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Genre: Thrillers


Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers


Julian Sawyer, is one of the most popular girl's in school, loved by many, one to stay out of trouble. Though one can only stay out of trouble for so long, before being kind hearted, catches up with them. A case of mistaken revenge, causes Julian to be held at gun point, beaten, and held hostage by someone she thought loved her.


Julian Sawyer, is one of the most popular girl's in school, loved by many, one to stay out of trouble. Though one can only stay out of trouble for so long, before being kind hearted, catches up with them. A case of mistaken revenge, causes Julian to be held at gun point, beaten, and held hostage by someone she thought loved her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Hostage

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Julian Sawyer, is one of the most popular girl's in school, loved by many, one to stay out of trouble. Though one can only stay out of trouble for so long, before being kind hearted, catches up with them. A case of mistaken revenge, causes Julian to be held at gun point, beaten, and held hostage by someone she thought loved her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 27, 2014



Music plays from the black stereo, in the corner of Julian's large sized room. She sings along to Ed Sheeran's, Lego House, while straightening her usually curly, long red hair. After she's done, she moves to her make up. White eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and baby pink lipstick. Usually it's only mascara and eyeliner, but today's picture day at school.

Once finished, she smiles and stands up from the chair, checking herself out in the full length mirror. She twirls around and curtsies in her cheerleading uniform, giggling to herself. She's not conceited, just satisfied with the way she looks. Especially if it means impressing her boyfriend, who means the world to her.

She makes her way from her room and jogs down the stairs, finding her brother and dad in the kitchen. "Hey, daddy? I have a question." She says, sitting down next to him. He looks at her, raising a brow, her brother sitting across from them, suspicious.

"Well, today is a big day for Alec," she starts, sending her dad an innocent smile. "The school is even paying him." She continues, titling her head to the side. "So, I was wondering. Can I take the extra car?" She asks, moving a little closer to the man. "I'll be very careful, I promise. Just don't want him riding the bus today." She finishes, shutting her eyes and waiting for the answer.

Her dad stares at her for a few minutes, while her brother grins and hopes he'll say yes. Unlike other sisters, Julian will actually take her brother places and not be annoyed about it. After six minutes of just sitting there, Julian starts feeling a bit excited. Knowing her dad will most likely say yes, puts her on the edge of her seat.

"OK, OK." Julian jumps up and hugs her dad around his neck, letting out a squeal. Her dad laughs, but hugs her back nonetheless. "But be careful, you know this is against your mom's rules. That accident you were in, scared the hell out of her. So don't tell your mom and be careful. OK?" He says, raising a brow.

"I know, daddy. And I will, I promise you." She squeals, a skip to her step while heading toward the door. She opens it and walks out, before peaking her head in momentarily. "You coming, Iven?" She asks him, smiling when he grabs his backpack and runs toward her.

They hop into the grey SUV and almost instantly, Julian clicks on the radio, motioning for her brother to sit in the back. He sighs, but does it anyways, glad his sister even thought to bring him with her. As Julian drives down the road, slowing down when she spots her six foot tall boyfriend walking along the sidewalk.

A smile forms on her face as she pulls up behind him and honks. He turns around, confusion clear on his face, before breaking out in a grin. Julian is taken back, as she can tell his grin isn't real, that it's fake. He jogs to the car and opens the door, making sure his seat belt is clicked tight, after sitting down. He then leans over and kisses Julian's cheek, before glancing in the backseat.

"Hey, Iven." He greets, holding onto the door when his girlfriend starts driving. "So, your mom actually let you drive, huh?" He asks, turning the radio station to country and ignoring Iven's protests. Julian glances at Alec from the corner of her eye, narrowing them. Actually let me drive? Wow. She thinks to herself, moving her eyes back to the road.

"If she catches wind of this, I'm dead." Julian states and Alec chuckles. "So no, not mom, my dad." She tells him, keeping her chocolate brown eyes on the road. Ever since the accident two years

ago, she doesn't take her eyes off the road for more than a second, nor does she take her hands off the wheel.

"Right, so what's the occasion?" She asks, genuinely confused, knowing Julian usually doesn't like driving.

"Like you don't know, big time photographer." Iven cuts in, winking when Alec looks back at him.

"What's that got to do with it?" He asks, growing more confused.

"Because it's a big day for you. I was just trying to be nice, Alec." Julian states, her body tensing.

Alec glances at her, a sigh escaping him. "Look, I'm sorry. I don't exactly enjoy car rides with y-anyone anymore." He tells her, looking out of the window.

"You ride with your mom, you're just fine. Your dad, you're fine. Brother, fine. Best friend, fine." She starts, taking a deep breath, her body shaking. "So just come out and say it, Al. You just don't want to be in the car when I'm driving. I'm tired of your beating around the bush bull crap." She snaps, wanting so bad to stop herself.

"Stop it! God, it's the same fight over and over again with you two!" Iven yells, stopping himself from reaching up and smacking both of them in the back of their heads.

"He's right, Jules. We need to stop having this fight, I'm in the car with you right now, am I not?" He asks the red headed girl, raising a brow. He can't seem to admit that she's right, because he doesn't want to hurt her.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry." She replies, before glancing into the rear veiw mirror at her brother. Thank you, she mouths, sending him a smile. Realizing she looked away from the road a little too long, she curses herself and looks forward.

It doesn't take them long to reach the school and find a decent parking space. The three jump out of the SUV and make their way into the school. Once in, Iven says his goodbyes and heads for the cafeteria.

"I'll meet you at lunch, love you." Alec tells Julian, leaning down to kiss her.

"Deal, I love you too." She replies, leaning up the rest of the way and kisses him. She pulls away from him, before they go their separate ways. She didn't fail to notice, that his kiss didn't feel the same. Her heart breaks a little, knowing he's still mad about their fight, or at least awkward.

Julian makes her way to first period, sure she'd be the first one there. She takes a seat in front next to the window, loving how the sun shines down on her tan face. Growing bored, she takes out her iPod and puts in her headphones, turning her music on full blast, ignoring the world around her.

Unaware of the commotion going on in the school, Julian sings along to her favorite song, Love Along The Beach, by Jumping Rocks, her little brother's band. Though after a few more of her brother's songs, she grows a bit suspicious, as no one has come into the classroom yet.

She first turns down her music and glances toward the door, not able to hear anything upon it. She then pulls off her headphones and puts her iPod away, before standing to her feet and going

toward the door. As she turns the knob to open it, someone grabs her shoulder and pulls her to the ground.

She lets off a high-pitch scream and the person who grabbed her, covers her mouth with their large hand. "Shuush, you have to be quiet." The man whispers and turns her to face him. Her eyes widen at the sight and she tries pulling away, to ask what he's doing in the school. "No talking, there's someone with a gun in the building," he tells her and she nods her head, trying to pull his hand away again.

"What're you doing here, Ryan?" She asks, surprised to see her older sister's best friend. "I thought you were in New York with Ellie." She continues, moving to sit against the wall and look at him. "Is she in town too?" She finishes and Ryan shakes his head in answer.

"Keep it down, Julie. It doesn't matter right now, everyone in the building is in danger." He scolds and Julian looks down, ashamed. They sit there, the clock on the wall clicking, as if it's taunting them. "Did you not hear the gunshots? Why didn't you get out?" He asks, his voice a whisper.

Julian pulls out her iPod and shows him, shaking it a bit. "Music." She whispers, though it was so low, he could barely hear her.

Before she can say anything more, she hears her phone go off and hurries to answer it. "Hello? Alec?" She rushes, waiting for him reply.

"Where are you? Are you still in the school?" He asks her, his voice full of worry. "You need to get out of there, you remember Ryan?" He asks, his voice rushed.

"He's in the room with me right now, don't worry, I'm safe." She replies, glancing at the man in front of her.

"Julian, get out of there right now."

"What? Why?"

"He's the one with the gun, Jules. Get. Out. Of. There!" He yells, causing Julian to jump to her feet. She turns her back to Ryan and runs to the door, but before she can reach it, hands are pushing her full force into the wall. The sound of her head hitting the wall sounds through the room, a yelp of pain escaping her. The last thing she hears before passing out, is Alec yelling her name.


"You hurt me," Julian woke to the sound of Ryan's voice, but when she tries opening her eyes, they won't lift. "Ellie, you hurt me, so I'm going to hurt what's most important to you." Ryan says and Julian tries to open her eyes once more, wanting to know if her sister is in the room with them. "I'll kill her, I will kill what's most important to you. Your little sister." He finishes, a clicking sound echoing throughout the room.

Julian's heart speeds up, her body going numb and sweat forming on her forehead. A million thoughts run wild in her brain, like rabid dogs trying to break out of their cage. He's going to kill her, he's going to kill her! Before her brain can connect to her body, she's trying to break free from the ropes she feels around her wrists and ankles.

The motion catches Ryan's attention and he slowly walks over to her, like a cheetah stalking it's prey. She finally gets her eyes pried open, only to see him standing over her, sending her heart straight into overdrive. She clinches her eyes shut, hoping he'll just leave her alone, but it turns out, luck isn't really on her side right now.

"Don't move, or I will kill you." He growls in her ear, causing her to flinch back.

"Why're you doing this!? Ryan, don't you remember who I am?" Julian asks, her voice cracking toward the end.

"Of course I do, adorable little Julie, my little sister." He answers, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Then why're you doing this!?" She screams out, her face turning red and body shaking.

"Because you're the most important person to Ellie and Ellie needs to know what it feels like to be hurt!" He yells, stomping down on Julian's left foot. She lets out a scream and tries to wiggle away, but the ropes are too light and hurt every time she moves.

"What did she do? I don't understand!" She yells, refusing to beg him to let her go. She doesn't back down from something and if he tries to kill her, she'll give him one hell of a fight.

"Shut up, it's none of your concern." He replies, his voice calm. Does he not realize what he's doing? That he can go to prison for this? Julian glancing around the room and notes that he has her in the music room. That's a problem, because if she tries to escape, the windows are out of the question. Her grades music room, is on the top floor of the school, if only he would've brought her to the freshman music room.

"Come on Ry, this is stupid. Why not just stop being her friend? Isn't that a way to hurt her?" She reasons, glancing toward the windows. She can't tell if the police are out there yet, maybe if she finds a way to let them know where she is, they'll be able to get her the hell away from him. Even though it's impossible, she's not strong enough to free herself from the ropes.

"That's not good enough! She needs to feel the pain I felt! Now shut up!"


"I said shut the fuck up!" He screams, back handing her right upside her head. She yelps as her head flies to the side, letting it hang there, as it's to painful to lift back up. "Why don't you people listen!?" He shouts, storming away from her and hitting the wall. He doesn't really want to hurt her, but he has to, they're telling him too.

He paces back and forth, glancing at the girl every once in a while, shaking his head and running his hands through his sleek jet black hair. He stops at the door and looks out, running over to Julian and stuffing something in her mouth, before ducking down. Footsteps sound in the hallway and she tries calling out, but every time, she chokes.

She hears someone trying to open the door and tries even harder to be heard, but still, it proves difficult. Ryan chuckles beside her and she glares at him, wishing he would drop dead from her eyes. How can he do this to her? Regardless of what her sister's done, it shouldn't be her tied to this school chair.

Once the person stops fiddling with the door, Ryan stands to his feet and takes the sock from her mouth. He crouches down to her level and stares at her, while she narrows her eyes moves her head forward in order to headbutt him. His head barrels backward and he falls to his butt, covering his head with his pale hand.

Julian wiggles her hands, finding a way to make the ropes loosen. Right before she has one hand free, Ryan grabs the rope and tightens it, making it impossible to wiggle out of. She didn't notice him get up, being to focused on getting free. She can feel the ropes dig into her skin every time she moves and whimpers.

She's on the verge of tears but holds them back, not wanting him to see she's growing weaker by the second. He walks to stand in front of her and grips her chin, yanking it upwards. She's sure it'll leave a bruise. He stares at her, not saying a word, but Julian knows what he's saying. He doesn't have to point out the fact that he's angry, that he doesn't appreciate her trying to get away.

"If you wanted your hands and feet free, you could have just told me. No need for the violence, Julie." He says, though she can tell he's only taunting her. "Now you have to wait longer and believe me, I have enough will power to keep you tied up." He tells her, leaning down to kiss her cheek. She moves her head back, her nose scrunching up and lips quivering.

He ignores the way she moves her head and turns to sit at the desk in the front of the classroom. He plops down into the chair and props his feet up on the desk, crossing his arms behind his head and staring at the girl across the room. A smirk shows on his face and he raises a brow, daring her to speak one word.

She closes her mouth into a thin line, looking away from him and glaring at the window. She glances at the man kicked back and relaxed, before thinking up a plan in her mind. Maybe she should just play it nice, try being his friend and get inside his head, maybe that way, he'll let her free. Or he'll get sloppy and she'll be able to escape.

Here goes nothing, please God, don't let him kill me.

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