Game, Set and Match II

Game, Set and Match II Game, Set and Match II

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Kate arrives to find NZ is not that much different than the UK, but her uncle is very different than her dad.


Kate arrives to find NZ is not that much different than the UK, but her uncle is very different than her dad.


Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



Game, Set and Match II

I arrived feeling like shit, I'm just no good with long haul flights or the jet lag when I get there. I also found out there's only so much i pad you can watch, even free vodka and a couple of pussy rubs in the cramped Airbus toilet gave only temporary relief to the boredom.

Dave and Selena were there to meet me and we were soon back in their house, which I have to say was a bit Impressive. Dave said the exchange rate had boosted his accommodation allowance hence the 5 bed cliff top residence with pool and spa, in a quiet North Shore suburb. There was even, Uncle Dave said, a pathway down the cliff to a secluded sandy cove.

I'd always liked Unky Dave, as I used to call him when I was little.

Really fancied him actually, even when I was small, he was a  hunkier, happy go lucky version of my Dad. He had married before my parents and his kids were 1 and 3 years older than me, one was in working in London and one was away around the world after finishing his degree.

As I said, Uncle Dave seemed to me as a kid a happier version of my Dad, so far it was looking good.

It came as a shock when he barked at me at dinner over correct knife and fork usage and stuff... jeez.

I'd never seen this side of him and without the Dad / guilt card to play was at a loss to know how to handle him.

I was (very) firmly sent to bed at 10.00 prompt and off I meekly trotted.

What the fucks going on, He's not the boss of me, I thought, He says frog and I jump.

I couldn't fathom out these new feelings, which considering the nearly 2 days I had been mostly awake for, were still able to making me feel horny.

I had a hot soapy bath and used a body fragrance spray bottle to good effect.

Relaxing in the clean sheets, I was slowly maybe half unconsciously massaging my still glowing pussy thinking, if I don't stop I'll be coming again, then it literally did come to me...

Women's oldest weapon against men, in this case Hunky Unky Dave (as I still deep down thought of him)

Pussy Power!

Sex; all none gay men will roll over like the softest Labrador to have it's tummy tickled for Sex...probably the gays as well, depending on who does the tickling. They're all men and I need to get some sort of control back.

That was enough to send me off into a pussy rubbing frenzy, after one noise dampening bitten pillow later I soon fell asleep, but with the bones of a plan in my mind.

Due to the strange time zone I woke up around 4.30am, it was still dark, but felt all the better for 6 hrs. sleep. First in line was to get that job, no, after so many time zones first I had to remember what day it was. I worked it out to be Sunday, not much going to happen there then until Monday at the earliest.

Wait Though, Selena had given me the password to their Wi-Fi, using my iPad I registered on the biggest on line job site and looked for something local.

Which I soon found, it was close, I even remembered seeing it as we drove home. It was only a couple of minutes away by car, 10 minutes walk, according to Mr Google.

Waitress wanted 4 evenings per week, no experience required as training will be provided, Phone Adele between 10 and 4 and gave a mobile number, sorted. I surfed a few sites or an hour or so then went back to sleep.

We went for brunch at The Viaduct and had a stroll around.

"This is where it all happens of a weekend," Selena told me, "Here and at K Road. but you don't want to go there, much too seedy and lowlife."

Sounds just my sort of place I thought.

"K.A.Y. Rd" I spelt out, trying to get my head around the geography.

"No, 'K' as in letter K like Sesame St. K standing for Karangehape, ka-rang-a-hap-eh, too long to say all the time so K Rd. it is." She told me.

We got back about 3.00pm, I was actually glad as the warm sun and jet lag had made me sleepy.

"Jetlag", I said "I'm going for a nap"

"Not for too long or you won't sleep tonight" warned Uncle Dave.

I set the alarm for 30 mins and crashed out on the bed. I woke up feeling crap, but cold water in the face helped a bit.

I told them about the job I found and borrowed a phone to call up this Adele woman.

I arranged to see her at 11.30 Tuesday morning, before Lunch and after the morning coffee crowd. She ran the Morning coffee and lunch part, plus Admin, ordering produce, deliveries, hiring and firing and her partner Alex, was the Chef, did the evening meals and that they had 20 covers outside and 38 inside...Covers, what the fuck are covers I thought, so I asked.

"Bums on seats, dear, bums on seats,” She said in a sharp manner.

Oops! Pardon my Ignorance, I'll have to watch this bitch, I thought. Still, I had an Interview, it was a start.

I told Selena the good news or so I thought.

"Have you got a tax number?"


"Well you won't get hired without one, unless you want to be an Illegal in a sweat shop"

Uncle Dave added, "Your interview's Tuesday?" he said, googling the IRD site, after a minute or so, he said. "You can start work without a tax number but you pay a much higher tax rate and you can't claim it back until next year - if you get it at all knowing those Tax people".

"What sort of ID do you have?"

"I’ve got a four year Student Visa, UK passport and Driving License"

"Your License is good for 6mths. First thing tomorrow go into Browns Bay, pick a Bank, open a check account, you'll get a debit card in a few days through the post and a pin number the day after.”

Where the fuck is Browns Bay I thought panicking.

"Relax" said Uncle Dave, seeing the look on my face, "it's a 25 min walk or a couple of dollars on the bus, I'll print you out a map".

"How much cash have you got?"

"About 100 pound.” I said.

"The bank will change it for you, should be about $250. I have an old iPhone in my desk you can use that as your UK one is more than likely locked.

So tomorrow, walk to Browns Bay, take all your ID, change your money, and open a Bank Account."

"How much data do you use a month".

I shrugged, "no idea." I said.

"Well what sort of plan were you on, how much was it a month?"

Blushing, I said, "I don't know.” I paused, meekly adding, "I never had to pay it."

He smiled a hard, wolfish, but sexy smile.

"Go to the supermarket, buy a 2degrees $50 pay as you go sim, remember, no more free lunch, breakfast, dinner – no free anything.

This is you from now on, get used to it, pay as you go, FOR EVERYTHING,  you have to earn it to spend it."

"Welcome to the real world Kate", he said, smiling that wolfish smile again.

We scanned all my ID and applied online for my tax number and He printed me off a map, drew a little x on it and wrote the traditional 'you are here'. Put another x on it, there's your restaurant. A couple of little dots for the bus stops, shit, I felt like Tom Hanks in castaway and I didn't even have a basketball. Before I went to bed he said.

"We'll both be out early tomorrow so you get to clean the kitchen and load the dish washer... you can do that can't you?"

I just looked at him and he laughed,

"Sweet dreams" he said.

Fuck you I though, when I put my pussy power plan into action, we'll see who bosses who.

 Selena said "Weren't you a bit hard on her. It's only her second day."

"Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue...or a girl named Kate." I replied cryptically.

"So she's in the deep end, big deal, no more spoilt princess, she'll survive, she's not stupid."

"I'm off to bed." added Dave, "Early start.”

“If you’re in Wellington for 2 days, how about a quickie to keep me going.”

“Do I have to” said Dave, heading towards the bedroom.

"Yes you have to" said Selena, following him, "Just don't make it too quick," she told his retreating back, pulling off her tee shirt as she followed him down the hall.

Dave used the main family sized bathroom and she the en-suite, a quick pee and cleaned of the teeth later she came back into the bedroom naked thinking, how did we ever manage when we first got married, living in a little terrace with just one toilet and cast Iron bath tub in a tiny bathroom.

Dave was there before her doing his tent pole impression.

"You're pleased to see me then." she said.

"As all ways," he said, throwing back the covers for her to climb in.

He drew her to him slipping a hand between her legs.

"You're not too unhappy yourself", feeling her slightly damp pussy lips part to his touch.

For some time they just fondled each other letting it build up slowly as he worked his fingers in and out, every so often he would offer his pussy soaked fingers up to her mouth for her to suck clean, he found out early on in their marriage this turned her on.

His fingers went back down while hers kept up with the very slow wanking rhythm he liked.

Three fingers went in this time and a thumb for the clit.

Selena's hips started to buck ever so slightly, so he changed method of attack.

Throwing off the covers and straddling her hips, dragging the pussy soaked palm of his hand back and forth across her nipples, making them wet, tasty and hard at the same time.

Then, starting with her closed eyes, gently kiss his way down her body.

Nose, mouth, chin, the hollow of he neck got special attention with both tongue and lips, on to both breasts and nipples...uuum pussy juice...tasty, ever downwards, kissing and tonguing her belly button ( another hot spot )

Carrying on down one leg to tickle first one foot then the other with his tongue.

Grasping both feet he guided them up and apart, kissing his way up the insides of her thighs.

By now her sodden pussy lips were swollen and wide open

As he reached up to grab his pillow, she raised herself up for him to place it under her.

Getting back between her up raised legs and parted knees, he said.

"Good girls get special kisses, have you been good?"

"Uuuum," she answered.

"Bad girls get extra special kisses", still keeping up the light up and down licking from arsehole to clit, "Have you been bad?"

"UUUUUM" she said louder.

Starting gently he licked her arsehole then pushed his rolled up tongue into it. In and out it went, he worked his way up and back down, tonguing her arsehole every time, up and down until she could stand it no longer.

She grabbed his head and mashed it into her pussy and clamped her knees and legs tight on his ears as she came and came.

He could hardly breathe but kept slurping and drinking her juices.

She seemed to be dying down when he pushed his index finger as far into her arse as it would go, then started working it in and out while rotating it as much as his wrist would allow each time, stopping just before it slipped out completely, then pounding it back in with a twisting motion.

This sent her into another paroxysm of orgasmic delight, again the knees and legs clamped and unclamped on his ears and head, in time with her anal orgasmic contractions.

When his head was at last free, Selene pulled his pussy soaked face up to hers and kissed him passionately all over his face um,um,um,um,um,um, and hugged him in a near back breaking grip.

"One of your better ones" she purred.

"I aim to please," he said, talking of aim, he thought is my dick pointing where I think it is, He pushed and Selena squealed, it was.

He worked it in and out of her still lightly spasming pussy for a 2 or 3 minutes or so, getting it well coated in her slowly drying and thickening juices, slippy and wet,

He pulled out.

"Hey" Selena cried, "I was starting to enjoy that"

"Move back to the headboard a bit" he said, she saw his plan and scooted back just far enough to get her shoulders, head and neck supported on the headboard.

He wormed his way up her body and shoved his dick in between sweaty valley of her decent sized tits. Using her left arm she placed it on her chest to stop his dick popping out and with her hand pulled her breast tight together.

He fucked his pussy lubricated dick up and down enjoying the tight fit, while Selena used her other hand to gently massaged his balls where the pressure was steadily mounting.

"Get ready" He said, she dropped her head down and opened her mouth. He shot rope after sticky white rope of sperm on her neck, chin, into her mouth, her closed eyes and once, at the height of his orgasm, into her hair.

She wiped her eyes and sucked her fingers clean, then sucked his slowly shrinking dick to clean it of the remains of his sperm

"If that was a quickie,” she said, "Bring on the slow one".

"You taught me well Princess Leia, quick shower I reckon, you can wash my back and I'll wash your front," he said, heading into the bathroom.

Not long after, they were fast asleep mindful of the early start needed to beat the car park that was the Auckland motorway system.



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