job and finally meet Adele's partner Alex.


Kate sexually teases her Uncle in a bid to gain the upper hand. She starts her new job and finally meet Adele's partner Alex.


Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016




Game, Set and Match Chapter III

I woke early again, threw on my shortie silk robe quietly went to the kitchen, made a cup of instant and a piece of toast.

I was just about to head back when Selena came into the kitchen, took one look at me and said,

"You'll have to wear a nightie or something and a better robe than that, you can't go about with your tits and arse hanging out."

“Yeah, OK, whatever", I said, putting on a saucy wiggle as I went.


When everybody had gone I got up and, just because I could, and because it made me horny, I walked about naked, while the fancy machine did me some proper coffee, better than that instant shite. I walked about sipping it, but in this up market area they were not over looked so there was nobody to give a flash to.

It didn't take long to tidy the kitchen and as the dishwasher was nearly empty I didn't have to figure out which buttons to press.

Using the map I walked to the bus stop. Simple; turn right, turn right, turn right and I was there. There was even a handy time table at the bus stop. Next bus 5 minutes.

After that though they were only every 45 minutes and as Uncle Dave said just a couple of Dollars. I wondered if they had weekly and monthly discount tickets here like back home. I had to mind the pennies now - or so it seemed...Bastards.

The bus stopped almost right outside a Bank, so I went in and after jumping through all their hoops I was sorted.

Next stop Super Market, no problem, I could see it from the about a one horse town.

After a walk around to see what they had, not a patch on Asda or Tesco. I bought the $50 sim card from some dozy cow at the check-out.

When I came out I noticed there was a gym, handy I thought, keep the weight down. I walked past a pretend English pub on the corner to the beach, found a seat, fitted the sim to Uncle Dave's iPhone... I was up and running.

To celebrate this minor achievement, I had a quick look around, nobody within 100yds. lifted my tee shirt and bra up and took a face, tits and beach selfie.

Walking back to the bus stop, I got my head out of my phone to find the bus disappearing down the road...fuck, fuck, fuck.

Sod this I thought, I'm not waiting 45 minutes, I'll walk.

Using the map I did, I even found a short cut. I was nearly at the restaurant when I had a thought. That Po faced sounding bitch Adele would be there, I went in to have a look at her.

Getting a cup of coffee from the girl behind the counter, I sat in the corner out of the way. I didn't have to wait long... what a miserable looking bitch, no dressing up for this Interview, She'll let me nowhere near her partner Alex, or whatever his name was, all sexed up.

I went back to The Diary, bought a pair of the cheapest, weakest, Librarian type glasses I could find.

Nothing much to do now until tomorrow’s interview.


The Interview went more or less as I hoped it would. I dressed down to provide no sexual threat, wore my glasses, tried to sound keen, eager to learn, all the stuff they want to hear.

She looked at my Student visa, passport and driving License, took them in the office to copy them. I dodged around the tax number thing by blaming the incompetence of the tax department, which went down well as everybody seems to dislike the taxman.

"Can you be here at 4.00pm Thursday for some training before the evening meals start? Your normal hours will be 5 till 11, Thursday to Sunday, uniform is basic, black skirt or trousers, white Tee or Blouse OK?"

"Yes," I said, trying not to grin like an Idiot.

"Good, just ask for Alex," she said, standing up offering me her hand.

I shook it and said "Thanks".

She let it go and said "Don't be late, you've a lot to learn" and with that, turned and went back to her office.

I walked out, grinning like an Idiot.


Sitting at the bus stop I wondered where the fuck I was going to get this uniform shit from. So I phoned Selena to give her the good news / bad news, asking, where can I buy the things I need as I’m not going wear my good stuff and get it covered in stains.

"Go to The Dairy." she said; this being what Kiwi's call any sort of newsagent / corner shop / small convenience store.

"Get some bus time tables, go to Albany have a look in Kmart or the Warehouse, they should sort you out with cheap and cheerful clothes to use as a uniform."

"Do you have any shoes you can stand up in for 6 hrs or more, you know, what your Gran would call sensible shoes?"

"No, not unless you count trainers"

"I don't think your electric pink and blue ones fit the bill" she said," Black, low heels, not open toed, don't skimp on your feet, a waitress depends on her feet."

"Right." making a mental note of all she told me. Shit, I thought, this is going to blow the budget.

“See you later." going to hang up.

"Wait, don't forget some nighties and a more modest robe as well"

"Yeah right, I wouldn't want to shock poor old Unky Dave would I." laughing.

"Hmmm," she said, hanging up.


I got a couple of little folding booklet timetable things and waited for the right bus to Albany.

Nighties, that would be the first part of my pussy power plan.

Walking around Kmart with my trolley, I decided against trousers and got 3 shortish black skirts, 2 white tees and 2 white blouses, 2 pairs of black not quiet fishnet stockings and 2 suspender belts, one black and one bright red.

I took the advice about shoes and found the comfiest I could for my modest budget.

I then looked at nighties and picked 3 poly-cotton ones that came just on to my knee in Royal Blue, which I knew was Unky Dave's favourite colour. I bought 2 the right size and one a size smaller and thus shorter that would pull tight across my tits, nipples, hips and arse and would show off the outline of my bush to perfection to which I added a 'more modest' purple robe that went just below my knee.

But if a robe’s not fastened it's not much use,

I would use the tight nightie for when I had Unky Dave on his own and when Selena or both of them were about I would use the correct sized nightie and have the robe well tied.

I had enough money to cover the cost, but not much left.

When I got back Selene was already home so I walked in and showed off the results of my afternoons work, with the right sized nighties and sensible-ish robe to the forefront

"Very good", said Selena, "Looks like you really did shop till you drop."

“I did spend a bit more than I really wanted but I thought it best to get those proper shoes you mentioned, I don't suppose..." I tapered off.

"I could give you a loan until payday," she finished for me. She smiled, "As it was my Idea, I'll give you the money for the shoes."

I let out a loud squeal and grabbed her in a hard - push both our tits together, with a bit of pussy on pussy rub, hug, saying,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you", while kissing her face all over, taking care to land a few good lingering ones on her lips. She breathlessly pushed me away.

"OK, OK, I get the message".

When she asked me how much they were I even told the truth.


Next morning, after sleeping naked as usual and with just Selene about for breakfast I wore the sensible stuff, I even wore panties which showed through when I leaned forward to get a cup for my coffee.

I spent the day reading up on basic chef stuff. Like they were going to let me near anybody’s food, but it's good to get a few 'buzz words' to throw about, and took a walk down the 'hidden, residents only stairs' to the secluded cove. This looked a good place to get some all over sun. Even topless on a Public beach is a bit much for your average Kiwi, never mind the full Monty.


Unky Dave arrived home about 8.30, had a small sandwich, a large drink, then left us both for a shower and bed.

Selene went about 10.00

I watched an average movie, went to bed just after midnight


Thursday dawned; Selene left us both in bed and went to work. I waited until I heard Unky Dave clattering cups in the kitchen. I rubbed my nipples to get them hard and touched cold water on them to firm them up even more, fluffed my bush up

I put on my too tight nightie, with no panties and my robe, but left it open, all set;

I put on my - eyes half closed, still half asleep face and walked feet dragging, into the kitchen, trying to push out tits, hips and bush all at the same time

"Morning," I mumbled, as I saw through half closed lids, Unky Dave's eyes follow my body as I went to the coffee machine, set it going and placed a slice of raisin bread in the toaster.

I sat opposite to him but at right angles to the table with my legs apart so the nightie feel into the waiting vee. While drinking my coffee with one hand, my other pushed the fabric tighter into my pussy and bush.

I ate my toast and drank my coffee, slowly sitting up straighter, supposedly as I woke up and the coffee kicked in.

Unky Dave walked toward the Dishwasher, he glanced at my exposed thighs, big pokie out nippled tits and nearly dropped his cup and plate

I set my cup down with clatter to get his attention, if I didn't already have it. Stretching my arms, legs, and back like a cat, which caused the already shortish nightie to ride up more with tits and nipples straining the material and said with half a sigh to no one in particular.

"Aaagh, that feels better, I'm not a morning person." I looked at him and, as if I realised that I was maybe unthinkingly showing him more than I should, quickly put my arms down.

"No shit," he said, taking in at a glance the thin straining cloth covered protruding nipples and hairy pussy mound.

To give him credit, he looked away a little sheepishly and neatly changed the subject.

“Any first day nerves?”

"No," I said, taking a deep breath, tits and nipples out again, sighing, a bit, not much though, what are you up to today?"

"One report to write and that's me for the day" he said standing up.

Did I imagine that bigger than usual bulge in his shorts?


1 - Nil to me.


Fuck me thought Dave, as he stepped into his shower, that sort of thing shouldn't be allowed without a License, as his dick started to swell at the memory.

He rubbed it a bit and made it harder, but thought, no, behave yourself.

You can look, that’s free, but then again so is this, as he quickly pounded at his wet soapy dick imagining that pussy mound close up.

Kate purposely avoided him for most of the day, had a late lunch on her own due to her 4.00pm start.


Thinking that Ice Queen Adele might still be there at 4, she dressed down as far as she could, given the short skirt, having it low on the hips with the blouse worn out side it, buttoned, nearly, but not quite up to the neck, she placed her dowdy glasses in her pocket just in case.


As she arrived at the restaurant she saw that Adele was indeed still there, slipped on her glasses and walked in.

"Early I see," said Adele sharply, "I like that, I off now, Alex will sort you out,” nodding toward a blond haired sex bomb behind the bar.

"Alex, this is Kate, the answer to all our prayers or so she probably thinks, sort her out will you, I'm late as it is." And with that, turned and left.


Ah, so this was Alex, a restaurant full of dykes and bitches...could be fun.

Kate went towards the bar, losing the glasses so she could see better, tucking them in the open vee of her blouse, stuck her hand out


"I'm Kate, supposedly the answer to your prayers," she said smiling full power at the sex bomb. I could really turn for this, she thought, Oh yes.

Alex laughed, "Don't mind Addie, she tends to be a bit anal and efficient"

Anal, thought Kate, without a strap-on that's a good trick for a Lesbian to pull off.

"Down to business," said Alex and showed her the till and the price list, Kate's eye brow lifted.

"Yeah I know," said Alex, "That's where the real money’s made though, we could sell the food at cost, so long as we can charge what we want for drinks...within reason, we don't kill the golden goose."

Next was how to work the electronic credit card machine and some basic table waiting etiquette.

"Do you know how to pour beer, wine and mix simple drinks?"

"A little, to be honest, most of my experience has been drinking them, I know you pour beer at an angle though, Daddy showed me." I said playing the little girlie girl.

"Near enough, we have 2 draught beers Speights and Guinness, plus all the local and imported foreign bottled stuff. Plenty of wine, all New Zealand stuff, World Class some of it. These are the glasses for red, these for white. They have a line on them so don't over fill."

“We don't tip as a rule in New Zealand, but if you're efficient, keen, pleasant, butter up the male punters without pissing off the women you might get a handy bit of cash each night. Your tips jar is under the counter, nobody else will touch it only you and you don't touch anyone else's, that and fingers in the till is instant sack and a phone call to the cops.” she looked up to the ceiling and said.

"Smile for the camera. Tips added electronically get paid at the end of the month, they're taxed though, can't hide the paper trail.”

"The specials of the day are on the board over there, get yourself a short spiel worked out and always mention the special, keep it short, sweet and full of promise... just like me."

Giving me a look, the sort of shy, head slightly down through the lashes look Princess Di had down to a fine art. Plus other stuff about house wines and such but by then much of it was going in one ear and out the other.


The evening went by in a bit of a panicky blur and I managed not to drop any plates.

I survived and was glad of the money spent on decent shoes, I even made $25 in tips.

Friday came and went and with it some more cash via tips, then Saturday, only Sunday left to go. After clearing up and doing some Prep. for Sunday Alex locked the doors, turned off the outside lights.

“Wind down time said Alex, going behind the bar, one free staff drink, anymore and you pay at discount”

"Thirsty work all this waiting," I said,  "I'll have a beer, I don't know much about wine anyway, back in England it was more about quantity than quality, you had 4 choices red or white, sweet or dry."

“If you don't know what you're drinking how can to sell it to the punters?” Knocking hers back in one, turned to the cooler behind the bar, rummaged around and set 4 bottles on the bar, bending down she came back up with 8 shot glasses, giving me a decent down blouse peak at breasts that were bigger than they appeared from my side of her slightly loose chefs shirt,

"Staff training, no charge." she said grinning. Setting 4 glasses her side of the bar and 4 my side. She poured a small measure of each wine into its own shot glass, 4 for her and 4 for me, passing me the first white.

“Close your eyes, take just a small sip, let it coat your mouth, search for the tastes that are under the surface, the under flavours, swallow, breath in, take the rest in your mouth and hold it for the overall taste.”

Jeez, I thought over the top or what, but what the fuck, so I took a small sip and did as she said.

“What's under the wine taste?” she said, “Close your eyes, taste, don't think.”

I held it and tasted.

“What's on the tip of your tongue,” she said, “What's just nibbling at your taste buds?”

“Some sort of Fruit, besides grapes and smoke.” I said.

“Not bad.” she said squeezing my hands, turning the bottle as I opened my eyes.

“Dashwood Chardonnay,” she said.

“Tasty.” I said, “Better than the usual plonk I've had.”

“Next.” she said, using finger and thumb to gently close my eyes.

I did the same routine with the next one.

“Red, plum and chocolate.”  Opening my eyes. “I prefer the white though.”

“Push the reds,” Alex said, “They have more mark-up due to the whole red wine mystique, people get snobby.”


I did the next two with mixed results so Alex poured 3 others. By the time we had finished the last one I said.

“To be honest, that last one was much the same as the one before.”

“You must be getting overloaded, you were better on the earlier ones, still not bad for a beginner,” she said, clearing the evidence away, then made  two largish vodka's over ice.

“Something to take the taste away,” she said tipsy voice.

I was feeling the effects myself on an empty stomach, but didn't turn it down

“You can't drive home,” I said, “You're too pissed.”

“Yeah, I am a bit, I’ll phone for a Taxi.” After giving all the details she put her phone back on the bar.

“30 minutes they say.”

“Won't Adele worry about you being late,” this was the first time I had acknowledged her relationship.

She laughed. “It's not that type of relationship,” she said, “well it is, but only sort of, it's more like friends with benefits plus.”

“If you live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, it’s a relationship,” I said.

“Well we do live together, but not in each other’s pockets, it's not a ‘till death do us part’ / civil union thing. She is technically my boss. You've seen her, you know what she's like. On Saturday nights she goes into town to her dyke bars.” 

Glancing at her phone to see the time, she picked it up and pressed redial and asked about her taxi, I could hear the guy on the other end umming and arhing, she pressed 'end'.

“Always like this on a weekend, nobody wants to go out to Greenhithe.”

My mouth suddenly spoke on its own.

“You can stay at my place.” I said, thinking where the fuck did that come from.

“You sure?”

“Yes, there's plenty of room and it's not too far, come on I've had enough anyway,” I said.

We got our stuff, switched the lights off and set the alarm and ran giggling to the door before the 30 seconds were up.


I let us in the house giving it the classic drunk's Shhsh, crept in, relocked the door with more shushing and giggles and by the light of my phone I led her by the hand to the unoccupied room next to mine. There was a bare unmade bed with Unky Dave's carry on flight bag on it.

“Shit.” I whispered. “You'll have to share with don't snore do you?”

“No.” she giggled.

I dumped my stuff on the floor next to the bed and she did the same.

“First in the toilet.” I said and disappeared, when I came out she was down to her bra and pants.

“All yours.” I got undressed and slipped into bed, she came out into the dark room and fumbled her way round the bed and got in spooning up next to me.

“You're naked.” she said.

“I always sleep this way.” I said, giving the hand around my waist a squeeze.


Nearly 10 minutes passed, the hand slowly came up to my breast. I placed my hand over hers and she gave a little jump.

“About time.” I said, “If you'd waited any longer, I was about to put it there myself.”

Or somewhere else, I thought.

“You don't mind?” she said snuggling closer to me.

I said, “Every now and again a girl needs warm and soft and cuddly

She massaged my breasts and nipples while nuzzling the back of my neck and earlobe, never a bad thing from my point of view. Her hand moved up and down my stomach in an ever increasing arc until...

“My God.” she exclaimed, “So much hair, can I put the light on? I must see.”


Turning to face her, reached round and undid the clasp on her bra, she shrugged out of it and flipped it over on to the floor, they were bigger than her loose chef’s shirt suggested.

I kiss her nipples, sucked them, pulled at them lightly, but not too lightly with my teeth, I licked them and let them harden even more in the cool night air.

Alex's knee parted my legs and her thigh came up to gently squash and rub my getting wetter pussy, no doubt also feeling the texture of the hairy bush that so fascinated her.

This allowed me to rub her through her the soaked panties, which in turn seemed to make the thigh between my legs go into high gear.

I pulled her panties aside and gently ran my finger along her wet lips, which parted with liquid silentness. I pushed two finger easily in, then three, working them in and out while my thumb flicked at her clit with every inward motion.

In no time her hips were moving in time with my fingers. I worked all four fingers in, fucking her for all I was worth, the wet sloppy sounds and pussy farts excited us both and spurred me on to greater efforts. She pulled at my wrist to get it further in. Not a minute too soon I folded my thumb along my palm as she pulled my whole fist into her time and time again.

She was moaning, “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming, take them out, take them out.”

I quickly pulled out thinking I was hurting her.

“Aaah, Aaah, Aaah,” she went, giving tiny squirt into her already damp knickers, in time with the cries.

At this I came myself on her thrusting thigh.

I returned to reality and roughly threw her on her back, pushed her legs up, pulled her wet panties off and threw them away, unable to contain myself plunged my mouth on to her dripping pussy, licking it for all I was worth.

She pulled my head hard against her pussy, again and again and again, nearly but not quite suffocating my in the process, I pulled away shoving two fingers in and added my little finger into her arse for good measure. 

I allowed my face reluctantly ( yeah right ) to be pulled back, mashed even, into her pussy, sucking that clit fit to bust, working the fingers in and out for all I was worth.

By this time she was beyond proper speech, making nearly inaudible grunts as her passion mounted.

Her foot had somehow found the gap between my legs and was rubbing for all it was worth.

Without warning she came, pulling on my head, giving more of the little squirts on to my face, for my shame I swallowed as much as I could. This was all too much for me and I came again.

© Copyright 2019 E.M. Ockleshaw. All rights reserved.

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