The Perks of Being a Werewolf

The Perks of Being a Werewolf

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


My friend Orlando has a dark secret: He’s one of the country’s last remaining werewolves. I help him hide it as good as I can, but once a month he turns into a beast with a deep craving for sexual pleasure ...


My friend Orlando has a dark secret: He’s one of the country’s last remaining werewolves. I help him hide it as good as I can, but once a month he turns into a beast with a deep craving for sexual pleasure ...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Caught

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Once a month I drive my friend Orlando out of town and into the forest to hide his dark secret: He’s one of the few remaining werewolves in the country. Tonight the moon would be full, but before we could reach the safe forest, our car broke down and we got trapped in the claws of a merciless gangster boss who had different plans for my werewolf-friend ...

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 26, 2017



'Fuck, this goddamn car!', Orlando shouted. He hit the dashboard in front of him and let out another 'fuck!'. My friend was mad for a good reason: The car had started to produce weird noises just before we left the city. Now we were stuck in the parking lot of a grand mansion in the outskirts and the engine refused to start. I tried to turn the key once again, but it was hopeless.

'It’s broke. We won’t get out of town in time', I told Orlando the uncomfortable truth that he already seemed to have figured out on his own, according to his cursing.

'Shit! But we’re too far away from the forest, I would change form before I reached it if I walk. Fuuuuck!' He gave me a hurried, distressed look.

'Okay, calm down. We need a plan. Listen: You stay here in the car, lights turned off and try to be as quiet as possible. I’ll enter that mansion, they seem to have a party going on or something, concerning the number of parked cars and the lit windows. I’ll leave my papers and my money with them, and they’ll lend me a car. You’ll see, it will work. Just … stay here and try not to freak out, yes?'

I tried to keep as calm and confident as possible, but I didn’t much believe in my own words. The mansion looked like its owners only had expensive cars which they surely wouldn’t lend to some stranger that entered their property without permission. But it was worth a try, probably I would be lucky asking one of their guests for a car.

'That plan’s shit. But I can’t think of something better, and I’ll be pretty useless in a couple of minutes, so go for it. I’ll stay in the car and try not to cause further damage.'

'Deal. See you later.' I walked up to the entrance and rang the bell. Immediately the door opened and a page dressed in uniform greeted me and asked for my name.

'I’m not an invited guest. I … my car broke down near this house and I came to ask if I could lend a car just for an hour or so. It’s really important, I would leave all my money and identity papers as a deposit …'

'Follow me', the servant instructed me before leading the way through the rooms of the giant mansion. There was indeed a party taking place. Clean shaved men in neat suits stood around with drinks in their hands and discussed seemingly important matters, for most of them lowered their voices when we passed. Many were in company of elegant ladies, dressed in fancy robes and expensive jewelry. Some were young and pretty, others tried to at least appear like it.

Finally the page led me into a dimly lit room. Opposite the door sat a middle aged, somewhat fat man in an armchair who seemed to be the host. To his feet rested two giant dogs that perked up their ears and sniffed the air as I entered. The chit-chat of the few guests in the room died down as they noticed my arrival.

'Hello, I, um … I’m sorry that I showed up to your party uninvited, but my car broke down near your house and I urgently need a replacement, just for an hour or so … I’d leave all my money and papers with you if you’d be as kind as to lend me one.'

I felt really uncomfortable, standing there exposed between all those rich people who mustered me, some amused, some disparagingly. After I had made my request, the host let out a mean laugh and uttered: 

'I don’t want your money, I have enough on my own.' The party guests laughed at his lame joke. 

'Why do you need a car so urgently, stranger? You got any funny business going on? Paco, José.' Two men in black suits stepped out of the shadows behind him, both carried guns in their crossed hands. I felt like I had stepped into a bad gangster movie, except that the danger oozing from those bodyguards felt terribly real.

The fat host gave instructions to them in a language that I didn’t understand. One of them left through a door in the back of the room, the other one stayed next to the armchair.

'I’m … I’m just going to leave and forget everything I saw, okay?', I said, my voice sounding more fearful than anticipated. 

'You stay', the host commanded and pointed to a chair to the left of him. I kept quiet, sat down and waited, hoping they wouldn’t find the car and Orlando. Some minutes went by and I became more and more uncomfortable, sitting next to all those rich people, an armed bodyguard and two big dogs that didn’t exactly look friendly.

Just as I ran out of spots in the room to intensely stare at to avoid crossing anyone’s glance, the other bodyguard came back and hastily exchanged some words with his boss. He tried to keep his poker face up, but I noticed a hint of uneasiness mixed with disbelief in his features. Shit. They had found Orlando, and he had already changed. What would they do to us, now that they knew about our secret?

After he had spoken to his boss, the bodyguard – apparently José – left the room once more. The fat host addressed the few guests who still remained in the room and asked them kindly to leave. They walked out of the front door, still casually chatting, but with a resolute drive in their pace. Soon only the host, his bodyguard, the dogs and I remained in the exquisitely furnished, dimly lit room.

Some moments later I could hear noises coming from the other side of the backdoor. The dogs sat up, listened, sniffed – and ran out of the front door as if their worst nightmare was chasing them. The backdoor opened once more and I spotted a huge silhouette against a scarcely lit corridor. As it stepped into the light, I immediately recognized my friend in his werewolf form.

At first sight he looked like a giant grey wolf who walked on his hind legs, measuring more than two meters from toes to ears. But when you looked closely, you realized that he was more of a mixture between wolf and human: His snout was shorter than a wolf’s, he had a mane of longer black hair, his limbs looked still somewhat human and his stomach was hairless so that his well defined six-pack showed. No wonder the dogs had taken flight, Orlando could as well be the king of all canines.

But right now he was helpless despite his frightening appearance, standing there in the harsh light in the middle of a luxurious room with two guns pointing at him.

'So the rumors are true. There still are some of you bastards out there', the fat host spoke in a low, lurking voice. He stood up from his armchair and planted himself in front of my friend. He was still at least one head shorter than the werewolf.

'If you make a wrong move, you’re dead. Follow my instructions, and I’ll let you live.'

He surrounded Orlando, mustering his whole body, cautiously touching it here and there.

'So you really are a werewolf. I can’t fucking believe it. José, front door. Paco, contain this fucker. And you' – he looked at me – 'stay where Paco can see you. Don’t move and don’t say a word. Did I make myself clear?'

I nodded and panicked right afterwards because I had just disregarded his orders, but he didn’t even seem to notice, he only had eyes for the werewolf. One of the bodyguards left through the front door which he closed behind him while the other one moved back into the shadows, still pointing his gun at Orlando. In fear of the lives of my friend and myself I remained frozen on the chair and awaited the actions the boss would take next.

Whatever I imagined he would do, I certainly wasn’t prepared to what would follow. He walked up to the werewolf, and started touching him again. But this time his caution was gone; he let his hand run through the beast’s fur, gripped its strong, muscular arms, its tail, its mane … then he pressed himself against the werewolf’s side, let a hand wander over its six-pack and downwards to its crotch.

Oh god, no. I didn’t want to see any of this, but somehow I couldn’t take my eyes off of this abnormal display. I couldn’t figure out if Orlando was in the same state of shock as I, his expression was difficult to read in this form and the didn’t move at all. The fat fuck continued to press himself against the werewolf whilst caressing its stomach, thighs and crotch area. He rubbed himself against the giant beast, buried his face in its fur and let out moaning sounds.

Soon he held the werewolf’s penis in his grip. It was reddish, fleshy and shaped like a dog’s, with the difference that it was a whole lot bigger. How Orlando could even get hard in a situation like this was a mystery to me. But there he was, molested by a rich maniac, and still he managed to produce a throbbing boner. From this point on my brain went blank, I didn’t manage to process anymore what I saw, only to sit still and observe.

After a while of stroking the werewolf’s cock with one hand and pulling himself to its side with the other one, he instructed the beast to sit down in his armchair. The werewolf did as told without any objection or unnecessary movement. The boss stripped down from his clothes. As he lowered his pants, I could see that he had a raging boner himself, only held back by plain white underwear. He climbed on top of Orlando and sat on his lap, front facing the wolf’s chest, legs spread over the armrests of the chair.

'Come on, make me ride your dick', he instructed the beast. Instead of an answer, Orlando put his arms around his tormentor, grabbed his ass with both of his not-quite-hands, not-quite-paws, lifted the fat guy up and made him ride up and down his cock.

'Aaah, oh fuck yes!', the gangster boss grunted and clenched his hands around the wolf’s shoulders. They went on like that for a while, the boss sometimes muttered, sometimes screamed words of pleasure mixed with insults.

'Stop, enough!', the man finally mustered under his breath. 'Put me down, and take me from behind like the wild beast you are. Don’t hold back.'

The werewolf did as told. The boss pulled down his underwear, put his hands on an armrest and presented his butt to the wolf who placed itself behind him. The beast didn’t hesitate. It rammed its giant, hard cock between the man’s butt cheeks, grabbed his hips and started to thrust violently. The boss screamed out in pain and pleasure as the werewolf penetrated him with his giant boned penis, shoving it in as far as possible with animalistic sexual lust. The man’s boner shook with every thrust, he seemed to take a lot of pleasure out of this.

'Ah, ah, nnnh, keep on going, bastard, oh hell yes! I want to feel you – ah! – on my back. Oh yes, just like that, ngh! …'

The werewolf had grabbed around the man’s chest, pulled his whole weight off the floor and pressed him against his fur-covered body that brimmed over with strength and muscles. Orlando’s hips moved faster and faster, his amber eyes sparkled with lust. His tail whipped uncontrollably through the air, his tongue lashed out of his mouth and licked the man’s forehead. He started to produce low, dog-like growling noises that I never heard him make before.

The boss was victim to the werewolf’s pure animalistic force, but he enjoyed every inch of the wolf’s huge dick that pleasured his insides with each thrust. Finally he bent over with a loud moan and ejaculated a load of sperm onto his armchair.

The werewolf penetrated the man’s asshole a few more times, then he seemed to orgasm as well. He threw his head back and let out an indescribable sound, something between a wolfish howl, a bark and a man’s scream. He remained in this position for a few seconds, shaking all over his body. Then he pulled out and put the man back onto his feet, whose ass apparently couldn’t hold the werewolf’s huge load. White sperm came running out of his asshole and ran down his trembling legs.

'Fuckin’ bastard sure knows how to fuck', the boss muttered under his breath, after taking seat naked in his soiled armchair. 'Paco, tell José to get those two guys …', he paused to catch his breath, 'out of here. Unseen. Give them the Maserati, they get to keep it. Get this fucking mess cleaned up and tell Linda to prepare a bath.'

As the bodyguard stepped out of the shadows and moved towards the front door, still pointing his gun towards Orlando, his boss addressed me and my friend.

'And you two: No word about anything that happened in this house to anybody, or I’ll get your werewolf-ass busted', he pointed at Orlando, who stood there as motionless as before. 

'You even get the bloody car as payment. Fuck off and never come back.'

José entered the room and proceeded to accompany us through the back door and a bunch of corridors. I didn’t even register anymore if he had a gun or not, I just wanted to get out of this confusing nightmare. The Maserati stood ready for us in the parking lot, a uniformed driver handed the keys over to me and opened the passenger’s door for Orlando, who got in the car.

I sat down in the driver’s seat and started the engine with mechanical movements, my brain still refused to process the situation. I drove off the parking lot, away from the mansion with the fat maniac and all the rich scum in it. And so I ended up driving a Maserati through the night towards the forest, with as much confusion as I ever felt in my head and a werewolf in the passenger’s seat.

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