To Serve and Protect

To Serve and Protect

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Cop Nick Reed lusts after bad girl Sindy Scott. When he finally gets what he wants from her, he wants more. After spending more time with her he notices her desire to please him and offers her the life she craves, to feel safe, loved and protected, in return she must serve him.


Cop Nick Reed lusts after bad girl Sindy Scott. When he finally gets what he wants from her, he wants more. After spending more time with her he notices her desire to please him and offers her the life she craves, to feel safe, loved and protected, in return she must serve him.

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It wasn’t too late in the night, or so she thought. Walking along the dark alleyway towards home, Sindy crossed her arms over her chest and shivered. She wished she’d taken a jacket out with her, wearing just a small skirt and top that showed her midriff was not one of her best idea’s.

Looking behind her she noticed a car entering the alley. “Shit!” She muttered and quickened her pace. It was the police.

The alley grew brighter as the car drove closer, Sindy’s heart began to race when it pulled up beside her.

“Hello Sin.” The deep voice of officer Nick Reed came from the open window. “Late again, I see.”

Sindy stopped walking and turned to face the car, with wearing heels, this time she couldn’t run, she shuddered as he climbed out and walked towards her.

“Oh dear, what are we going to do now?” He glanced at his watch. “Your curfew is nearly up; you’re never going to get home in time, are you?”

Sindy huffed. “I didn’t realise it was that late Nick, if you let me go I’ll make it in time.” She turned to walk away from him.

Nick laughed and grabbed her arm. “Hang on baby girl, you’re not going anywhere just yet.”

Sindy looked up at the well-built man, with his blond neatly cut hair and his dark green eyes that always had a twinkle, the good-looking policeman at the age of twenty-eight, was well known on the estate where she lived. Every girl fancied him, Nick knew this and took advantage of it, he had shagged most of the girls on the estate, except Sindy, he’d never had the chance to get her alone. Until now.

Nick gazed down at the petite brunette and felt his dick twinge, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples pointed under her t-shirt like bullets. With her long dark hair, big brown eyes, tiny waist and slender legs, she looked like a little doll.

“Please Nick, I need to get home.” She tried to pull away from him.

Nick laughed and held on tight to her, he glanced at his watch again. “You won’t make it to the other side of the city on time, you’ve only got ten minutes.” He pushed her against his car and leaned over her. “Whatever will your probation officer say when I report you in the morning?”

Sindy nervously licked her lips. “Please don’t say anything, my reviews in a couple of days.”

Nick slowly ran his fingers down her bare midriff. “I know, I’m writing a report for you. Maybe I could do you a favour and give you a lift home.” He paused and grinned. “If you do me a favour.”

Sindy nervously swallowed, her body tingled with the warmth of his fingers stroking her skin. She knew what he meant. Tears welled in her eyes. “I can’t, if my boyfriend finds out he’ll.”

Nick didn’t let her finish what she was going to say. “He won’t, it’ll be our secret.”

Sindy gasped as his warm hands held her around her waist, he kissed her around her neck and slowly worked his way up to her face, she tried to move away but he held on tight to her. Her breathing deepened, the heat of his body squashing her against the car was an incredible feeling.

Nick cupped her face with both hands and gently stroked her cheeks with his thumbs as he gazed into her eyes. “I’ve always wanted you.” He whispered.

“Yeah, for another notch on your bedpost.” She rolled her head to one side as he nuzzled his face into her neck.

Nick breathed in her aroma, the smell of coconut shampoo and her flowery perfume was just how he imagined it would be. He gazed into her eyes. “It won’t be like that with you.”

Sindy rolled her eyes and turned away.

Nick gripped her chin and moved her face to look at him. “What do you expect me to do, live like a fucking monk while I’ve been waiting for my chance with you?”

Sindy’s stomach swirled as he slowly slipped his hands under her skirt and stroked around her hips. Nick leaned towards her, his lips hovered over hers as he gazed into her eyes. “I’m gonna fuck you into next week.” He growled.

Sindy’s heart raced as she looked up at him, the sudden heat she felt between her legs when he said that sent her senses into overdrive. She rocked her body against him, feeling his hard on against her stomach. “You haven’t got it in you.” She teased. Everything went silent around her; all she could hear was her blood pumping through her body.

Nick stared at her for what seemed like forever.

Sindy squealed a little as his hands painfully gripped her hips. His lips crashed against hers, they wildly kissed as he pushed his knee between her legs to open them.

“You fucking asked for this Sin.” Nick growled, he slid his hand into the front of her thong and thrust two fingers inside her, rubbing his thumb against her clit.

Sindy fell forward and held onto him, crying with pleasure as his fingers plunged into her, nearly raising her off the ground with each thrust. Nick grunted with aggression as he pushed a third finger inside her and finger fucked her knuckle deep, she was soaking wet. Sindy gripped onto his uniform and pressed her face against his shoulder to muffle her cries, her legs felt like jelly. Her walls tightened around his fingers, he thrust faster into her, her core was on fire, she howled as her orgasm exploded through her body.

Nick pulled his fingers out and grinned as he licked her juices off his fingers. He gripped her hair and pulled her head back to look at her, Sindy shuddered under his lustful gaze. He pulled her away from the car and opened the back door while unclipping his handcuffs from his belt.

“What are you doing?” Sindy began to panic as he cuffed one of her wrists and pushed her onto the back seat.

Nick grabbed her by the waist and moved her further in, he grabbed her arm and cuffed it to the guard rail. “Just in case you change your mind.” He pulled her thong off and threw it outside.

Feeling strangely aroused with the situation she was in, Sindy’s breathing grew deeper as he grabbed her ankles, opened her legs and kneeled between them. Lustfully gazing down at her shining wet pussy lips, he stroked his fingers over her dark neatly trimmed bush. “Next time I want that shaved clean.” He growled.

“What?” Sindy gasped.

Nick unzipped his trousers. “You’ll come back for more after this?” He freed his hard shaft and stroked it.

Sindy’s eyes widened at the sight of his thick meat, Nick had the biggest dick she had ever seen. Her heart raced with excitement mixed with fear as he forced her legs wider with his knees. Leaning over her, he rubbed the tip of it up and down her slit, Sindy rolled her head back and let out a little moan as he stroked it against her sensitive clit. She rocked her hips against him, her core began to tingle.

“Don’t Stop.” She gasped as he moved away, she was close to cummin again.

Nick grinned and forced the head of his cock into her tight hole, he closed his eyes for a second to compose himself, he was close to shooting his load already. He gripped her hips and groaned as he took one hard thrust into her. Sindy arched her back and cried in pain, he gripped her hips tighter and began to thrust full speed into her.

Sindy gasped and squealed, rolling her head from side to side. The pain of his huge cock slowly turned to pleasure, her body was on fire.  

Nick pulled her legs up around his waist and lay on her, pushing his arms underneath her and gripped her shoulders then slammed into her forcing her to take every inch of him.
Sindy moaned with pleasure, gasping for breath, her body shook with the power of his thrusts hitting her g-spot with force. He gripped on tighter to her, crushing her petite body into the seat.

Nick groaned in her ear, his body tensed with one last thrust, holding himself deep inside her. Sindy threw her head back and howled with ecstasy, it felt like he’d doubled in size as his hot seed filled her. He nuzzled into the side of her face, quietly groaning in her ear, they ground their bodies against each other until he went soft.

Nick eventually raised himself onto his elbows and gazed down at the beauty underneath him. “So what do we do now?” he laughed

Sindy frowned. “Nothing, you can give me a lift home then move on to your next conquest.”

Nick moved off her and tucked himself back into his trousers then uncuffed her. “What about a round two sometime?”

Sindy sat up, rubbing her wrist, she would have liked a round two with him but didn’t want to boost his already large ego. “Are you being serious!” She pushed him aside and tried to climb over him.

Nick grabbed her around the waist. “Is that a no then.” He grinned.

Sindy slapped him across the face. “I only fucked you because you threatened to tell my probation officer I was out after curfew.”

“No you didn’t.” Nick grabbed her arms so she wouldn’t slap him again. “You let me fuck you because you wanted it.”

Sindy glared at him and yanked her arms out of his grip. “You’re so full of yourself, aren’t you?” She climbed out of the car and picked her thongs up off the floor and slipped them on.

On the twenty-minute drive to her home, Sindy sat in silence, staring out of the car window, the guilt she felt inside with what she had just done with Nick was eating at her, she’d never cheated on her boyfriend before. But Nick was right, she did want him to fuck her.

As they drove into her street, Nick parked the car at the top. “I’d better not drop you off outside your house, your parents will think you’re in trouble again.”

Sindy shrugged and opened the car door. “My dad would love that; it’ll just give him an excuse to give me another good hiding, not that he needs one.”

As she swung her legs out of the car Nick held onto her arm. Sindy turned to face him. “What now?” She frowned.

Nick half smiled. “Twenty Richmond street, Moreland estate.”

“Who lives there?” Sindy curiously asked.

“That’s where I live.” He gently stroked her arm. “When this shift finishes, I’ve got three days off. Your more than welcome any time to come and see me.”

Sindy scowled at him and climbed out of the car.

Nick leaned against the door and watched her walk down the street to her house. He’d always felt sorry for Sindy, coming from a family with five older brothers who were all well known by all the police, even her parents and boyfriend Chris were. He wondered if she knew that Chris screwed behind her back with two other girls that claimed to be his girlfriends. He sighed as he started the engine up and drove slowly down her street, her living room curtains were still open, he could see Sindy standing by the fireplace, talking to someone.

He smiled to himself as he drove out of the street. His dick twitched at the thought of what they had just done, he knew he’d have her again. 

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