Making Waves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A sunny day boating on the lake turns out to be more fun than initially planned.

The warm summer sun reflected off the rippling water of Lake Winnipasaukee as you cast your line once again into the clear depths of the lake.  I looked over at you to take in your tall, bronzed physique.  I had been sitting at the back of the boat, behind you, soaking up the sun in my two piece bikini, sipping on a bottle of water and enjoying the weather..  The heat of the sun was warming up my libido, and I was starting to feel very horny.  I stared at your body and watched your muscles moved under your skin as you cast your line again.  I thought to myself, "There is more then one way to get lucky fishing.", and looked around the lake to see if there were any other boaters near by.

Seeing we were quite some distance from the nearest boat, I put down my water and sauntnered over to stand behind you.  Wrapping my arms around your sun-warmed midsection, I started placing slow, lazy kisses on the back of your shoulders.  You placed a hand and arm on top of mine and leaned slightly back on me.  You took a deep breath and sighed, slightly turning your head to see me.   I slowly slid my hands down your stomach, past the waistband of your swimshorts, and to your cock.  I grabbed it with both hands and while one hand gently started stroking it, the other explored your balls.  You sucked in a breath and almost stumbled back onto me as your cock started to grow hard.

 I pressed my breast against your back, wishing I had taken my damn top off before I started stroking you.  You turned around, and cupping my face, started to give me long, slow passionate kisses.  I kept fondling your now very hard cock, giving it nice slow strokes.  My cunt was now very hot, wet, and aching to be touched.  Before you could take charge of the situation though, I broke off our kiss, stared you straight in the eyes,grabbed both sides of your shorts and pulled them down as I went down in front of you.  Your penis sprung up to greet me anxiously and I wrapped my mouth around it and slowly swallowed every inch of the hardness that I so wanted in me.  Your hands grabbed either side of my head and you moaned.  My hands went behind you and grabbed each ass cheek hard to hold you still and to me so I could continue to suck your dick.  I took my time, sucking and devouring every bit, enjoying the moans and sounds of exctasy escaping your mouth.  I then brought one hand back around and grabbed your cock so I could stoke and suck at the same time.  I started sucking harder and faster, with your hands still on either side of my head, not forcing but encouraging me to keep going. 

To your dismay though, I did stop.  Though I would love to finish you and have you come in my mouth or on my face or anywhere else you wanted, I still wanted that hard rod to be pounding the hell out of my pussy.  Grabbing you by the shaft, I walked you to the back seat of the boat.  I sat down, spread me legs, and looked at you with desire in my eyes and leaned back on my arms to see what you would do.  

You knelt down between my legs and at my crotch, pulled my bikini bottom to the side.  Then using your other hand, spread the lips of my pussy, and started licking the whole thing very slowly and thoroughly.  My head fell back as I sucked in a breath; the things you could do with your mouth on my pussy were simply amazing.  You tounged teased my clit, briefly touching and playing with that certain spot that made me hotter, wetter, and hornier.  I started to use both of my hands to message and play with my own tits and then bent my own mouth down to lick and suck on them since your mouth was already occupied.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, you inserted two fingers into me and started thrusting them in and out.  I nearly screamed with the exctacy it brought me and grabbed your full head of dark hair in my hands, urging you on.  You continued to thrust your fingers into me while your mouth licked and sucked my pussy till I couldn't take it anymore.  I let out a ragged half moan, half scream as I came.  I could feel the muscles in my vaginia squeeze on your fingers as you thrust them deep inside - slowly, expertly - as your tounge and mouth continued to lick and tease.  

I had to pull your head away from my snatch when it became overly sensitive to your touch.  You wiped your mouth with the back of you hand, then grabbed me by the legs to pull me further down, and then thrust your harder then a rock shaft into my still throbbing pussy.  You drew in a deep breath as you burried yourself deep in my mound and held still to enjoy what you were feeling.  I kissed your neck, face, chest, anything I could get a hold of with my mouth and once again grabbed your ass and did my damnedest to get your cock further burried in my cunt.  You looked down at me and smiled, knowing my pussy was hungry for a good long, hard pounding; you were only too happy to oblige.

You slowly pulled your cock out and rammed my snatch hard, again and again, faster and faster till I thought I was going to break apart.  I tightened my pussy around that pole and started playing with my breast again.  You grabbed me by the top of the shoulders and continued to ram me even harder.  I then felt my orgasim coming on as my vagina continue to swallow up your cock.  To my suprise, I came around your rod and squirted hot liquid from my clit at the same time.  Your back arched as you pushed yourself deep inside of me and came, pouring your cum deep inside me.  I was left week and shaking, but still loving the feeling of your cock inside me.  I pulled your lips down to mine and kissed you long, deeply, drinking in your saliva as surely as my pussy drank your seed.  

We ended the kiss as you colapsed on top of me.  I wouldn't let you take that long, lucious piece of meat out of me until it went soft and came out on its own.  

As we lay there catching our breath, a voice sounded from another boat we had not heard approach.  

"Want some company?", yelled a male voice.  We both looked over at the man on his boat and then at each other.  I knew there was a glint in my eye as I looked up at you and we both smiled at each other.  

"Well?", I asked, "What do you think?"

* If you would like me to write a part two to this story, please like the story and comment 'Please continue' in the comment section.  I am not sure how good I am doing at this, so please comment on how I am doing.  Thanks!

Submitted: April 02, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Dusty Winters. All rights reserved.

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Please continue, please ...

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 9:24am


Sounds like a story waiting to be told... I for one enjoy that kind... I'd love to see it...

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 9:43am


Your descriptive skills enhance the sex quite well and the location, situation is not only credible but exciting. Very nice story.

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 10:55am


Please please please continue!!!!

Tue, April 8th, 2014 3:35pm


Should be writing part 2 soon. Hopefully people will like it as much as the first!

Tue, April 8th, 2014 4:35pm

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